Youtubers react to my KSI Diamond Play Button

  • Published on Jul 29, 2020
  • FLash-playerrs react to my KSI Diamond Play Button 🔔 Subscribe w/ notifications so you don't miss videos! It isn't often you get your hands on a FLash-player 10 million subscriber Diamond Play Button, so I thought I would flex my latest purchase on a bunch of youtubers who don't have one!
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    FLash-playerrs featured in this video:
    Josh Kapranos -
    LaurenzSide -
    Seapeekay -
    WillNE -
    Spifey -
    LDShadowLady -
    SmallishBeans -
    Memeulous -
    Joe Jenkins -
    TommyInnit -
    Wilbur Soot -
    Retro Future -
    SB737 -
    Kai Ross-Best -
    KSI recently released a video on his second channel "JJ Olatunji" called "Someone Hacked and Stole My Diamond Play Button". I will react to this video next week!
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  • JackSucksAtLife
    JackSucksAtLife  11 days ago +6363

    Thanks for subscribing!

  • Luka Wukowić
    Luka Wukowić Hour ago

    Buy ruby play button

  • Mr_jayp
    Mr_jayp 2 hours ago

    Shut up

  • Du _ st
    Du _ st 16 hours ago

    Why Work Hard
    When You Can Be Smart

  • Yellow Lollipop
    Yellow Lollipop 22 hours ago +1

    When I saw Lizzie, Joel, and Lauren I freaked out! I was also wondering if Scott was gonna react.

  • yt catalin
    yt catalin Day ago

    Your going to absolutely suck the living life out of this playbutton until u can't make anymore money out of it aren't you 😂🤑💰

  • Muffin_Studioz UwU

    Jack in 2050 "I tricked Jeff Bezos into giving me amazon"
    Followed by "FLash-playerrs react to me owning amazon"

  • 7 little sheeps
    7 little sheeps Day ago

    What happens if he getts a custom 50 million award or t series or pewdiepies custom 50 million award wait what if he gets the 100 million award

  • allan is me
    allan is me Day ago +1

    one of us needs to get a channel do this for jack and get his name on it, it should be a surprise

  • im a deformed fish

    Hes to dangerous to be kept alive

  • King Aaron
    King Aaron 2 days ago +1

    Jack is going to trick Susan into giving him the entirety of FLash-player

  • Alpha Porto
    Alpha Porto 2 days ago +1

    Poor will thought he was gunna get to see lil jack

    SCORPIANKING555 2 days ago

    I feel like Jack's gonna get kicked off of youtube

  • XSlender !
    XSlender ! 2 days ago

    Willne is wearing Fitz's merch repsect

  • Richard Ackley
    Richard Ackley 2 days ago

    I think what you did is immoral and illegal, you should be ashamed. I reckon FLash-player will punish you for your childish behavior.

  • sky
    sky 2 days ago

    This is so big brain

  • SourMinecraft
    SourMinecraft 2 days ago

    Wilburs reaction is the best honestly

  • Sehtareh
    Sehtareh 2 days ago

    At first Joel was just confused then he became salty

  • rl_MJ
    rl_MJ 2 days ago

    U should call KSI and rub it on him lmao

  • Christine Richard
    Christine Richard 2 days ago +1


  • Jack CALVERT
    Jack CALVERT 2 days ago

    What if he managed to get the 100mill one 😂

  • JackSucksAtComments
    JackSucksAtComments 2 days ago +1

    Jack : Sees he can get a diamond play button by tricking FLash-player
    His mind : I can milk you

  • Alga. Doggo
    Alga. Doggo 3 days ago +1

    It's like a pack of seagulls, One look at that Diamond P-Button and all Worship the Man.
    😂 💎

  • snowy night
    snowy night 3 days ago

    Me just waiting for you to go to jail lamo

  • 100k Sub With no Video Challange

    Eliot was here

  • PretzelStick
    PretzelStick 3 days ago +4

    I like that wilbur was immediately like, “Is that a bomb?”

  • ChrisCarter_2017
    ChrisCarter_2017 3 days ago

    I did *SUBSCRIBE*

  • ChrisCarter_2017
    ChrisCarter_2017 3 days ago


  • Nestro
    Nestro 3 days ago

    when the video isnt 10 minutes long

  • Aden Henderson
    Aden Henderson 3 days ago

    When the 100m coming

  • IAmBunny
    IAmBunny 3 days ago +2

    I have never felt like I was watching someone being held hostage and forced to talk about a sponsor before...
    *and now i have.*

  • Dr.SoonToBe
    Dr.SoonToBe 4 days ago +1

    “Why work hard”
    *s a m e*

  • Gamer_Radio
    Gamer_Radio 4 days ago +3

    It Would Be Funny If The Company That Make Playbuttens, Sponsored Him

  • Tomi Mandel
    Tomi Mandel 4 days ago

    Should have bought the red one

    SUSHMA DEVI 4 days ago

    U know who should get a diamond play button

    BINOD 😂😂😂😂

  • Finley1321
    Finley1321 4 days ago +1

    Imagine if the letter said gg jack

  • Bogdan Marian Joseph

    I hate this stupid hacker stole ksi diamond play button JACK GET HIM BACK TO KSI PLEASE

  • Pacer_
    Pacer_ 4 days ago

    I like how he forgot to edit in him showing TommyInnit the diamond play button so it is just him saying hi showing him the case than saying bye

  • Bazdar Gaming
    Bazdar Gaming 4 days ago

    Why does he have a ruby one

  • basically speb
    basically speb 4 days ago

    yes. the 16 year old pog man. this is so swag

  • Nadir Sultan
    Nadir Sultan 4 days ago

    Next do 10KMillion Award

  • Cooper Creates
    Cooper Creates 4 days ago +6

    Most FLash-playerrs : youtube is screwing them over
    Jack: screwing over youtube

  • GaigeGamePlayz
    GaigeGamePlayz 4 days ago

    You should have shown sr pelo

  • Destiny -
    Destiny - 4 days ago +1

    I love that tommyinnit is just casually in it lol

  • TurdFan 420
    TurdFan 420 4 days ago


  • C2O
    C2O 4 days ago +1

    Wait waaaaatttt I could’ve got me one too 😰

  • UND3R6R0UND 01
    UND3R6R0UND 01 4 days ago

    Jack's flexing on us bois

  • tobsterlobster3
    tobsterlobster3 4 days ago

    He should’ve tried ruby in the url

  • Some Gaymer58
    Some Gaymer58 4 days ago


  • Raeleen V.
    Raeleen V. 4 days ago +1

    3:01 they all say the same thing

  • Impossible Gaming
    Impossible Gaming 4 days ago +1

    WILBUR SOOT, sorry jack but he’s my favorite FLash-playerr

  • Everything NoahZz
    Everything NoahZz 4 days ago

    Me seeing the diamond play button in the last video: *What???? How???*

  • SmallHat01
    SmallHat01 4 days ago +1

    The Retro Future: **owns PewDiePie's Diamond Play Button**
    Also The Retro Future: :o how did you get that??

  • Kian Maloney
    Kian Maloney 4 days ago

    ERM KSI kinda knows

    • YaGril Leah
      YaGril Leah 2 days ago

      @Kian Maloney K then

    • Kian Maloney
      Kian Maloney 2 days ago

      @YaGril Leah I don't watch KSI so I only just saw his vid😂

    • YaGril Leah
      YaGril Leah 2 days ago

      Well, it's a week later you know

  • AveryFools
    AveryFools 4 days ago +1

    Jack is the new KSI

  • Name
    Name 4 days ago

    Try replacing it with red diamond

  • JamieLK HD
    JamieLK HD 4 days ago

    What’s the red plaque

  • ツzᗪxνιใ
    ツzᗪxνιใ 4 days ago

    No way you got the one and only TommyInnit

  • 9292 Mandar Ajinthekar


  • E Coli Roblox
    E Coli Roblox 4 days ago


  • Exotic Sleepy
    Exotic Sleepy 4 days ago

    KSI subbed to you in his most recent reddit video where he saw the play button

  • Praveen Agarwal
    Praveen Agarwal 4 days ago


  • Harley 5678
    Harley 5678 4 days ago

    KSI reacted

  • TF2 Player
    TF2 Player 4 days ago

    Show it to KSI xD

  • Suspicious Fish
    Suspicious Fish 5 days ago

    I have not laughed this hard in a while

  • Kirby Danger
    Kirby Danger 5 days ago +1

    JackSucksAtLife:i exploited youtube
    FLash-player:how about recommend it?

  • kenzie Doctor who
    kenzie Doctor who 5 days ago +1

    Ksi look. At the of dimandpladtio

  • Meme Squad
    Meme Squad 5 days ago +1


  • Tiger_Gaming
    Tiger_Gaming 5 days ago

    Skeppy has more subs :> YEET

  • Azfa Roblox
    Azfa Roblox 5 days ago +1

    How Many Likes i get at this comment i will Writt JACK SUCKS

  • SakeGaming
    SakeGaming 5 days ago


  • SakeGaming
    SakeGaming 5 days ago


  • l
    l 5 days ago

    is the real ksi

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir 5 days ago +1

    Literally No one: Jack: here's a video on FLash-player of how I finessed FLash-player.

  • Laura Treacy
    Laura Treacy 5 days ago

    I love it how he is so distressed yet hysterical and impressed

  • 100k subscribers without any videos

    Hey, I know I wrote a comment on my video, but no one found my channel so here is my “Secret” channel!

  • TR1X R3AX
    TR1X R3AX 5 days ago +1

    I know you're not gonna see this but I know you haven't been uploading😭😭 but can you make your background the play button wall it will be so cool and funny please😭😭

  • ZeViooBTw!
    ZeViooBTw! 5 days ago +1

    Nice one bro 🤗😅

  • Elefante1
    Elefante1 5 days ago

    Make jacks sucks at spending his money or jacksucksatgettingplaybuttons

  • Kanishk Giri
    Kanishk Giri 5 days ago +2

    Next thing he knows he's being prosecuted for identity theft lol

  • Elijah Goldschein
    Elijah Goldschein 5 days ago +1

    Jacks New Video: OMG Ksi reacted to my video!

  • crazý lakìa
    crazý lakìa 5 days ago

    U should make a channel called jacksucksatgreenscreen because i was watching the vids wer u play around with green screen and i think u should do it again but on a different channel

  • iqbal harun
    iqbal harun 5 days ago

    Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!KSI react to you on JJolatuzi and subscribe to you go check on jjolatuzi KSI channel you can see on thumbnail

  • Joshua Ward
    Joshua Ward 5 days ago +1

    Ksi subbed to you!

  • Gaming Life4zero
    Gaming Life4zero 5 days ago

    I think FLash-player hates you.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy 5 days ago

      maybe join a server again just reply, well doubt you will, but worth a shot

  • Paul Vincze
    Paul Vincze 5 days ago

    Aggplant day is coming

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy 5 days ago

      What happens if you type red diamond

  • Trendy Sanni TV
    Trendy Sanni TV 5 days ago

    Hey jack, I need your help
    This will not affect you one bit, could you help me blow up my channel, please bro, imagine the thumbnail, I'm 17 and I just started my FLash-player journey, if I could get to 2k or even 10k sub's I would be very greatful

    I hope this message finds you well

  • creeper101playsgames

    Wilbur and Tommy are POG

  • Alex Harmon
    Alex Harmon 5 days ago


  • Riko The dinosaur
    Riko The dinosaur 5 days ago

    You remind me of Arthur Christmas- please tell me it’s not just me-

  • Rasmus Nesting
    Rasmus Nesting 5 days ago

    Try and do this trick with the 100 million award

  • Yo Boi
    Yo Boi 6 days ago

    I just love wills reaction he’s just so all over the place it’s great

  • sherwin poh
    sherwin poh 6 days ago

    Ksi has sub

  • Munazzah Ali
    Munazzah Ali 6 days ago

    u stole it from JJ Olatunji

  • AnticSnail 3907
    AnticSnail 3907 6 days ago

    Try and get the ruby play-button

  • steblo
    steblo 6 days ago

    Jack ksi subscribed to your youtube chanal

  • Jewsh
    Jewsh 6 days ago

    You have new top subbed person to you ksi XD

  • Peyton Stubbs
    Peyton Stubbs 6 days ago

    Why don’t u make a song with but no features

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei 6 days ago

      LD shadow lady:yea yea yea Me:*_*

  • MassiveLazyMazyYT
    MassiveLazyMazyYT 6 days ago

    When is JackSucksAtParenting coming...

    • Willed sugar
      Willed sugar 5 days ago

      @sotuur aeei what?

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei 6 days ago

      Imagine if GAYSI (it is a copyrighted name) is watching him

  • Cyclops Games
    Cyclops Games 6 days ago

    What happens if you type red diamond