• Published on Jun 1, 2020
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Comments • 72

  • Brand New Day
    Brand New Day 9 days ago

    One thing you'll never be able to take away from Joshua, Eddie and Matchroom as a whole, is their dignity in this loss. An example for all.

  • Vladimiro Parlato
    Vladimiro Parlato 23 days ago

    If u're a professional boxer and for the first defence of ur world titles u turn up so heavy that the only danger for ur opponent is if u stumble and fall on top of him..nobody's fault,AJ on the contrary went back to work hard adding more dimensions to his set of skills..it could b a problem for Fury.

  • A_S996
    A_S996 27 days ago

    Leading up to the fight I thought there was something wrong with AJ. I remember watching interviews a few days before the fight and he had marks on his face and was giving weird answers to questions, then during the ring walk he looked so strange. Unfortunately for him, even if he had a legitimate excuse he couldn’t ever tell the public because whatever he’d say just come across as lies and fake excuses

    NICK TYRRELL Month ago

    Finally a tyson/gugan interview where there's no bullshit chat, so much sense spoken by Fury, I like this fury

  • Gunner TV
    Gunner TV Month ago

    When I see people hating on Tyson because he is the most realist person is what pisses me off!!! didnt you all fukers see Joshua quit and didnt wanna fight ??? Joshua is a quiter and you will see him quit again on himself when he face the Gypsy King !!!

  • Joseph Patrick Docherty

    Fury is so infront of these fellow heavyweights it's unreal.. Aj is another on top fighter the same as wilder was, put it on him and he's fkd.. Facts..

  • Blair Mark
    Blair Mark Month ago +1

    Tyson Fury is right tho
    AJ quit against Ruiz and ran away in the rematch we'll see what AJ is about when he has had 30 fights
    I know he"ll have at least 2 more losses

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      If he wanted to quit he wouldn't get up four times,AJ improves every fight by numb.30 he'll b unreal,Fury after all this years there's little he can improve.

    • Marcus Cooper
      Marcus Cooper Month ago

      Casual. Walk away from boxing, you don have a scooby doo !

  • Jon Trownson
    Jon Trownson Month ago

    Did haye say Douglas v Tyson was 1 shot?? Sounds like he didn't see that fight.

  • Elliott
    Elliott Month ago +2

    I remember watching the fight and thinking AJ didn't look right. His hands were so low, his stance was so wide it makes you think he was struggling with his balance. This was before the knockdown aswell as after the knockdown. Dont get me wrong Ruiz deserved the win. In the rematch AJ did what he had to do but I felt he should be doing more and should of had the ability to stop Ruiz. That be said I do genuinely believe AJ beats Fury, i think AJ has the ability to throw combination like no one fury has faced before.

  • Atab Javid
    Atab Javid Month ago

    Joshua is a great fighter he learned from his mistake come back stronger it happens greatest fighter s took loses it happens Tyson fury fighter will be great fight the one who wants it the most will win

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Month ago

    Fury a bum

  • Ibk Aki
    Ibk Aki Month ago


  • D Mad
    D Mad Month ago

    Chisora was contemplating on wrecking the place

  • King Katsuki Bakugou

    Mohammed Ali fury is a joke ..paper champion.. . fight Dillon white ,Parker , Ruiz, povetkin, takam, Parker, Rivas, ...he fought bums like Otto wallin, Schwartz.,,fury has nothing in his arsenal that makes him exciting

  • Marc Greaves
    Marc Greaves Month ago +1

    11:56 Gypsies will tell you that.....

  • Negan
    Negan Month ago

    Ruiz is a one hit wonder

  • B A
    B A Month ago

    Was best night ever this

  • Nicky wass
    Nicky wass Month ago

    Snicker power 😂😂😂

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones Month ago +8

    I love fury but he talks some rot. He goes on about second chances and coming back and then says if you quit once you're done forever 🤣

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      Every time I appreciate what Fury says he than ruins everything in the following interview.

    • Howard Send
      Howard Send Month ago

      Alex Mayes And what do you do? Work at Lidl?

    • Alex Mayes
      Alex Mayes Month ago

      @Howard Send No. This is Fury that said that AJ had no chance in the rematch. Fury who would claim victory over Wladimir by retiring or not rematching him. Fury is by far the most technically gifted heavyweight out there - but he doesn't half talk some shite.

    • Jimbo Jones
      Jimbo Jones Month ago

      @Howard Send oh please. Fury was out cold against wilder. 99 refs outta 100 would have stopped it.
      Look I love fury. He's great. But aj didn't quit. He kept getting up. If he was a quitter he'd have just stayed down

    • Howard Send
      Howard Send Month ago

      Jimbo Jones AJ jacked the fight. Pure and simple. He gave up. Did not convince the referee he wanted to continue.

  • Adrian Morton
    Adrian Morton Month ago

    7:39 The Gypsy King nailed it!

  • odekale Bamidele
    odekale Bamidele Month ago +2

    Tyson fury thinks he knows all, saying Joshua didn’t win any rounds forgetting that Joshua had knocked down Ruiz first in the second round. Fact is everyone will be beaten in as much as you’re in the game, Tyson’s time will come, he almost lost against a bum before wilders’ fight

    • Simon Mcdonagh
      Simon Mcdonagh Month ago

      AJ knocked ruiz down in the 3rd round you clown and he "nearly lost a fight but he clearly didnt cause he won by a unanimous decision

  • Tony Lyons
    Tony Lyons Month ago +3

    Fury..once you quit one time in your hole life,your finished,well didn’t fury quit wen he so called left boxing didn’t give WK his rematch and so called depression mental health lol joker

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago +7

    I was watching that Joshua - Ruiz fight again and beside the fact that Andy was just wildly swinging and connecting behind AJ's head , Joshua had the better of him , but stopped engaging to try and block the shots and then got clobbered behind the head over and over again.
    I truly hope that AJ doesn't have that 'fear of losing' in him now and that stops him from going balls to the wall in future fights. He must simply stop bending down to block shots. He is a much better boxer than Ruiz where-as Ruiz is a better fighter.

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      Also at the moment AJ won his rematch..

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      Wilder & AJ Will have to fight if DW wins fight3 against Fury otherwise the fight that everyone wants to see and make more sense is AJ vs TF.

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      Wilder & AJ Will have to fight if DW wins fight3 against Fury otherwise the fight that everyone wants to see and make more sense is AJ vs TF.

    • Tyki Mikk804
      Tyki Mikk804 28 days ago

      @Vladimiro Parlato I think Wilder n AJ needs to fight to end all the shit talking on both ends they both lost so records are tarnish.

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      Fury will gain more respect when he'll defend a title thing that he never done in his life.

  • And The Salt Spreads
    And The Salt Spreads Month ago +6

    shame Ruiz lost that mental hunger, went back to the physical one instead.

    • Simon Mcdonagh
      Simon Mcdonagh 23 days ago

      @Vladimiro Parlato and u could tell something wasnt right wit ruiz in the second fight 🤣

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago +1

      I think the same Ruiz would have lost anyway,it was clear in fight one something wasn't right with AJ .

    • Sweaty Donkey
      Sweaty Donkey Month ago

      Hilarous comment bro, went over the heads of most unfortunately I think, you should have a lot more likes.

    • Bill Clark
      Bill Clark Month ago

      @Simon Mcdonagh You think. I disagree. Only can find out if Ruiz gets in shape and we have a 3rd fight. Ruiz took shots that would have wobbled or KOed him in the 1st fight in that 2nd fight.

    • Simon Mcdonagh
      Simon Mcdonagh Month ago

      @Bill Clark dont be chatting shit if the same ruiz turned up for the second fight he would have stopped aj but he didnt and aj won that's all that matters

  • Manny Bee
    Manny Bee Month ago +5

    something tells me del boy had a wager on this one

  • Paul Hamer
    Paul Hamer Month ago

    King of the planet

  • Dirty Duck
    Dirty Duck Month ago +2

    I thought you had them all together in a livestream lol... Disappointing but predictable

  • S M
    S M Month ago +1

    NO EXCUSES!! 💪🏽

  • Adie Bryant
    Adie Bryant Month ago +8

    Lost because he was flogged left right and centre for the whole build up in America

  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell Month ago

    Chisora is such a nut job hahaha

  • Rayyan khan 97
    Rayyan khan 97 Month ago

    Wheres all them hearn aj fan boys goin on about wilder being unknown and makes "pocket change"? Aj and wilder 500k difference on forbes 🤣

    • Theunorthodoxfighter
      Theunorthodoxfighter Month ago +1

      Don't be stupid man, Forbes listed AJ as having earned 47 mil or something fot 2 fights.... But we know AJ got like 80 million dollars for the rematch

    • K B
      K B Month ago

      AJ still richer lool, Deontay should be getting May weather figures being the first American heavyweight champ in a so long. AJs from a tiny insignificant little island and is still richer than him

  • Nick James
    Nick James Month ago +4

    Remember I said it joshua beats wilder

    • Marcus Cooper
      Marcus Cooper Month ago

      Yes I will remember this comment you made when/if they fight in about 2 years from now. My first thought will be "Remember Nick's comment on FLash-player" ....... ?????!!!!! ffs

  • Charlie Bruce
    Charlie Bruce Month ago

    This is a old shit kugan you dosser

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic Month ago +2

    Joshua was down Hyde Park today. With his mates/group on scooters.

    YHHHERR Month ago

    Fury would smash up joshua😂

    • Hooo Hmmv
      Hooo Hmmv Month ago

      @Jimmy King like all those match-ups! I don't want to see Parker Usyk though, I like Parker a lot and I think Usyk does him on points, don't want to see Parker take another loss 😂

    • Jimmy King
      Jimmy King Month ago

      @Hooo Hmmv I just want the big fights sick of the politics. Fury vs Whyte (he's earnt his shot), AJ vs Miller (that's unfinished business) AJ v Fury (obvious reasons) Usyk v Parker (good heavyweight for usyk to be tested but not murdered) Wilder vs Ruiz (America vs Mexico that's a bitter situation) I'd watch all these knocks. Big names, big stadium, big atmosphere, this is what I'm here for

    • Hooo Hmmv
      Hooo Hmmv Month ago

      @Jimmy King Well it's fair to say Fury and AJ are the top 2 at this point. Hopefully we'll see a fight next year and we'll get the answer. Usyk could do well I think, excited to see him in there with a top HW.
      Oh and I agree with Wilder's resume, no one can dispute his record is TRASH and anyone who believes AJ ducked Wilder is a simpleton.

    • Jimmy King
      Jimmy King Month ago

      @Hooo Hmmv 3 people? And he's the best heavyweight? Come on now. Klitschco could of had an off night, the rematch was never seen to clarify that. Chisora is just a brawler a boxer will always figure him out in the end and wilder EVERYBODY before the fight even said how crap he was. But now all of a sudden he's some credible legend of the game. Just another padded record been fed bouncers and top 50 journey men

    • Jimmy King
      Jimmy King Month ago

      @Deri thomas your actually putting people of note in his resume that he's not even fought... New low 🤣

  • Leopeter Williams
    Leopeter Williams Month ago +15

    As a big Joshua fan I sometimes think “what if it wasn’t Ruiz in that fight with Joshua”. I believe he would’ve done Miller in 5 rounds

    • Jet Set
      Jet Set Month ago +1

      OMR BXING honestly I could’ve just said what you said instead of my long ass paragraphs lmao

      OMR BXING Month ago +1

      If anyone on that night touched his equilibrium they would of won in my opinion , just a bad night

    • -TruthSeekerUK-
      -TruthSeekerUK- Month ago

      Yeah me too, although I was betting on 4 rounds

    • raycorey
      raycorey Month ago

      Doesn’t matter who AJ fought that night, he would have lost. When it’s your time, it’s your time. Am sure now he is glad that it was Ruiz that gave him his first loss, and that the other PBC higher ranked HW ducked those massive offers made to them. Because I believe Kownacki and Ortiz would have beaten him too.

    • Jet Set
      Jet Set Month ago

      And for those thinking it was a cherry pick. You should go back and look at the other fighters that he offered to fight. They all didn’t want to and the only one who wanted the smoke was Ruiz

  • Aka Skinz
    Aka Skinz Month ago

    Matt Macklin about to chin Frampton in the background

    SHA RON Month ago +3

    aj is agood man with class but fury is the true king of the hw division .....always was.god bless fury.where is clifton?

    • David Marcer
      David Marcer Month ago

      @Wizards Sleeve no doubt you will say AJ is a stiff robot who can't box and is chinny when Fury beats him to

    • Wizards Sleeve
      Wizards Sleeve Month ago

      Sha Ron. Fury is a feather-fisted ballroom dancer who just pillow-fisted a wannabe pregnant coward who can't box a lick haalf to death, Big Deal. Yet another bum.

  • CDDrinkwater
    CDDrinkwater Month ago +32

    Chisora was more pissed off than AJ

    • A_S996
      A_S996 27 days ago +1

      Chisora prob lost a massive bet that’s why

    • Bill Clark
      Bill Clark Month ago

      That pissed me off

  • Darren Mc
    Darren Mc Month ago +1

    Inject this into my veins

  • dave
    dave Month ago +1

    If Eddie had been black AJ would have fired him. Eddie didn’t do his job and scope Ruiz out. Everybody knew about Ruiz except Eddie. Trouble is AJ believes in white superiority and cannot see that Eddie had him off. Eddie still collected his 10% when really, at the very least AJ should have fired him and not paid him that money. It seems Eddie cannot do no wrong. Even when he messes up. Eddie collects win lose or draw. What sort of a job is that? Even a dog could do that. If you get paid regardless, why should he scope out any potential opposition. He’s a con,an and 7 fortunately AJ thinks the white man knows best. The guy has a tattoo of Africa but he has never given a single African a top job. He’s got white people running his affairs.

    • CDDrinkwater
      CDDrinkwater Month ago +1

      It’s not eddies job to scope out Ruiz you fool. That’s Joshua’s trainers job, Rob! Eddie is AJs promoter. Nothing more!

  • Tom Gooding
    Tom Gooding Month ago +2

    Lucky punch from the gods

    • Barry Hogg
      Barry Hogg 27 days ago

      @Wizards Sleeve would like to see whyte get his chance hes improved so much hes a risk to both AJ &Fury.

    • Barry Hogg
      Barry Hogg 27 days ago

      @Wizards Sleeve lol,naw mate ive actually enjoyed your banter,im Scottish n have respect for all boxers of all colours,im only on you tube too,and s few hunting sites,......anyway good luck to who you favour n may the best guy win,im a Fury fan but as i say respect to all boxers.........thanks for givin as good as u got,all the best man.

    • Wizards Sleeve
      Wizards Sleeve 27 days ago

      @Barry Hogg the only thing I'm on is utube, no other social media, scared I get groomed, ur not trying to groom me are you ?

    • Barry Hogg
      Barry Hogg 27 days ago

      @Wizards Sleeve check the history i use my real name and im sure youl soon find out my nationality........u dont need to b a wizard to find out.😂🚀

    • Barry Hogg
      Barry Hogg 27 days ago

      @Wizards Sleeve since u had to thread that twice i take it u forgot your magic word and your perception must of abandoned you,soz for laughing but im not American,is your real name Merlin or Melon??,think u need to search your sleeve Melon and keep them commin,.......try pazzazz n look up both sleeves coz one sleeve aint kickin it at all,or did u get your head stuck,.........thanks for the giggle its been magical,quite catchy that your now the "magical Melon",😂🚀........cant wait for tour response to b juiced,roll them sleeves up n keep em commin,..........youl b count'coconut by the end of this.

  • Mark Simpson
    Mark Simpson Month ago +3

    When fury talks boxing you listen

  • Lee Pyke
    Lee Pyke Month ago +13

    AJ absolutely flattens Fury

    • Lee Pyke
      Lee Pyke Month ago

      YHHHERR ok Since you and all your pundit buddies know so much. Let’s see your betting slip, send me the link to it.
      You my friend are a joke.

      YHHHERR Month ago

      Rough Squad it’s clearly not because of the phrases 😂anyone who knows boxing knows fury is far more skilled

      YHHHERR Month ago +1

      Lee Pyke I’m not making myself look stupid all the pundits and pros know a lot more about boxing than what you do and for someone that has watched it all my life and sparred countless times I would say I have a good idea on who wins fights and aj doesn’t stand a chance unless he gets “punch from the gods”

    • Lee Pyke
      Lee Pyke Month ago

      Big Corey she said 4inches more than her.

    • Big Corey
      Big Corey Month ago +1

      Lee Pyke you mrs said I’ve got 4 inches more than you

  • Ja Ra
    Ja Ra Month ago +1

    Fair play to chisora taking it like the whole of uk fight fans on a national level

    • Ja Ra
      Ja Ra Month ago

      Ed oh stop it, no start it 👀

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker Month ago +3

    If he quit he could of stayed down from the k knockdowns in round 3 , fury quit once he beat Klitschko. In my opinion winning belts is just the start, the beat take on challenges. Fury couldn't cope with being the unified. I just hope fury career doesn't resembles Ruiz, will Ruiz come back saying that he had no chance because of outside issues. Fury need s to prove he can maintain a string of defenses. Fury may be the most gifted ,but Joshua has taken his legacy in his stride.

  • Cola Boots
    Cola Boots Month ago +6

    Haye nearly said Ruiz looks like most Mexicans lol 2:00

  • Sicelo Nkiwane
    Sicelo Nkiwane Month ago +22

    AJ the best attitude in the game...respect hands down

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      The thing is that the Klicko AJ fought was the real one focused and well prepared,the one Fury fought didn't take Tyson seriously,plus Mc Dermott should have won the first fight against Fury and so Otto Walling if there was any other fighter in the ring would have been stopped 1/2rounds earlier with that huge cut above the eye.

    • Akbar Zaman
      Akbar Zaman Month ago +1

      @David Gold well said mate 👍

    • David Gold
      David Gold Month ago +3

      SEAN BURKE Fury’s fought 2 world level opponents in his whole career. Good on him. Now let’s see him fight top 10 opponents back to back like AJ has been doing and let’s see how long he lasts. AJ’s team offered Wilder 100 million to take the fight and Wilder turned it down and fought Fury for less money, FACTS. AJ fought Klitschko in his 19th fight, dropped him 4 times and knocked him out. Who was Fury fighting in his 19th fight? 🤔 Fury’s hardly got an iron chin himself. He got dropped by domestic level Neven Pajkic and cruiserweight Steve Cunningham. He almost took an L to Euro bum Otto Wallin. Fury is a certified drug cheat. Again Anthony Joshua is a young successful Black multi millionaire who’s amongst the best in the world at what he does. What are you doing with your life???

    • Benjamin Conaghan
      Benjamin Conaghan Month ago

      @David Gold @Seanburke can u both shut up they are both great fighters who have had slip ups and bad days and have been beat by good opposition just cause aj got knocked down by Klitschko doesnt take away from his win and just cause fury got cut bad by wallin doesnt take away from his win against wilder why so bitchy and negative we all love the sport and they are both good guys so just stop being so negative

      SEAN BURKE Month ago +1

      @David Gold didn't fury spark out wilder and dominanted klitschko who nearly sparked out glass jaw AJ hahahaha fan boy bitch ring magazine champion knocked out wilder after years out of the ring while aj didn't want to take the fight aj fan boys a gang of idiots hahahaha

  • Kung Pow Mike
    Kung Pow Mike Month ago +2

    i thought it was a interview with all 3 of them Lol

    • Steven Kerr
      Steven Kerr Month ago +1

      Pure click bait

    • DeadDogTony 1
      DeadDogTony 1 Month ago +1

      It’s called click bait, he’s deliberately put it up like that so you think it’s an interview with them all, I fell for it too

  • Mike bryson
    Mike bryson Month ago +6

    Aj couldn't finish a pot noodle

    • Barry Hogg
      Barry Hogg 27 days ago

      He prob cld'nt work the fuckin kettle to start with without his mum!.😂🚀

    • Mike bryson
      Mike bryson Month ago

      @Manny Bee not a chance .

    • Manny Bee
      Manny Bee Month ago

      he would finish you of, how about that mate

  • stephen mcaleese
    stephen mcaleese Month ago +1

    he quit!!!

    • stephen mcaleese
      stephen mcaleese Month ago

      @Ibk Aki iv had to read the crock of shit you wrote twice , an guess what ? he quit

    • Ibk Aki
      Ibk Aki Month ago

      AJ 2 DROPPED 2CE
      THAT FAN BOI , STATEMENT AJ is chinny has no prove and no leg to stand on ,its all hate

    • David Mason
      David Mason Month ago

      @Ibk Aki *5 being worst!!!

    • David Mason
      David Mason Month ago

      @Ibk Aki Okay. I don't see the point of this at all but you want me to rank their chins, yes? 1. being best & 4. being worst? Okay:
      1. Ruiz Jr.
      2. Fury
      3. Joshua
      4. Whyte
      5. Wilder

    • Ibk Aki
      Ibk Aki Month ago

      @David Mason IKE and david tua re no longer part of the game, im talking about guys at the top of their game , AJ, RUIZ , WILDER , FURY AND WHYTE

  • Martin O D
    Martin O D Month ago +19

    Fury is a gypsy, but he the only 1 who sounds educated when speaking about boxing

      OMR BXING Month ago

      Martin O D lol your delusional if u believe that Forbes list

    • Martin O D
      Martin O D Month ago

      @OMR BXING highest paid athlete that's what matters to fury. Gypsy King. No 1

      OMR BXING Month ago

      Martin O D idk, all I know is ESPN paid 22m for promotion on the Super Bowl , maybe fury , but the ppv figures say AJ

    • Marcus Cooper
      Marcus Cooper Month ago

      WTF has being a gypsy got to do with common sense?

    • Martin O D
      Martin O D Month ago

      Who the bigger star in America, aj or fury

  • SeanVibez
    SeanVibez Month ago +2

    Andy "and what do you know..." Ruiz Jr.

  • Crow Powter
    Crow Powter Month ago +2

    22:52 Looks like how he did in 2012 at the Olympics

  • Matt Costa
    Matt Costa Month ago +24

    Fury said it 100 percent right

    • Wizards Sleeve
      Wizards Sleeve 28 days ago

      @Vladimiro Parlato The idiots have got to say that coz to them anybody who can beat their wannabe pregnant "real" King must be an ATG to beat that beat nothing bum.

    • Mr b
      Mr b 28 days ago

      @Ollie grigg I'm sick off everyone bum licking him people have to realise how jealous and bitter he got and started calling out the british public he will turn on use again if he loses guarantee dont trust him

    • Vladimiro Parlato
      Vladimiro Parlato 28 days ago

      How can some people call Fury a king when he's never defended a title in his life?

    • Ollie grigg
      Ollie grigg 29 days ago +1

      Matt Costa get out his ass you absolute wet wipe

    • Wizards Sleeve
      Wizards Sleeve Month ago

      @Mr b It's Bumzquad boys making out the only person who could beat their wannabe pregnant coward hero King is an ATG. Flatley Fury the Lineal Bore You To Death Machine.

  • Zeiza Ze
    Zeiza Ze Month ago +5

    Boring. Aj vs Miller gloves off or something else, tierd of hearing about Ruiz

      YHHHERR Month ago

      Stop being such a casual and fuck off of you think this is boring then you clearly aren’t a boxing fan 😂

    • Burnsy MM
      Burnsy MM Month ago

      It’s sky sports that have the tape not IFl but Kugan being a wee copyright dodger will probably upload the exact same video a second after it being uploaded

  • King Louie
    King Louie Month ago +13

    Is that David haye or R kelly I can’t decide 🤷‍♂️

  • House cat Sadiq
    House cat Sadiq Month ago +2

    Fury richest boxer now Eddie saying Aj profile is higher money talks shit walks gypsy King all day baby get ready no 50 50 split Eddie

  • dsroa
    dsroa Month ago +8

    Lucky punch and proved as a lucky punch cos he couldn’t do it in the rematch.

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago +2

      Casual alert 🚨

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan Month ago

      DJ General Outlaw 2 a coward? You’re obviously forgetting 90% of Fury’s fights. He got the win that’s what matters. He used his attributes to his advantage..... didn’t moan, didn’t make excuses even tho it was clear as day something was wrong. Sad people wanting to see the downfall of AJ. Only if others kept their dignity in defeat

    • Dave B
      Dave B Month ago +2

      Lucky punch. Proof how deluded the AJ only fans are

    • Brother Spartacus
      Brother Spartacus Month ago +2

      So does that explain the three other knockdows, because Joshua never recovered?
      Ruiz did time the left-hook perfectly.
      Joshua overreached with his right hand, and Ruiz ducked and countered, nothing lucky about that.

    • Stagey Cosine
      Stagey Cosine Month ago +4

      Not a lucky punch though, was it? If Joshua had fought Ruiz the same way in the rematch he would have got caught by that lucky punch multiple times and hit the canvas an equal amount of times.
      AJ changed his tactics, that's why Ruiz couldn't do it again.

  • Blue Knows
    Blue Knows Month ago +5

    Ruiz was paid off to take the L in the rematch...
    Commenting for a friend but look into it 😂

    • this guy
      this guy Month ago

      Yeh and joshua dove in the first just commenting for my freind willy Hill

    • Football Boxing fan
      Football Boxing fan Month ago

      Yeah sure. They paid him in advance to cover the bill for all the food he had in 6 months 🤣🤣

    • Exzit Hd
      Exzit Hd Month ago

      stfuu 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago

    Hahah fuck off Hearn! Fury will end the Joshua train once and for all!

  • Lombard Louch
    Lombard Louch Month ago +11

    Everyone can fight.. if they are angry. Not everyone can fight when they are NOT....

    • Marcus Cooper
      Marcus Cooper Month ago

      @Ryan Cummins Erm some do, some lose theit shit in the ring, bite ears etc

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago +28

    Joshua got into exchanges with a guy with a granite chin and fast hands. He adjusted and won the rematch. Fair play to him. He doesn't have enough skill to outbox Fury but he can hang with him and might catch him with a big shot. Joshua is probably the best finisher in the sport. It will be a great night for British boxing regardless of the result. Can't wait for this fight to be made.

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan Month ago

      9 Bpoolfy4 I honestly think AJ V Fury will happen summer 2021. Very close fight imo but 147 is my favourite weight.

    • 9 matchroom slayer
      9 matchroom slayer Month ago +1

      @Ross Cowan then you will know bow boxing is shite no one fights each other

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan Month ago

      9 Bpoolfy4 yeah I’ve been watching boxing for 40 years and supporting local shows so yes I’m a casual fan 👌

    • David Smith
      David Smith Month ago +1

      @Ross Cowan I think Fury would just dance around him boxing all night like Joshua. I think he'd demolish Deontay Wilder though because of his chin and fast hands inside. Wilder is too clumsy to get away and can't outbox him. Would be a interesting fight.

    • Ross Kemp on cheeseburgers
      Ross Kemp on cheeseburgers Month ago +1

      @9 matchroom slayer get real lol like fury is invincible....he can't stink out any arena on any given night

  • zero15388
    zero15388 Month ago +4

    the feeling of shock is palpable

  • Thomas Newell
    Thomas Newell Month ago +13

    AJ knocks Fury out

    • David Marcer
      David Marcer Month ago

      @Sukhvir Mohem Easy nights work for AJ then by your reckoning?AJ can stand in the pocket all night and swing from the hip?If people genuinely think an 6'9 man weighing 18st,who has boxed his whole life can't throw a hurtful punch or knock you out then you're not the brightest.

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago

      @Sukhvir Mohem I'm not sure what that even means

    • Sukhvir Mohem
      Sukhvir Mohem Month ago

      Ed Yh with his pillow fists which only allow him to ko binmen and cruiserweights

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago

      If ol glass ear quit like a bitch against an out of shape c level pillow fisted tomato can ffs fury will destroy Ol g string joshua 😆😆😆

    • Connor Cook
      Connor Cook Month ago +10

      No way. Fury is a different animal to that 'lynx Africa' model.

  • redz SouthLondon
    redz SouthLondon Month ago +5

    He might of took a back hander to lose 🤔 major reddies he losses ruiz the man for a min for his country jousha bet him now well see the 3rd fight and ur getting 3 fights out of it in stead of 1 its all about the money in the fighting game 😜🙏

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago

      You clown 😆

  • Lee Fox
    Lee Fox Month ago

    Click bate

  • 9 matchroom slayer
    9 matchroom slayer Month ago +5

    Joshua and Eddie will hold the division hostage again low balling everyone and they say everyone ducks Joshua even the matchroom casuals must see it by now

    • this guy
      this guy Month ago +2

      @9 matchroom slayer its funny man how someone can claim he gave whyte a shit offer and then say he wont fight him (you cant duck someone by giving them offers) and he clearly offered wilder 120mil if you believe not go ask lou dibella see what he says also ruiz was ranked at least 30 places above wallin and probly 120 above swartz never mind the fact he was a late replacemmet

    • johnny wilson
      johnny wilson Month ago

      He kocked whyte spark out 😂😂 dont be a hater pal

    • 9 matchroom slayer
      9 matchroom slayer Month ago

      @this guy because they thought Ruiz was easy like the rest of the bums they won't fight Whyte again fury or wilder

    • this guy
      this guy Month ago +1

      @9 matchroom slayer ruiz got 14x wallin and swartz just for the first fight casual

    • 9 matchroom slayer
      9 matchroom slayer Month ago +2

      @this guy well he beat wilder to a pull the guy AJ ducked

  • Alex Kallipetis
    Alex Kallipetis Month ago +21

    ‘He had a panic attack’ they said
    ‘He’s all hype’ they said
    ‘He should leave his coach’ they said
    ‘He got complacent’ they said
    Man looking back at these anti Joshua comments, specially the panic attack, is just hilarious. Joshua is a true champ and stuck to his team and won his belts back. Legend.

    • Celtic 67 Live!
      Celtic 67 Live! Month ago +1

      john dow Klitschko was unbeaten in 11 years, and champion for nine when Fury spanked him.
      Good points though. 👍🏻

    • Sukhvir Mohem
      Sukhvir Mohem Month ago +3

      john dow it’s not a 2 year layoff as due to fury’s antics he’d completed 2 fight camps and how is stopping someone winning by the skin of your teeth the judges don’t have an effect on a ko and btw klitschko wouldn’t fight him if matchroom picked all the judges. Matchroom picked one and klits team picked one with a mutual ref selected by the wba. At least he didn’t rob John McDermott blind for the English title.

    • Sukhvir Mohem
      Sukhvir Mohem Month ago +1

      john dow you mean one prime fighter in wilder who was a disaster waiting to happen hence he’d been protected fighting Tin cans for so long and wlad who was 39 and coming off one of the worst performances of his career against Jennings and it ended up being the worst hw title fight in history so think before saying aj fought an old man. Then he got stripped of his belt after having peds in his system before retiring and never fighting klitschko again in their scheduled rematch

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan Month ago +2

      john dow not when most rematches go the same way.... all about the win

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago +1

      Ol glass ear ran like a bitch I the rematch against an out of shape c level pillow fisted tomato can 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago +53

    Kugan used to put his hand up in class to let the teacher know he’s done his homework

    • Charlie Day
      Charlie Day Month ago +1

      Marc Greaves 🤣🤣😂😂Good one

    • Marc Greaves
      Marc Greaves Month ago +2

      i think he used to put his hand up the teacher.

    • Charlie Day
      Charlie Day Month ago +2

      Bang on😂😂😂 you worked him out too. He thinks he's a boxing super star. Wearing his hat on backwards😂😂 Like a 15 year old from the 80s.😂😂

    • C C
      C C Month ago

      So he was the teacher's pet, maybe more I suspect.

    URBAN DUBZ Month ago +1

    Here here

  • Saad Hussain
    Saad Hussain Month ago +38

    Here before joshua gets hate for no reason, the guy is a great ambassador for english boxing and raised the sport to new levels

    • Big Corey
      Big Corey Month ago +1

      Mar Ayres if fury wants to knock him out he will or box his head off he will do that , I’m going to wait and see what he predicts before the fight , I’m also probably going to do that as well 👍👍

    • Mar Ayres
      Mar Ayres Month ago +1

      @Big Corey I having a cheeky bet on fury stopping aj in the 4th

    • Big Corey
      Big Corey Month ago +1

      Mar Ayres exactly my friend and in time to come everyone will see that he is the best ever when he boxes Joshuas head off for 12 rounds

    • Mar Ayres
      Mar Ayres Month ago +1

      @Big Corey Theres only one Tyson fury . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Best heavyweight in the world bbe 👍

    • Big Corey
      Big Corey Month ago

      Saad Hussain you big dosser