Taking A Nap For 20 Million Subscribers

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Seriously thank you everything.
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  • PinkFlares
    PinkFlares 4 minutes ago

    Make Kermit an Irish Spring costume for Halloween

  • Rebecca Chisnall
    Rebecca Chisnall 14 minutes ago

    quality content 24/7

  • amber .doesart
    amber .doesart 14 minutes ago

    So basically this was dog content ft. Jenna sleeping and julien breathing.


  • David Mikolajczyk
    David Mikolajczyk 38 minutes ago


  • Brenda Roman
    Brenda Roman 39 minutes ago

    I need a new one for when she hits 30 mil but bunny has to get in on this and nap with them!

  • Apple Ciderr
    Apple Ciderr Hour ago

    Or: Mother tries to sleep while her children wake her up

  • Capturingsol
    Capturingsol Hour ago

    Marbles is the perfect cuddle buddy once he settles in

  • Taylor Janzen
    Taylor Janzen Hour ago

    This is so pure. I just love Jenna and her family.

  • Emily W
    Emily W Hour ago

    *kermit ruining jenna’s nap for 10 mins straight*

  • Julia Pyle
    Julia Pyle Hour ago

    Jenna is like the most unproblematic person ever

  • Neelam Singh
    Neelam Singh Hour ago

    I made a gmail account so that I could subscribe to you when I was about 12 years old. I'm now about to turn 20, and you remain my favourite person on FLASH-PLAYER. Thank you so much for everything, Jenna. I love you for all the laughs.

  • RapperFost
    RapperFost 2 hours ago

    We love you! Hope this is a rush! Bless!

  • Colton Benjamin
    Colton Benjamin 2 hours ago

    This was some of the funniest content I’ve seen in a HOT minute

  • Kristina Navelsaker
    Kristina Navelsaker 2 hours ago

    This is -quality- garbagecontent. And I effing love it! ❤️

  • Lauren Zimmerman
    Lauren Zimmerman 2 hours ago

    i think it’s hilarious that her profile pic hasn’t changed in YEARS

  • Krissy Eckard
    Krissy Eckard 3 hours ago

    It’s so weird it’s like I’m watching myself. I only do 20 minute naps but I set my timer for 35 because the dogs wake me up so many times at the beginning haha

  • Jackee Woodman
    Jackee Woodman 3 hours ago

    We love you! Mazel tov 💕

  • r s
    r s 3 hours ago

    i love this

  • Lilly Nolten
    Lilly Nolten 3 hours ago

    Cuz ya funny

  • keylin j
    keylin j 3 hours ago

    why didn't Julien take the kids so Jenna could nap lmao

  • Actias
    Actias 3 hours ago


  • Sharon Rooney
    Sharon Rooney 3 hours ago

    I’m so proud of you mum. You take that nap! Have sweet dreams.

  • Luna
    Luna 3 hours ago

    Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnna!!! PLEASE make ASMR! Maybe whispering and tapping... or slime... or make a roleplay I think that would be interesting. lol I know you did one with the dogs but I'd love to see you do something. :)

    • El Futbolero
      El Futbolero 5 minutes ago

      @Luna no problem! Here's you another shorter one :) flash-player.org/channel/xyC-bCMjZs4-video.html

    • Luna
      Luna 14 minutes ago

      @El Futbolero Thank you for sharing this!! :)

    • El Futbolero
      El Futbolero Hour ago +1

      I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but Jenna and Julien have done something similar on their podcast :) flash-player.org/channel/VuMuHboivn4-video.html

  • jaymesedwards01
    jaymesedwards01 3 hours ago

    Oh jk it was my laptop not the video teehee

  • jaymesedwards01
    jaymesedwards01 3 hours ago

    Avengers music in background disney is bout to pull it down

  • camr462
    camr462 4 hours ago

    i love the description

  • Sylvia Bellie
    Sylvia Bellie 4 hours ago

    *Video: taking a nap*
    *Views: 3 million*

  • Jenifer Davis
    Jenifer Davis 4 hours ago

    Jenna what if you remarried your dogs so Bunny can be included

  • Naima Davis
    Naima Davis 4 hours ago

    Ive actually never seen the end of this video because I only try to watch it at night and every time I fall asleep before the end

  • Rachel Huante
    Rachel Huante 4 hours ago

    That's a target blanket

  • Shannon Collins
    Shannon Collins 4 hours ago

    Jenna is so precious

  • Jacky
    Jacky 4 hours ago

    Jenna, can we please have a dance party video? Have another nap, then get some groove on gurl! Please and thank you! Much love gorgeous! X

  • DJ CowGal
    DJ CowGal 4 hours ago


  • Eleven Baker
    Eleven Baker 4 hours ago


  • Bookish Bree
    Bookish Bree 4 hours ago

    This warms my heart

  • annland
    annland 4 hours ago

    Idk if you read these, but you crack me up. I have been watching you for years. Way back when your makeup was 3 days old and you did a video of your car with the boot. Any ways last week it seemed like there weren't any videos to watch and then yours came up in the notifications. My day was made!

  • plz help
    plz help 4 hours ago

    This makes me motivated to sleep

  • Peyton The Panda
    Peyton The Panda 4 hours ago

    Jack's dogs are better

  • Skylar Balch
    Skylar Balch 4 hours ago

    Marbles is so cute

  • Stephanie Porter
    Stephanie Porter 4 hours ago

    Your merchandise link doesn't work. :{

  • Morgan Reynolds
    Morgan Reynolds 4 hours ago

    Day 1 Jenna fan- of course I’m gonna watch you sleep with your dogs. Love you Jenna! You’re most deserving of the 20 Mil

    PUNKABILLYOi 5 hours ago

    We owe it to Jenna to watch the whole video

  • Kellie Tatt
    Kellie Tatt 5 hours ago

    Love you !!

  • Eriss R.
    Eriss R. 5 hours ago

    Does she really sleep the whole time?😂😂

  • Amy Hamaker
    Amy Hamaker 5 hours ago

    THIS is life with little dogs! I have two toy poodles, and one of them MUST be under the covers, then out from the covers, then under... This video was genius.

  • SarahKelley
    SarahKelley 5 hours ago

    It turns out I love watching Jenna's animals wiggle around under a blanket as much as I love watching my own animals wiggle around under a blanket.

  • mattaea mae
    mattaea mae 5 hours ago

    To put into perspective, your subscriber count is over half of Canada’s population

  • Hayden Beatty
    Hayden Beatty 5 hours ago

    girl! sleep is important!!!! take care of yourself mama ily

  • Clorox Beech
    Clorox Beech 5 hours ago

    Notice me senpai!!! 😆

  • Kit Walker
    Kit Walker 5 hours ago

    jenna marbles has never once click baited me 💀💀💀

  • Effy Cross
    Effy Cross 5 hours ago

    I love you dude :D

  • Clare Johnston
    Clare Johnston 5 hours ago

    So we just sat here and watched another human nap. And Jenna thinks she’s the weird one...

  • Riley Bee
    Riley Bee 5 hours ago

    Jenna always sounds like she has a stuffy nose

  • Htims Noraa
    Htims Noraa 5 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that the "Getting my Italian greyhound" video's comments are disabled

  • LittleBigMelody
    LittleBigMelody 5 hours ago

    Dude, we all came to your channel for one thing. That thing is YOU, Jenna! We love seeing you excitedly try new things every week. Your excitement about learning new things and discovering new ways of living isn't something that people do. People stick with the status quo or have no interest in just learning weird and fun things like you do. Your personality is infectious and quirky that you make even mundane things seem like a million dollars and you express hurt so naturally it's insane. You could make literally any content and your personality will always make it entertaining. So don't be surprised by your channel growth, embrace the FACT that you're cool as heck.

  • Claire Ayotte
    Claire Ayotte 6 hours ago

    i just need you to make e a wig out of corn hair

  • Claire Ayotte
    Claire Ayotte 6 hours ago

    please make a wig out of corn hair for a fun fall craft

  • Alicia Medrano
    Alicia Medrano 6 hours ago

    Love this ❤️

  • Maquise Colley
    Maquise Colley 6 hours ago

    Eminem is *that* you

  • Eilyn Guerrero
    Eilyn Guerrero 6 hours ago

    the fact that im playing this and falling asleep

  • Kittensjumpingonthebed

    I want that couch?! What kind is it??

  • morgen Gentry
    morgen Gentry 6 hours ago

    Hey I was watching TV today and I saw the episode on Ridiculousness with you in it and I laughed so hard I could not breathe!!!

  • Khalia Mowatt
    Khalia Mowatt 6 hours ago

    can you do this again but at night with you and julienne , paranormal activity style , fast forward it I'd watch that. thank you

  • Paisley Zodrow
    Paisley Zodrow 6 hours ago +1

    Hi Jenna!!! so I still Watch your old videos and was watching your Google Deep Dive 2 video and thought i would share this with you. I just made a historical discovery!! that ESTO1121 channel you were freaking out about has a second channel named Eric Storrer Productions and he has you in his video and thanked you!!! I just thought that, that was really cool that he had you in his video. (BTW IDK why but i got way to over-excited about this)

  • Aniconda8000
    Aniconda8000 6 hours ago

    I saw a video of someone setting up a pinata for theirs dogs. If you did that I bet you could get the iggys to participate if there was greenies inside.

  • Anubia Exum
    Anubia Exum 6 hours ago

    been watching you for a hot minute Inlove you queen

  • eastcoastcait
    eastcoastcait 6 hours ago

    If you had told me ten years ago while watching "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking" that this channel would someday be posting videos like "Taking a Nap" I would 100% have believed you. This is the content I subscribed for

  • s0mEon3 OnYT
    s0mEon3 OnYT 7 hours ago

    Did Jenna already listen to “a song for Kermit”? If she hasn’t, here’s the link: flash-player.org/channel/3K7l4HBnd9g-video.html

  • JuneDay Z
    JuneDay Z 7 hours ago

    Fam you lookin gorgeous, I'm lovin that thirteen year old boy look.

  • Shelby Lamb
    Shelby Lamb 7 hours ago

    Hey Jenna! Where did you get your blanket? ❤️

  • Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose 7 hours ago

    Doggo Halloween costume .., a “greyhound” bus ❤️😂

  • Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing

    Next video better be you filling a kiddie pool with cheap alcohol and apples and bobbing for apples until you're drunk

  • Willy Jeeps
    Willy Jeeps 7 hours ago

    Can you for we have mustard jar time

  • Viv Every
    Viv Every 7 hours ago

    I was like oh no why is Kermit skinny then I realize peach is just stupid thicc and the contrast got me

  • Viv Every
    Viv Every 7 hours ago

    5:18 oh god there’s a rat under her blanket oh no it has rabies

  • GreenTurtle Gaming
    GreenTurtle Gaming 7 hours ago

    Jacksfilms. Klondike

  • Clarissa Canda
    Clarissa Canda 7 hours ago

    I fell asleep watching this... Lol I woke up finished where I left off 😂

  • Dog Dumbness
    Dog Dumbness 7 hours ago +1

    Only Jenna Marbles can fall asleep and get 3.4 million views on a video still

  • Dog Dumbness
    Dog Dumbness 7 hours ago +1

    I love jenna so much I just watched 9 minutes of her just sleeping

  • Fany Chacon
    Fany Chacon 7 hours ago

    Literally just watched this video of her taking a nap... and I’m not mad 😂

  • Hella.Nella
    Hella.Nella 7 hours ago

    I’ve been watching Jenna since I was 13, I am 22 now and I will continue to watch her! Even if she has completely given up on content.
    She’s just living her best life.

  • Blackout OG
    Blackout OG 8 hours ago

    This so the one video I think I can twatch. And then I look and it'd already been the 10 minutes lol

  • sam b
    sam b 8 hours ago

    OG FAN

  • D38044
    D38044 8 hours ago

    I came to like it just because of the title

  • Frenzie Bob
    Frenzie Bob 8 hours ago



    I’m deceased

  • Anime Nerd3000
    Anime Nerd3000 8 hours ago

    You should pack your dogs a lunch for “school”

  • Sierra Warren
    Sierra Warren 8 hours ago

    yo bby can u make u, Julian, and the dogs out of food plz and thank

  • Sara Mosier
    Sara Mosier 8 hours ago

    aw the life of a pet owner LOL I love you Jenna so so much you deserve a day time nap lol

  • Milena Silva
    Milena Silva 8 hours ago

    Jenna you need to start captioning the voice overs and speaking off camera because I love you but my hard of hearing ass struggles!!!

  • TMC .8
    TMC .8 9 hours ago

    Jenna, I’m LOVING ur Channel! I have been binge watching your clips and vlogs! You are for sure UNIQUE!!! I LOVE the fact that you do you and it shows!! It’s a NO FAKE zone for you and ur channel!! Dam A NAP is for 20 million, speechless!!!!!!

  • Noelia Gutierrez
    Noelia Gutierrez 9 hours ago

    Me When I try to take a nap. "I barely got any sleep at all"

  • SerHaHa
    SerHaHa 9 hours ago

    How about you lose some weight and do more videos in bikinis in the bathtub and shit. That and tight leggins and jogging attire. Those videos were great. These type suck. Nobody wants to see your dogs or your stupid 1/2 gay boyfriend and his homo-ish SJW died hair. They want T and A - give us what we want!!

  • AG David
    AG David 9 hours ago


  • Danniella King
    Danniella King 9 hours ago

    Idea... nap live stream

  • Aka_B
    Aka_B 9 hours ago

    Did i imagine Julien’s aries breathing behind the camera as she slept?🤣

  • Aubree and Zae Vlogs&more

    The first video i watched of yours was you putting acrylic nails on your toes😂 i immediately subscribed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kørosenai _art
    Kørosenai _art 9 hours ago

    Jenna needs a nap because it’s tiring being the most perfect person on FLASH-PLAYER

  • Haymaster03
    Haymaster03 9 hours ago

    My phone vibrated and I deadass thought "Oh shit I hope it doesn't wake her up"

  • Haven Nopper
    Haven Nopper 10 hours ago

    When you realize you’ve been watching Jenna for 8 years now

  • Megan Gudde
    Megan Gudde 10 hours ago