• Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • Hashtag return to Halstead, scene of possibly the toughest game last season, with an experimental line-up! What could possibly go wrong?! ►SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/hashtagutd
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Comments • 550

  • Hashtag United
    Hashtag United  13 days ago +1015

    Who's spotted the stats we've added? Let us know if you want more...we've got someone helping us with stats now 👍

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson 7 days ago

    Anybody know the reason Willo was dismissed watched it back 3 times now and still cant see an issue? Something he said possibly?

  • Ch RiS
    Ch RiS 8 days ago

    Red Card for What?

  • Greg House
    Greg House 9 days ago

    Jack Martin. Boom.

    NIKIMBO 9 days ago

    Good hard fought win . ##😎

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 9 days ago

    I’m sorry but I’m better than Neil Richmond

  • Mariana Ricou
    Mariana Ricou 9 days ago

    Is macarthur in the squad? We is such a good player

  • Danny Antony
    Danny Antony 10 days ago

    Richo = very overrated

  • william Larsen
    william Larsen 10 days ago

    what was the red card for?

  • E O
    E O 10 days ago +2

    Can see Osude’s improvement progress in every game 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Talixan Soldier
    Talixan Soldier 10 days ago +1

    What happened to Aaron couch

  • M26DI
    M26DI 10 days ago

    Could i play for u guys

  • Snyder
    Snyder 10 days ago

    What Adidas boots are Osude, hursit and Honesty wearing? The shiny ones they look exclusive

  • Keaton Roberts
    Keaton Roberts 11 days ago

    Anyone know what the red for Tom was for. It’s clear he said something just wondering what

  • Kris Paterson
    Kris Paterson 11 days ago

    Put a camrea on the cross bar for VAR

  • F.C. Bangers
    F.C. Bangers 11 days ago +1


  • Tom Cheney
    Tom Cheney 11 days ago

    smith was right on the goal line and didn't appeal the goal so it obviously didn't cross the line

  • Tarun Gambhir
    Tarun Gambhir 11 days ago +1

    Adding stats to the video, small but brilliant idea.

  • maximus weston
    maximus weston 11 days ago

    Wheres dan brown, havent watched in a year😂

  • Joseph Willen
    Joseph Willen 11 days ago

    Wes is s great announcer

  • Franklin Long
    Franklin Long 11 days ago +1

    You guys must look scary good to the other teams in your area. Just means everyone will want to beat the mighty Hashtag team... ###

  • Nathan Masters
    Nathan Masters 11 days ago

    Does lewis Preston play?

    • Hashtag United
      Hashtag United  11 days ago

      Luckily for you I do not! However I do for the Sunday League Team 🤙🏽 - LP

  • DeezVlogs
    DeezVlogs 11 days ago

    its pronounced How-Stead

  • Muhammad 'Sekaiichi' Aiman

    Wes Tanser on commentary is the best part for me in any # vid. Put him more there sir!
    ...Apary from the 4-4-2 after Willo got sent off of course 🤣

  • Sybren Boi
    Sybren Boi 12 days ago

    Very strange that red card...

  • James Rann
    James Rann 12 days ago

    Why do we always see Devs talking to Osude at HT. As if no one else does stuff wrong.....

    • Justin Olson
      Justin Olson 11 days ago +1

      It's because his ceiling is so high. He does the same with Lee at times. He will do it with Jack Martin as well in the future. The senior players are about as polished as they will get much of the time. Josh could be a properly good player and Devs wants every bit of quality out of him before a Conference or League 1/2 team comes knocking.

  • Gabs Hands
    Gabs Hands 12 days ago

    What was he sent off for

  • Paul Walters
    Paul Walters 12 days ago

    Look at them muppets behind the goal actin like footy hooligans hahahahaha

  • AVK Gaming
    AVK Gaming 12 days ago

    Still tryna catch up with the hashtag lads whilst at phase 1 training for the British army!🤣

  • japezLFC
    japezLFC 12 days ago

    Ryan Adams the non league James Milner. Managers dream. Will play anywhere and happy too as well

  • Brady Cote
    Brady Cote 12 days ago +1

    Hey Spencer, is the Wembley Cup going to happen again?

  • Brady Cote
    Brady Cote 12 days ago +1

    The OG team needs to come back

  • barak avni
    barak avni 12 days ago

    When I will see the classic 442 hashtag United?

  • Relyt
    Relyt 12 days ago

    is there prize money for this?

    ROBERT LEACH 12 days ago +1

    Love the new stats guys ! Looking the part Hashtag !!

  • fifa boy
    fifa boy 12 days ago

    Where is Albie keith

  • RSM Marchant12
    RSM Marchant12 12 days ago

    How has Tom williams got a red card but Ricky Evans hasn't

  • Jack Lanham
    Jack Lanham 12 days ago

    Co commentator was horrendous

  • Elliot Simmonds
    Elliot Simmonds 12 days ago

    100% a pen

  • Wilfred Kamese
    Wilfred Kamese 12 days ago

    When will hashtag have Youth teams (U23-U12)?

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Haven't been here in a while what happened to Jacko?

  • Yusri Zaimy
    Yusri Zaimy 12 days ago +1

    Halstead is probably the worst club with the worst fans ever. Get good mate

  • Thomas Mason
    Thomas Mason 12 days ago

    I would’ve liked to have known what happened with the Willow red card, seemed like nothing

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 12 days ago +1

    Really liked the filming and editing on this video good job

  • Soya Lando
    Soya Lando 12 days ago

    Deadset that atmosphere aren't bad one bit, fair play. Shame Tom did what he did but meh who cares we all make mistakes. Keep it up lads

  • Jack Lyons
    Jack Lyons 12 days ago +1

    So confused as to why they don’t start lee hursit

    • Jack Lyons
      Jack Lyons 12 days ago

      Hashtag United oops didn’t know

    • Hashtag United
      Hashtag United  12 days ago

      Have to manage his injury; mentioned it the other week.

  • mikaela wilson
    mikaela wilson 12 days ago

    22:27 you can see the number 4 kick farai

  • Tom McCafferty
    Tom McCafferty 12 days ago

    What was the red card for

  • Tom McCafferty
    Tom McCafferty 12 days ago +1

    This was a bad ref

  • TuckTuckWest
    TuckTuckWest 12 days ago

    how is lee hursit starting on the bench after his FA vase performance

  • Marz2727
    Marz2727 12 days ago +1

    Immense production 😍

  • Nathan Poisnel
    Nathan Poisnel 12 days ago

    Not a goal, the two hashtag players would have reacted differently

  • Drew Hunt
    Drew Hunt 12 days ago

    wtf? red on tom??

  • Adam Thorpe
    Adam Thorpe 12 days ago

    Considering the game was pretty clean, who would have thought two reds were given out.

  • Snake EyeTV
    Snake EyeTV 12 days ago

    When are you getting promoted to the premier league

    TIMMY TIME 12 days ago +1

    Devs is doing such a quality job 💙👏

  • Mr G
    Mr G 12 days ago

    Woodland group, nice our UK freight forwarder ! Greetings from Amafreight singapore

  • Ruben Plays
    Ruben Plays 12 days ago

    What did tom williams do

  • Barney Chislett
    Barney Chislett 12 days ago +2

    Josh is killing it rn integral part to the teams gameplay

  • mmw
    mmw 12 days ago

    Only criticism I have about these videos is that they try to paint their own players in the best light possible. Whenever there's a bad foul or anything like that they gloss over it far too much imo

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 12 days ago

    Richmond is a genuine donkey end of discussion.

  • N21
    N21 12 days ago

    Lewis has the most perfect teeth

  • Joshua Gerald Butler
    Joshua Gerald Butler 12 days ago

    352. Love the formation.

  • Joshua Gerald Butler
    Joshua Gerald Butler 12 days ago

    Why is Luis with Halstead? Did he get let go?

  • Giraffe
    Giraffe 12 days ago

    Hashtag :* win the league*
    Lewis: I think that was definitely a turning point in the league

  • Kasey Escape
    Kasey Escape 12 days ago

    It would have been nice to get some clarification on that red card - maybe if we could hear from the man himself.

    • Hashtag United
      Hashtag United  12 days ago

      We didn’t know at the time and the man himself was in A/E. It was for dissent, we found out.

  • Kasey Escape
    Kasey Escape 12 days ago

    Hey, viewer suggestion here. Don’t put the tag lines (like “What a battle!”) on your highlight videos. It’s better to watch the game fresh without guessing wondering what the tag line was used for.
    C’mon you tags! Well done on another fine result.

  • Ionel Harrison
    Ionel Harrison 12 days ago +1

    For a second I thought Wan - Bissaka signed for Hashtag United on the thumbnail

  • Itsokay Itsokaaayyy
    Itsokay Itsokaaayyy 12 days ago +1

    Why is dB not first team?

  • Joe Banks
    Joe Banks 12 days ago +1

    When’s the draw?

  • Tom Dean
    Tom Dean 12 days ago

    Always nice to see the halstead fans, disgusting people 😂 make me laugh

  • Yahir Cervantes
    Yahir Cervantes 12 days ago

    Anybody know where albie Keith has been ?

  • EliteFifaGamer
    EliteFifaGamer 12 days ago

    Ricky Evans looks like Mustafi

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 12 days ago

    Needed this today. Still terribly gutted after my USA lost 3-0 to Mexico (seriously, can we hire Devs to replace the human embodiment of shit otherwise known as Gregg Berhalter).

  • Ben Pope
    Ben Pope 12 days ago +1

    Louie burkane? The academy player?

  • Nauris Osis
    Nauris Osis 12 days ago

    Why did Willo got sent off?

  • Danton Gaming
    Danton Gaming 12 days ago

    Please try and sign the F2

  • gerrymoroney123
    gerrymoroney123 12 days ago

    What was the red card for
    The one for hashtag

  • Henry Weller
    Henry Weller 12 days ago

    Why did Tom get sent off

  • Mr. Calle
    Mr. Calle 12 days ago +1

    Brilliant with the fm look a like stats!!😁

  • Quran With Ahyaan
    Quran With Ahyaan 12 days ago

    Ref is red card crazy

  • 01FozzyS
    01FozzyS 12 days ago

    What happened to Dan Adjei? Just Sundays?

  • Quran With Ahyaan
    Quran With Ahyaan 12 days ago

    Spencer make a video

  • Cb4S 619
    Cb4S 619 12 days ago

    Can you make the scoreboard larger? The numbers are microscopic!

  • Rhys Garrett
    Rhys Garrett 12 days ago +1

    Did yous not sign that skubich tidy player I thought

  • Michael Bircumshaw
    Michael Bircumshaw 12 days ago +1

    Still thinking that Ryan Adams has been the best all around player for hashtag since day 1, always seems too have been an unsung hero.

  • Jack Watson
    Jack Watson 12 days ago

    I love the way the ref is my mentor 😂

  • Morgan Maxfield
    Morgan Maxfield 12 days ago

    Thing is, I know that referee...

  • Timilehin Falusi
    Timilehin Falusi 12 days ago

    stampy is improving

  • Liam Paton
    Liam Paton 12 days ago +1

    I accidentally disliked it so I had to like it (I was going to do it anyway

  • Liam Paton
    Liam Paton 12 days ago +1

    Mate hashtag for the treble

  • Gaming Guy 98
    Gaming Guy 98 12 days ago

    My brother was in goal for Halstead

  • Taylor Totney
    Taylor Totney 12 days ago

    Why was Tom Williams sent off for

  • Ciarán Vaughan
    Ciarán Vaughan 12 days ago

    Just me or this the first time Ryan Adams has scored in ages?

  • King_K
    King_K 12 days ago

    Swear I saw Mustafi in this vid

  • Noah Ridgeon
    Noah Ridgeon 13 days ago

    so lewis was on the other team

  • Findog 69
    Findog 69 13 days ago

    19:23 is that Jack Durkin is behind the goal

  • UpperTrash4
    UpperTrash4 13 days ago +2

    And you know what's funny... my name is Jack Martin

  • Joachim Hwang
    Joachim Hwang 13 days ago

    Lol losers easy game for hashtag

  • John Adedeji
    John Adedeji 13 days ago

    Ousade is like me when playing pro clubs any time u make a good pass ur players rather pass it off or miss the goal