Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 47

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury
    The Gypsy King may be clean and sober, but he's still a nutter in the ring and a mad lad behind the mic.
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  • Comedy

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  • Drew
    Drew Hour ago

    Fury smokes?

  • Drew
    Drew Hour ago

    *6,9 365 pounds *

  • K0ki
    K0ki 2 hours ago

    34:07 - 34:40 was the most powerful part of the entire video. You can see how deep in agreement Mike and Fury are in that belief. We may not all agree with that thought process, but you can tell it's what keeps both of these men going. Insightful stuff.

  • C T
    C T 2 hours ago

    I love Mike Tyson what a cool dude.

  • Adonna Rowe
    Adonna Rowe 3 hours ago

    Tyson is the man and mike Tyson is the man I love how fury got his name!!!!

  • B Mc
    B Mc 3 hours ago

    Mike Tyson : calls himself a Muslim ; philosophises like a stoned Buddhist...

  • Ken Hollom
    Ken Hollom 4 hours ago

    If my tv just showed these 3 going on forever would be perfect.

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 5 hours ago

    No such thing as depression bro.. you just feel bad at that moment.. we luv u bro.. you got fans out here.. we LUV you in the hood too Bro.. stay up and keep doin ya thang.. don’t Eva let nothing get you down.. Detroit support u Brother

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 5 hours ago

    This co presenter has knows fuck all about boxing.

  • JustSaying Entertainment

    Same Name same hairstyle Same Beard. Both Legends

  • JoJo Leone
    JoJo Leone 6 hours ago

    His fear is getting high again??? WTF lol

  • Durandisse84 Durandisse

    Love Tyson Fury, Hate his fans

  • TennoMain
    TennoMain 7 hours ago

    Man this tyson fury motivating stories are soo full of shit

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez 7 hours ago +1


  • Mike Acosta
    Mike Acosta 7 hours ago

    "The darkness" is real. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. It comes when it wants. Warding it off is quite the task.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 8 hours ago

    whos the moron

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 8 hours ago

    i like fury but his mental health speil ain't right Mike's lost his daughter etc he knows mental health. fury needs to lay off it Abit

  • Jerónimo
    Jerónimo 8 hours ago

    28:27 death and taxes.

  • cosmesanchez17
    cosmesanchez17 9 hours ago

    Amazing! These men put all of their pride aside and spoke honestly🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Kveldúlfr Hróðgeirsson

    Is this the first time Tyson has met Mike?

  • Lensky
    Lensky 9 hours ago

    I’m in a great maze too, but with no as easy way out as Tyson Fury

  • sAmbO
    sAmbO 9 hours ago

    What is the political correct equivalent for......pikey?!

  • vexnsiolence
    vexnsiolence 10 hours ago

    Stoners talking about self reflection....it just happens to be Mike Tyson and friends recorded on video.

  • Russell Rowlls
    Russell Rowlls 10 hours ago

    Great to be champ

  • Nicolas Heweson
    Nicolas Heweson 10 hours ago

    Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury the true lineage

  • Nicolas Heweson
    Nicolas Heweson 10 hours ago

    i would cut the thumb our of those who did thumbs down.

  • Rob Lipez
    Rob Lipez 11 hours ago

    Get Jon Jones on this podcast Mike!!!

  • OG BIG T 575 / 915 shoot2kill


  • Vieira Patrick
    Vieira Patrick 12 hours ago

    The conversation goes deeper and deeper as it goes on. Love it. There champions are profound, philosophically!

  • Christopher Tolley
    Christopher Tolley 13 hours ago

    I love the way Tyson Fury looks at Mike when he is listening to him talk

  • Shelby V
    Shelby V 14 hours ago

    Mike is stoned af

  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead 14 hours ago

    Tyson Fury son should be named Mike Tyson Fury

  • Robbie Bowman
    Robbie Bowman 15 hours ago

    Dream match time. In there prime who wins Mike Tyson or Tyson Fury?

  • The Night King
    The Night King 16 hours ago

    Came here too listen to a boxing podcast ended up listening too the deepest podcast ever talking about the same shit I think about all the time

  • Jim Joned
    Jim Joned 18 hours ago

    The mentor and the tutor mike Tyson and fury awesome guys here

  • Doug
    Doug 18 hours ago

    16:37 That's why our sports teams and to a lesser extent individual athletes choke when at the every end of the journey. The pressure and expectation from media and fans is insatiable and totally unforgiving in England. One false step or one sign of weakness and it'll be pounced on, eviscerated and regurgitated into something it's not. Yes, every country has this but it is something else here.

  • HMZ
    HMZ 19 hours ago

    Mike sounds retarded and I say this in the safety of my own home thousands of miles away.

  • vahid Wolfy
    vahid Wolfy 19 hours ago +1

    mike looks like a real devil with that eyebrows lol

  • Nobody
    Nobody 19 hours ago +1

    My god Eben sounds exactly like the (Jeff Bridges) Jeff `The Dude' from the big lebowski movie: flash-player.org/channel/VgSqm8-wXWA-video.html
    If you have not watched this movie do it NOW it's amazing!

  • sohailali121
    sohailali121 19 hours ago

    No matter whoever comes in the show "Mikey" the biggest star

  • Nobody
    Nobody 20 hours ago


  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 20 hours ago


    SELF MADE 20 hours ago +1

    The heavy weight class is a joke nowadays and Tyson fury is the biggest clown 🤡 in all of boxing!!! Lol Ruiz for the record would drop this bum!!! Heavyweights in the past were in shape looked fit and could go 12 rounds! Nowadays the heavyweights have glass chins or just get tired by the 5th so they get dropped!!! The best thing about heavyweights right now is Ruiz but I don’t think the heavyweight division will ever be the same as yesteryear ……mike Tyson would drop every heavyweight in today’s boxing …Ali foreman Frazier Holyfield all the greats wouldn’t even break a sweat with these bums!! Especially this clown fury lol

  • Phantom Productions
    Phantom Productions 20 hours ago

    Look how fury looks at Mike when he’s talking

  • Dream BIG
    Dream BIG 21 hour ago

    This channel is my dream.

  • Ana Castellano
    Ana Castellano 22 hours ago +2

    There’s no taxes in Dubai and it’s safe. And England is becoming a shithole from the senseless migration.

  • The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord

    Believe me, Snatch got it 100% right with how Brad Pitt played a British gypsy.
    Brilliant video, btw. Mike is always worth listening to, and Tyson Fury has grown up a lot in the last few years. It's good to see.

  • Naistus Family
    Naistus Family 22 hours ago +2

    When Mike talks about a career ending cut fury last fight he got 2 bad cuts on his eye happy he fought back like a champ

  • okow tina
    okow tina 22 hours ago

    Fury is absolutely locked in to every word that's said here. Excellent to see. Different viewpoint on him yet again.

  • TheNorthRemembers66
    TheNorthRemembers66 23 hours ago

    Both tysons are humble u know.. True champs rite ere 👊👊👊.. Can relate to fury just cant fight for toffee 🙄

  • Martin Kemble - ART LABOR

    High as fuck

  • Jack Foster
    Jack Foster 23 hours ago

    Mike Tyson and Tyson fury my two favorite people

    • okow tina
      okow tina 22 hours ago

      My dumbass really thought it was Sean Evans from Hot Ones

  • Martin Kemble - ART LABOR

    Jesus I love both these guys, what they are saying... mental health, feeling crazy is just a thing, you just need to seek health... work out, go for a long walk, then the next day go for a longer walk, take 5-HTP if ytou are really bummer, 1500 Mg a day, then a longer and work our harder... it is all about energy. The energy, the universe will reward you... maybe not immediately but it will happen .

  • Jase B
    Jase B Day ago +1

    Mike Tyson "I hope I don't get a cut and my career is over" Tyson Fury gets cut as bad as you will ever see.

  • Scott Howie
    Scott Howie Day ago

    I got Tyson fury all wrong , I thought he was a total knob head , he's a good guy

  • Scott Howie
    Scott Howie Day ago

    Who ever said boxers are stupid are so wrong , big Mike Tyson is very intelligent guy, respect mike ,keep smoking x

  • Desmond Deccaaa
    Desmond Deccaaa Day ago

    The struggle is real

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Day ago

    Halfway through and this is amazing.

  • Justin Kongpachit

    Professional Pussy Licker

  • Scott Howie
    Scott Howie Day ago

    05:50 at work , better watch the rest of this on my break

  • Brett O'Leary
    Brett O'Leary Day ago

    41:50 Fury smirking, thinking fuck these lads are on another planet 😂😂

  • Shalom Pima
    Shalom Pima Day ago

    Two legends 🥰

  • family rocks
    family rocks Day ago

    I love this. Two legends

  • Brett O'Leary
    Brett O'Leary Day ago

    Fuck Fury comes across like a genius in this interview, compared to Tyson and Evan 😂

  • juvie gill
    juvie gill Day ago

    I love Mike's laugh lol it makes me crack up

  • Scooby MiKE
    Scooby MiKE Day ago +1

    My dumbass really thought it was Sean Evans from Hot Ones

  • D&K RECK
    D&K RECK Day ago +1


  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Day ago

    wonder how much mike got paid for the audiable add compared to other youtubers LOL

  • Prestigious Enterprise

    Hot boxthcin

    XIFOZ Day ago

    High Mike is the best Mike

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi Day ago

    At the moment i feel depressed(because I graduated from school,now i am 2nd year in college and I don’t know what to do in life),i am very grateful that i saw this video now,at the perfect moment!Mike Tyson,Tyson Fury and Mohamed Ali are the best motivators ever...GOD bless everyone

  • The Shape
    The Shape Day ago +1

    Why lie about hearing a voice? Every famous person ever in a bad place lies about that.

    • Brandish
      Brandish 15 hours ago

      I've been there man. Depression is a tough one bro. He may not have literally heard a voice but in his mind he could have heard it.

  • Reggie D
    Reggie D Day ago

    That was a heavy interview.

  • chrisnul50 050
    chrisnul50 050 Day ago

    WoW it’s such a relieve to see mike beeing a interactionele human. Respect

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola Day ago

    Think Mike is the only Muslim that doesn't really believe in God lol..

  • P N
    P N Day ago +1

    This has to be one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.

    • P N
      P N 15 hours ago

      @Brandish Indeed, I have watched a few of these and normally Mike is slightly more coherent.

    • Brandish
      Brandish 15 hours ago

      It's good shit man. Great people talking about regular everyday thoughts

  • mark sutherland
    mark sutherland Day ago


  • david wrigley
    david wrigley Day ago

    Fury looks has though he dont respect mike tyson
    Almost like he dont like him

  • DEAN
    DEAN Day ago +1

    The Gypsy King is the best in the business right now

  • Richy Anderson
    Richy Anderson Day ago +1

    Tyson Fury is a very inspirational man. You would never think that someone so big and powerful could be suffering from mental illness. I think he can help a lot of people with his words. He is proof that showing your vulnerabilities and asking for help is a great way to overcome your demons.
    Respect 🙌

  • Robert Burns
    Robert Burns Day ago

    Tyson Fury is a bum and full of B.S.

    • Marcillio Ficino
      Marcillio Ficino Day ago

      A very wealthy bum with world notoriety. That's the kind of bum I want to be.

  • Mesrop Madxharyan

    We need Dana white

  • theanaesthetist1

    Two out of these three guys are fuckin hand jobs. Hands up who knows which?

  • Geo Hock
    Geo Hock Day ago

    The Legend flash-player.org/channel/TEfozFZZgzE-video.html

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel Day ago

    Fury just soaking up every single thing Mike says. Two of the best at it

  • Sinister Saints
    Sinister Saints Day ago

    This was a good one! Mike why don't you invite your old homie "Iran Barkley" on the podcast? He just got accepted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. That would be a good look. Salute!!!!!!!!!

  • Алексей В

    I from Russia, I not fighter.i need help with it..i need your help i don't.to not scare. know about your say,but it's interesting...wery interesting.please Mike call academy Joe Rogan Russia! Please Mike,i hope you do this, sorry for my bad English
    You are amazing. From Russia with love to you. You are icon
    Mike pls help me!!!

    • Алексей В
      Алексей В Day ago

      I don't understand 60 percent about you saying, but it's fucking interesting Mike,thanks

  • The Amster
    The Amster Day ago

    50 02 tyson done sniff with tyson confirmed

  • Mike Lerpiniere
    Mike Lerpiniere Day ago

    Mike Tyson is so interesting to listen to.

  • Richard Croft 1220

    Great podcast guys. Glad i found this one .

  • Chris Andrade
    Chris Andrade Day ago

    I clicked because I thought it was my boy Sean Evans in the thumbnail.

  • Paul Libra
    Paul Libra Day ago

    2 stoners

  • Paul Libra
    Paul Libra Day ago

    2 stones and Tyson Fury

  • Frankie Gomez
    Frankie Gomez Day ago


  • An Electrician
    An Electrician Day ago

    There's only one Tyson !

  • luke jones
    luke jones Day ago

    Mikes laugh be like shorty from scary movie 😂😂

  • No hype Gamer
    No hype Gamer Day ago +1

    I love seeing mike smiling 🙂 this guy has fought so many demons! Stay strong champ 👊

  • Gedanken-sind-frei

    44:22 Do you guys see the Joint on Mikes side on the table?

  • pricenaseen
    pricenaseen Day ago

    Mike we want khabiiiiib !!!!!

  • Dave Openshaw
    Dave Openshaw Day ago

    2 of my all timers. So much life’s truths there. GOD bless ya’s.