Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 47

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury
    The Gypsy King may be clean and sober, but he's still a nutter in the ring and a mad lad behind the mic.
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  • Comedy

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  • Dave MUFC Whitehead
    Dave MUFC Whitehead 10 minutes ago

    I'd love to be there and get fucked up with these 3 and listen to there stories man lol

  • col
    col 12 minutes ago +1

    Have a guess who wasn't super stoned out of these three lol ....

    • Fezziwig18
      Fezziwig18 7 minutes ago

      Fury looked a bit awkward 😂

  • col
    col 17 minutes ago

    Tyson fury is the type of guy you could bump into at say the beach or a park, get chatting and it would feel like you'd known him forever. He's a champ but first and foremost he's a great guy.

  • Texas Yankee
    Texas Yankee 18 minutes ago +1

    Irish Travelers separated from the rest of the Irish in the 1600s, walking around working to fix pots and other tools.
    Later worked as haulers or teamsters, than as canal boat men when English canal system opened. Not related to
    Roma gypsies, although life style has similarities.

    • Fezziwig18
      Fezziwig18 6 minutes ago

      I hate it when people think Irish travellers are Roma gypsies. Completely different.

  • Muskeln-kaufen.de
    Muskeln-kaufen.de 46 minutes ago

    Mike Tyson is so done. Drug addict who talks about life before Holyfield schooled him. Delusional.

  • Lucas Stclair
    Lucas Stclair 50 minutes ago

    I love this

  • Big Tone
    Big Tone 53 minutes ago

    “Somehow someway I’ll find. Way”I respect this man I relate to him actually on the mental health part .. but he cheated look it up anyone who knows boxing could see what he did to his gloves he was hitting Deontay with his knuckles not the glove .. I’m a fan of both by the way .

  • G Renoops
    G Renoops 58 minutes ago

    18:42 😂🤘🤣
    So effing funny!!!

  • Mike Rodrigues
    Mike Rodrigues Hour ago

    When I saw that video about mike not giving a shit about boxing I was so sad to see him feeling like that . Glad to see hes able to enjoy it again .

  • Chris Bryz
    Chris Bryz 2 hours ago

    Wasnt he on the campbells soup commercial

  • H Wilson
    H Wilson 2 hours ago

    "It was all an illusion, it didn't really exist" Iron Mike

  • Dylan Chambers
    Dylan Chambers 2 hours ago

    AWESOME interview

  • Joachim Coonan
    Joachim Coonan 2 hours ago

    Poor Mike, at the moment where Tyson Fury was speaking about the moment where things could have gone in an entirely different direction...(6:55).....(!)....
    He was likely just lost in thought as Tyson began to tell the story thereof, and missed his opening statements perhaps. I believe that both Evan and Mike were already so fascinated regarding the existence of the Pavee, or Irish Travellers, and Mike would have already been thinking about many other things, simply via their opening conversations.
    There are so very many of us, no doubt, the world over, who are so incredibly glad that the miraculous events which occurred at that point in Tyson Fury's journey through this life, occurred.
    What a very different reality it would be right now, for all of us who are connected to Tyson Fury, whether friends, fans or family members, had he not pulled out at that intense moment behind the wheel of that Ferrari...(!!).....
    Among the many other positive choices that he has made, between that point and this, to be where he is right now, and inspiring the multitudes of people to which he is such a profound inspiration unto, here and now, every single day.
    " There's only one Tyson Fury..!...."
    Max respect, the Gypsy King.

  • freebird77
    freebird77 2 hours ago

    I Love you Mike.

  • Just News
    Just News 3 hours ago

    Mad respect for Tyson Fury. Keeping his life clean and being a better man. Much respect.

  • EL CID
    EL CID 3 hours ago

    Been a fan of mike since cus was training him...and the grass seems to have helped in his self being,self awareness, conciseness..but I think mike with no alcohol or drugs would be at another level,..would grow another step in the road to human awesomeness.
    We will all grow in our human consciousness
    I'm just really eager to see were mike's growth takes him.

  • Steven drobish
    Steven drobish 3 hours ago


  • Gregorio
    Gregorio 3 hours ago

    Mike clenching his fists like let’s do this mother fucker! 😂

  • HD35MAN
    HD35MAN 3 hours ago

    I couldn't help but notice the conversation the second half of this video about God and what all that life means and what all that means let me help you this question came up why do I struggle with God and myself why do I get old and wonder what's going to happen to me after this life , what's going to happen to my energy all this vibrant energy this genuine life of me the essence. The answer is you are a wonderful creation created by yes God he saw your dilemma he saw that you are full of faults he saw that you lack direction and that you do not know who you are or what you are doing. He knew you had a need so therefore he provided someone to be a go-between, between you and him and that person was Christ the savior and he walks between the almighty God and all of you- humanity and he is always there. When you wake up feeling insignificant when you thought you had all the answers but then one day you realize I don't and you had people looking up to you and you have to run and hide and except that you don't have all the answers and you are a phony then there's that day when you thought you had all the answers and you had so much confidence but then one day you do something so terrible you can't live with yourself what are you going to do then mr. Know-it-all. Well the answer is the cross Christ he provided a way out for you he died absolutely for all of humanity he is always there he's always waiting the service is always there provided for you to turn and look back at it and submit yourself to it the mercy of God is always there to kneel down before and say God I don't know everything I don't know all the answers I'm a failure I am arrogant I am proud I am all the things that you hate but I need your mercy I need help Lord then you have an Savior you remember that Christ said these two commandments love the Lord thy God with all thy soul mind body and strength and love that neighbor as thyself in these two comandments all the laws of the prophets are fulfilled. Your best day is no better than your worst day Christ died for sinners that means all people and there is no colors with God all of humanity stand naked before God so what is the answer forgive yourself as God forgives you humble yourself before God and ask for Mercy every day and thank him for his Mercy that he provided for you that is always there yes you are an eternal being and you will exist millions of years from now so live a grateful life that your creator made you an eternal being. But never forget this one great importance there is a Christ that stands between you and God ,the Savior and you must always acknowledge him he is your lawyer and go between between God and you he is your personal hero he is the constant Mercy that you will enjoy live your life in gratitude towards the Savior he is the greatest being that you will ever know he suffered greatly to pay a price he did not owe but you could not pay but he suffered and paid it for you. Remember your righteousness filthy rags in the sight of God your righteousness is not money that is spendable in heavenyou could not add to what Christ did for you you can only accept what he did for you and live in gratitude this is all you can do. You are a creature full of faults so live your life full of gratitude and love towards God and your fellow man.

  • sqd8r
    sqd8r 4 hours ago

    I love Iron Mike and I love Tyson Fury.

  • Marshall Campbell
    Marshall Campbell 4 hours ago

    You can tell Iron mike respects Tyson Fury a lot

  • Kiam MCFC
    Kiam MCFC 4 hours ago

    Tyson from my town Wythenshawe and a true inspiration so happy he found a way back. Good on you mate 👍

  • Gary Steven
    Gary Steven 4 hours ago

    10 guys in one room with alcohol they'l start a fight, 10 guys in a room with cannabis they'l start a band

  • Gary Steven
    Gary Steven 4 hours ago +1

    What were the odds of Mike and Tyson's two journey's bringing them both together for this ?

  • Mike Geekie
    Mike Geekie 5 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of boxing, but I'm a supporter of Tyson. With his career having reached such a low only a few years ago, this momentous comeback is nothing short of remarkable. I admire him greatly for his strength of character and discipline to get back to this level of fitness to take on such a formidable opponent, and this glorious win is very well deserved after such hard work. A truly inspirational man, well done him for giving hope to others who might be having difficulties in life and show them that it's not too late to turn things around.

  • raytheater
    raytheater 5 hours ago

    Tyson is better than Tyson.

  • Maxim Wheatley
    Maxim Wheatley 5 hours ago +1

    My favorite part of this is you can literally see the joy and appreciation in Fury's face, you can feel him recognizing the moment.

  • Leap Year
    Leap Year 5 hours ago

    Tyson and company goin DEEP! Awesome. 👍🏻

  • dogliani family
    dogliani family 5 hours ago

    Mike Tyson is adorable, his voice is like a kid with special needs , so cute

  • dogliani family
    dogliani family 5 hours ago

    Any one notice mike is pritty side on to the camera? Forgot he had that Death Star 💫 on his face for a moment

  • I Sense Love In You
    I Sense Love In You 5 hours ago

    6:10 Can't stop laughin at how high Mike is in this 😂

    BOXING FAN 5 hours ago

    Tyson fury came back from a 3 year lay off , drug/alcohol abuse and inactivity and still competed in high level fight and looked amazing....Living Legend!!!

  • Michael T
    Michael T 5 hours ago

    Its great to see Mile high and at peace.

  • Govi Reddy
    Govi Reddy 6 hours ago


  • Eric Esteras
    Eric Esteras 6 hours ago

    A great voice and sponsor for mental health. A champion in life and in the ring. Im finally coming back from the loss of my brother and i am feeling stronger then ever, and people like this inspire people like me and make me want to keep doing better and better.

  • Je Lg
    Je Lg 6 hours ago

    The odds that in 30 years Tyson Fury interviews a heavyweight champion named Fury after himself on his podcast?

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music 6 hours ago

    Fury is dirty... Check this out. twitter.com/HistoryJumpman/status/1233124904792252417?s=20

  • Hektor Resurreccion
    Hektor Resurreccion 6 hours ago

    Good questions Mr. Mike T. Have you read the book series "The Law of One"?

    DAMELKEYON 6 hours ago +1

    17:40 That's exactly what he did right before the Wilder rematch. He danced and sung his way to victory.

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear 6 hours ago

    bull from night court is looking good

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 7 hours ago

    dam hella glad Tyson fury won. He got 28m + alot more

  • chris roe
    chris roe 7 hours ago

    Tyson is a king Fury is a king and ebon brittan should just be happy to be in the room. Every interview I cant help but think... hey man talk less please

  • JayLeePoe
    JayLeePoe 8 hours ago

    library of congress this series

  • Robert H
    Robert H 8 hours ago

    I enjoyed this video very much. Thank you...

  • Vince
    Vince 8 hours ago

    I feel you gypsy king... my imagination concocts a picture that life never lives up to

  • Rob Adam
    Rob Adam 8 hours ago

    After the recent stuff. Fascinating

  • Samiul Haque
    Samiul Haque 8 hours ago

    One of the best podcasts I’ve watched. Absolute legends ❤️

  • Canus Lupus
    Canus Lupus 8 hours ago

    House of Rothschild. Damn lol

  • Stuart sugden
    Stuart sugden 9 hours ago

    How about a Tyson vs Tyson fight

  • Mattycakes
    Mattycakes 9 hours ago

    Must be crazy to sit down with his namesake. Sidenote Mike is blasted over there I love it.

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear 9 hours ago +1

    Mike Tyson knowledge of boxing is amazing. Knows his champions dating back 150+ years 🥊

  • 5050makaveli
    5050makaveli 10 hours ago

    Two guys called Tyson that have changed their lives around. Inspirational 💪

  • drummond1100
    drummond1100 10 hours ago

    I love Mike and have for many years... Tyson is a new hero of mine and am sure over time I will feel the same way about him. He is cut from the same cloth. ... Straight up

  • Ittybitty
    Ittybitty 10 hours ago

    Loved this.seeing briefly inside 3 great minds. What I’ve always found weird is that god . Devil. All u have to do is add 1 letter and take 1 away. Good . Evil.

  • T B7
    T B7 10 hours ago


  • arturo lopez
    arturo lopez 11 hours ago

    I watch the video with evander and now I'm hooked this is the 12 episode I've watched today

  • JJ Cm
    JJ Cm 11 hours ago

    V raw but honest. As todays gospel says whats the good of everything but losing your soul?

    The two boxers just kept theirs. A deep conversation brutal in parts.

    Jesus had no time for the "healthy". Live clean lives everybody.

  • welshdragon2008
    welshdragon2008 11 hours ago

    Good its only talking. Tyson would have Killed you in the ring ..... Mr Fury.

  • paul
    paul 12 hours ago

    Enjoyed that great chat

  • Ben Hickman
    Ben Hickman 12 hours ago

    @ 13:30-16:00
    Mike Tyson starts spittin the truth and for the first time I saw Tyson Fury shut up and listen lol