• Published on Aug 12, 2019
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Comments • 38

  • Liam jordan
    Liam jordan 3 months ago +8

    5 bottles for a £10

  • Its Spooky Wolf YT
    Its Spooky Wolf YT 3 months ago

    Wear is your vlog???

  • Fast and Faster
    Fast and Faster 3 months ago

    Your probably not seeing this but I’m just saying my prediction was right

  • Owencg
    Owencg 3 months ago

    You look fresh in that shirt

  • Reedo
    Reedo 3 months ago +1

    You doing a vlog?

  • Tom Ferry
    Tom Ferry 3 months ago

    1-1 and a 3-2 win on penalties

  • Kids can Save our planet

    Let’s ####### smash them little ratbags in are way

  • Its Spooky Wolf YT
    Its Spooky Wolf YT 3 months ago

    #fivebottlesforatenner Enjoy your trip and the match

  • Knightsy
    Knightsy 3 months ago

    I Subscribed, this is my new account. Keep up the class work mate 🔴⚪️ 👍 2-0 Sunderland

  • Rory McAlpine
    Rory McAlpine 3 months ago

    5 nil win

  • Thane SAFC
    Thane SAFC 3 months ago

    I think most Sunderland fans would agree with me on this but if got absolutely hammered in the cup against Accrington which I don't think we will but if u did but it meant we would go on to beat Portsmouth and really kick start our season u would take it hands down as for Tomorrow i would rather us play the kids which won't happen but the main thing is that IMO Jon McLaughlin, Maguire and Mcgeady should all be left out of the squad cos we need them for Saturday

  • Thomas Garrigan
    Thomas Garrigan 3 months ago

    I'm going mate

  • Jordan Renton
    Jordan Renton 3 months ago

    Team I'd go for
    Game against Stanley should be
    GK Burge
    RB Mcglaughlin
    CB Ozturk
    CB Baldwin
    LB Hume unless we sign someone
    CM Power
    CM Mcgeoch
    CAM ONien
    RW Maguire
    ST Grigg
    LW Benji

    • Jordan Renton
      Jordan Renton 3 months ago

      Instead of Mcgeoch I'd put in Leadbitter

  • Jack Gilmore
    Jack Gilmore 3 months ago +1

    Great video mate! Enjoy your day out tomorrow, especially the 5 bottles for a tenner! 🤣

  • John Simpson
    John Simpson 3 months ago

    Its catch 22 for Ross.if get beat people want him sacked.but the same ones are saying they arnt botherd about and then they say should not concentrat on cup.

  • Umar mackemfc5
    Umar mackemfc5 3 months ago

    I would play baldwin nd ozturk together nd rest willis as he did have a knock cant risk it
    Hope benji plays tmrow ....enjoy accy away mate also if luke onien plays tell him i love him ❤

  • Christiano
    Christiano 3 months ago

    Play our young players and not very good players. Keep the best ones for the league. Need auto promotion, but we wont get that till ross goes.

  • thedogewalker
    thedogewalker 3 months ago

    hume is not going to the wham stadium tommorow

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson 3 months ago

    Big Victor A coming back !!!??

  • gucci bandit
    gucci bandit 3 months ago +4

    who else has been watching jam since fifa 18?

  • Jordan Draper
    Jordan Draper 3 months ago +1

    Love your optimism! I’m a Pompey fan but I find myself looking out for your videos every week. Keep up the great content!

  • Andrei Vasilciu
    Andrei Vasilciu 3 months ago

    3-0 wow youve started on the sauce early before the game are you sure you cankeep up the pace :)

  • Robbie Curry
    Robbie Curry 3 months ago

    Great video again

  • The Big Tree Guy
    The Big Tree Guy 3 months ago +1

    We’ll bottle it as always, but at least the youngsters get some playing time

  • Breadphones
    Breadphones 3 months ago

    who are they?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 3 months ago +1

    Deserve 100k never mind 10k

  • Mitchell Porthouse
    Mitchell Porthouse 3 months ago

    Just Subscribed don’t know why I haven’t already

  • The King
    The King 3 months ago +4

    Just bloody smash them! All guns blazing from the off and don’t give them an opportunity to take the lead. It sounds arrogant but we really should be outplaying Accrington Stanley and we did so not too long ago. For me, it is a must win to get back in a winning mentality; whether it’s the cup or not, you want to win football matches 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Chaotjc
    Chaotjc 3 months ago +5

    a wouldn’t waste mcgeady or Willis it’s only a cup game, we’ll bottle it anyways

    • Owencg
      Owencg 3 months ago

      I'm glad you were wrong

  • Morgan Gray
    Morgan Gray 3 months ago

    1-0 Sunderland but not too bothered

  • Daniel Corcoran
    Daniel Corcoran 3 months ago +1

    I’m going on the bus