Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)

  • Published on Apr 30, 2021
  • Why I haven't washed my hair in 5 years
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Comments • 70

  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris  17 days ago +9610

    so I usually make videos about maps and international stuff but as you all can see lately i've been diving into all sorts of different topics (NFTs, icecream makers, shampoo). The reality is that I make my videos based on what is genuinely fascinating me at any moment. I'm glad you are all here along with me on this wild ride of trying to understand how things work. lots more stuff to come!

    • Nauman Munaf
      Nauman Munaf 15 hours ago

      And all i use is Johnson's baby shampoo as when i was 4 or 5 it made it silky and continues to help it remain silky

    • Nauman Munaf
      Nauman Munaf 15 hours ago

      I am a boy and have silky smooth hair

    • Ken Neth
      Ken Neth 22 hours ago

      OK, now let's talk about toothpaste. That I replaced years ago with...

    • Peace Guard
      Peace Guard Day ago

      Hello Johnny,
      Do you have a specific diet/nutrition that allows your hair not to get oily?

    • prabhat pandey
      prabhat pandey Day ago

      So @johnny Harris do you give normal hair wash(just from water)? Or use bodysoap ? Or anything else ?

  • ottoman fall
    ottoman fall 18 minutes ago

    Pause: then click 9:09 and have some FREEDOM !!

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey 39 minutes ago

    I’ve only used conditioner to wash my hair for years now, and I used to get a super dry scalp and I would snow with dandruff As well. I tried head and shoulders but that only made it worse. So oddly, I just tried not washing my hair ever day, and when I do, only with conditioner. Since then I’ve had no issues at all with my hair and it’s been extremely healthy

  • Aolah
    Aolah 53 minutes ago

    Thank you dove men for putting an ad in this video.

  • Ryouga Hibiki
    Ryouga Hibiki Hour ago

    Surely you need to wash your scalp every now and then. Like when you get sand/dirt fall in there. What do you use? Soap or just water and a fine comb?

  • Steve Hendrickson
    Steve Hendrickson 2 hours ago

    So what does he do? Just rinse?

  • Advaith Shankar
    Advaith Shankar 2 hours ago +1

    When i shampoo, my hair becomes so dry. I personally ( *personally* ) like some oil in my hair coz if not then its gonna be itchy to me ( *to me* )

  • Ake tparsyaa
    Ake tparsyaa 2 hours ago

    well, my dad doesn't use shampoo but he uses family soap bar for his scalp 🤣. Seriously, he is 57 now, still has no grey hair, idk if that's one of the factors.

  • IamMe
    IamMe 2 hours ago

    But do you still shower? Or do you cover your hair then?

  • AkiNameMedia
    AkiNameMedia 3 hours ago

    Disclaimer - This is my personal experience:
    I had a lot of problems with itchy hair-head and through removing the possible causes I came to the conclusion that it was two things
    1. Shampoo
    2. Water.
    The water was very hard and it was doubling up with the shampoo and making my scalp very dry.
    I changed the place where I lived but the problem persisted so I changed shampoos (mostly unintentionally, just buying whatever was most economic at the time) and I came to the result that a certain shampoo was agreeing with my hair the most (the shampoo was actually a part of a gift basket).
    So my problems at first were itchy hair if I didn't wash it for more than 36h.
    When changing hair products I stumbled upon a very reputable shampoo brand and let me tell you, after one shower my head was itching like hell, I had to re-wash my head only to come to the conclusion that it was that shampoo's fault, and it ended in the garbage bin.
    Now very recently I ran out of the shampoo that was agreeing with my head and I grabbed another while showering that my GF uses, about 36h had passed and I had itchy head.
    Normally I don't use any conditioner or gel, just a regular shampoo and my hair looks pretty nice similar to the ads they show but without any CGI or other hair products, just good ol' simple shampoo.
    My recommendation is just go to the market, buy about a dozen shampoos and try each one out, eliminating ones that you don't like, same goes for body gel's... Good luck

  • arm
    arm 3 hours ago

    No oil
    No shampoo
    Only regular body soap work fine fir m3

  • Dionella Calit
    Dionella Calit 3 hours ago

    Some lady said that the top of ur hair is supposed to only be washed by Shampoo and the the bottom half with conditioner.. And that ur not supposed to coat both shampoo n conditioner all over ur hair and that the population has been washing their hair completely WRONG the WHOLE TIME!!??!!

  • Dionella Calit
    Dionella Calit 3 hours ago

    I absolutely love all ur research and data that goes into ur videos.. Thanks for all u do.. Ur videos are the BEST!!

  • E Sever
    E Sever 3 hours ago

    Okay so what do you do with your head? Like, you still rinse your face for example, right? So what do you do with your hair?

  • Kuning Ng
    Kuning Ng 4 hours ago

    Trying no shampoo for 4 days after seeing this video. So far so good, it does produce natural oil but I try not to think it as “dirty”, really lesser flakes, less dryer strains (no conditioner). I’ll go for another week. 😬

  • ً
    ً 4 hours ago

    I wash my hair every 2 days, but I have never used conditioner for almost 5 years

  • Fan Editor TV
    Fan Editor TV 5 hours ago +1

    I actually thought of this before, but my family and friends said I'm making things up in my head.

  • Akamai
    Akamai 5 hours ago +1

    So when you shower can you go over your routine, do you keep your hair dry or do you just rinse it with water and that's it? This clarification would be very nice.

  • ICE JUICE 93
    ICE JUICE 93 6 hours ago

    Oh come on, I know you were scratching your hair while watching this...

  • Aaron Leka
    Aaron Leka 6 hours ago +1

    I've watched this video 5 times already and I still can't understand if he washes his hair just with water or if he doesn't wash it at all

  • Jonas Bloch Kristensen

    That was quite powerful to watch 🙂🙏

  • Mubeen Uddin
    Mubeen Uddin 7 hours ago +1

    I don't have hair
    Why iam watching this 🤔

  • Ismael Ahmed
    Ismael Ahmed 7 hours ago

    Johnny you've no idea how much I needed this video, the best thing I've ever done for my hair is quit shampooing. I have not shampooed since the day this video came out.

    • Ismael Ahmed
      Ismael Ahmed 3 hours ago

      @Sahil sharma assuming you're Indian, I'm guessing you already know what shikakai is, I've been using that instead of shampoo and I oil my hair twice a week so I've got no issues w smell or scalp hygiene.

    • Sahil sharma
      Sahil sharma 6 hours ago

      Does it smell

  • El professor A a a a a a a

    Watching not to use shampoo but Ad pops up "use some hair product" 🙄

  • forgedude
    forgedude 8 hours ago

    My father now 73 hasn't used shampoo in 73 years, no biggy. I don't use it but I do use soap to wash my hair to get off the oils I put copious amounts after bathing.

  • MasterDecoy
    MasterDecoy 8 hours ago

    9:29 is that ben affleck? haha

  • Al Zikri Nur Ramadani
    Al Zikri Nur Ramadani 8 hours ago

    I rarely wash my hair with shampoo because when i wash it too often like every few days it will start to feel so dry, i barely abel to comb it with my hand. I feel better when i don't wash it to much, i can actually go for months without washing it

  • Glenn Hanna
    Glenn Hanna 8 hours ago

    How about those underarm deodorants that actually make you smell worse after a half a day than if you wore no deodorant at all for the day? Making you want to apply it a second time during the day. Not all deodorants do this, but quite a few are guilty.

  • London England
    London England 9 hours ago

    This actually worked for me. I started to wash often, but no shampoo - and the sebhorreic dermatitis is gone. The scalp is absolutely great.

  • Beer Wolf
    Beer Wolf 9 hours ago

    Being part of No Poo has left me constipated...

  • Enrique José Carvallo Rioseco

    Tap water or shampoo

  • Gulshan Sharma
    Gulshan Sharma 10 hours ago

    I use shampoo like once a year. No issues

  • Svebor Sorić
    Svebor Sorić 10 hours ago

    So how do you wash your hair then, I was waiting for you to tell us...

  • Thebeast5667
    Thebeast5667 10 hours ago

    Im going to try this

  • mediacoregroupph
    mediacoregroupph 10 hours ago

    I love how most of these h&s shampoo commercials are filipino.

  • Kaing Bottrakol
    Kaing Bottrakol 11 hours ago

    How about the smell? Im sure it probably smelly.

  • Sparklee
    Sparklee 11 hours ago +1

    End advertising it adds nothing to society

  • lyndon john
    lyndon john 11 hours ago

    Yo Johnny, check out the missing 411 mysteries and whats your view on it?

  • 捷邱揚
    捷邱揚 12 hours ago

    If I don’t use shampoo,
    Can I use hair stylish thing?
    Like curly care,clay powder,and wax

  • TMADD Sebastian
    TMADD Sebastian 12 hours ago

    But not for Asian hair

  • promit banerjee
    promit banerjee 13 hours ago

    Use Amla Reetha Powder to wash hair.

  • Perplexed Wolf
    Perplexed Wolf 15 hours ago

    I hate my hair. I can't even keep it to the side without pomade.

  • Babyjustin33 vargas
    Babyjustin33 vargas 16 hours ago

    Loral shampoo for last 30 plus years I ben used this shampoo is putting your head in Sid a microwave Avon it was scathing an my hair was started to fall this every day this was the worst shampoo am from the old school u post wash your hair every day

  • Scots88
    Scots88 17 hours ago

    I just remembered while i was watching the video, 6-7 years ago I didn't wash my hair for 2 weeks and it was looking great but I never thought that I should stop washing my hair so often. Now i now what to do. STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY GUYS

  • jrcoconutkiwi
    jrcoconutkiwi 17 hours ago

    Always wondered why I feel like needed to wash my hair, I was just told I should wash it, ads will sell you anything for profit

  • Rizki Aryo
    Rizki Aryo 17 hours ago +1

    It is...... Suitable for a people who lives in low humidity places like you guys, say in america and Europe. But for me from tropical country like Indonesia..... We have to use shampoo. Also different hair is having different condition too.

  • Amir United
    Amir United 17 hours ago

    you nasty

  • Bellicose 20
    Bellicose 20 19 hours ago

    Coconut oil master race

  • Strider Leatham
    Strider Leatham 19 hours ago

    You don’t seem like the type of dude to go get a haircut without washing your hair.

  • Bellicose 20
    Bellicose 20 19 hours ago

    Shampoo gives me dandruff

  • ntt2k
    ntt2k 19 hours ago

    @Johnny Harris .. possible idea for your next video: the Israeli conflict

  • Amarjeet Mann
    Amarjeet Mann 20 hours ago

    soap 🧼 is better than shower gel. Any soap.
    Shower gel is a scam.

  • Anthony Armenta
    Anthony Armenta 20 hours ago

    Video on native Americans ??!!!?!!!?!!

  • Виктор Шевчук
    Виктор Шевчук 20 hours ago +1

    I'm using soap for children to wash my hair and body. Is it okay?

    • vmobile890
      vmobile890 13 hours ago

      Diluted baby wash or shampoo for most all washing .

  • Third Monkey
    Third Monkey 20 hours ago

    shampoo = "sham" poo
    Well, there ya go. It was right in front of our faces the whole time!

  • Juttiification
    Juttiification 20 hours ago

    bruh it's in the name, SHAMpoo

  • william ingram jr
    william ingram jr 21 hour ago

    He's also lying to get views...

    MADRIV 21 hour ago

    Just use the same soap you wash your balls with

    I only wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner once a month

  • MrMizfit
    MrMizfit 21 hour ago

    Johnny Harris should investigate SONY and Playstation for using their TOS to rob people who purchase games from them. You can't refund a game after you've "streamed or downloaded" it. Meaning, if the software is a pile of crap on boot, you can't get a refund because you already downloaded it. If the game isn't finished, as advertised, or is a glitchy unplayable mess. You're shit out of luck for a refund, they stand behind their TOS wall like a bunch of greedy tyrants. These people need to be exposed.

    MADRIV 21 hour ago

    Came from Shelby church loved the vid

  • Maduro Kai
    Maduro Kai 21 hour ago

    Scampoo it is..

  • YxngRashid
    YxngRashid 21 hour ago

    ngl after this video i feel dirty. i cant be the only one right?

  • Ace Besmonte
    Ace Besmonte 22 hours ago

    9:40 blame bea alonzo for good acting

  • Deucian Music
    Deucian Music 22 hours ago

    Now I'm question toothpaste vs. Brush and rinse with water🤨

  • Subtle Nature
    Subtle Nature 22 hours ago

    My best friends are itchy and flakey. 15 minutes about washing your hair? Do you realize how much you can do with baking soda.

  • I don’t do bits and pieces.

    Go bold, ez clap

  • Tucker Pearce
    Tucker Pearce 22 hours ago

    Love for you to break down the conflict between Jerusalem and Palestine.

  • Extra
    Extra 22 hours ago +1

    But will your scalp smell?

  • Ken Neth
    Ken Neth 22 hours ago

    Why am I watching this? I'm bald.

  • Yuhiko Chan
    Yuhiko Chan 22 hours ago +1

    I just started watching your channel. But thank you so much for these videos that start these discussions society needs to have.