i’m moving back to london...

  • Published on Jul 29, 2020
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  • Harriet Younger
    Harriet Younger Hour ago

    Give yourself a break you are more important than any opportunity.

  • Harriet Younger
    Harriet Younger Hour ago

    Mental health is priority not entertaining strangers. You have to recover before you put to much pressure on yourself to make videos. I think you have ptsd or bpd. Your health and mental more important than FLash-player.

  • Harriet Younger
    Harriet Younger Hour ago

    Listening to one of your previous videos im really glad you're moving back to London. I think it was alot to take on at such a young age. La will be there when you're ready to go back.

  • Ash
    Ash 2 days ago

    You are a genuine, beautiful girl and you have a wonderfully supportive mother. Bless you both!

  • Hayley Brazell
    Hayley Brazell 2 days ago

    Amazing news! So glad to see you happy and can't wait to see where your new journey back home takes you! 💕

  • HeyitsTiff
    HeyitsTiff 3 days ago +2

    Good luck India, I really do hope your mental health improves. This video just shows how close you and your mum are, and to all the trolls that say your mean to each other, it’s clearly just banter and you both know when it’s time to be serious.

  • AndreaAlorah
    AndreaAlorah 3 days ago +3

    I don’t know who would ever want to live in LA, I would choose London no matter what. LA wouldn’t even be a thought in my head of a place to live.

  • Jaja Raguini
    Jaja Raguini 4 days ago

    India, enjoy your teenage years. Im already 23 yrs old and working as an engineer but it will never be the same. Create a brighter future for yourself. Your incredibly beautiful and nice, you have a lot to look forward to

  • Iyanna Sapp
    Iyanna Sapp 4 days ago +1

    11:53 this conversation!!!!! 😂😂😂💀

  • Cookie Monster〈3
    Cookie Monster〈3 4 days ago

    Omg me and love have the same bday! Happy bday to her for then twinny

  • Jade Clarke
    Jade Clarke 4 days ago +2

    Can't wait for you to reunite with Liv 😁❤

  • Sophia Chambers
    Sophia Chambers 4 days ago

    lil peep la to london, you’ll relate

  • Zara W
    Zara W 5 days ago

    This is so sad - it’s sad that she feels this way and has had to go through this, I hope England is better for u and u can go back to LA when ur ready

  • Muma Uva
    Muma Uva 5 days ago

    wow your mom seems so supportive and it seems to have instilled much character in you. i wish i had that tbh.

  • 143bostoncreme
    143bostoncreme 6 days ago

    I thought your sister lived with you

  • izajade ___
    izajade ___ 6 days ago

    Londons sooooo much better go back and dont turn around LA is a mistake MISTAKEEEEE

  • izajade ___
    izajade ___ 6 days ago

    aww its a hard life isn't it, in La, looking perfect, makeup on fleek, calling your mamma every night, bar and casino after casino, yeah tough it must b e hard being lonely, I feel so bad for you. nope. I lied. I feel no empathy towards you. wow.

    • Emma Smith
      Emma Smith 2 days ago

      Poor mental health is a thing you know - she was sexually assaulted. Just because her life isn't hard doesn't mean she can't have her own mental struggles

  • quarantine potato
    quarantine potato 6 days ago +4

    she's always checking herself out but she is very prettyyy

  • SJaney _
    SJaney _ 7 days ago

    Just found your channel India. Hope you’ve arrived safely back here in the U.K.
    Do you know if you have GAD? I’m 27 and have General Anxiety Disorder ... it’s a big umbrella with various sub categories, such as anxiety, depression etc.
    I got diagnosed by my therapist and listening to how you were/are feeling it’s so similar to how I’ve felt for so long. Lack of motivation, tiredness, stress as well and it’s so crazy how much it even effects my physical health.
    I know you said in this video you don’t like running... believe me neither did I until a few years ago 🙈 (try HIIT running instead- way less boring - an account on Instagram called RedZone Running - post brilliant runs and that’s how I started getting into running - just adjust the speeds to suit you), but your mum is so right.
    It’s one thing that really helps me, but working out in general really helps and when I don’t, it really takes its toll on my mental health. So I really hope you find some wellbeing through fitness and take strength from your support network back here in England.
    Your mum seems like an amazing support just listening to how excited she is and how supportive she is of you!
    Wishing you the best 🎉✨

  • Simrin x
    Simrin x 7 days ago

    me waiting for all the collab videos with yazonline, dtg EVERYONE AAAA I'm so excited bye

  • Clare Osullivan
    Clare Osullivan 7 days ago

    Love that your back here, London is such a fun place and you deserve to enjoy with family and friends, I love your videos no matter what Xx

  • Shay Qezelbash
    Shay Qezelbash 7 days ago

    It breaks my heart that a 17 year old has bad mental health and honestly no one cares about the why. Not only is LA life very superficial but young girls like 14 or 15 are vulnerable and naive and the world is just trying to take advantage of them. On top of that there is so much more to life than being an influencer/FLash-playerr/model. Where are all the spiritual life experiences that a beautiful young woman like herself really needs? Fashion is great but life is more than that. I get it’s her career and I love women of all careers but girl going to the pub or modelling that’s not all life’s about. And when I realised that my mental health changed for the better so much.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 7 days ago +2

    Crying: "WHY would you tell me to go on a run?!" so damn relatable ugh

  • joanna
    joanna 7 days ago


  • Liv VanWyck
    Liv VanWyck 7 days ago

    What’s her moms job? It’s great that she’s able to come over to LA to be with India

    • Oumaima Khalif
      Oumaima Khalif 5 days ago

      She said like 2 years ago that she was doctor/dentist

  • Victoria DiNatale
    Victoria DiNatale 7 days ago +3

    “You know I don’t run.” 😂😂😂💀 💀💀 I have never seen this girl before but love her so much already. She is SO relatable! I love that she discusses mental health, dirty dishes, lack of motivation, dread of working out, and the troubles of being a FLash-playerr! (As a FLash-playerr, I didn’t know other FLash-playerrs get exhausted and unmotivated! Thanks for sharing!) I love how real you are! Best of luck in London! Ps - What mean things were people saying?! I can not imagine you not having tons of people vying to be your friend! GOOD LUCK 🎀💞!!

  • Sasha N
    Sasha N 8 days ago

    i definitely feel you are much better off at home with your mum, you will just do fine in england you'd be surprised especially in london! you are young, enjoy your younger years whilst you can, honestly! much love to you and your family!

  • Alexandra Foster
    Alexandra Foster 8 days ago

    I love you Mom😍😍

  • Prissylil Missy
    Prissylil Missy 8 days ago

    So happy that your going back home babes. LA really isn't the place for a young teenage girl or any teenager for that matter to be alone I agree with your mom 100%.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty 8 days ago +6


  • Valentina Matveyeva
    Valentina Matveyeva 8 days ago

    dude this is so crazy because I HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE - I moved to New York last year for modeling, something tramatic happened to me, didn't really have a support system and my mental health deteriorated so much. my last month living there, it got to the point where I was crying every day as well:( Moved back to my home town and it took about 5 months to feel like my normal self again, hope you feel better again soon

  • Ellie Chapman
    Ellie Chapman 9 days ago

    Indias face when her mum mentions videos with Liv is so cutteee

  • Ellie Chapman
    Ellie Chapman 9 days ago

    Oh my god plz become friends with Olivia Neill and flossiieee

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty 8 days ago

      Literally, I’ve been watching your videos since I was 11 and you were 13, making makeup videos.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 9 days ago +1

    Can we talk about how comfortable India's mum is on camera? I want that confidence

  • F R
    F R 9 days ago

    Your mum is so adorable! 🥰

  • z t
    z t 9 days ago

    I’m genuinely so happy for you that you’re moving back !! Sending lots of love xxx

  • Klaudia
    Klaudia 9 days ago

    I love your mum and how supportive she is of everything you do

  • مـروه الدوسري

    Awwww , i can see the happiness on your mom eyes because you moving back , I am so happy for u and your mom 🥰

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon 9 days ago

      Yay I’m so happy for you💗

  • Tin Bernas
    Tin Bernas 9 days ago

    I hope everything is better there! Xx

  • ariel
    ariel 9 days ago

    Idk how ur only 17

  • Yuliya Seviaryn
    Yuliya Seviaryn 9 days ago

    I live in Chicago and just dream to move to London❤❤❤❤

  • Madison Behly
    Madison Behly 9 days ago

    You deserve the best hun. I hope you will be fine again. I love you.

  • Masick
    Masick 10 days ago

    You're from the UK? I knew that was some British accent I am not crazy 😀

  • ash aa
    ash aa 10 days ago

    is that just me or she looks so much like millie bobby brown that they both can literally play twins

  • amran307
    amran307 10 days ago +1

    Yay bubbleology soon come

  • Meriam Saad
    Meriam Saad 10 days ago

    Oh Damn India. I am so happy for you girl❤️

  • Petra Katicic
    Petra Katicic 10 days ago

    Do a move in vlog

  • Micambrinn Fransman
    Micambrinn Fransman 10 days ago +1

    I think India should listen to Bts music for motivation and new inspiration.

  • tropical candyland
    tropical candyland 10 days ago

    Literally, I’ve been watching your videos since I was 11 and you were 13, making makeup videos.

  • tropical candyland
    tropical candyland 10 days ago

    Yesss queen! Go back to England! You will be happier there for sure

  • avery wormdahl
    avery wormdahl 10 days ago +21

    it’s because you’re still a kid you shouldn’t have to do everything for yourself because you’re only 17 you’re not an adult

  • Mia Bramble
    Mia Bramble 10 days ago

    Yay I’m so happy for you💗

  • Steph
    Steph 10 days ago

    I love your makeup😍

  • Denny W.
    Denny W. 10 days ago

    oi wicked mate

  • Savannah Groom Castillo

    1:50 yeah i totally agree and i hope all goes well girl!

  • lyndaluu who
    lyndaluu who 10 days ago +7

    Sorry but it’s so bratty to complain about being tired after cleaning your room and getting ready 🙄 non FLash-playerrs work 8-12+ hrs daily and don’t get to just not do their job.

    • ES Xo
      ES Xo 8 days ago +3

      She’s a 17 year old girl, who’s entire life is under a microscope on the internet. She’s paying her own bills, living without any family or close friends and is struggling with her mental health. India is struggling and so would most 17 year olds in her position. Stop comparing struggles, it’s not a cute look girl.

  • Elena Anna
    Elena Anna 10 days ago


  • Abby Julie Yates
    Abby Julie Yates 10 days ago

    You’re amazing India❤️

  • filmsbynix
    filmsbynix 11 days ago +17

    When I was 15 (I'm now 23) I was so immature I can't imagine moving across the world alone especially for an influencer career.

  • filmsbynix
    filmsbynix 11 days ago +4

    Idk who this is it was in my recommended but damn this is hectic she moved out there alone at 15?

  • Daisy Esho
    Daisy Esho 11 days ago

    But what about your sister????

  • Sophie Schuster
    Sophie Schuster 11 days ago

    you can meet kt franklin and that

  • Heaven Nen
    Heaven Nen 11 days ago

    Uhm your intro is the one. I love it , girl you are BEAUTIFUL

  • Shérine
    Shérine 11 days ago


  • Martha
    Martha 11 days ago

    your mum is so lovely and supportive!

  • Beth Holingsworth
    Beth Holingsworth 11 days ago

    You look like that popular girl with the dark hair from kissing booth x

  • anouk
    anouk 11 days ago

    i love india and her mom planning going to clubs in london and america lmao

  • Kelly
    Kelly 11 days ago

    LA is such a toxic place you'll be so much happier in England

  • imbrigita
    imbrigita 11 days ago

    I just discovered you through your truth about LA video and you’re moving back! 😭 Ahh, all the best. ♥️

  • JuliaRose
    JuliaRose 11 days ago

    India in the nicest way possible I can see your hair is thinning out quite a lot. This happened to me after I experienced a trauma and maybe is happening to you too. My hair fell out from not processing the trauma/stress of what happened to me. Not all of it or anything but just

  • lucy mitchell
    lucy mitchell 11 days ago

    Girl I’m 20 and lived alone for a year in a different city and hated it too, like 100% best decision for you atm. Like the opportunity to move again is always gonna be there chic! Focus on your mental health and feeling happy again first b!

  • nicola brunori
    nicola brunori 11 days ago

    LA is like 🤢-
    London is 10 times better, omg..

  • Priscilla Vera
    Priscilla Vera 11 days ago

    aww can’t wait to see you and in a new setting excited for london💗💗

  • Priscilla Vera
    Priscilla Vera 11 days ago

    aww can’t wait to see you and in a new setting excited for london💗💗

  • Janice TV
    Janice TV 11 days ago

    Hi y'all small FLash-playerr here I post every week and j posted today go check it out I k ow my content isn't that good, but trust me it gets better

  • Jess xoxo
    Jess xoxo 11 days ago

    It’s possibly the best decision for now maybe when you’re 18 move back if you think it’s the right decision for you! Xxx

  • Pia Julianne
    Pia Julianne 11 days ago


  • Jade Beaut
    Jade Beaut 11 days ago

    How does your sister make money and did you take everything with you you have so many clothes and stuff ?

  • Caoimhe Gillen
    Caoimhe Gillen 11 days ago

    So happy for you !!

  • Diana Rubi Rosales Rosales

    Iconic duo 🥺.

  • Lucy Taylor
    Lucy Taylor 12 days ago

    You should always do what’s best for you! Your mum is so kind and helpful and obviously wants what’s best for you! You’re lucky to have such a kind and loving mum! I hope that your mental health improves quickly and that you feel a lot better in yourself now that you’re back in England! Keep doing you 💛💛

  • Ineffable Beatle Girl
    Ineffable Beatle Girl 12 days ago

    I feel the same, I move from my hometown to a big city to do my med internship, and i miss my pets, family, friends and I don't have any friends here I feel very lonely :'(

  • Alix Mimi
    Alix Mimi 12 days ago

    so happy for you ! are you going to leave at your mom's or take your own place ?

  • Ruby Xx
    Ruby Xx 12 days ago

    u need to meet up with like Anastasia K, Olivia Neill all these people you deserve even more hype

  • Shannon Oliver
    Shannon Oliver 12 days ago

    I don't want this to come across as hateful, rather than concerned. Girl- you were WAYYY too young to be living alone in LA, I can't believe your parents would allow that or that it's even legal! You living away from your family and support system at that age, what was everyone thinking ?!??? I hope you can relax back here in London and be a teen, not always having to be an adult.

  • AJB
    AJB 12 days ago

    Omg modeling 😍

  • Realta 140
    Realta 140 12 days ago

    I thought she moved to LA with her sister?

  • Realta 140
    Realta 140 12 days ago

    They must have a lot of 💵

  • Henrietta Smith
    Henrietta Smith 12 days ago

    Ayyy she can learn to drive nowww, get back to the UK girl. I love you💕💕

  • Evie170
    Evie170 12 days ago

    That's great you're moving back to England. I hope you can spend time in the Cotswolds. Being in the countryside and close to nature is so healing.

    ITALIA FERGUSON 12 days ago

    moved back from la too temporarirly .took the opportnity from covid n best choice i ever made. going to move back to LA try it out again in January maybe later as i keep on pushing back the date. everything thats said in this vid is 100%. subscribe to my channel to see my journey!!

  • Fares Farhi
    Fares Farhi 12 days ago

    عيد مبارك انديا كل عام و نتي بخير عمري 😌

  • thesuper_cars
    thesuper_cars 12 days ago

    Welcome back to London 🤟🏾🇬🇧

  • Eric
    Eric 12 days ago +2

    Yes, you've been in la la land for too long.
    Welcome back home.

  • Alisha Daly
    Alisha Daly 12 days ago

    I love mum so much 😂

  • medi jones-williams
    medi jones-williams 12 days ago

    Don’t get why your mum controls your life but let you leave school at 15....

    • sara halsell
      sara halsell 12 days ago +1

      I don’t control her life, I guide her. She didn’t leave school at 15 - she was homeschooled from the age of 11 and always 2 years ahead of her age and changed to online school at age 15.

  • Manar Mahcene
    Manar Mahcene 12 days ago

    Luv u from Algérie🇩🇿

  • Skye
    Skye 12 days ago

    You mum is such an amazing momager!! Such an even balance between managing and mothering 🥰

  • Tknight_
    Tknight_ 12 days ago

    So take me back to London.... 🎵

  • Rosierhehsi Zara
    Rosierhehsi Zara 12 days ago

    Where is her top from xx