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  • AgentJones09
    AgentJones09 9 hours ago

    How is this xonnected to my life?

  • Craoz
    Craoz 15 hours ago

    I saw this on an episode of buzzfeed unsolved

  • Isabella Reynolds

    I wouldn’t believe you

  • The RYKZ
    The RYKZ Day ago


  • y so good 39
    y so good 39 Day ago

    Dude I wished my mom swallowed me, I already know this

  • Edward Howard
    Edward Howard Day ago


  • Pro Noob
    Pro Noob Day ago

    He: what if I tell you that your whole life is a lie.
    Me:you don't need to tell I already know

  • Michae1Dev
    Michae1Dev Day ago

    It Means That Im Not In The World Anymore Cause My Wholelife is a lie

  • bill k
    bill k Day ago


  • Liquidz YMA
    Liquidz YMA Day ago +1

    What if I told you that your wasting 12 oz of water per video

  • •šâđ pøțâţø•

    "What if I told you your whole life is a lie"
    Then your not wrong

  • Chad Owens
    Chad Owens Day ago

    Love the mustash

  • rocket ryan reed
    rocket ryan reed Day ago +1

    People that kidnap or kill people will usually Target people that looks like someone they know or knew so these boys look like someone said kidnapper new Chinese these boys look the same the kidnapper took them

  • Volcano
    Volcano Day ago

    I would yell at u telling that u r dumb if u told me that my whole life was a lie

  • 恵み
    恵み Day ago

    NOT BOBBY😭😭😭😭

  • dewran celik
    dewran celik Day ago

    Ok but why is my life a lie

  • Arty Izgarus
    Arty Izgarus Day ago

    I'd just ignore, bye

  • Tango
    Tango Day ago

    Uno reverse

  • caribou_88 Wayne

    He the oldest man in the world

  • Arnisa Hoxha
    Arnisa Hoxha Day ago

    Oh my gosh so relatable don't u just hate when ur kid goes missing in 1912 (the good old days) and u thing u found him but it turns out that it was another kid who looks similar. So relatable

  • Sour Apples
    Sour Apples Day ago

    How does this make my life a lie?

  • Tankman_YT5🔘
    Tankman_YT5🔘 Day ago

    What if I told u I was unsubscribing

  • Marte Grace
    Marte Grace Day ago +1

    “What if I told you your whole life was a lie”
    Man at this point I’d believe it

  • Eelogoose
    Eelogoose Day ago

    Bruh, how does this make my life a lie?

  • Erica Jones
    Erica Jones Day ago

    “If I told you your life was a lie”. Yea Bruce and bobby NOT me

  • •_Ghøst_Eye_•

    Dude it's called immortality if this story is true and they found 96 year old kid that look 4 years old and has a height of a 4 year old something made him immortal
    Also no breaking the 4rth wall okay

  • ShaunMander
    ShaunMander Day ago

    Ur career I a lie

  • Raythe Goat
    Raythe Goat Day ago

    Get a life guy

  • Franklin Clinton

    His whole was a lie too😏
    Telling me a story, that we don't care about 🙄

  • Justin Flicop
    Justin Flicop Day ago

    😐😶 yeah that's really messed up

  • Ssundee2.03
    Ssundee2.03 Day ago

    But you are a kid😨

  • Centuria Proxima
    Centuria Proxima 2 days ago


  • Mariam Price
    Mariam Price 2 days ago

    Me yelling for my cat Bobby* when he says Bobby went missing then can't find Bobby but finds him chillin in a hole in the cat bed like HOW U GET.IN THERE FAT BOY

  • Ahide Garcia
    Ahide Garcia 2 days ago

    Him:"what if I told u your hole life was a lie"
    Me: no it ant, it happened in there's not mine and I didn't know abt this BOII QUITE WITH UR LYING SELF

    MUI GOKU 2 days ago

    (Your whole life is a lie )
    This is not my whole life man

  • Betina Amfelt
    Betina Amfelt 2 days ago

    ''What if i told you youre whole life was a lie?'' i wouldnt believe you

  • Michelle Melvin
    Michelle Melvin 2 days ago

    What of told my life is not a lie

  • 『 Lxxury 』
    『 Lxxury 』 2 days ago +1

    And my name being Anderson

  • Olivias world
    Olivias world 2 days ago

    I think I know how, their parents could be face blind. So basically they could see him as his son, when he is someone else

  • lovleen kapoor makeup artist

    How this makes our life a lie

  • ☘︎C ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ʀ☘︎

    Others: *His parents probably killed him!*
    Me: *wAiT iSn'T 1912 tHe yEaR tHe tItAnIc sUnK????!*

  • kRiS oN mObiLe
    kRiS oN mObiLe 2 days ago +1

    Icycol: What if I told you your whole life was a lie? Me: Please Don’t.

  • ShadowDevilTheSecond

    Then why is my life a lie again?

  • Noura Al ajmi
    Noura Al ajmi 2 days ago

    What if I told you that almost all your vids are a lie

  • Feral Designs
    Feral Designs 2 days ago

    But it’s someone else’s life and all the parents did was get confused so how does that prove my life is a lie?

  • Thomas Padovese
    Thomas Padovese 2 days ago

    Idk why but this makes me uncomfortable

  • Tyler Godwin
    Tyler Godwin 2 days ago


  • callmehvioletx
    callmehvioletx 2 days ago +1

    so the year that the titanic sank?

  • hot af 😌
    hot af 😌 2 days ago

    If you were to tell me that my life is a lie I would simply not believe you because then you would have to be a part of my life one way or another which would mean that you're telling me that you're a figment of my imagination thus meaning that everything you're saying is a lie ..

  • tiktok edit
    tiktok edit 2 days ago

    How does that make my life a lie😐

  • I'm not the one you think I'm

    What if I told you, you're whole life was a lie
    Me: what if I told you I already knew it

  • Nikunj Santhalia
    Nikunj Santhalia 2 days ago

    He : what if I told u your whole life is a lie
    Me : nope

  • ukraine
    ukraine 2 days ago

    What If I told you your life is a lie?
    Me: soo your a lie?

  • ‹acro • vibes›

    Everyone: talking about the actual video
    Me: how many glasses of water does he drink-? 👁️👄👁️

  • Hyptic_Pixel
    Hyptic_Pixel 2 days ago

    Ah yes definitely has to do with my life

  • n o
    n o 2 days ago

    I'd believe it

  • Mrinal Verma
    Mrinal Verma 2 days ago

    Plot twist - Bobby was the middle one out of his siblings

  • Meme
    Meme 2 days ago

    What if I told you you haven’t shaved in a cup of months.

  • Lillie Pike
    Lillie Pike 2 days ago

    Him* What if I told you your hole life was a lie
    Me* I'd believe it

  • Erick Camorling
    Erick Camorling 2 days ago

    This does’t mean my life us a lie

  • Dark_warrior905
    Dark_warrior905 2 days ago +1

    That is me after I bought 1k cp secretly from my mom's credit card to buy the new ghost simon in modern warfare

  • suhas_shetty 06
    suhas_shetty 06 2 days ago

    If u would say me that my whole life was a lie i would say
    "*oh thank god!!*""

  • DreamwasTaken
    DreamwasTaken 2 days ago

    Ok your life is a lie too🆗

  • Arizbeth Gamboa
    Arizbeth Gamboa 2 days ago

    Its true but wich is bobby they both kinda look the same but one has freckals

  • Over-board
    Over-board 2 days ago

    So how is our life the lie?

  • Heydie Bermea
    Heydie Bermea 2 days ago

    Him: what if I told you your whole life was a lie
    Me: then you wouldn't be lying 😂😓😓😭