The KSI Show Was Bad?

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  • Calum Farmer
    Calum Farmer 2 minutes ago

    Jj please come back we miss your videos makes all of us happy

  • Keni
    Keni 3 minutes ago +1

    Is this the end of jj?

  • Sanamana _
    Sanamana _ 8 minutes ago +1

    No upload for 2 weeks now. We broke JJ’s heart and ego guys rip

  • Leo-Lloyd
    Leo-Lloyd 9 minutes ago

    You're such a great dude

  • Vecuna Bennett
    Vecuna Bennett 10 minutes ago

    JJ is taking long make a new video

    AYUSH KANDEL 15 minutes ago +2

    This video just made jj so disappointed that he isn't posting new video for almost past 3 weeks

    BLZ UNKNOWN 19 minutes ago +2

    Jjjjjj pleeeeeeeease come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • crazyJACKABOY
    crazyJACKABOY 20 minutes ago

    JJ, album was heat🙏🏻 keep up the good work. Cant wait to see you return

  • R&B Emperors
    R&B Emperors 25 minutes ago

    i liked the KSI Show. dont feel too sad some people liked it. :D

  • Ben Spates
    Ben Spates 37 minutes ago +2

    Welp jj disappeared again

  • pathussi
    pathussi 59 minutes ago +9

    Who all just eagerly waiting for jj ‘s new reddit vid?🙋🏻‍♂️

    • sin
      sin 29 minutes ago


  • BDGerminator
    BDGerminator 59 minutes ago

    Whens the deluxe coming big boi?

  • Adwait K
    Adwait K Hour ago +1

    I actually feel bad💔

  • Monster
    Monster Hour ago

    Did you notice the comments it says 69😁😁

  • Ninja
    Ninja Hour ago

    Did I just hear ksiltibq

  • kaan🧃🥱
    kaan🧃🥱 Hour ago +2

    Come back nigga damn

    • WolfLegs
      WolfLegs Hour ago

      I told everyone that hes not gonna make videos for a while after all the hate , told yaaaaalll

    • Lowell Justice
      Lowell Justice Hour ago

      @Awais ????? how is that racist

    • Awais
      Awais Hour ago


  • Saumya Deshmukh
    Saumya Deshmukh Hour ago +3

    JJ pls 🙏 Upload a video i m missing you

    ANAST Hour ago +5

    big up JJ for being consistent with your uploads as always

  • gamer deloux123
    gamer deloux123 2 hours ago

    Can someone go to his reddit an tell him about Albert soap he die

  • Jesus Castaneda
    Jesus Castaneda 2 hours ago +3

    Still waiting

  • shaggy
    shaggy 2 hours ago +6

    Everyone:out enjoying themselves
    Me:patiently waits for JJ to upload a new video

  • PLaYFoRU
    PLaYFoRU 2 hours ago +9

    Where are you bro.?? I'm feeling very sad lately. Come and cure my depression broo 😭😭😭😭

  • Purnima
    Purnima 2 hours ago +1

    It's been 2 weeks since jj uploaded: *panik*

    He is training to knockout Adam saleh: *kalm*

  • Marco Brusas
    Marco Brusas 2 hours ago +1

    I just hope,after this vid, that you'll never gonna tweet *I did it* anytime soon

  • My trigger finger is Ready

    Wait people actually thought a boxing match was gonna take place... on a show?
    Like wtf

    MAGIC OP 2 hours ago

    Yo ready up for your next fight , others are training quite hard

  • Domagoj
    Domagoj 2 hours ago +4

    Jesus Christ loves you all so much ♥️

  • Md Huda
    Md Huda 2 hours ago

    I thought jj was gonna sing Lamborghini but no

  • Maximo Fernandez
    Maximo Fernandez 2 hours ago +3

    This is what all y’all get for bombarding this man he didn’t need to do the show you idiots but he did because he thought would be cool. Disgusting

  • Thebest intheworld
    Thebest intheworld 2 hours ago +1


  • Bencetoxic Vargs
    Bencetoxic Vargs 2 hours ago +2

    Broooo upload

  • Yesko
    Yesko 3 hours ago +3

    Anyone just watching a video and randomly thinks of KSI?

  • GameBoii
    GameBoii 3 hours ago +6

    weve upseted him and now he is not uploading
    i feel like its our fault

  • NTR67
    NTR67 3 hours ago +2

    Where did you go fam hurry up and upload

    • Elijah Lujano
      Elijah Lujano 3 hours ago +1

      Give him some time damn viddal also said he’s getting back into boxing and looking for opponents so that’s probably another thing

  • Vince lorenzo
    Vince lorenzo 3 hours ago +2

    it’s been 2 weeks and man didn’t post a single vid kinda sad tou know

  • desultory toucan.13
    desultory toucan.13 3 hours ago +1

    Wtf this guy sometime he is at normal form or super saiyan or more are you goku or what and where is tail if you are a saiyan

  • Kanishka Sarkar
    Kanishka Sarkar 3 hours ago

    JJ, drop a new vid asap lmao

  • Wael Boutari
    Wael Boutari 3 hours ago +2

    Idk why, but I have a feeling like that this was all planned... JJ and his team intentionally showed a pic of him and Logan in a ring so that they can trick people into thinking there will be a fight. This ofcourse will get many users to buy the show, hence they are trying to maximize their profit. So him coming here and have no explanation for why showing such a pic of him and Logan and just saying "sorry" is kinda like "wtf" to me. I think he finnesed us for sure 😂💔

    • Wael Boutari
      Wael Boutari 38 minutes ago

      @ItsMrJActual now ofcourse it wouldn't be like the other matches, but it could be a sparring match. Besides, why on earth would they show us that they are both wearing boxing gear and they are standing in a ring. So it's normal for people to think that they are having a sparring match.

    • ItsMrJActual
      ItsMrJActual Hour ago

      Am i the only one that doesn't think that a person is gonna do a literal rematch in a show? People who thought that are delusional fr.

  • Isaiah bishop
    Isaiah bishop 3 hours ago +1

    i'd pay 15 to watch a lot of your videos on yt.

  • Cas
    Cas 4 hours ago +5


  • nikolakis 818 gaming
    nikolakis 818 gaming 4 hours ago +1

    me dad I want to be a boxer
    dad ok
    me I want to be like Logan pau l
    me are you sure that you don't want to be something else when you grow up ?🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Nick Newport
    Nick Newport 4 hours ago

    All the shot he got made him not wannaupload don’t be surprised if he don’t upload a video for a month

  • Nithin Ajaikumar
    Nithin Ajaikumar 4 hours ago +2

    I didn't watch it because I'm poor so I have no right to tell that people are over-hating the KSI show. They paid for the event and left feeling it wasn't worth it. But I know JJ didn't make the KSI show for money. He accomplished so much and just wanted to show his gratitude the fans that supported him. It's a shame that the show wasn't as good as JJ imagined it would be.

  • Orb_Craz
    Orb_Craz 4 hours ago

    Don’t dwell on it too hard boss! You tried, you semi-failed but thats a-okay! You faced the truth and now you grow:)

  • v_ jeeth
    v_ jeeth 4 hours ago +1

    Man JJ be laughing and smiling as usual looking at this disaster. Idk felt so bad looking at dis... I'm waiting for videos c'mon JJ!!!!!!

  • Fifa Digital
    Fifa Digital 4 hours ago +7

    rewatching this countless times until jj uploads a new video, give him support guys :(

    • Yaga Yeet
      Yaga Yeet 3 hours ago +1

      I keep coming back to the channel every day to see if he posting, still nothing 😔

      ECLIPSE 4 hours ago +1

      same bro

  • Morganic
    Morganic 4 hours ago +2

    lowkey kinda feel bad for him receiving all this negitivity

  • Samurai Pgc
    Samurai Pgc 4 hours ago +1

    I know the show was not great but please don't take a 6 month break again because of this feedback jump up into action and be more consistent please my days are just so boring without a ksi video

    • Samurai Pgc
      Samurai Pgc 2 hours ago

      @lol oh

    • lol
      lol 3 hours ago

      He said on twitter "i have no time to record for 2nd channel"He said on twitter "i have no time to record for 2nd channel"

  • Chris Chambers
    Chris Chambers 4 hours ago


  • NotSoSmartiBoi
    NotSoSmartiBoi 5 hours ago +1

    Thank you for making him lose interest in making videos.

    • lol
      lol 3 hours ago

      He said on twitter "i have no time to record for 2nd channel"
      Not making him not interest idiot

    • F1AME
      F1AME 4 hours ago

      I feel bad for him bro he put all his heart and energy on the show but still all the posts were negative in the reddit.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 5 hours ago

    16:26 “don’t feel bad”
    #Sad piano solo on the background#

  • Gaming Overdose
    Gaming Overdose 5 hours ago +1

    When will you come back jj 😢

  • Yosef Nahon
    Yosef Nahon 6 hours ago +3

    Fam why haven’t u uploaded for 2 weeks

  • Harrisy Boy
    Harrisy Boy 6 hours ago

    I'm still waiting for his new video
    tbh I feel really bad I think he doesn't wanna post anything coz he probably wants a break after how much pain he's got
    I really liked the show tbh I enjoyed it a lot like I had nothing else to do but to just watch the show and I loved it
    but people had their own opinion on it anyways JJ u did an alright job on doing the show maybe next time we will see a very entertaining one and we would all love it please come back and post its been a very boring 2 weeks all of us miss u

  • Saleem Zidane
    Saleem Zidane 6 hours ago yo ksi something wrong with this video

  • Olawale Makinde
    Olawale Makinde 6 hours ago +2

    Man left us for two weeks 😪 rest peacefully

  • maka boy3000
    maka boy3000 6 hours ago

    Jj should react to dragon ball raps

  • Abdullah Nahas
    Abdullah Nahas 6 hours ago +1


  • 14 monkey_
    14 monkey_ 7 hours ago +5

    “I can take criticism.” leaves for 2 weeks 😑

    • 14 monkey_
      14 monkey_ 5 hours ago

      bruh learn to take a joke lmao, and work on your spelling a little bit instead of replying to joke comments seriously.

    • Chris
      Chris 6 hours ago

      Has nothing to do with criticism that's how JJ is he has not much time and isn't that actif in uploading on FLash-player anyways he doens't care you clearly doesn't know JJ

  • Iceman Carl
    Iceman Carl 7 hours ago

    Casually refreshing his channel to see if he uploaded a vid 🤲😓😪

  • Purple Bean
    Purple Bean 7 hours ago

    hey ksi can u make a video of my cousin lennox, and tell him to stop being an annoying asshole? ik u probably might see this or not but if u do, can you do this for me? he's a fan of you but he's also an annoying jackass thank you :)

  • Xxelite456 J
    Xxelite456 J 7 hours ago

    @jj_olatunji when are you going baldski number 1 on album

  • Welbow balanc
    Welbow balanc 7 hours ago

    When will he post another video?

  • Rehan R
    Rehan R 7 hours ago

    Yooooo JJ Olatunji where are you man! No videos for two weeks. Fatneek!

  • baka yaro
    baka yaro 7 hours ago +1

    I beg for the next content and so on with Indonesian subtitles because some of your subscribers are from Indonesia too, you know...

    • google mail
      google mail 4 hours ago

      No one cares why would jj cater to one part of his audience only what about the other countries and English is such an ez language to learn

    • The Problem Child
      The Problem Child 6 hours ago

      @T.J shut up

    • army of shiba inu
      army of shiba inu 6 hours ago

      @T.J shut up

    • T.J
      T.J 6 hours ago

      @army of shiba inu shut up

    • army of shiba inu
      army of shiba inu 7 hours ago +1

      Shut up

  • kaiga videos
    kaiga videos 7 hours ago

    challenge ok ksi

  • kaiga videos
    kaiga videos 7 hours ago

    first work at india talengana how hard to be get money and job thay died now in india because covid virus u think is just u need a mask and sanitzar india uses vaccine come if u are a guy

  • غوكو
    غوكو 8 hours ago +1

    are you Muslim????????? If not, what is your religion???????????

    • غوكو
      غوكو 36 minutes ago

      @google mail I know that, but I want question

    • غوكو
      غوكو 37 minutes ago

      @army of shiba inu I watched a video clip of him saying (God forgive me in Arabic) and in another video he said (I swear to God)

    • google mail
      google mail 4 hours ago

      Not religious can defeat Goku

    • army of shiba inu
      army of shiba inu 7 hours ago +2

      Hes not religious

  • LordBaldSKI
    LordBaldSKI 8 hours ago +1

    I bet JJ is gone for awhile cos he's bald and doesn't want to show his face lmao. HE NEEDS TO GO BALDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD