Gordon Ramsay Tries & Cooks A Traditional Fish Amok In Cambodia | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • On arrival in Cambodia, Gordon heads to the Sugarpalm to learn how to prepare a traditional fish amok.
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  • belasa johnel
    belasa johnel Month ago

    bakit hindi pumunta c gordon ramsay sa pilipinas??? c anthony bourdain lagi sa pinas

  • DO DO
    DO DO 2 months ago +1

    Cambodian mostly live in Cities than the country side.
    About 60% lives in the City.

  • James Rountree
    James Rountree 2 months ago

    She's got a real kiwi twang to her accent 😁

  • Esther Tot
    Esther Tot 3 months ago

    I love CambodiaπŸ‡°πŸ‡­ my beautiful country. I love watching Gordon tooooo πŸ˜πŸ’›

  • 17. Morn Tola
    17. Morn Tola 4 months ago

    Thanks for coming 😊

  • CSTheara12
    CSTheara12 5 months ago

    Cambodia 2019

  • Dinesh kumar
    Dinesh kumar 5 months ago

    Don't kiss women everywhere. It's not legal in some countries..

  • SV Roquetta
    SV Roquetta 6 months ago

    I lived and worked in Cambodia for 4 years, I love Cambodia and its people. Fish amok is my favourite food ever

  • Richard Kelbe
    Richard Kelbe 10 months ago

    I love Gordon Ramsey, watch every clip I can but ever so often I feel like just telling him to FUCK OFF. Am i alone?

  • Louizzza
    Louizzza 10 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay: That's delicious.
    Me: Why is my mouth suddenly watering?

  • Tom Albury
    Tom Albury 10 months ago

    sounds like pauline hanson

  • Jubjang Fest
    Jubjang Fest 10 months ago

    Fishsuace is a Thai brand 100%. Cambodian.... How can you cook an authentic Khmer taste if you can't produce basic seasoning sauce like fish sauce?

  • Diane Santillan
    Diane Santillan 10 months ago

    You should come and visit the Philippines. Try mastering our lechon, sinigang and adobo. :D

  • Baseball
    Baseball 11 months ago +1

    Wife: eat me babe.
    Gordon: of corse.
    Wife: wtf are you doing.
    Gordon: salt, pepper, olive oil, tenderize ,amazing

  • Little Lofe
    Little Lofe 11 months ago

    U can kinda hear that she has a New Zealand accent

  • Jotham Read
    Jotham Read 11 months ago

    Hahaha her accent, so kiwi

  • Qin Shihuang
    Qin Shihuang Year ago

    No coconut, No no noooooo!

  • Mata Rochas
    Mata Rochas Year ago

    Kitana wins haha

  • Masky plaizgames
    Masky plaizgames Year ago

    i tried to eat hot noodle when my aunt and damn they can't lie its super spicy i almost died because their we're no milk so i ate ice instead

  • Masky plaizgames
    Masky plaizgames Year ago

    cambodian people love spicy food

  • OPGamer Legend
    OPGamer Legend Year ago

    I wish I met u this is my country

  • Chris Sudlow
    Chris Sudlow Year ago

    Your food sucks..I've been to your vegas restaurant twice and not good man....by comparison I've been to Mezume...SW Steakhouse....even across the street the steak frites sirloin steak at mad ami gabe is far better then any food you serve up....don't fall in love with this garbage cooking based off the show....you will often find when you go to a higher end multi course meal the food really isn't that spectacular...in gordon's restaurant it appears to be a place where new chefs are trained to move onto other high end restaurants....if you want a decent named restaurant wolfgang puck chains arefar better....for being such a critic of others gordon...for the realm and price in which you operate...your food is fucking garbage

  • Wendell
    Wendell Year ago

    Nice. Good to see my sister-in-laws culture.

  • Stephen Dines
    Stephen Dines Year ago

    He gives credit where credit is due.

  • Capture life
    Capture life Year ago

    Thanks you for your coming i really like your cooking skill and i wish to test it one day πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Ankhi
    Ankhi Year ago

    Lucky guy : no reaction
    (May be because he knows he is not luckyπŸ˜‚)

  • Henrique
    Henrique Year ago

    Like wth? After all this time watching nightmare kitchen, then watch this nice guy, saying someone's food delicious?

  • Bram T
    Bram T Year ago

    I belive that was banana leave not a palm Leave..??
    or i'm the one who wrong here..??

  • TU VIT Generation

    CambodianπŸ‡°πŸ‡­ love ❀️ U

  • TU VIT Generation


  • Chhuo Leang Hong
    Chhuo Leang Hong Year ago

    How to say thank you in Khmer: Aor Kun

  • Bro Long
    Bro Long Year ago +1

    Thank you for come to cambodia
    Thank you =αž’αžšαž‚αž»αžŽαž”αž„

  • Bro Long
    Bro Long Year ago

    Oh he come to cambodia

  • Peto File
    Peto File Year ago

    Why this nigga in a fuckin pushy car lmao white niggas be weird lmao nigga

  • Nanami Mizutani
    Nanami Mizutani Year ago

    Thank Gordon for coming to my country once again.

  • Ethan Frost
    Ethan Frost Year ago

    2:34 Gordon gets it. #harem

  • Sorn Tola
    Sorn Tola Year ago

    Oh This is my country!

  • 10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂

    Does anyone know when this series was filmed

  • Asian Nick Compton
    Asian Nick Compton Year ago +2

    Kitana? Damn Mortal Kombat is real then!

  • Natalia Waterfalls
    Natalia Waterfalls Year ago +1

    My uncle just recently went back to Cambodia to see family he hasn’t seen since him and his family escaped a long time ago and he said the food was amazing

  • Meekys
    Meekys Year ago

    2:55 Literally yeeted that bowl up his face

  • jiminyhopkins
    jiminyhopkins Year ago

    2:46 Even in Cambodia they use Chef Mike!

  • 123macks
    123macks Year ago

    Is this a new show

  • Lex's life style
    Lex's life style Year ago +6

    *I'm Cambodian Gordon!!!! Thanks for coming to my country!!!!πŸ’–*

  • Dark Sev.
    Dark Sev. Year ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Gordon cooking fish, I click.


    He should learn how to make nom banh chok



  • Who would win?
    Who would win? Year ago

    2:33 lol

    HA PANHA Year ago

    I hope you will come here again

  • tass yass
    tass yass Year ago

    Love from Cambodia.

  • So Maly
    So Maly Year ago +1

    I am from Cambodia!!

  • ena dominguez
    ena dominguez Year ago

    He still treats the cooks really nice even if there food is really

  • Flachum Chui
    Flachum Chui Year ago

    Hell yeah. That’s my home country πŸ˜†

  • Carlos Alfaro
    Carlos Alfaro Year ago

    Idk why but for once this food looks good

  • BreadedLemon
    BreadedLemon Year ago

    I thought he ate the clients food i was like *Whut*

  • Storm breaker
    Storm breaker Year ago

    I wish i could meet him someday!!

  • riyan uni
    riyan uni Year ago

    food Indonesia πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Houy Theakha
    Houy Theakha Year ago

    I'm Cambodia I love Khmer

  • Antonio Guerrero
    Antonio Guerrero Year ago

    Holy crap there cooking snakehead?

  • Manmerrit Duong
    Manmerrit Duong Year ago

    I’m from Cambodia

  • RamaZheng BDO
    RamaZheng BDO Year ago

    anyone Khmer here?!

  • ToutCQJM
    ToutCQJM Year ago

    She’s adorable. I love it when she says he’ll be fine if he doesn’t eat a lot of the dish.

  • Iam Zach
    Iam Zach Year ago

    Come to visit and learn about cambodia history it is really interesting

  • Soksamnang Nov
    Soksamnang Nov Year ago

    If I had known you came, I would have been there for one week before

  • αž€αžΆαž“ αž”αžšαž·αž‰αŸ’αž‰αžΆαž”αžΆαžšαž˜αžΈ

    why did...... awww i in phnom penh 😭 i wish i meet u there

  • Adrich Coelho
    Adrich Coelho Year ago

    No one can cook better than your own Mother

  • Anagram Confirmed

    And here in the West we’re ELECTING our communists.

  • Nixty sine
    Nixty sine Year ago


  • chris atesora
    chris atesora Year ago

    I hope gordon can try filipino food πŸ˜€

  • Tribeman 9
    Tribeman 9 Year ago

    You don’t just learn about food you learn everything from Gordon

  • erozpl01
    erozpl01 Year ago

    Why not mention the genocide?

  • Brandon Tomm
    Brandon Tomm Year ago

    It wasn't just a famine, it was also a genocide of barbaric proportions. Babies being smashed against trees, 2 million plus killed by having their heads bashed in by blunt objects and the infamous torture prison of S-21... And the famine... Loved the episode though ✌️β™₯️

  • Marco
    Marco Year ago

    Cant believe this apisode is almost a decade old. I wonder if the restaurant still exists.

  • osama aleisawy
    osama aleisawy Year ago

    Ramsay food looks so good

  • chin chinn
    chin chinn Year ago


  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. Year ago

    You should teach them how to cook a lamb sauceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Heru Arianto
    Heru Arianto Year ago

    Gordon visit indonesia

  • I_H8_Unknown_Callers

    Gordon: "It's RAW!"

    Cambodia: "Get out."

  • Mona Panhaoudom
    Mona Panhaoudom Year ago

    I’m Cambodian xDDD

  • tobin bh
    tobin bh Year ago

    how can you say its not that healthy because it has coconut cream?

  • pink yoo
    pink yoo Year ago

    i really love gordon idk why maybe he kinda rude in fariety show or something but he just telling the truth and what he know. he can be so respecfull to another culture tho. maybe some people dont to like it another culture food in another country cause not to used it but for the chef you must like every food

  • Phil Oncenes
    Phil Oncenes Year ago

    Gordon why you dont want to go here in Philippines?

  • Youtubeaholic2
    Youtubeaholic2 Year ago

    1:17 Batman?

  • Delirious Marc
    Delirious Marc Year ago

    How does one get a collaboration with Gordon?

  • Kaleb Reacts
    Kaleb Reacts Year ago

    She sounds moari and chinese at the same time crazyyπŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  • Pink Mind
    Pink Mind Year ago +1

    Welcome to Cambodia πŸ‡°πŸ‡­ ☺

    Love you Ramsay😊

  • Brett 00
    Brett 00 Year ago

    I ❀️you no homo

  • Jonathan Williams

    her accent confused the hell out of me

  • jAM Ab
    jAM Ab Year ago

    always eat youre moms spagati wit meat balls and fresh sause
    if youre lucky at best !

  • Operator 020
    Operator 020 Year ago

    When a small restaurant on the other side of the world puts most of our food standards to shame. Freshly cooked, no frozen bullshit and good mannered staff.

  • Ivy
    Ivy Year ago

    This man does not stop working. My gosh, ANOTHER show?! I ain't mad, i'm really interested in this one. Where can I watch full episodes?

  • iDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe hi :D

    I love Cambodian food so much! Hardly anyone I know knows about Cambodia. I understand cambodia's language (Khmer) but I don't know how to speak it fluently anymore. I hope the language doesn't get lost. My grandparents said that they didn't think that my mom would survive because she was born right before the war.

  • Goober Head
    Goober Head Year ago

    My weenie hurts

  • Nora Goldsmith
    Nora Goldsmith Year ago

    it’s really refreshing to see gordon going abroad and learning new things about cooking since he’s always a mentor to others

  • Maryse IKOUNGA
    Maryse IKOUNGA Year ago

    This country is amazing, the food is delicious 😊😊

  • bald bread
    bald bread Year ago

    Cambodian food is amazing, even american or european foods are spectaclar over there

  • Alfredo Escasinas, Jr.

    "you lucky man"πŸ˜‚

  • Abe Caisley
    Abe Caisley Year ago

    Oh she sounds so much like a kiwi that's awesome .

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Year ago

    Good luck gordon.