1st Look New BMW M3 & M4 Competition - M2 Replacement? 2021 | G80 & G82 |

  • Published on Sep 22, 2020
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    Join me for a walk around of the brand new 2021 BMW M3 Competition and M4 Competition, I was very fortunate to get this filming opportunity thanks to BMW UK. I hope you enjoyed the video, please give me thumbs up if you did and leave any comments and questions below.
    Please stay safe everyone!
    Thanks for watching as always, see you at at the next video!
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    *Some footage from this video may be edited and or sped up for cinematic affects.
    *Some footage was also filmed on private land.
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Comments • 70

  • Joe Achilles
    Joe Achilles  Month ago +205

    Hope you enjoyed the video guys, I can't wait to drive the new M3 & M4 now! What do you think of them?

    • Colin
      Colin 29 days ago

      Design mess. F80 owner here and will be skipping this gen, which for now, looks blingy and has nothing performance wise (thanks to the weight gain). Unlike the new M3 platforms launches where there was something special this one came out flat.

    • Sali Younis
      Sali Younis Month ago

      @TTGT2000 thank you , I used to love the M3 but with this new wiered design I have no idea where they will go, I feel sad for it

    • TTGT2000
      TTGT2000 Month ago +1

      @Sali Younis haha great catch, great metaphor.... they changed the kidney look for rabbit teeth

    • Honda Hooligan
      Honda Hooligan Month ago +2

      The ugliest cars ever to leave a production line.

    • Dana Rashid
      Dana Rashid Month ago +1

      I can only aggre

  • Nason Manavi
    Nason Manavi 2 days ago

    Personal opinion it looks wank

  • Youuu Boiii
    Youuu Boiii 3 days ago

    Why no Xdrive on the M4?

  • Eric Stolte
    Eric Stolte 8 days ago


  • Lewis
    Lewis 9 days ago

    Front end is growing on me.. but they seriously need to sort the offset on the wheels. wide arches and tiny wheels hidden away inside them, looks stupid.

  • Matthew Whitelow
    Matthew Whitelow 10 days ago

    Agree M3 over M4

  • ArLoMTB
    ArLoMTB 12 days ago

    Such a good review

  • Brix X
    Brix X 12 days ago +1

    I don't care what other people say. These are two great new cars! 👌
    To judge an entire car only by the style of the grilles is pure stupidity...

  • Shane Bagnall
    Shane Bagnall 12 days ago

    Hi Joe, great video. I know you said that the look of the ugly (my opinion) grill tends to blend in with the overall look of the cars, I am still very disappointed in the look of the steroid fed grill. I certainly prefer the nose off the M550, giving the more traditional kidney shaped grill. And another visual distraction, is where the front number plate is located. It’s like the designers forgot about where to put the plate? The plate looks like it is attached to the grill with Velcro strips.
    Another general question relating to the BMW new car warranty. Here in Australia, our BMW’s only come with a pathetic 3 year warranty, whereas Mercedes now offers 5 years. Can you explain why BMW continues to drag its corporate feet on this issue and not offer what is becoming the industry standard of 5 years? Is this the same situation in Europe and the UK?

  • Jeh Corin
    Jeh Corin 13 days ago

    That kidney grill is an eye catcher 🔥🔥

  • HarryC26
    HarryC26 13 days ago

    The UK is a big Market for BMW and they fvck us over every chance they get. No manuals 🙄

  • Storm Skye
    Storm Skye 16 days ago

    I enjoy your content and the way in which you present your vehicles is all 1st class Joe.
    My only disappointment is why so many ads inbetween bud?

  • robin turner
    robin turner 16 days ago

    You ramble on......stay on specs

  • 김민수
    김민수 17 days ago

    fucking design

  • Padoir of Ireland 🇮🇪

    Forget about the grilles? No chance, they’re stunning, nothing to get over. Get over it you grille haters🤣

  • Padoir of Ireland 🇮🇪

    Love the new face and grille. The 8 speed box is a dream. Best auto I’ve driven

  • Ian Large
    Ian Large 19 days ago

    No matter how long i look at those grilles, i don't think they will ever grow on me, don't they survey selected owners about these things before putting them into production?, and still no non-leather/Alcantara seats? BMW are getting left behind=big time!!

  • djknucklez1
    djknucklez1 20 days ago

    My M2 just went up in value.

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  19 days ago

      Mixed opinion around the new design, 95% of people who have seen them absolutely love the overall package. Going back to your original comment, your M2 will never go up or even hold value, far too many of them

    • djknucklez1
      djknucklez1 19 days ago

      @Joe Achilles because everyone is raving about the new look, right? lol It's like the Ford Mustang design team took a crack at a BMW concept.

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  19 days ago

      Haha you wish

  • JAG sixtyfive
    JAG sixtyfive 21 day ago

    Not sure how a female will feel with a short skirt is gonna feel with a lump of carbon between her legs?? Lol...Classic....To be fair and serious though Joe, I had a very similar thought about that design feature. Thanks for the in depth overview...Top drawer.

  • Züri suschgarnüt
    Züri suschgarnüt 22 days ago

    never been beautiful the m3, m4, but this one. soooooooo ugly.
    Trying to be like the beautiful and one and only Alfa Romeo Giulia QV.
    But it's just ugly and boring... no thanks. need something with character, so of course not a german car ;)

  • Jahangir Haydar
    Jahangir Haydar 24 days ago

    Everything looks stunning eccept front grill..they messed up

  • HollaJo3
    HollaJo3 25 days ago

    Is this BMW's plan to sell even more M5s?

  • Basel Al Mantheri
    Basel Al Mantheri 26 days ago

    You can rev it to 7200 just need it to warm up

  • zeezor
    zeezor 26 days ago

    I hate the fact that this ugly ass look is growing on me😐

  • Natz Streit
    Natz Streit 27 days ago

    Green M3 looks alright. But BMW's still look like a random Audi or Volvo, for years and years now. These new cars all look pretty much the same to me.

  • Kaloyan Popov
    Kaloyan Popov 27 days ago

    Awesome video Joe, well done 😎👍

  • Mahid M
    Mahid M 27 days ago

    I dont think bmw can make a car look better than the F80. Personally, the E90 will always have the best blend of a classy look with the aggressive 👌

  • Andrew4181975
    Andrew4181975 27 days ago

    BMW ///M has been killed, these are some of the final nails in the coffin. Turbochargers, Automatics only,AWD (wtf), ridiculously fat with stupid electronics, self driving BS, Infotainment (ie wireless Hotspots in car,Nav, where is starbucks,etc) The damn cars call the dealer for service appt. It looks like we have returned to Bangle styling ( Flame Surfacing anyone) Overstyled like everything else out there, stupid scoops and creases for show, Active Grills that look like the old Ford Edsel, or worse. History will not be kind to these cars, Im quite sure of it. Needless Carbon trim everywhere that is "optional" for show only. IDGAF, if it has 1000hp, and handles like an F1 car. They has lost the point and I hope these cars fail,as well as, the company because all they make now is crap & SUV/CUV's for women, The M brand is dead. I did , however, like one thing, the color on the M3, Isle of Man Green ,cool. It almost makes me think of Z3M coupe Evergreen. Maybe I will paint my E30 project that color when I get closer to finishing it. Before, anyone says it , yeah I know Im not the demographic for these cars because they will go to Millennials or Gen Z or whatever the Hell they are called now because they think they are "car guys" . At least , they still have Straight 6-cylinder engines,but that will prob. change in time too. Damn you , Woman in charge of BMW & Obviously, the M brand too or they wouldn't put all those M badges on SUVs and regular models. R.I.P. BMW Motorsport

  • 9enius
    9enius 27 days ago

    I dont get the hate at all

  • Dragoș-Cosmin BOGOI
    Dragoș-Cosmin BOGOI 28 days ago

    WTH?! It looks like an evolution of Giulia from Alfa Romeo...

  • Naz Khan
    Naz Khan 28 days ago +1

    Guess ill be keeping my e46 for another ten years 🙃

  • gtivman
    gtivman 28 days ago

    I like it. Especially the isle of man green. Just not sure about the price, a few options and it's hitting 85k. That's second hand Audi R8 money.

  • Ryan Dimmick
    Ryan Dimmick 28 days ago

    The rear lights look like they came off a Lexus

  • Ken Allen
    Ken Allen 28 days ago +2

    BMW’s new ‘big nose’ design is not a winner!

  • Pierre D
    Pierre D 28 days ago

    I like the front. Video is too much waffle for me. I fell asleep.

  • Vincent Din
    Vincent Din 28 days ago

    Automatic 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Veroniciany Veronica
    Veroniciany Veronica 28 days ago

    The best parts of these cars are the grills people! Without these new grills these M3 and M4 are just normal cars nothing special about them. The new grills make the car looks cool and badass man!

  • Wise Man says
    Wise Man says 29 days ago

    BMW designer runs out of creativity? Alfa Guilia twins with hints of Lexus rear. The only thing original is that distinctive kidney grille but damn...it's fugly!

  • Paul Doe
    Paul Doe 29 days ago

    ///M3 😍

  • Luke Frampton
    Luke Frampton 29 days ago

    They have ruined the front end the grills look absolutely awful

  • GRT_Racer294 Mad Hour Sports

    That coupe looks like a Honda Accord from the side. The grill :/

  • Sergio Real Estate
    Sergio Real Estate 29 days ago

    I wonder, do the designers look at any of these comments. Because I can’t see a 4series video where everybody isn’t agreeing that this grille is so hideous.
    They’re probably like “give it time” 😂😂we’ve given it like 3-4 months since we’ve seen the concept and in real life. I think it gets worst daily when we realize it won’t change for at least another year

  • dungbeetle
    dungbeetle 29 days ago

    Pig-ugly! :(

  • Nick Durward
    Nick Durward 29 days ago

    I hope what your saying is right about the grills !. Because I love the M3 . Had an e46 e92 and now have a f80 . But at first glance . I wouldn’t buy this one !

  • DeCarlo Calloway
    DeCarlo Calloway 29 days ago

    Front bumper is ass

  • Ken H.
    Ken H. Month ago

    this gen is so ugly!!!

  • tzc
    tzc Month ago

    Bugs bunny damnnn

  • Will S
    Will S Month ago

    Why is it 160kg heavier than the last f80 comp pack, no double clutch but still up in weight. Track car apparently🤦‍♂️

    HOMES COOL Month ago

    money pit

  • Cold World
    Cold World Month ago

    Did BMW hire a designer from Nissan? This is a disgrace to the M3.

  • Dom Loz
    Dom Loz Month ago +1

    I doubt they will live up to the Alfa Giulia though.

  • The Cumbrian
    The Cumbrian Month ago

    BMW'S design team needs a kick in the bollox and sacked hideous cars

  • Ryan Cottle
    Ryan Cottle Month ago

    When I first saw the large grill designs I didn't know what to feel, but now I can honestly say I like the way they work with the overall design.

  • Asher Ngobeni
    Asher Ngobeni Month ago

    So they won't make an M5 version ???

  • Og
    Og Month ago

    Would replacing the grill with a like a jdm car grill thing make it look good? It's just to damn big.

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Month ago

    I want to say the more I see it the more it's growing on me
    But I would be telling lies, the nose 🤢
    Looks like an Orc

  • The Horror Geek
    The Horror Geek Month ago

    The grilles are so, so awful. Just hideous.

  • Junior
    Junior Month ago

    google the movie the blackout. look up the alien in that movie...ur welcome

  • TheMacdaddy1976
    TheMacdaddy1976 Month ago

    I pity the fool that designed that ridiculous grill

  • Mia Mitten
    Mia Mitten Month ago +11

    It's NEVER gonna grow on me. The 4-Series is dead (for 7-8 years at least), but why do it to the M3!? The current 3-Series has a great grill. Why ruin it!?
    Also, even the new 8-Series has a great grill. If anything, the 8-Series was the car to experiment with, not the more affordable ones.
    7 Series.......ruined back in 2001. 1 Series=ruined. 4 Series=ruined. 3 Series=ruined. Only the 5-Series keeping the brand ALIVE......for now.
    P.S. Unless you like the X-Range then happy days 😬

    • Silent Reviews
      Silent Reviews 20 days ago

      @Mia Mitten it’s rumored idk tbh the 4 series and m3 could get a refresh in 2024

    • Sarkozy
      Sarkozy 21 day ago

      cry more

    • Mia Mitten
      Mia Mitten 28 days ago

      @Silent Reviews How can an M5 be electric? I'm sure it would just be a normal but fast EV. No?

    • Silent Reviews
      Silent Reviews 29 days ago

      They might redesign the the 3 series and 4 series in 2025 if we really don’t buy them and hopefully BMW will listen to us the however next generation M5 will be completely electric and be amazing however that won’t come till 2024

  • mikey
    mikey Month ago

    Damn car is growing on me 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • David Jones
    David Jones Month ago

    Sorry I cannot un see those hideous grills , the pain it burns , 🥴🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • ABmw Driver
    ABmw Driver Month ago

    If cars had cancer

  • artbox444
    artbox444 Month ago


  • D J
    D J Month ago +1

    Ugly grill 🤬🤬🤬🚗

  • Ivan Galea
    Ivan Galea Month ago

    The grilles really don’t work with the car at all: they make it fugly!

  • Bernard Huther
    Bernard Huther Month ago

    Super cars M 3 ans M4

  • SpeedFreak0122
    SpeedFreak0122 Month ago

    Change the title, every youtuber prefaces a new car coming out video by asking if they should buy it, its getting tacky.
    furthermore it is an M3/M4 replacement.

  • Paul Robert
    Paul Robert Month ago

    No one's going to mention the Alfa Giulia headlights and taillights??

  • Frank RenewablesCheap

    Too bad it's not electric. The Tesla Model 3 performance is much quicker.