• Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Hashtag kick off their Essex Senior League adventure! Comment below with where you think we'll finish this season 👇
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    Devs - Devs76
    Jack Harrison - jjharrison85
    Player/Asst Manager:
    Neil Richmond - NeilRicho10
    First Team:
    Ryan Adams - HashtagRAdams
    Sam Adams - SamAdams93
    Daniel Adjei - danielb_93
    Theo Baker - theobaker_
    Ryan Barker - _RyanBarker1
    Rich Beck - RichBeck4
    Dan Brown - danbrowndbe
    Andy Cade-Watts (AJW) - andyjw10
    Matt Carter - MJCarter04
    Aaron Couch - AaronCouch11
    Ricky Evans - RickyEvans14
    Tekkers Guru (Hussein Isa) - tsguru10
    Harry Honesty - HarryHonesty
    Lee Hursit - LeeHursit97
    Jacko - HashtagJacko
    Jemel One Five - jemelonefive
    Albie Keith - albert_keith10
    Charlie Morley - charliemorley_
    Marcus Stamp - bigmarcs_
    Wes Tanser - westanser
    Farai Tsingano - Farry321
    Tom Williams - MrTomWilliams
    esports FIFA Team:
    Hashtag Harry: hashtagharry__
    Hashtag Ryan: hashtagryan_
    Hashtag Honey Badger: HTU_HoneyBadger
    Hashtag Shawrey: HashtagShawrey
    Sunday League Team:
    Spencer - SpencerOwen
    Seb - sebcbrown4
    Ryan Coughlan - RyanCoughlann
    Sam Ecott - samecott
    James Lovatt - _jameslovatt_
    Charlie Occleshaw - Charlie_Occ
    Mitchell Preston - Mitch3llPreston
    James Stevens - JamesStevens9
    George Vallentyne - GVallentynee
    Jacob Webster - JacobWebster23
    Ryan Barker - _RyanBarker1
    Ben Glander - ben_glander
    Matt Creasey - mattcreasey31
    Michael Dill - mdill1
    Dave Hopwood - dave_hoppers
    Ollie Shone - ollieshone
    Zac Clarke - _ZacClarke_
    Maverick Gore - GoreMaverick
    Scott Willard - _ScottWillard_
    Charlie Turner - CharlieTurner94
    Marius Hjerpeth - Hjerpeth
    Jake Tillet - Jake_Tillett
    Matt Stevens - Mstev15
    Paul Nash - Paul_Nash26
    Stevie CB - carmichaelbrown
    Lewis Preston - LewisPreston
    Alex Osipczak- alexosipczak
    Neil Smythe - neilsmythe
    Media intern - TookeDaniel
    Music by Epidemic Sound.
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Comments • 584

  • Liam hodgson
    Liam hodgson Day ago

    Give me a shout out please hashtag are the best club in the Essex league

  • Jenny Anslow
    Jenny Anslow 7 days ago

    Yes just let the ting roll with bro spencer gid me shout out me broooo

  • Marie Christine
    Marie Christine 18 days ago +1

    I don’t know why the manager is so mad because their 1-0 down you don’t always win

  • Pratt family Games
    Pratt family Games Month ago

    3:59 my friends still do that

  • Jacob Fimognari
    Jacob Fimognari Month ago +1

    He smacked the ball with his hand a clear penalty horrible decision by the Ref unfortunate game guys #HashtagUnited

  • Liverpool fan Jones
    Liverpool fan Jones 2 months ago

    Imagine hashtag united in the premier league

  • Jai Gill
    Jai Gill 3 months ago

    All the best players aren't playing

  • Jai Gill
    Jai Gill 3 months ago

    Southend-on-Sea I've been there

  • shayxxpatton
    shayxxpatton 3 months ago

    Does spencer still play for hashtag

  • ALPHA Crappy
    ALPHA Crappy 3 months ago +1

    Hashtag forever

  • Michal Ura
    Michal Ura 3 months ago

    Do hashtag give us a wave hashtag give us a wave

  • Zakstar123 Plays
    Zakstar123 Plays 3 months ago

    Imagine seeing hashtag in the premier league

  • IPkMnClan
    IPkMnClan 3 months ago

    smiv commentating on this would be lit

  • 8-D
    8-D 3 months ago

    I think you did play better but when you got in the box you just couldn't finish it

  • Ashton Coombes
    Ashton Coombes 3 months ago +1

    defo should have been a pen

  • Chris Football skillz
    Chris Football skillz 3 months ago

    Please stop the coming up thing, still good vid tho

  • Ed Briggs
    Ed Briggs 3 months ago

    Sweet Caroline as winning song and road to knowhere is u loes

  • Xxçÿbērprœxx Pįxęł güñ 3D

    Worst reaf ever

  • OmarGaming HD
    OmarGaming HD 3 months ago +1

    Kinda haven't watched this series since last year in the beginning but...... are they like buulding a team little by little to make it big or??? Because that would be cool

  • TrayChannel 1207
    TrayChannel 1207 3 months ago

    One of 4 teams I support:

  • CAM_Aducki
    CAM_Aducki 3 months ago

    I'm blind
    I'm deaf
    I wanna be a ref

  • Graham Heathcote22
    Graham Heathcote22 3 months ago +2

    I have got a feeling hashtag are gonna be in league 2 pretty quick

  • Benji11
    Benji11 3 months ago

    Are there new kits for the new season ?

  • Nicholas Drakopoulos
    Nicholas Drakopoulos 3 months ago

    Been watching since division 5 and it's great to see how far this team has come!!💙💛

  • felixthijssen
    felixthijssen 3 months ago


  • Thomas Mcburney
    Thomas Mcburney 4 months ago +1

    This manger is scary and also it’s just the first game of the season

  • Pucker V
    Pucker V 4 months ago +1

    U should start doing livestreams

  • ErRoR 205 x
    ErRoR 205 x 4 months ago +1

    You should walk out to Simply the best by tina turner

  • Slakthus13
    Slakthus13 4 months ago

    Is Devs right man for this job at this level? Very disappointed 1st game of the season. Really bad

  • Peter Wale
    Peter Wale 4 months ago

    Can't blame the loss if you havent got a strong lineup of first team

  • Robbie Petrov
    Robbie Petrov 4 months ago

    The two big chances (Ryan's and George's) cost them the game. You should score this, and if the pen was given in the last minutes, that's it. You go again boys!

  • Craig Kavanagh
    Craig Kavanagh 4 months ago

    Could hashtag get to the premiere league? In the future

  • kyle stewart
    kyle stewart 4 months ago

    ref was terrible

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson 4 months ago

    AAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gutted not happy with that I agree with Devs here not good enough they Southend Manor strikers ripped us a new one only way is up

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 4 months ago

    Bring Louis Lawler, he can be a backup GK and eventually be a starting GK.

  • Sam Shepherd
    Sam Shepherd 4 months ago

    Why does dan brown not play anymore?

  • less kiss
    less kiss 4 months ago

    First pen was very soft. The guy was looking to flop over there.

  • Brenault
    Brenault 4 months ago

    If you enter the field of play without the refs permission you get booked that's the rule, and you can't come back onto the pitch until the ball is in play. Please learn the rules before complaining and calling something ridiculous

  • TITUS 3V5
    TITUS 3V5 4 months ago

    U no Martin tyler that's for sure.
    Whether emotion or not

  • Corey McWilliams
    Corey McWilliams 4 months ago

    is spencer not a player?

  • ArsenalScoutHD
    ArsenalScoutHD 4 months ago

    Please get the other scoreboard back, this is one is way too big and annoying.

    • less kiss
      less kiss 4 months ago

      Easy to say from the sidelines but Adams just put a little bit too much power. When the keeper is out of the goal (on the deck) just get it on target.

  • Thelma Alberts
    Thelma Alberts 4 months ago +2

    Like all of the players 2 seasons ago aren’t there enymore

  • DL 1994
    DL 1994 4 months ago +1

    Ref was rubbish. Devs FT team talk was great - we go again!

  • Joe Marston
    Joe Marston 4 months ago

    the referee can’t allow a player back on the pitch if he’s in the same area as the ball (as he was from the throw in)

  • Scottish Soldier
    Scottish Soldier 4 months ago

    i had very high thoughts u would finish top 3 but after that performance u got a wake up call and were outplayed everywhere i am hoping its just a one off horror show but if it isnt then u will be lucky to finish top 6 but i have faith in u boys and will support u always so heads up and shake it off and we go again i would rather have a horror show first game of the season than end of season

    • Scottish Soldier
      Scottish Soldier 4 months ago

      @Hashtag United i wasnt having a go as i love hashtag as u know i came down to a few games last season from aberdeen.i was only stating my opinion and i apologise that its obviously annoyed u but again its my opinion

    • Hashtag United
      Hashtag United  4 months ago +1

      One game!

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 4 months ago +1

      Still very very early in the season. But unlucky to not get a goal on the scorecard in this fixture

  • M Franta
    M Franta 4 months ago

    What happened to Louis Lawler?

  • Danio_444 !
    Danio_444 ! 4 months ago

    That’s wht happens when u have izu playing

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 4 months ago

      this game is similar to chelsea united on sunday

  • hydem04
    hydem04 4 months ago

    Not as keen on the new graphics for this season. The team name and timer during the match is rather distracting.

  • Richard Lamprell
    Richard Lamprell 4 months ago

    Law 12, disciplinary action. Caution-able offences; Entering, re-entering or deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee's permission.

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 4 months ago

    #SmithOut #donkey #faisalIn

  • TFS_Shine _
    TFS_Shine _ 4 months ago

    Are they pro yet?

  • Quinzzyy
    Quinzzyy 4 months ago

    Ayyy i play for southend manor the youth team

  • Evan Hiltz
    Evan Hiltz 4 months ago +1

    Love the production here, the graphics/overlays are so crisp

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 4 months ago

      performance by Manor. A minor setback in a LONG season #UTT

  • Mo street
    Mo street 4 months ago +1

    One of my favorite clubs

  • Patryk Grzedowicz
    Patryk Grzedowicz 4 months ago

    Honestly leaving out Osude and Honesty was absolutely shambolic from Devs

  • Quik Boys
    Quik Boys 4 months ago

    whats the point of the team

  • GV Games
    GV Games 4 months ago

    Easy to say from the sidelines but Adams just put a little bit too much power. When the keeper is out of the goal (on the deck) just get it on target.

  • GV Games
    GV Games 4 months ago

    First pen was very soft. The guy was looking to flop over there.

  • Nottz Ballerz
    Nottz Ballerz 4 months ago

    I got to be honest the commentary ruins the video

  • Tourettes FC
    Tourettes FC 4 months ago

    this game is similar to chelsea united on sunday