Gordon Ramsay’s 10 Millionth Subscriber Burger Recipe with Sean Evans

  • As a thank you for hitting 10 Million Subscribers on FLash-player, Gordon is in his backyard to show you, his fans, how to make the most delicious burger ever. Perfect for July 4th or any outdoor BBQ! You can find the ingredients below with a link to the recipe!
    #GordonRamsay #Cooking
    Full Recipe: www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/gr10million
    1 lb 85/15 ground beef (chuck and brisket)
    2 oz frozen unsalted butter
    1 Tbsp Granulated Garlic or Garlic Powder
    1.5 Tbsp Maldon Salt
    1 Tbsp Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
    1 Tbsp Olive Oil
    2 Slices Swiss Cheese
    2 each Large Portabella Mushroom Caps, stem and gills taken off
    2 each Large Eggs
    TT Maldon Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
    1 Tbsp Olive Oil
    4 Slices Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
    1 Cup Baby Arugula
    1 each Roma Tomato
    TT Maldon Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
    2 each Brioche Hamburger Buns
    Butter for Toasting
    Sriracha Mayo
    ¼ Cup Mayo
    2 Tbsp Sriracha Sauce
    TT Salt
    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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  • Tom H
    Tom H 9 hours ago

    Now 14.3 million 🤯

  • GaMiNg LiFe
    GaMiNg LiFe 10 hours ago +1

    “Then your gonna want to season the grill and toilet seat.”

  • Bryan Jennings Likes Tatum

    Gordon: what did I teach you
    Me: grill piping Hot?
    Gordon: Wrong season the Grill

  • Kristy Hawes
    Kristy Hawes 14 hours ago

    I would also put worcestershire and chilli in the mince and a bit of vegemite lol

  • obed soto
    obed soto 14 hours ago

    He didnt season his camera man before shooting

  • Roman Sol
    Roman Sol 17 hours ago

    simple and amazing

  • Logan
    Logan 19 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the buns and the thingy teleported?

  • Sarthak Sanyal
    Sarthak Sanyal 23 hours ago +1

    Now that's a thicc burger

  • Boiling Pot
    Boiling Pot Day ago

    Make sure not to get the bun soggy *proceeds to drown in olive oil*

  • Leszek DanePrywatne

    Gratulacje! :)

  • TheBoater
    TheBoater Day ago

    9:38 Look at the burger

  • Stevey 567
    Stevey 567 Day ago

    Who else had a Jamie Oliver advert on this video 😂

  • InFanz1_ y
    InFanz1_ y Day ago

    "pattaaay" -gordan 2019

  • issac beggs
    issac beggs Day ago

    Plastic surgery Gordon wigs me out.... I miss his brows

  • Katherine Kelley

    I like a nice wide girth too, Gordannnnn :)

  • JE B.C.
    JE B.C. Day ago

    I always thought you should do something when the food starts catching fire.
    It seemed fine in the video. Is that really the case?

  • Feedy Bee
    Feedy Bee 2 days ago


  • Rip.
    Rip. 2 days ago +1

    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for nothing- Conor McGregor

  • J P
    J P 2 days ago

    Thank You

  • Exist
    Exist 2 days ago

    At 20M subs he will pronounce Tomato the correct way.

  • Space Berry
    Space Berry 2 days ago

    Gordon: Makes amazing burger
    Sean: Puts gallon of hot sauce on it

  • Erik
    Erik 2 days ago

    Nice little macgregor quote there :D

  • Ralph Ansons
    Ralph Ansons 2 days ago

    I can't watch this. It looks to good

  • Mary Lawrence
    Mary Lawrence 2 days ago

    No Gordon , Actually I was dying to see you take a bite out of that burger

  • Gavin Botwinick
    Gavin Botwinick 2 days ago +1

    His grill cost more then my life

  • Rhys Moore
    Rhys Moore 3 days ago

    Bloody starving now, and really wanting a burger.. Will be trying that mushroom with egg when I next have a bbq, or even on the griddle. Will have to give the butter in the burger a go as well.

  • Rhys Moore
    Rhys Moore 3 days ago

    Gordon: Fancy going to Poland.. Anywhere worth visiting?
    Wieliczka Salt Mine: We're closed!!! And take your pick-axe with you.... lol

  • Mike OB1
    Mike OB1 3 days ago

    Salt. Salt. Salt. Salt. How has that guy not got severely high blood pressure?! I'm all for seasoning and always do. But that was far too much to be balanced imo. The patty should be already seasoned from when u make it. Then he seasons about 5 more times. Fuck that.

  • Oli BTW
    Oli BTW 3 days ago

    Did he find the lamb sauce?

  • Krxlcifer
    Krxlcifer 3 days ago

    Sean. . . Ive heard that name somewhere.

    TOKYO ROGUE 3 days ago

    Did he added salt & peper? I couldn't see it.

  • InAscapable
    InAscapable 3 days ago


  • Zack White
    Zack White 3 days ago

    I’ll die of a heart attack. From all that salt

  • Emily Gastelum
    Emily Gastelum 3 days ago +2

    Gordon's Wife: **gives birth to newborn son**
    Gordon: **seasons it**

  • Artie Bucco
    Artie Bucco 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay will season his seasoning

  • Naruto fam :o
    Naruto fam :o 3 days ago

    What if Gordon Ramsey judges barbers

  • Ileleana
    Ileleana 3 days ago

    if you're allergic to mushrooms would suggest anything else to put the egg in? Also congrats!

  • Trojanman gaming
    Trojanman gaming 3 days ago

    Great combination of flavors. Only thing I would change is charcoal no gas lol. Good job chef Ramsey on the subs

  • christyzangel
    christyzangel 3 days ago

    Ugh so hard to watch when I’m hungry 😋 I need that burger!

  • Rikkert kuklinski
    Rikkert kuklinski 3 days ago +2

    I was waiting to see how you were going to eat that burger

  • kimobugman
    kimobugman 3 days ago

    You could have at least tried to reproduced the actual burger!

  • DeeDea ross
    DeeDea ross 3 days ago

    I so badly want this , OMG I could make this , the detail is outstanding, thank you, PLEASE KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK, stay strong

  • Susan Spencer
    Susan Spencer 3 days ago +1

    *Gordon where did the Buns go while you was brushing the Burgers* ????

  • Cerberus4982
    Cerberus4982 3 days ago

    How do you bite into a burger 3x the size of your mouth???

  • Dee Ess
    Dee Ess 3 days ago

    Did he not cross contaminate that bun or does the heat of the grill, even browning the bun, kill those bacteria....

  • Simon Karlsen
    Simon Karlsen 3 days ago

    Here is how many times Gordon ended his sentence with «okay»

  • Bruce Lawrence
    Bruce Lawrence 3 days ago

    Litrally, put them on the grill. Litrally. If you don't they won't Litrally cook.

  • Jasonups5
    Jasonups5 3 days ago

    Hot sauce 😂🤣

  • Tony Talks
    Tony Talks 3 days ago

    "Make sure that you do not make that bread soggy" sprinkles olive oil LMAO

  • banglajobs
    banglajobs 3 days ago

    Wow ,with all them subs you don't really need to do anymore TV stuff

  • Matt Cummins
    Matt Cummins 3 days ago

    Over seasoned carcinogen.

  • Adam Edward
    Adam Edward 3 days ago

    What kinda mushum he used?

  • Kieran Phelps
    Kieran Phelps 3 days ago

    Now, from there, make sure you season your knife, really important, look, beautiful, really? C’mon

  • Tayla Symes
    Tayla Symes 4 days ago

    Gordon must try a braai it is a South African barbecue

  • Evan .Elliott
    Evan .Elliott 4 days ago

    hes the only one who would season his burger before making the patty and the burger still tasting amazing

  • Ifrahim Ahmed
    Ifrahim Ahmed 4 days ago

    WTF! Fireproof Hand, Amazing!

  • Mr Ash
    Mr Ash 4 days ago


  • DacrasherZ
    DacrasherZ 4 days ago

    other youtubers: we reached 10 million subscribers!! i apologize if anything i've done has offended you.
    gordon ramsay: we reached 10 million subscribers, i apologize for absolutely *nothing*

  • Senatus Populusque Romanus


  • SebTheAussie
    SebTheAussie 4 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay: *touches fire*
    Also Gordon Ramsay: “meh it’s just fire”
    Me: *touches fire*
    Also me: “OW F*&K

  • R B
    R B 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the G.O.A.T!!!

  • Abc def
    Abc def 5 days ago

    How do you fit that in your mouth

  • Ricky & Martin
    Ricky & Martin 5 days ago

    Saludos de Ibai.

  • Caerus Tee
    Caerus Tee 5 days ago

    Subscribers? 10 million
    Oil? In
    Burger? Medium-rare
    Hot sauce? On
    Hotel? Trivago

  • almaza96
    almaza96 5 days ago

    Gordon You failed with that burger it's huge, how you gonna bite it ?

  • Martin Noob
    Martin Noob 5 days ago

    I swear I thought your grill was a coffin

  • Collin Josef
    Collin Josef 6 days ago

    Why do chefs use olive oil on everything?

  • Kekipai
    Kekipai 6 days ago

    The flex with the pool at the end

  • Chris P
    Chris P 6 days ago

    WOW! Fuck me! I am SO going to make this. Thanks GR.

  • CLOud8 Plays
    CLOud8 Plays 6 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one :
    Gordon: we dont need fuckin hot sauce, Godbless, fuckin hotsauce there HAHAHAHA

  • Mimi Goodcat
    Mimi Goodcat 6 days ago

    Most people cannot open their mouth wide enough to take even a bite a proper Burger should be half that height

  • Idiot-with144hzmonitor

    Gordon Ramsay- 1/3 sriracha to 2/3 mayonnaise
    also Gordon Ramsay- 9:58

  • Emilijus Poviliūnas

    Me: the mushrooms are burned

  • raymond resuello
    raymond resuello 7 days ago

    This is why he deserves 20 mil and more

  • arturo lopez
    arturo lopez 7 days ago

    You wanna keep that grill closed proceeds to open the grill a sec later

  • Sheel Pant
    Sheel Pant 7 days ago

    This doesn’t even compare to a Big Mac

  • 463PR
    463PR 7 days ago

    No no no , eggs are not on burgers 🍔

  • Erwin Lopez
    Erwin Lopez 7 days ago

    Awsome Chef!! As USUAL!!! Love it!!!!

  • Madame Babs
    Madame Babs 7 days ago

    Waaaaawww am really inspired by this video to make my own burger. Please show my link some love

  • Giltr0y
    Giltr0y 8 days ago

    That mushroom is burnt af

  • Giltr0y
    Giltr0y 8 days ago

    Nice ref to McGregor's speech

  • james idk
    james idk 8 days ago

    doesn't the garlic powder burn?

  • Dusty Peppers
    Dusty Peppers 8 days ago

    Gordon, did you say shrinkage? 🤪

  • Paulina Rzepka
    Paulina Rzepka 8 days ago

    'Fucking hot sauce! Really??'

  • Francis Gabriel L Abordo

    Chef Ramsay didn't apologize to anything
    Offending Australia
    beIN a "drill instructor"
    Teaching the whole world to insult and etc.

  • iiTraineeLaw
    iiTraineeLaw 8 days ago

    He just throws the bacon 1:06

  • Savannah Wallert
    Savannah Wallert 8 days ago

    So are we not gonna talk about how he threw that whole thing of raw bacon on the whole paper towel roll orrrr....? 😂

  • Tyler Gosdin
    Tyler Gosdin 9 days ago

    did anyone else open their mouth and say "aaah" when he put the burger towards the camera?

  • Antimatterstudios
    Antimatterstudios 9 days ago

    Where’s he getting all this salt from. Must be tumblr

  • Shaun Yoong
    Shaun Yoong 9 days ago +5

    The secret behind any great seasoning, is the burger.

  • [GD] EricK1512
    [GD] EricK1512 9 days ago

    Does Ketchup Act as a Substitute to Siracha? I dont see any in the Stores ._.

    • [GD] EricK1512
      [GD] EricK1512 9 days ago

      Technically when I taste Ketchup with Mayonaise, It has a Great Sweetness.

  • Andrew Keyz
    Andrew Keyz 9 days ago

    His recent simplified 10 min burger from home looks better if you ask me but then I've never liked mushrooms.

  • real nigga
    real nigga 10 days ago

    His grill was too hot in my opinion, the real secret to a great burger is in the grill yes, but, you want to regulate the heat of the grill, meat likes it smoky, hot atmosphere, it really gets irritated when splashed by flames, it almost causes it to burn the outside and form this black thin crust on the burger patty, which isn't good at all in my opinion because it gives this nasty burnt charcoal like flavour and it leaves some proportion of the patty raw in the middle.

  • Terry McCann
    Terry McCann 10 days ago

    And now to either dislocate your jaws or get in a massive mess

  • damm boih
    damm boih 10 days ago

    Gordon: thank you for helping me past 10 million subscribers
    Me who came here for meme: u'r welcome

  • Jayden S
    Jayden S 10 days ago +1

    This is the one video that Gordon only swears once

  • Mclaren P1
    Mclaren P1 10 days ago +2

    He probably seasoned the diamond play button

  • hey
    hey 10 days ago +1

    Came for a burger, got salt and olive oil

  • Vals
    Vals 11 days ago

    hey Ramsey...what about seasoning the cheese?

  • Hazzelpaff Hazz
    Hazzelpaff Hazz 11 days ago