What It's Like To Work At A Crematorium In India As The Death Toll Mounts

  • Published on Apr 30, 2021
  • India had 360,960 new COVID-19 cases in one day this week, marking the world's largest single-day total. The country has nearly 18 million infections and more than 200,000 people have already died. One man is doing what he can to honor those whose lives have been cut short by the virus.
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    How One Man Is Honoring The Dead As India's COVID-19 Death Toll Climbs

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  • Fluffy Flower
    Fluffy Flower Hour ago

    This really shows the impact of this horrible virus. GOD bless the people who do all they can to properly care for the dead. I pray an end of the virus.

  • Jordan-leigh Vanderhorst

    You have a good heart ❤❤❤🇿🇦🇿🇦

    KUMAR GAUTAM 3 hours ago

    Allah ka NRC kabrastan me lagu nahi hua

    KUMAR GAUTAM 3 hours ago

    Hindu traditions are best

  • Aaron Osera
    Aaron Osera 4 hours ago


  • yogesh behera
    yogesh behera 5 hours ago

    🔥🔥Sonu Sood inko miliye,,,after deacrese pandemic situation 🔥🔥🔥

  • Arun StoneMan
    Arun StoneMan 7 hours ago +1

    Jitender the living God in Human form.
    Long live his service to the humanity.

  • Mallinath Ghosh
    Mallinath Ghosh 23 hours ago

    You are real karmayogi... Sir
    Love u sir

  • John Ditto
    John Ditto 23 hours ago

    Covid is illuminati creation only

  • ankita RJG
    ankita RJG Day ago


    TNS TNS Day ago +1

    It's the results of Kashmir Lockdown

  • Waqas Duddi
    Waqas Duddi Day ago

    Modi he to mumkin he

  • ganshika sharma
    ganshika sharma Day ago

    Modi loss

  • Каромат Соатмуродова

    Оллохга сигининглар оллох денглар

  • Kingkou
    Kingkou Day ago

    This is the so-called "democracy" in the Indian population. Those in power in India can collectively step down and apologize. We do not need such "democracy". Very lucky to be born in China!

  • don d
    don d Day ago

    2020 and 2021 are special years for the devil, leaders sacrificing human lives for wealth sickening🤮

  • Abdul rehman Mughal

    Allahtalah sardar sab ko baaki Jo Bhai dead body ka antimsenskaar ker rahey oun ki hifazet fermye ameen
    Love and pray for Singh sir

  • Grzegorz Zych
    Grzegorz Zych 2 days ago

    I have carried 45000 bodies - yeah right :)

  • Aritra Tripathi
    Aritra Tripathi 2 days ago

    All due to this election fuckin politicians

  • Hon Da
    Hon Da 2 days ago

    india is a country that sells the vaccine and cannot afford to treat its inhabitants and a sad thing

    BAZRASHID 2 days ago

    May Allah bless India

  • Thị Ngô
    Thị Ngô 2 days ago

    This covid pandemic is clearly caused by human hands, the people who make the heavens can't see it through the eyes of the gods, so it leaked out to the whole world. People who see that North Korea is not infected will understand, if it is due to nature, the country of North Korea and South Korea sharing the same star island will be affected, and North Korea is not infected because North Korea is closed, so this virus caused by humans, this type of people who cause this epidemic is definitely inferior to animals, because animals are beasts but have never eaten their own kind, the 21st century where civilized humans live, the world should unite and destroy this kind of animal losers. Letting it exist would be disastrous for the civilized human world. If we don't kill this kind of person, the world will suffer the same doomsday fate with it.

  • Andi Rijal
    Andi Rijal 2 days ago

    ram ram ram ram ram

  • Surinder Pal
    Surinder Pal 2 days ago

    Really want china yo get penalised.
    All nuclear weapons on china..finish bio weapon country

  • kasthuri rajagopalan

    I have 😢tears in my eyes my respect to Sartharji JitendeeJI . Pls all pray for our country ..

  • V-Docs
    V-Docs 3 days ago

    The people who have lost their family members.....will they ever vote for BJP government in the future?

  • Deep is Dope
    Deep is Dope 3 days ago

    love and light to you, Jitenderji

  • ngô hải pk
    ngô hải pk 3 days ago

    Indians, do your best. I'm Vietnamese. Please wear a mask before you leave the clean toilet and limit going to crowded places.

  • ngô hải pk
    ngô hải pk 3 days ago

    Indians, do your best. I'm Vietnamese. Please wear a mask before you leave the clean toilet and limit going to crowded places.

  • Srabani Mahato
    Srabani Mahato 3 days ago

    কবে ঠিক হবে সব😭😭😭😭..ঠাকুর রক্ষা করো ঠাকুর সবাই কে।।

  • Asianbabe LifestylePH

    1.wear a mask/faceshield.change it daily.
    1.frequently wash your hand.
    1.proper hygiene
    1.maintain social distancing/avoid crowded places.
    1.if your not feeling well,fever,cough,sorethroat. Gargle lukewarm water with SALT every hour. It can helps for mild cases.

  • Hasib YouTube
    Hasib YouTube 3 days ago +1

    Remember when they were violating the muslims ?

  • Warren Parker
    Warren Parker 3 days ago +1

    This is like something you would see in a zombie apocalypse movie right out of Hollywood. I pray for your people every day.

  • Gina v v
    Gina v v 3 days ago

    God bless india

  • DJ
    DJ 4 days ago

    Man eatter is running the country

  • Abdul Kareem
    Abdul Kareem 4 days ago

    Sikh Saab waaaah

  • Rehan Rimsha
    Rehan Rimsha 4 days ago

    Jitender ji deserves the same respect given to freedom fighters of india, its a name to remembered in indian history,

  • Rehan Rimsha
    Rehan Rimsha 4 days ago

    He is a great human being

  • Shivangi Sharma
    Shivangi Sharma 4 days ago

    Salute to this man . 🙏

  • ধামা চাপা

    This seems too much air pollutions in there

  • Raj Yadav
    Raj Yadav 4 days ago

    Islamic sazish hai international hindu🕉️ secular kido jago, Italian team Islamic tanzim ko kaat dalo🐷🐷

  • Raj Yadav
    Raj Yadav 4 days ago

    Delhi me mout bhi free🆓🆓 hai wah re mulla sarkar, khujaliwal

  • Akash Dubey
    Akash Dubey 4 days ago

    Aap Ek Bhagwan Hai

  • Akash Dubey
    Akash Dubey 4 days ago

    Prabhu aap Logon ke Rakshak hai

  • Sameer sabir
    Sameer sabir 5 days ago

    Go get another dip in maa ganga dumb idiots

  • Phrangkupar Nongrum
    Phrangkupar Nongrum 5 days ago

    Broken heart story.

  • rehyt001
    rehyt001 5 days ago +1


      FIRESTAR 4 days ago

      bruh see cases in india then tears would come

    • uyun rahma
      uyun rahma 5 days ago

      Im the witness of my grandma die due covid, its so painfull when you can't see your family death bodies for the last time and stay away from the bodies.

  • Dominic Volkov
    Dominic Volkov 5 days ago

    Hindu tradition is why there in this mess lol Indians lol

  • Tenzin Lobsang
    Tenzin Lobsang 5 days ago

    All sikhs r great and alwys graceful and filled with humanity..

  • Willy Watsonburg
    Willy Watsonburg 6 days ago

    All because of the greed of the vaccine companies and Bill Gates.

  • Lakshmi Sumithra
    Lakshmi Sumithra 6 days ago

    No words 🙏

  • Rinku Virdi
    Rinku Virdi 6 days ago

    Jitender ji great job God bless you paaji you also take care

  • qw zs
    qw zs 6 days ago

    Let this be a lesson learn to Indians all over the world. Why can't you be hygienic? Will you die from being hygienic and protective? The problem is the culture of India, the mindset and their attitude.

  • no one likes my comment

    It's not around 3000 even.

  • Ayu Three
    Ayu Three 6 days ago +2

    May God Bless Jitender and his family, he teach us the value of humanity that maybe decrease in this hard situation

  • Mahesh Pawar
    Mahesh Pawar 6 days ago

    Thanks for real journalism as govt and India's mainstream media are very corrupt, still trying to divert people's attention by making them fight amongst on a religious basis.

  • Edday Wangsa
    Edday Wangsa 6 days ago

    Of all funeral rites.The Islamic way of being more environmentally friendly seems like the best way to adopt it.

  • Akku kaur Sidhu
    Akku kaur Sidhu 6 days ago

    Singh is king god bless you bro from Punjab

  • Irene Joy Letrero
    Irene Joy Letrero 6 days ago


  • Miguel Maldonado
    Miguel Maldonado 6 days ago

    ¡ NO MATTER !

  • Euduardo Otto da Silva

    Bando de relaxados,porcos o vírus nunca vai acabar no mundo vcs colocam o vírus no Rio na água largando os corpos com virus e cagando nas ruas

  • Mangal Debbarma
    Mangal Debbarma 6 days ago

    Open and see the packet no one open and see what did they do inside

  • Natural Dallah
    Natural Dallah 6 days ago

    We’re with you

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 6 days ago

      People who worked in crematorium should wear PPE's to avoid getting virus from dead specially if cause of death is covid. 🙄

  • Kmd Kmd
    Kmd Kmd 6 days ago


  • Robert Stump
    Robert Stump 6 days ago

    And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)
    Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4)
    Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:13-14)

  • Rida Khan
    Rida Khan 6 days ago

    Imagine seeing your loved one burned I'm fell so sorry for India

  • Shaziya Rana
    Shaziya Rana 7 days ago

    Ya Allah reham

  • Hybrid slanes
    Hybrid slanes 7 days ago

    In my best the world is donating money for getting supplies to India a country that used to give us now we are saving our producer for producing species

  • Neethu V
    Neethu V 7 days ago

    Covid 19 has changed the world.