HATE - Short Film.

  • DISCLAIMER: The filmmakers strongly condemn acts of violence of any kind. The message behind the film is one of tolerance, respect and communities working together to challenge hate in all its forms.
    Starring Humza Arshad, Max Williams, Manpreet Bambra & Simon Bass.
    Directed by Humza Arshad & Mustapha Kseibati.
    Written by Humza Arshad.
    Narration written by Humza Arshad & Darryll Suliaman Amoako.
    Produced by Mustapha Kseibati. Exec Produced by Dhanny Joshi & Thomas Stogdon.

    Cinematography by Flemming Jetmar.
    Edited by Dan Hodgson.
    Casting by Heather Basten.
    Costume Design by Karmjit Kalla.
    Hair & Makeup by Julia Sanchez-Merino.
    Production Design by Shalini Adnani.
    Original Film Score composed by Thom Robson.
    Original Trailer Score composed by Finn McNicholas.
    Sound Design by Anna Bertmark.
    Sound Mix by Andy Coles.
    Grade by Dirty Looks.
    VFX, Online & Sound Mix by Onsight.

    Made with support from FLash-player and the Metropolitan Police.

    ©Big Deal Films & Humza Productions 2020.
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  • Benny One
    Benny One 23 hours ago

    Does Anyone Know How Hes Doing?.. Hes Been In Hospital For A While Now..?.. I Tried Checking All His Socials But Nothing.. I Hope Insha Allah He’s Good..

  • Areeb _ K47
    Areeb _ K47 Day ago

    Humza can u do a little or big collaboration with Guz Khan that plays mobeen and eight when u get better 👏👏💚💙

  • Ismaeel Butt
    Ismaeel Butt 2 days ago

    My man humza

  • Shahana khan
    Shahana khan 2 days ago

    I hope that u feel better humza our prayers are wid u in sha Allah u will get well soon

  • Hax Gaming
    Hax Gaming 3 days ago

    Smash bengali

  • zohaib pasha
    zohaib pasha 3 days ago

    That was brilliant. Well done

  • osakida chris
    osakida chris 4 days ago

    amazing and inspirational bro

  • Habeel Ali
    Habeel Ali 4 days ago

    I love Ur videos when are u gonna upload. FLash-player is so dead without Ur diary of a badman

    • Habeel Ali
      Habeel Ali Day ago

      @Hashir Rizwan thanks I found out like 1 day ago 😭😭😭

    • Hashir Rizwan
      Hashir Rizwan 3 days ago

      He said that he has been rushed into hospital

  • Samfo
    Samfo 5 days ago +1

    This is deep

  • Preetham Beleyele
    Preetham Beleyele 6 days ago

    cunning way of promoting islam ,,
    hindu boy gets converted to islam , why cant he be himself in his faith ?
    christian boy throws acid ? could have been another muslim boy in that character
    and all the likes must be muslim
    show the same story replacing characters as a muslim boy getting converted to christianity or a muslim boy throwing acid ,
    all the likes would get converted into dislikes
    people are not fools to buy your cunning plots

  • Chicken Boyy
    Chicken Boyy 6 days ago +1

    This honestly very nice bro!

  • David Kamps
    David Kamps 7 days ago

    Why would you kill him so dumb? Go at night and shoot in his back you are basicly asking him to shoot you to

    • Chicken Boyy
      Chicken Boyy 6 days ago

      David Kamps he was showing both sides to the story he shot him but he also showed how life would be if he didn't do that and it's just a story and it's not real👍👊🏿

  • Seriouz
    Seriouz 7 days ago

    A very powerful film that deserves a million+ views but unfortunately mankind has been conditioned into giving our time and views to meaningless garbage because it keeps you dumbed down and asleep. To those who produced this film. Keep up the great work. Bless 🙏🏾

  • XDragon PlaysX
    XDragon PlaysX 7 days ago

    yo humza is sick hopefully its a normal flu not coronavirus

  • Technoglyph TFM
    Technoglyph TFM 8 days ago

    Humza yarrr where’s the videos brudda ❤️

  • Shaz Siddique
    Shaz Siddique 8 days ago

    upload more vids

  • DragonBeast
    DragonBeast 9 days ago +1

    Cool vid

  • ツQxeen
    ツQxeen 10 days ago +1

    If only race/religion didnt matter to ppl

  • Figel Narage
    Figel Narage 10 days ago

    Yawn, as if this is accurate. Maybe the other way around

  • Ethan Manners
    Ethan Manners 10 days ago

    Really moving 🖤

  • XD Yousuf
    XD Yousuf 11 days ago +1

    U man need to show this man respect he been working soo hard since like 2011 but he still only on 400 k get him to at least a mil he deserves it

  • Arif Mahmood
    Arif Mahmood 11 days ago +1

    Big up dexter from eastenders

  • fromalongtime
    fromalongtime 12 days ago


  • lil exsa
    lil exsa 12 days ago +1


  • Mitch A
    Mitch A 13 days ago

    Good video but homie should have done a driveby😂😂😂

  • yousuf kibria
    yousuf kibria 16 days ago +1

    This is phenomenal

  • SilohFN
    SilohFN 17 days ago

    Fun fact: humza is in FLash-player rewind 2016

  • Chris
    Chris 17 days ago

    Im very fortunate that I live in Queens NY and not UK or the south. Although, here we have to worry about racist police we dont have to worry about racist white people attacking us. The average person hate is very hidden in Queens. But I still have to be in alert.

  • Tibbles
    Tibbles 17 days ago

    oh and also keep up the good work

  • Zuhra Kusainova
    Zuhra Kusainova 18 days ago

    sorry, where i can find the lyrics?

  • thelitgamer786
    thelitgamer786 18 days ago

    I'm a big fan of you since I was like 6 and I still watch you till this day come to luton challney high school for boys the whole school knows u

  • naf x
    naf x 18 days ago


  • Milwaukees
    Milwaukees 18 days ago

    Brilliant short film! If only we could just all get on 👆🏻👆🏾👆🏿as one

  • Shaz Siddique
    Shaz Siddique 18 days ago

    more videos

  • Hamza Dar
    Hamza Dar 18 days ago

    Humza plz be alive u still have to make some funny crap aswell

  • Hamza Dar
    Hamza Dar 18 days ago

    Humza I have sent prayers that u didn't get shot

  • Al B
    Al B 19 days ago +1

    James is a sick actor for that till he got expressions on point the only let down was the attack on her with acid he hung around for too long but on point and amazing i loved it mate i love every concept you release its great and gripping always mate

  • Farham Kayani
    Farham Kayani 19 days ago

    Please give me one of your little badman books because I really want it

  • Urbane Wise
    Urbane Wise 20 days ago


  • RonStar Rah
    RonStar Rah 21 day ago

    Shut up you dickhead

  • Stuart Smith
    Stuart Smith 22 days ago

    Hate breeds hate..

  • Naveel Javaid
    Naveel Javaid 22 days ago +1

    The tears just kept on coming

  • Eesa Chaudhri
    Eesa Chaudhri 22 days ago

    I nearly cried

  • Hackergirl 4 life
    Hackergirl 4 life 23 days ago

    Humza upload more plz

  • Muaz bin Tariq
    Muaz bin Tariq 24 days ago

    Hamza is an inspiration to millions.i hope we learn from his message ,even in his comedy .

  • Rhea Dawson
    Rhea Dawson 24 days ago

    is this true but i know one thing this a lesson

  • bossmanabdi
    bossmanabdi 25 days ago +1

    I rate humza cus I could dress up as a road man on world book day 🤣

  • Abdul Hamid
    Abdul Hamid 25 days ago

    Fam you should of done a drive bye

  • Shemz
    Shemz 25 days ago +1

    This is film carries an amazing message on how the essence of life should never be forged and how our fate can be determined through conflict - this is a 10/10

  • Mo Sakuz
    Mo Sakuz 26 days ago

    He needs to upload

  • SBay
    SBay 26 days ago

    Humza your cousin told me to watch this and it’s actually sick, keep doing what you love

  • Axel دمعه
    Axel دمعه 28 days ago

    He could of just done a drive by 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Amira Belkaid
    Amira Belkaid 28 days ago

    When 1 colored / muslim does something wrong does not mean that every colored /muslim does the same thing. Everybody makes mistakes.

  • Farria Qazi
    Farria Qazi 28 days ago

    Plzzzzzzzzzz come to my school

  • Eshaan
    Eshaan 29 days ago

    Hate is the wrong thing, calls of anger will ring, this is the way how we fight, I cocked the pistol twice, then I saw James die with my own two eyes.

  • 2 Cuddie
    2 Cuddie 29 days ago

    How is this guy not on 10 Million Subs?

  • Saad Murtaza
    Saad Murtaza Month ago

    Wow. ❤️💯

  • Snippet Machine
    Snippet Machine Month ago +1

    man shouldve done a drive by kmt

  • Bubu Kasperowicz
    Bubu Kasperowicz Month ago

    Mam looks like ice cube

  • Rubab
    Rubab Month ago +1

    I sent this to all my followers on every social media, guys spread the message

  • HKhan08
    HKhan08 Month ago +1

    This is so sad Muslims are innocent 😭😭😭 may allah bless us all 💕🤲🏼 I’m gonna cry😢 change this 🌎 world

  • Alchi Layo
    Alchi Layo Month ago

    How has man got the budget for this like.. do he really have 20 mili in the bank or somthin.

  • Fearless Tiger
    Fearless Tiger Month ago

    What happend to asif

  • Dr mon3y
    Dr mon3y Month ago


  • Imah Menace
    Imah Menace Month ago

    Amazing video mate! If u throw a frisbee it dont come back though, i think you meant boomerang..

  • Reezy Savage
    Reezy Savage Month ago

    "ignored the call of the athan" that tore me apart.

  • no sam semaj
    no sam semaj Month ago +1

    All about role models. If you have positive role models in your life you'll do well, if not you'll sink.

  • Milly
    Milly Month ago

    That guy who stabbed the boy is he from eastenders😂

  • top gun
    top gun Month ago

    Very powerful story

  • Jay Lucky
    Jay Lucky Month ago

    Amazing, respect speak from da heart my brother , this is what we need to heal build bridges n move forward TOGETHER IN UNITY ,

  • Darragh Cunningham
    Darragh Cunningham Month ago

    This video hits different respect

  • Jay Lucky
    Jay Lucky Month ago

    Powerful ,sad this is happening in our society, love all

  • Nashmiya Ali
    Nashmiya Ali Month ago +1

    This is an amazing and true story really wish there is a part two

  • Furqan Butt
    Furqan Butt Month ago

    This film had no right to hit my soul that hard. 😔 Beautiful work.

  • 8
    8 Month ago

    scene starting at 10:25 / 10:26 is powerful af to us young youth 12-21

  • dj Khan
    dj Khan Month ago

    Fukn deep 💯💥

  • Az Kadiri
    Az Kadiri Month ago

    Excellent film.

  • RG
    RG Month ago

    Why did man just jump out of the car he should of just done a drive by

  • 5MinuteSchool
    5MinuteSchool Month ago

    Fantastic video Humza! A great message!

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