My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • What can I say other than that was one heck of a time
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever
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  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations  5 days ago +2775

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

  • Rezkel
    Rezkel Day ago

    hey i did theater during summer camp once! though only because too many kids signed up for archery and they randomly reassigned some of us.

  • aoi the weeb
    aoi the weeb Day ago

    1:41 you're gonna get paint on your shirt, little jaiden.

  • Spill the tea sis L

    *you are ugly HahAhahahaHa*

    Stop hating it was in the live footage in the video so........

  • снёrễnkітту

    can u come to Manchester in uk

  • Hola Chuala
    Hola Chuala Day ago

    I did a camp super similar and loved it

  • Alexis Holcomb
    Alexis Holcomb Day ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Magic the dragon ;3

    You should go to Duluth in Minnesota there’s a lot of fun stuff there

  • Meliodas is life Also an anime freak

    *Hahahahhaha you are uGLy*

  • Voica Gabi
    Voica Gabi Day ago


  • Voica Gabi
    Voica Gabi Day ago

    i think i fall in luv whit u

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird Day ago

    Children: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    *you are ugly*
    - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili Day ago

    in lunch with friends kid says f word teachers "this is FINE! me: YOU FALLED AS TEACHERS~

  • Mylakai
    Mylakai Day ago

    I actually have a really funny story that is similar to this
    So, my mum used to work at a nursery, and they were making a story in groups, my mum helping one group.
    So, the group my mum was helping made a story where instead of the Knight saving the Princess, the Princess saved the Knight,
    which is kind of amazing that they came up with that at their age,
    anyways, my mum asked the kids, "Now, what should happen to the Princess?" And one kid, out of the blue shouted, "She can DIE!"
    Obviously my mum was shocked and responded with,
    And the kid said,
    "Let's Kill her!"
    Ahh, childhood.

    • Mylakai
      Mylakai Day ago

      @mixio hili Really? Lucky!

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Day ago

      I’m going to Scribble Showdown! I’m. So. Excited!

  • just.a.normal
    just.a.normal Day ago

    hahahahaha u r ugly

  • kat gamin'
    kat gamin' Day ago

    pause at 1:37 and if you look at the bottom of the board it will say, 'president: an orange.

  • R0botScientist
    R0botScientist Day ago

    Хорошее видео

  • Clara Arthur
    Clara Arthur Day ago

    I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO SCRIBBLE SHOWDOWN!! But y’all aren’t even coming close to Kentucky! :(

  • ToastyBreadBoi
    ToastyBreadBoi Day ago

    Teacher: So what should the tiger say?
    Kid: Make him say the f word

  • Sugar Loops
    Sugar Loops Day ago

    Raoole's adorable. ❤️

  • Aerith AMV
    Aerith AMV Day ago

    1:34 Kids of the future trying to decide what to do with their pet robot

  • Aerith AMV
    Aerith AMV Day ago

    1:00 When your friends wanna see that R-rated horror movie and u don't wanna look like a wuss

  • EveryCheifGaming

    1:51 NIRVANA

  • ReLyt 2442
    ReLyt 2442 Day ago

    Oh HECK YEAH! Literally just moved to Salem OR! See you in Portland, Jaiden!

  • joey kirkham
    joey kirkham Day ago +1

    Take you’re hand out of the bracelet...

  • Mind Flayer
    Mind Flayer Day ago

    What should the tiger say?

  • Wurst Hans
    Wurst Hans Day ago +1

    3:55 was that an E;R reference? NO WAY JADEN URE BEST xD

  • NotSparta
    NotSparta Day ago

    Make Jaiden say the F word

  • jared
    jared Day ago

    Does ari like raoole?

  • AzureKids
    AzureKids Day ago

    At0:01 hey do u like j-theodd1sout

  • TheNarwhalHorn
    TheNarwhalHorn Day ago

    I’m going to Scribble Showdown!

  • DJ Kitty
    DJ Kitty Day ago

    *in lunch with friends*
    *kid says f word*
    *teachers* "this is FINE!

  • TheRadioactiveBeast

    I pretty much did the same. My dad would ask me if I wanted to play baseball and if I said no I would feel really bad so I always say yes

  • Wicked Cheese Cake

    I have the exact same mouse, her name is Peach Cheese :)

  • Coral Reef
    Coral Reef Day ago


  • Plauster
    Plauster Day ago +1

    8:14 you did not just....

  • Jeremiah pappoe
    Jeremiah pappoe Day ago


  • dgroves1570
    dgroves1570 Day ago

    Is that a jojo’s reference?

  • Aquatix
    Aquatix Day ago

    Jaiden should hide Raoole in every animation from now on.

  • Mario  Leanos Jr
    Mario Leanos Jr Day ago

    is anyone going to talk about the Nirvana reference at 1:50?

    no? ok

  • Manny Pessimiste


    DOOMSLAYER Rage Day ago +1

    Jaiden you’ve got bigger balls then me I would’ve kill people to avoid doing anything in front of a crowd. :)

  • Alexander Stone
    Alexander Stone Day ago

    Jaiden should host meme 👏 review 👏

  • Gacha lol
    Gacha lol Day ago

    October 31 is my birthday

  • iiTrachea
    iiTrachea Day ago

    2:36 is a my little pony reference
    fluttershy = tree

  • Nicholas Lee Ming Zheng

    ok btw love your video its fine if you dont believe i just ............i know what it fill like fine if you asks if you care then hit the like if you care for jaiden so she can .......can......i dont know.

  • Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie Day ago

    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha YoU ArE UgLY”

  • Apocalipse Eterno

    Legal :D

  • Blue Potato
    Blue Potato Day ago

    I wanted to buy a phone case but i have a shiomi s2 (i think thats how you write shiomi lol) but there isnt a phone case for that..... probably just gonna buy a jacket but still love the merch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OnE vErY HaPpY bEaR

    Raoole returns

  • ItzKaiyo Wolf
    ItzKaiyo Wolf Day ago

    If u were to be a Theater kid and an animator
    U and Rebecca make great Sisters!
    (despite the hair color and background differences)

  • toxic David
    toxic David Day ago


  • Pruba Caka2
    Pruba Caka2 Day ago

    Is the game boy still alive?

  • Katherine Dogger

    Is it passed

  • black leopard
    black leopard Day ago

    Jaden can you do a collab with Danplan

  • Adrián Reyes
    Adrián Reyes Day ago

    Hey, Jaiden
    You're cool, you got a new subscriber
    Can you make a video about weird but funny experiences??? I want to tell mine but I don't want to tell it out of context

  • James Slomian
    James Slomian Day ago


  • Ariyana Goberdhan

    Help I,m to shy

  • Noice Quality Trash

    Wow! 1:37 president: aN oRaNgE

  • Sad Sack
    Sad Sack Day ago

    Has know one picked up on the blue badger or is that something else?

  • Memic
    Memic Day ago


  • ChubbyNP
    ChubbyNP Day ago


  • Podex the gacha boy

    Do you live in Asia or Arizona?

  • Paper Kid
    Paper Kid Day ago

    Every story time animation

  • Luna_ Aka12908
    Luna_ Aka12908 Day ago

    Bakit hindi kayo pupunta sa pilipinas?
    *translation: why are u guys not goin' to Phillippines?*

  • Soraya GALL
    Soraya GALL Day ago +1

    @JaidenAnimations why does Japanese appear at some points during the video?

  • Toni Leppiniemi
    Toni Leppiniemi Day ago

    When I was like 6, I think. I was in a play too. All I remember is being in car at 6am, My role was some kid and I walked to the stage with one lady, sat Down, walked back, thats all I remember from My role. I also that I got candy from the dressing room

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Day ago

      My birthday is on 8 October waw😀

  • SillySeaTurtle 58

    It was jungle book

  • Dylan Poole
    Dylan Poole Day ago

    Jaiden I got something to tell
    People you people have been making some inappropriate pic of you people have been making don't look it up

    • Dylan Poole
      Dylan Poole Day ago

      You got the wrong comment

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Day ago

      lol thats funny because were doing a play at my school and we are using those plastic tubes (btw there called bushwhackers) ((i think))

  • Gacha Kim •
    Gacha Kim • Day ago


  • ProGamer8412
    ProGamer8412 Day ago

    Hi jaiden. My name is Tyler. Yesterday I had appendix surgery and I had to take it out because it was infected. I’m 11. 😂 I just got out of the hospital and I love that I can go home after a bad day, and watch your amazing videos. Their hilarious, but I can’t really laugh our it hurts my belly. Thanks anyways!

  • Strangely Unique

    I'm already late to rhe video because of Dan and Phil videos.
    *But now I am more late becausr I'm checking out the tour so great.*

  • Snape Yes I am snape


  • OfficialsTM -
    OfficialsTM - Day ago

    Start of the vid:ah very cute

    Rest of the video:EVEN MORR RLLY CUTE MOMENTS
    My heart

  • future wrappers
    future wrappers Day ago

    Me: New video, nice, I'll watch it later... Does that person in the thumbnail only have one arm!?!? GOTTA WATCH NOW SO COOL

  • Jeweliet
    Jeweliet Day ago +1

    for some reason i appreciate the fact that she still has raoole

  • Jayden G 149
    Jayden G 149 Day ago

    hey jaiden endigo made a song about you check it out!

  • Lazy Cooks
    Lazy Cooks Day ago

    Ive been there before.

    I used to be in ballet and we played the nutcracker and my group was the mice. I was first in line, so when we performed, and It was done, every role had to come on stage and bow. I forgot to. And it's still stuck with me my whole life. XD

  • Bio Wolf
    Bio Wolf Day ago

    Justice for Raoole! 😂

  • Stefan Achi
    Stefan Achi Day ago

    ik that rainbow fish book. It still exist

  • Big King K Yoshi

    Teacher: what should the tiger say?
    Random kid: make him say the F word!
    Me: *Make him kill everyone.*

  • Armando Sierra
    Armando Sierra Day ago

    Jaiden I don’t get why you are self conscious you are very beautiful not in a weird way.....cause that’s weird

  • XxSkyFrostxX
    XxSkyFrostxX Day ago

    lol thats funny because were doing a play at my school and we are using those plastic tubes (btw there called bushwhackers) ((i think))

  • -gacha wolfy-
    -gacha wolfy- Day ago

    My birthday is on 8 October waw😀

  • vendeter power
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  • Rocky Bullwinkle
    Rocky Bullwinkle Day ago +1


  • Nootnoot1311
    Nootnoot1311 Day ago


  • Melih Ateş
    Melih Ateş Day ago +1

    8:15 WOW ok all of us think that but don’t say it wtf

  • Wph 45
    Wph 45 Day ago +1

    B E A N S

  • Aporu Defender of rahi

    Raoole: *sees people tossing things to eachother*

  • طارق الغامدي

    I really like how her draw style kinda similar to adventure time

  • Sumudu Karunathilake

    One of your subscribers broke a world record and I'm his friend

    KATERI AMY Day ago


  • 오진민
    오진민 Day ago

    Hey can u make a book like odd 1s out book

  • Drama Lama Studio

    Hi Jaiden just wondering the places and dates that you put for scribble show down are those the reall places and dates just wondering

  • Ender Warrior
    Ender Warrior Day ago

    Jaiden:'Im that kinda guy'
    Us:but your a girl

  • Odd1s Out
    Odd1s Out Day ago

    One word


  • cm_crafts 13579
    cm_crafts 13579 Day ago

    F for camp operetta

  • Mc WeenieBoi
    Mc WeenieBoi Day ago

    Someone can rip my foot off

    See it funny cuz my name is raul except my is spelled R-A-U-L