Grimes - Delete Forever (Official Video)

  • Published on Feb 12, 2020
    Miss Anthropocene is out February 21st.Pre-order it here.
    Music written, produced, performed & engineered by Grimes
    It’s about losing friends to the opioid crisis and the self-hatred that arises when the grieving process mimics the behaviors that cost your friends their lives.
    The video is a collaboration between Grimes, Mac Boucher and Neil Hansen. It depicts a tyrant’s lament as her empire crumbles.
    Hair: Chanel Croker
    Makeup: Natasha Severino
    Styling: Natasha Advani
    Art: Natalie Fält
    Throne: Carlos Flores
    Gaffer: Matt Hill
    Key Grip: Luis Batres
    P.A: Symone Holliday
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  • Sarah Bee
    Sarah Bee 25 minutes ago

    i cant for this generation to die.

  • Dean Lewis
    Dean Lewis 25 minutes ago

    Sat here at 3am with a buna.

  • Hatt Hanz
    Hatt Hanz 34 minutes ago

    holy shit, this music video is recreating Akira Volume 4 cover

  • Juan Andres
    Juan Andres 39 minutes ago

    Increíble!!! Adictiva...

  • Dead_tuna
    Dead_tuna 54 minutes ago

    Tsssss yeaaaah

  • chellbie
    chellbie Hour ago

    Love this song soooooo much on repeat 🦋🧚🏼‍♀️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧚🏼‍♀️🌈😢 such a beautiful song

  • Kenni G
    Kenni G Hour ago


  • mrfrosty3
    mrfrosty3 Hour ago +1

    What a lovely, lovely song. Its actually sublime.

  • Anjos Da Arte
    Anjos Da Arte Hour ago +1


  • Nemo Scio
    Nemo Scio 2 hours ago +2

    The perfect song to have in the background while chatting with Leto II in the restaurant at the end of the universe.

  • A A
    A A 2 hours ago

    im bleeding out of my right ear haha

  • Meyedust III
    Meyedust III 2 hours ago

    this is part ii of the violence video

  • Its That Kat
    Its That Kat 2 hours ago +1

    absolute inspiration. I hope this brings lots of awareness on the situation, big love x

  • Lemon Lican
    Lemon Lican 2 hours ago

    Akira's reference??

  • SRC
    SRC 3 hours ago

    The beginning reminds me of a goo goo dolls song, all of the guitar sounds do actually, so i love it even more
    Brings back memories of laying in the grass staring at the sky trying to find familar shapes in the clouds as they roll by, in my grandmas backyard in central Florida. When she died most of the land was sold off and is now a mini mall and a housing development. Exit 55 on i4, when i drive by i remember all the fun i had there growing up, now theyre some of my most beloved memories, buried beneath homes and a golf course 🙏💗 🙏
    💗u grimes 🙏💗🌈

  • xigh
    xigh 3 hours ago

    album comes out my birthday weekend i'm so blessed & highly favored

  • Ana Correa
    Ana Correa 4 hours ago

    omg i love it

  • blairis hilton
    blairis hilton 4 hours ago

    Day 3 on subs yall

  • Leto77
    Leto77 4 hours ago

    i told you youd love zbrush. i mentioned it to you 2 years ago on twitter. now look at you.

  • George Anderson
    George Anderson 4 hours ago

    The story behind the song makes her frustration all the more palpable at 2:44 as she slouches in the throne with her hand over her face.

  • Srdjan Durmanovic
    Srdjan Durmanovic 5 hours ago

    Dark Souls 2

  • bookmarkthis
    bookmarkthis 5 hours ago +1

    Autotune and other effects are very wet for this Dolly impression.

  • Maite Txu
    Maite Txu 5 hours ago

    That is @taylorswift

  • Duke Zuur
    Duke Zuur 5 hours ago

    Pixies: Stop.

  • Nemingo
    Nemingo 5 hours ago


  • Duke Zuur
    Duke Zuur 5 hours ago

    Inb4 trolls

  • Duke Zuur
    Duke Zuur 5 hours ago

    I'm going to kill myself metaphorically, and drown my ego in the lack of relevant data to give it a chime of rhyme or reason.

  • Pon Pong
    Pon Pong 6 hours ago

    what is that

  • Cheeba
    Cheeba 6 hours ago +1

    Cant stop listening to this on repeat

  • Retro io
    Retro io 7 hours ago

    This song has only been out for a week. 1,031,569 views. 1,000,000 of them are mine :-D

  • David Slattery
    David Slattery 7 hours ago +1

    in a strange way, this song sounds to me as if dolly parton made a 21st century song! good job grimes

  • Shanice Khan
    Shanice Khan 7 hours ago

    Can't stop listening to this masterpiece. Hits my soul HARD.

  • гусь петрович

    я слушаю тебя в машине,я слушаю тебя на работе,я слушаю тебя когда отдыхаю....ты частичка моей жизни...спасибо за твое творчество,ты великолепна

  • Юрій Пупкін
    Юрій Пупкін 9 hours ago

    She is just incredible, god dam it

  • Edgar Ramirez
    Edgar Ramirez 9 hours ago

    What kind of Bjork Is this

  • laquerhead024
    laquerhead024 9 hours ago


  • Dan Shute
    Dan Shute 10 hours ago

    Should have probably tuned the acoustic before hitting that rec. button

  • Paindrah
    Paindrah 10 hours ago

    ok Akira
    *weird champ*

  • filipefhn
    filipefhn 10 hours ago

    You're my wonderwaaaaaaallllll

  • Tammy Williams
    Tammy Williams 10 hours ago

    Remind me of California.. Acoustic-y Grimes

  • João Abade
    João Abade 11 hours ago


  • Natalia Cohen
    Natalia Cohen 11 hours ago +1

    Lying so awake
    Things I can´t escape
    Lately, i just turn ´em into demons
    Flew into the sun
    Fucking heroin
    Lately, i just turn ´em into reasons
    and excuses
    Always down when i´m not up
    Guess it´s just my rotten luck
    To fill my time with permanent blue
    But i cant´t see above it
    Guess I fucking love it
    But oh,
    I didn´t mean to
    I see everything I see everything
    Don´t you tell me now that I don´t want it
    But I did everything I did everything
    More lines on the mirror than a sonnet
    Funny how they think
    Us naive when we´re on the brink
    Innocence was fleeting like a season
    Cannot comprehend
    Lost so many men
    Lately, all their ghosts turn into reasons
    And excuses

  • Hailey Rafferty
    Hailey Rafferty 11 hours ago

    As soon as I heard this song I was like ok I get why he's in love with her

  • Daryl Brice
    Daryl Brice 11 hours ago

    The bravery Grimes shows here coming out from behind the protective shield of her usual heavy use of vocal effects results in one of her most beautiful and accessible songs. BRAVO GRIMES!

  • skylaria
    skylaria 12 hours ago

    where is her baby bump

  • andrew crawford
    andrew crawford 12 hours ago

    thats the chair from akira

  • 순정
    순정 13 hours ago

    catch my wig babe

    LIZZIEMAC2010 13 hours ago

    I love the pause in movement at 1:20 so sad

  • officialmcdeath
    officialmcdeath 13 hours ago

    Echoes of Wonderwall \m/

  • Orry Maine
    Orry Maine 13 hours ago

    Vocals too low. Her voice gets drowned out by the music a bit.

    LIZZIEMAC2010 14 hours ago


  • Peacefulpeach
    Peacefulpeach 14 hours ago

    Am I really old or can no one else understand a word of this?

  • MindManifestator
    MindManifestator 15 hours ago

    I love Grimes: she looks like the Mama of "castle in the sky": anime :D

  • Sonia Oliveira
    Sonia Oliveira 15 hours ago

    AWSOME!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. SHE IS SO F... TALENTED!!! LOVE HER!🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Tender Games
    Tender Games 16 hours ago +1

    Delete Wonderwall

  • W J
    W J 16 hours ago +1

    Love this so much. This whole album fucking rocks! Grimes is the future.

  • wrthls
    wrthls 17 hours ago


  • María Cabrera
    María Cabrera 18 hours ago

    This deserve more views guys

  • Vovka Kasyanenko
    Vovka Kasyanenko 18 hours ago

    чет её на почве беременности, наверное, - поменяло

  • Shanni Peettyson
    Shanni Peettyson 18 hours ago +1

    This baby is gonna have a wild discovery when he/she figures out FLash-player