Jeremy Hunt releases official campaign video: 'I like to prove people wrong'

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • Jeremy Hunt has released his official Tory leadership campaign video as he looks to replace Theresa May. In the video Hunt warns of the proposition of having 'the most dangerous leader of the Labour party' in Downing Street. The foreign secretary faces tough opposition against his former, Boris Johnson, as well as the likes of Andrea Leadsom, Rory Stewart and many more. Hunt says that he wants to turn the economy into the most 'high-tech, greenest, most enterprise, pro-business economy in Europe'.
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Comments • 55

  • Hazy Thrower7229
    Hazy Thrower7229 6 months ago

    Bla bla bla look at us now lol

  • WiggaMachiavelli
    WiggaMachiavelli 10 months ago

    Well, at least he pronounces "negotiating" properly.

  • Netrammac Mac
    Netrammac Mac 11 months ago +1

    Nice acting bro

  • Azim Choudhury
    Azim Choudhury 11 months ago


  • Alf Ching
    Alf Ching 11 months ago

    This Man is a traditional Tory,Exploit the poor and less well off and make me and my Party mates very Rich.

  • anicetune
    anicetune 11 months ago +1

    Jeremy Corbyn is only dangerous to the super rich and their enormous bank accounts.

    • J.J.
      J.J. 10 months ago

      Which will be dangerous to the poor as well. Rich people keep the economy going. I don't remember a poor person ever giving me a job.

  • Retrovirus
    Retrovirus 11 months ago

    He wants to waste 38 billion more on defence.

      HARVSTER 10 months ago

      It's not wasting money mate we need more money in our defence.

  • chonnerone
    chonnerone 11 months ago +1

    Great words, I wish it were all true, I'd vote Tory if they were. But Hunt is a bad man.

    • chonnerone
      chonnerone 11 months ago

      @Sharky You're easily convinced. He's hell bent on the destruction of the NHS, he even wrote a book about it, he's pure slime. All Hunt would do is privatise everything and sell it to his mates. None of the Tories are actually conservative any more.

    • Sharky
      Sharky 11 months ago

      Out of curiosity why do you think his a bad man? Out of all the candidates his the only one that seems to have decency.

  • Matt Parr
    Matt Parr Year ago +12

    Have we forgotten about his tenure as health secretary

  • Kris Keeling
    Kris Keeling Year ago

    A complete dummy on the reality

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Year ago

    Much better choice than Mickey Big C Gove....

  • Tim Comley
    Tim Comley Year ago

    Psalm he made a fortune.

  • Tim Comley
    Tim Comley Year ago

    but you visited the video ....

  • Chibuzo Okpala
    Chibuzo Okpala Year ago +1

    I'm labour anyday anytime. But of the conservative-choices, i like this guy best.

  • Janet Frances Wright

    Your party will never bring the country together - Leavers and Remainers have all had more than enough of you. Democracy was the one thing that held people of opposing ideas together but by abandoning that idea you have created a monster at our core. Stand up and deliver on your party promises and the result of the vote on EU membership.

    • Sharky
      Sharky 11 months ago

      That what he wants to do. The conservative part is with the Brexit part the only parties who see Brexit as a necessity. Because the people voted on it. Now just because the method that they leave isn’t what you’d like that not anti-democracy. You voted to leave or stay in the Union not how to leave or stay. A soft Brexit still means we leave the Eu therefore living up to the referendum.

  • Progressive Demagogue

    He's worse than May.

  • bill gibson
    bill gibson Year ago


  • Kenny Price
    Kenny Price Year ago +1

    Jeremy "Yorick" Hunt.

  • BrexitNow
    BrexitNow Year ago +1

    This man MUST NOT become PM.....He is one of the remain cabinet members who steered Theresa My onto the rocks....I do not trust any of the cabinet members to deliver Brexit and particularly this dyed in the wool remainer who has remainers blogging for him on his facebook page....

  • Maximilian Herbert
    Maximilian Herbert Year ago +1


  • laolu2007
    laolu2007 Year ago

    Please hes a better choice than Jeremy

  • Christopher Spavins
    Christopher Spavins Year ago +4

    Another Tory twit who forgets it was his party that brought this mess. "Brexit challenge" you mean to say disaster.

  • David Gb
    David Gb Year ago +1

    Well, Mr Would-Be Hunt, you got that ending wrong. When four countries come together it's a, "United Kingdom, like no other."
    And you're not the man to do it, you're simply more of the same. Oh, another thing, what was that miraculous plan you hinted at?

  • Communist Cabbage
    Communist Cabbage Year ago +2

    Japanese wife!

  • Beasts
    Beasts Year ago +4

    I'm voting for Mike Hunt

  • Beasts
    Beasts Year ago +4

    As Nicky Campbell called referred to him this week, Jeremy C*nt

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie Year ago +1

    Loads of money but don’t give a toss about your country

  • hunk5525
    hunk5525 Year ago +3

    Vote for someone who can work with the US👍

  • Paul Temple
    Paul Temple Year ago +2


  • callum hardy
    callum hardy Year ago +3


  • callum hardy
    callum hardy Year ago +1


  • callum hardy
    callum hardy Year ago +2

    Vote for Rory Stuart

  • Eluwenie Stargazer
    Eluwenie Stargazer Year ago +1

    Dear Guardian News,
    I don't know about anyone else, but I believe we will find an alternative happy ending regarding
    *"The Hunt* be *for* e *Red October* " 31st. ⚓
    The plot thickens.. 😒
    Love from Mish Again USA 💜
    Peace ✌

  • exploring with ashley

    Posh twit

  • Repulse theMonkey
    Repulse theMonkey Year ago +5

    Surely, this man’s name is rhyming slang. Another waste of time, in his current position, or as PM.

  • oz man
    oz man Year ago

    Politicians today are purely buisness people selling their souls for your vote. Politics is not a game, it's our lives at stake. Enough of these globalist games. Where are REAL POLITICIANS HIDING.

  • David Pierce
    David Pierce Year ago +2

    His strategy to get a deal is horrendous, he will not let us leave with no deal, and we will be stuck with the current rotten deal, and the paralysis in parliament will only continue.

    • David Pierce
      David Pierce 11 months ago

      Sharky said he was open to an extension

    • Sharky
      Sharky 11 months ago

      He has said he will be open to a no deal if by October his not got a popular deal

  • Greenpoloboy3
    Greenpoloboy3 Year ago +2

    Creepy eyes

  • D A
    D A Year ago +2

    Tories party is past.

      HARVSTER 10 months ago

      Look at the polls mate

  • Max Slav
    Max Slav Year ago +3

    0:40 looks like one another perfect CV guide

  • Sharmila Srinivasan
    Sharmila Srinivasan Year ago +6

    So is this the quintessential example of western neoliberalism ?

  • Ya Ya mon
    Ya Ya mon Year ago +4

    A published con✔

  • Harvey Epstein
    Harvey Epstein Year ago

    He should work to sort out his masturbation addiction before running for PM.

  • Louis Banaszak
    Louis Banaszak Year ago +2

    no chance

  • martin radcliffe
    martin radcliffe Year ago +7

    Another political mediocrity joins the race to be anointed as the Tory party's tallest dwarf.

  • paul walker
    paul walker Year ago +6

    Look at the caliber of these Tory cretins queueing up for a bit of power.
    Brexiteers say the UK will be OK on its own. But look at the political 'leaders' ...Farage, Corbyn, Hunt, Johnson, Gove......and worry...worry a lot. Piss up and brewery come to mind.

  • phillip ward
    phillip ward Year ago +1

    This is the man who will continue to sell out the UK. A bow down to his hero's in the EU.. he should spell his name with a capital C...THERES NO OTHER DEAL AVAILABLE. MAY SORTED THAT OUT. THE WHOLE OF THE EU ARE STILL LAUGHING ABOUT IT

  • David McGill
    David McGill Year ago +4

    You couldn't trust him if he was skin graphed to you, THE PEOPLE DON'T TRUST POLITICIANS.

  • Gully gullible
    Gully gullible Year ago +5

    So nice of Jeremy to take us down memory lane and today i was remembering Ivan David Camerons son and his disabilitys and how his mother and father treated the dissabled after he died ! Peace

  • matthew hallam
    matthew hallam Year ago +3

    He is a remainer and remainers can't be trusted

    • Jude Lind
      Jude Lind Year ago +2

      You're a leaver, so you were sold a false truth.

    • DirkAndDestroy
      DirkAndDestroy Year ago +2

      He's a tory and tories can't be trusted.

  • Ray Morse
    Ray Morse Year ago +5

    Jeremy has the plan to deal with brexit !! Ha Ha Ha !

  • Psalm91
    Psalm91 Year ago +3

    He's trying to look like Trump ha ha as in I was a business man, entrepreneur!!

    • J.J.
      J.J. 10 months ago +1

      Except Trump actually has the money to back-up those claims. Jeremy Hunt acting like he's Bill Gates or something xD

    • Sharky
      Sharky 11 months ago

      Many politicians bring up their entrepreneurial past because it reflects important leadership and negotiation qualities. Javid has done the same. So did Cameron. It’s just a basic thing to being up. Like if they served their country they would advertise that left right and centre.

  • JonnyRed801
    JonnyRed801 Year ago +1

    Jeremy Hunts chances? 11/1 odds according to the bookies...

    • J.J.
      J.J. 10 months ago

      I believe the bookies also had Donald Trump down as 100/1 and look what happened there.

    • Gordon Pattison
      Gordon Pattison Year ago

      @JonnyRed801 OK take the odds and get rich.

    • JonnyRed801
      JonnyRed801 Year ago

      @Gordon Pattison Nigel? Farage? Bookies do actually have him down for 500/1, probably so high because he's not in the Conservatives...

    • Gordon Pattison
      Gordon Pattison Year ago

      Nigel 25-1

  • Rowe Productions
    Rowe Productions Year ago +8

    They all horrendous! I can't help but worry that Boris will be the one to win.

    • TIm Smith
      TIm Smith Year ago

      2m LOL !

    • 2m
      2m Year ago +1

      @TIm Smith Were you were being ironic? Spelling dumbing wrong?

    • TIm Smith
      TIm Smith Year ago

      Rot set in when that bus conductor John Major got elected, down hill since, dumming down everywhere, including the BBC !

  • Valentin
    Valentin Year ago +8

    Such an empty speech