Samsung Galaxy S20 Comparisons! S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra!

  • Published on Feb 12, 2020
  • Hands on with all the new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones at their Unpacked Event in San Francisco!
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  • iJustine
    iJustine  14 days ago +383

    Just an update, the S20 Ultra has a 40mp Front selfie camera, not 10mp as I had mistakenly said in the video. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew :) Also if you wanna watch the Z Flip video, you can watch that here:

    • NivOO5 korin
      NivOO5 korin 23 hours ago

      @Kavin Suresh yeah people told meπŸ˜…, noted

    • Kavin Suresh
      Kavin Suresh Day ago

      @NivOO5 korin Wide angle is the main camera bruh, Wide and Ultrawide are different lol ( get it right yourself first )

    • Erin Setters
      Erin Setters 6 days ago

      You should get the Pink Cloud and the S20 Ultra! We need to see the pink cloud in your possession! I preordered the pink one

    • Ernie Carrillo
      Ernie Carrillo 11 days ago

      iJustine it’s, β€œI Left My Heart in San Francisco” Tony Bennett I believe...

    • Cool Youtuber
      Cool Youtuber 12 days ago

      iJustine .. I thought you review only iPhones πŸ˜‹.

  • Mark Kropf
    Mark Kropf 8 hours ago

    I want to see a camera comparison between all of the S20s.

  • Krista KalniΕ†a
    Krista KalniΕ†a 21 hour ago +1

    I saw u in an Latvian show

  • sterling samspson
    sterling samspson 21 hour ago

    Why was I watching this trash phone lol

  • Bluelight5587
    Bluelight5587 22 hours ago

    a black retangle on a pink phone seriously why not make it the same color as the phone they did it on the s10e

  • Pita Brar
    Pita Brar Day ago

    Where is comparsion?

  • Erica Peterson
    Erica Peterson Day ago

    Oh i love justine. She's amazing and so fun!

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers Day ago

    The color choices are head scratching!

  • Karl mess
    Karl mess Day ago


  • Karl mess
    Karl mess Day ago


  • Megan Kirkland
    Megan Kirkland Day ago

    The ultra is for men or for women with man hands lol jk but fr I never understood why the color of the phone mattered bc smart people put protective cases on a phone that costs over $500

  • Nizar Ahmed
    Nizar Ahmed 2 days ago

    You in that hoodie , just like a super hero women

  • Tabby 80
    Tabby 80 2 days ago +1

    iJustine: β€œomg I can’t wait till this video is over so I get my inferior iPhone in my hands”

    • Tabby 80
      Tabby 80 Day ago

      Jamar D more true than funny.

    • Jamar D
      Jamar D Day ago

      You thought you were funny.

  • Nathan Jonah
    Nathan Jonah 2 days ago

    I need that phone

  • AppleMuks
    AppleMuks 2 days ago

    Get the grey Jus

  • Lisa Mccray
    Lisa Mccray 3 days ago

    Apple have pretty colors in there phones

    • GK M
      GK M 2 days ago

      Stupid iphones

  • Darragh O
    Darragh O 3 days ago


    ROCKN' ROLLA 4 days ago

    I guess I'm turning in my GS9+ and upgrading to the S20 Ultra.
    That front nd back cameras are everything!!

  • Veronica Bigham
    Veronica Bigham 4 days ago

    as a proud female mechanical engineer and tech enthusiast, I'm disappointed in the lack of love for girly colors in tech. The limited options for wearable technology with android and now the lack of girly colors in higher end phones just makes me a bit sad. I know there are other people out there who feel the same way, not just me and Justine

  • Nicksnick ZeldaxTos
    Nicksnick ZeldaxTos 4 days ago

    Still disturbed at the fact that they didn't name it "PLUS ULTRA!"

  • Kiriyama Rei
    Kiriyama Rei 4 days ago

    Please do a night mode video for S 20

  • Omair Farooq
    Omair Farooq 4 days ago

    This like watching the iphone doing a samsung phone review πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Zaid 8055
    Zaid 8055 4 days ago


  • Nel Shurney Fiesta
    Nel Shurney Fiesta 4 days ago

    Remembering how biased you were on that note 10+ and iphone 11 pro max comparison.hahahaha.yikeeessss

  • Rexy George
    Rexy George 5 days ago

    Get the black it mach you better

  • Charlie Munday
    Charlie Munday 5 days ago

    Every iPhone or Samsung phone she can buy she is rich but what will she do with all the phone she has unboxed

  • K-Popshie
    K-Popshie 5 days ago


  • μž‡μ„­ν”„μ‚¬1λ²ˆν›„λ³΄

    Pink S20 just cells on LG U+carrier on South Korea

  • Metamorphic Crystals

    Why are no FLash-playerrs reviewing the 5G connectivity and signal strength in NYC? How is it on T-Mobile?

  • Baljeet Kanda
    Baljeet Kanda 5 days ago

    When i saw a pink s20, iJustine came to my mind and I knew it that she is gonna be super excited to see this. She is addicted to Pink.

  • Vlada
    Vlada 5 days ago

    I want this pink color on z flip. Because that pink sooooo beautiful

  • yasuo
    yasuo 5 days ago

    Idk how you guys can compare older generation phones with newer generation phones and say this is so much better, duhh its newer with more time to have had developed more technology. Btw Im talking about the comparison being made between S20 Ultra being compared with the Iphone 11 pro obviously is gonna be worse its older. Wait till apple drops their phone for this year then compare the phones.

  • Crypto Mogul
    Crypto Mogul 5 days ago

    Remember her saying iPhone pro 11 is beautiful. lol.... That's why skip this video and give this fake review thumbs down

  • Crypto Mogul
    Crypto Mogul 5 days ago

    LoL I skip this video right away. Because this phony blondie is fake..she just doing it get paid
    Real life she will be saying good things for another boring iPhone.
    Again people don't listen or skip this video. Listen to other real Samsung reviews. The one who uses samsung. Not this iPhone sheep.
    She also know iPhone getting boring

  • nazerth91
    nazerth91 5 days ago

    i canceled my s20 ultra for note 10plus...the only reason is the camera is massive and i know for a fact it will get on my nervs! and its bulky..

  • Lan Sonyvaio
    Lan Sonyvaio 6 days ago

    I-Justine change to S-Justine ...

  • Alberto Leon
    Alberto Leon 6 days ago

    I preordered the black one only cause the gray one was sold out in the 512gb I wanted :/.... but I saw the black one at my att store and I actually like the color I’m going to have a case on it anyway.

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker 6 days ago

    I Hope To Get My Hands On One Of These Phones πŸ“² Very Soon.

  • playarabbit
    playarabbit 6 days ago

    Thanx for posting this I might have to trade up 2 tha S20 I need it in Navy BlueπŸ“²

  • Melissa Warnick
    Melissa Warnick 6 days ago

    I'm with you on the pink girl it's my favorite color to. I have the s10+ in flamingo pink I love it so much but I also have gotten used to it being a bigger phone wish that pink color came in the s10 plus booooo.

  • Dalton - My World
    Dalton - My World 6 days ago +1

    I like the black and great review πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Ang blablabla
    Ang blablabla 6 days ago +2

    Ppl on iPhone 11 pro(3cameras): making memes about cameras and hating on that phone
    Ppl on samsung s20 ultra(4cameras): its normal on a phone to have 4 cameras i love it cant wait to buy it.
    The heck???

    • nba543
      nba543 Day ago

      Apple walked so others could run

  • lara yΓΌnezer
    lara yΓΌnezer 6 days ago

    I am so sad pink just for S20

  • Varun Mohan
    Varun Mohan 7 days ago

    Photos taken by Front cam of S20 doesn't have half the quality of Pixel 3☹️ I wonder why!

  • Ω…Ψ³Ω„Ψ³Ω„Ψ§Ψͺ Ω…ΨͺΨ±Ψ¬Ω…Ω‡

    i open samsung members and i chat with them that i want the pink on s+ it's so beautifule they say
    they will think to make one please if you want that colore just do the same 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • DollFace Franklin
    DollFace Franklin 7 days ago

    I want the Ultra in pink. Why Samsung....Whhhyyyyy πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  • Crissy Andersson
    Crissy Andersson 7 days ago

    The PINK one is so cute..πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’•

  • Jack Demetriou
    Jack Demetriou 7 days ago

    I wish there were more colours for the Galaxy S20 Ultra!! And a matte back like the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4

    BaNTER ReLOADED 7 days ago

    So all apple supporters are like now " can't wait till 2050 to get all these features or looks let's go with samsung only"....

  • Other Typical gamer
    Other Typical gamer 7 days ago

    I love Gaming

  • senal weerasekara
    senal weerasekara 8 days ago

    small correction... front camera is 40mp not 10. 10 is obviously not enoughπŸ˜‚

  • Brian
    Brian 8 days ago

    Name Change: GalaxyJustine

  • virtual boy
    virtual boy 8 days ago +1

    Replace apple

  • Eduardo Araujo
    Eduardo Araujo 8 days ago


  • Natalie Rodriguez
    Natalie Rodriguez 8 days ago

    Can you please test the ultra in low lighting and pictures of the night sky like the moon and stars😍I can never get a decent picture of the night sky. Would love to know if you can get any with these phones❀love your channel.

  • Raghuram Somanchi
    Raghuram Somanchi 8 days ago

    Madam please explain how the 12 Mega pixels cameras on S20 and S20 +are superior to the 64 Mega Pixels camera on Samsung A71? Is it a downgrade or an upgrade? I am unable to understand.. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S 8 days ago

    Okay so pink is not my color what so ever but omg your pink nails are to die for 😍

  • Trevor C
    Trevor C 8 days ago

    Note 10 to s20.

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes 8 days ago

    iJustine and Jenna Awesome Video really enjoyed and so proud of you and all your New endeavors.Although I feel like you have been showing us and keeping us informed all along,But so Happy for you that you are doing New and exciting things for 2020.Congrats to you both and definitely enjoyed.But please try to get some rest in between if you can.Congrats again Deb πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒ

  • Felmonde Quilnat
    Felmonde Quilnat 8 days ago

    OMG I saw a filipino tech vlogger from Gadget Match 😱😁😁