World's HEAVIEST HULK FIST Smashes Everything!! (300kg/660lbs SOLID STEEL)

  • Published on Jul 31, 2020
  • Smashing stuff with a Giant Steel Hulk Fist, how good!
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Comments • 70

  • Andrew Palomarez
    Andrew Palomarez 13 days ago +894

    Hulk fist... gotta be Bruce

  • Darth Parallax
    Darth Parallax 11 minutes ago

    1,000 kg fist would have broken the 3rd safe faster than 10 punches.

    • Darth Parallax
      Darth Parallax 10 minutes ago

      You don't want steel, you want titanium or something. Osmium?

  • Tres Waters
    Tres Waters 38 minutes ago

    The slow mo of the water evenly coming out between the boards of the wine cask was amazing

    CLC III 46 minutes ago

    Great slow mo with the barrel. Water coming out between the staves before blowing g out the bands looked awesome!

    CLC III 53 minutes ago

    This is my favorite stunt so far.

  • Hetty Mattice
    Hetty Mattice 2 hours ago

    Heck Yeah solid steal Rexy !!!!!

  • Harrison Faust
    Harrison Faust 2 hours ago

    Y’all should do a solid steel pyramid

  • Jamie Yaehrling
    Jamie Yaehrling 3 hours ago

    The ODIN fist.

  • cartridgeanimates
    cartridgeanimates 3 hours ago

    loving gaunsons new beard!

  • Josh Mears
    Josh Mears 4 hours ago

    Don't forget to put the bell on!

  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 4 hours ago


  • Rachel McCord
    Rachel McCord 6 hours ago

    There should be Solid Steel Giant Rex statue!!

  • Tezic Blast
    Tezic Blast 9 hours ago

    Pov:u came from tiktok

  • Paul Salabounis
    Paul Salabounis 13 hours ago

    You should do a solid steal bell 🔔

  • Chris Searle
    Chris Searle 13 hours ago

    Call it FISTO

  • Phillup Screw driver
    Phillup Screw driver 17 hours ago

    Solid steel rexy then a solid steel spongebob

  • MAJEcjosh Porter
    MAJEcjosh Porter 17 hours ago

    Have you guys ever worked with the slow moo guys? Reckon yous could do wonders

  • sam Kleiman
    sam Kleiman 21 hour ago

    Will it crush a tank

  • Rob N
    Rob N 22 hours ago

    Can We Get A Mad Heron Tshirt and hoodie

  • Camen Kinley
    Camen Kinley 22 hours ago

    Giant ninja star!!!!

  • andy colver
    andy colver 23 hours ago +1

    Double size waxy steel

  • Something Mildly Homophobic

    Why is no one talkin shit bout his tooth

  • CoolHattrick3
    CoolHattrick3 Day ago +1

    Glizzy Gasher should be the name of the hulk fist

  • Bernardo Carneiro

    I think dying must be like seeing this majestic fist against the giant axe

  • Sheithann
    Sheithann Day ago

    The commtest is no more, BUT! Make Tetris blocks out of steel and drop em one by one.

  • sierraink katana

    Drop a side of beef on the ax.

  • Alvin Kong
    Alvin Kong Day ago

    When the fist hit the barrel it’s like a nuke

  • Zac Troiano
    Zac Troiano Day ago

    Fester the fist

  • Maygen Ashcraft
    Maygen Ashcraft Day ago

    Ummm I think I want to see a solid steel book I’m a book worm heh 😀

  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed Day ago


  • Друг Мирных Народов

    we would have bet who has the strongest head) who will lose,. he gets fofan)

  • MrSkedmannen
    MrSkedmannen Day ago

    hulk fist need to be bruse barner!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Stoker
    Robert Stoker Day ago

    Chairs smashed 😨🦾

  • Robert Stoker
    Robert Stoker Day ago

    Punie god 🥳🦾🇮🇪 hulk smash 🦾🤗

  • Robert Stoker
    Robert Stoker Day ago

    Call it Loki from avengers assemble 👍🥳🇮🇪

  • tj gi
    tj gi Day ago

    call it The Chunk. after the sound it makes.

  • Aaron Marc Saunders

    Fisty for sure.

  • Leroy Noah
    Leroy Noah Day ago

    11:07 ay I got mentioned I’m Noah

  • Random
    Random Day ago

    My stress levels just dropped 1000%
    Great videos .... Keep it up

  • Dante Ludick
    Dante Ludick Day ago

    I want to see like a solid ball of steel with spikes

  • Nodnyr Redeer
    Nodnyr Redeer Day ago

    I've got a great idea that will probably be buried in the comments but y'all should stack up like 4 barrels on top of each other and send the fist down

  • Asain San
    Asain San Day ago

    It's was supposed to be pewdiepie's brofist

  • Pause Code
    Pause Code Day ago

    You should make a solid steel, sword in the stone I think it'd have a lot of smashibility

  • kydeezy13
    kydeezy13 Day ago

    Brucie all the way!! Next you need paper and scissors hands for the ultimate rock off!!

  • Big mouth alien
    Big mouth alien Day ago

    Ik I’m to late but anyway Uganda knuckles

  • Charlie Skerry-Wallace

    Female name huge Helgu

  • Charlie Skerry-Wallace


  • casper0792
    casper0792 Day ago

    What if you get a giant church bell and every time you hit it you can should get the bell on 🔔🔔🔔🔔

  • Andrew
    Andrew Day ago

    you definitely need to make integration with The Slow Mo Guys

  • Lukas_Charlie
    Lukas_Charlie Day ago

    Big steel your heads

  • Kian the Trainspotter

    8:23 oh for god sake 😂😂😂

  • D4NK M3M3S
    D4NK M3M3S Day ago

    3:47 and that was the exact second Rexie had passed away

  • D4NK M3M3S
    D4NK M3M3S Day ago

    y’all r Aussie right? If u are then I’ve never seen a more crazy pair of aussies

  • Bravermold 606
    Bravermold 606 Day ago

    Giant metal bullet / diabolo

  • Sub -Zero
    Sub -Zero Day ago +1

    You guys should really Have a metal SpongeBob made full-size SpongeBob

  • Zander A.
    Zander A. Day ago

    Thunder clap

  • Anthony Acevedo
    Anthony Acevedo Day ago

    you should make a thor hammer again

  • Anthony Acevedo
    Anthony Acevedo Day ago

    HULK SMAASH!!!!!!

  • Anthony Acevedo
    Anthony Acevedo Day ago +1


  • Thomas LaRochelle

    Champion. Like in the movie Ragnarok.

  • It’s awesome bub

    And a bell made of steel

  • It’s awesome bub

    You should make a rexy out of steel and drop it on rexy

  • Savage Joe nyc Gaming


  • 5th Circle
    5th Circle 2 days ago

    Make a giant pair of testicles from solid steel.

  • MrC the Plant
    MrC the Plant 2 days ago

    Please tell use there is a timelapse of the fist getting made.

  • Elliott TM
    Elliott TM 2 days ago

    You should drop Bruce onto an iPhone that is FaceTiming another phone so we can see the final moments before being crushed into oblivion

  • digi Poke cat
    digi Poke cat 2 days ago

    Hulk smash

  • Jesse Beers
    Jesse Beers 2 days ago

    alright lets see a wine barrel filled with oblick

  • YouTube Name
    YouTube Name 2 days ago

    You should name it Bammer

  • Benji Koorts
    Benji Koorts 2 days ago

    Call it "Manos" as in the Movie "Manos the hand of Fate"