BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right (feat. Lauv)' Official MV

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right (feat. Lauv)' Official MV

    Director: Guzza (lumpens)
    Edit: Lumpens
    Assistant director: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
    Animation: Yoo Jung Woo, Park Jung Joon (topgoal)
    Shooting: Woojung Bang, HyunJi Gil, Jeongin Jang,
    Junsoo Park, Jeongsoo Park, Dokyun Kim, Seongjin Moon, Deokjung Kim (CAMP)

    Visual Creative: Nu Kim, Lee Sun Kyoung, Kim Ga Eun, Lee Hye Ri
    Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Kim Se Jin, Kim Dae Young, Kim Su Bin, Park Jun Tae

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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  • Camilla Sthefany Vieira

    #BuyPERSONAOniTunes @BTS_twt

  • Owl House
    Owl House Hour ago +1

    #BuyPersonaOniTunes BTSxARMY 💜💪😀

  • David Lima
    David Lima Hour ago

    who thinks jimin is cute

  • Marty Lopez
    Marty Lopez Hour ago +1

    Armys voten por bts blackpink van ganando porfa aganlo por su grupo favorito 😓😓 no dejaremos que algunas. que no son conpetencia no dejaremos que ganen un billboard2020 porfa ARMY

    • Anto G
      Anto G Hour ago

      Ni te molestes, esas encuestas no sirven para nada, el año pasado hicieron lo mismo para el Super Bowl, este año para los Grammys....Ya no saben como atraer la atención del fandom! Esas presentaciones son programadas con los artistas con meses de antelación...

  • CaLu S
    CaLu S Hour ago +2

    ARMYs felt like fighting a dragon today, I see

  • zulma britez
    zulma britez Hour ago


  • Ana Carolina Rebelo


  • Ana Carolina Rebelo

    I LOVE YOU, BTS! 💖😭💖😭💖😭💖😭💖

  • Hélio Cabral
    Hélio Cabral Hour ago

    Essa música me acalma❤️Tô no cllr do meu Pai

  • lilett rivera
    lilett rivera Hour ago +1

    Oh por Dios que lindos mis chicos y que cansionaza

  • Callista Azzahra
    Callista Azzahra Hour ago

    Lets get it purple you army

  • JA Kim
    JA Kim Hour ago

    가사, 노래 너무 미쳤다... 너무좋아ㅠㅡㅠ

  • Heloisa Noob games
    Heloisa Noob games 2 hours ago

    Quem b-@rmy da like

  • thayDiaz M.N
    thayDiaz M.N 2 hours ago

    VI&ws em DN@ € BWl galeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Iremos conseguir por ELES!!!!!
    Vamos demonstrar o AMOR QUE SENTIMOS POR TODOS !!!!!!!

  • Nazera sams family
    Nazera sams family 2 hours ago

    This song is successful bts

  • Karolina Hajduk
    Karolina Hajduk 2 hours ago

    Who else is streaming because of todays events?


    Vai Brasil

  • Jeon JiMa-JK
    Jeon JiMa-JK 2 hours ago +2

    15/11/2019 20M watched in 48 hours - 2 days to DNA
    Let's be serious. Please tell everyone we must gather on FLash-player and break down views
    *THE GOAL*
    DNA - 865M _ 1B
    BWL - 608M _ 700M
    FIRE - 622M _ 700M
    MIC DROP - 583M _ 650M
    IDOL - 573M _ 650M
    FAKE LOVE - 612M _ 700M

  • Diego Berru
    Diego Berru 2 hours ago

  • Michiii245
    Michiii245 2 hours ago +1

    BTS and ARMYs only have each other but that's all we need to be happy

  • ꧁ ༺CHAAY༻꧂ IRAN

    Quem ouviu o nam falando Brasil respeita as b-army 😊

  • Angela Landa Valdez
    Angela Landa Valdez 2 hours ago +1

    Vamos army STREAM!!!

  • Hernando Ortega
    Hernando Ortega 2 hours ago

    Hermosa la cancion❤❤

  • jade leandro
    jade leandro 2 hours ago

    Do you like : jin

  • robin mamakeesic
    robin mamakeesic 3 hours ago


  • Ume Habiba
    Ume Habiba 3 hours ago

    29 millions left to reach 50 millions .... let's get itttt

  • Panda hekayəsi
    Panda hekayəsi 3 hours ago

    I fell in love when Hoppie started to sing 😍

  • Carolina Silva
    Carolina Silva 3 hours ago


  • mishell Poncio
    mishell Poncio 3 hours ago +1

    The video is so cute 💜💜💜

  • Daitona / 데이토나

    Never liked the song, but hey it’s BTS!!! Can’t wait until Jingle Ball 😩😂 - follow IG @seemybias.official for a chance to see them at Jingle Ball too!!! We give real fans around the world the chance to SEE THEIR BIAS!!!

  • Mariana Melendrez
    Mariana Melendrez 3 hours ago

    이 아름다운 최고입니다

  • oppa min yoongi suga
    oppa min yoongi suga 4 hours ago +1

    Na força do ódio como ji*in performando idol

  • ッ말리
    ッ말리 4 hours ago +2

    Who’s here for the streaming party 🥺?

  • Elyssa Choi
    Elyssa Choi 4 hours ago +1

    I love all the seven members but junkook is my bias... and i just love that his microphone is purple! Love these boys with everything I have... would be great to see them in concert someday!! LOVE BTS!! SO SO SO SO PROUD of these boys and how far they've come from the very begining... can't wait to see what's next! ONCE AN A.R.M.Y MEMBER ALWAYS AN A.R.M.Y MEMBER!!!!

  • 655army BTS
    655army BTS 4 hours ago

    The song is sweet once the sounds I love you BTS💔❤😭😭

  • mia army
    mia army 4 hours ago

    Let's get it ARMY

  • Denize Rodriguez
    Denize Rodriguez 4 hours ago +2

    Amo muuuuuuito vocês 💖💖💖Obrigada por fazer dos meus dias mais felizes💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Miriam Vilcaluri
    Miriam Vilcaluri 4 hours ago

    Amo esta canción, aunque también amo la acústica jeje
    Sigamos de fiesta

    MIKAYLA MORENO 4 hours ago +1

    i am at school plz dont catch me

  • Ania Woźniak
    Ania Woźniak 4 hours ago

    i'm gonna kinda cry

  • Jiminie is not pabo
    Jiminie is not pabo 4 hours ago +1

    Who always listens to this?

  • Evaristo barreto bustos

    los ammmmmmmmmmooooooooooo

  • ale
    ale 4 hours ago

    alguna l-army uwu💗

  • darrenaticxxarmyxxaurum amlr


  • Anika Binta Nazrul
    Anika Binta Nazrul 4 hours ago +1

    The BEST thing is the lyrics and then The BEST BEST thing would be thier voice,man😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭... It's so damn awesome like always❤

  • sueñoazul
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    31.676... go go go!!!

  • Taibe Taibe
    Taibe Taibe 4 hours ago +1


    JEIMY _HARMY 4 hours ago +2

    BTS me encanta esta colaboración

  • dhenni Letícia
    dhenni Letícia 4 hours ago

    So de escutar já choro já escutei 109 vezes 💓😘amo

  • Patricia Guajardo
    Patricia Guajardo 5 hours ago


  • Kendall Jackson
    Kendall Jackson 5 hours ago +1

    i love this song so much it make me happy when i play in the car.and i love they voice so much it make me happy.

  • Patricia Guajardo
    Patricia Guajardo 5 hours ago +1

    Te quiero jongkuk aunque te mandaste una cagada😉 yo siempre te voy a querer te lo manda Camí de 10 años✨💫💖

  • alvaro torres carrizo
    alvaro torres carrizo 5 hours ago +1

    V and RM

  • Mina UwU
    Mina UwU 5 hours ago +3

    Ya lo vi más de 30 veces y sigo llorando :')

  • Hamza Hamza
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  • Молдир Нысанбай

    Давайте ребята наберём под этой песне 2 млрд просмотров

  • Army Jikooka
    Army Jikooka 5 hours ago +1

    Não posso nem me arriscar a assistir de novo de novo senão vou chorar DE NOVO

  • tata kim
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    I come here after DNA & BWL because I don't have itunes to lash out my anger.

    TRENDY FASHIONISTA 5 hours ago