Gordon Ramsay Left Stunned After Trying The Best Of British Dishes | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • In this episode, Gordon Ramsay is on a path the find Britain's best British restaurant, and after a rocky start, both teams leave Gordon stunned as he tries their final dishes.
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  • Brody JQ
    Brody JQ 7 hours ago

    35:45 wilfred has one of the best voices, wow

  • Nein Fister Fist

    anyone watching with eng subs with this? because even the subs telling the truth when chef ramsay giving comments to 2nd restaurant "dyeing room" 😆😆😆

  • Cameron
    Cameron Day ago

    I wonder what that guy got up to with the pig's head?

  • ZGJ Finance
    ZGJ Finance 2 days ago

    Of courseeeee the black ladies say it ain’t cooked hard enough 😂🤣 like you can’t please everyone

  • Michael Sifuentez
    Michael Sifuentez 2 days ago

    Plz help www.gofundme.com/f/my-family-is-in-need-of-help-me-my-1-yo-and-wife?

  • Jimmy Ramirez
    Jimmy Ramirez 2 days ago

    The second one, he looks older then his mother

  • Angela678
    Angela678 3 days ago

    People who kill and eat sweet little animals are demonic, are they really that unable to resist mouth pleasure that they have to murder?

  • Jay Kalinka
    Jay Kalinka 4 days ago

    Can someone explain this show? So does gordon own those restaurants or is he only on tour to crown the best restaurants?

  • Wutzmyname Mike
    Wutzmyname Mike 6 days ago +1

    10:39 brunette

  • Wutzmyname Mike
    Wutzmyname Mike 6 days ago +1

    I don't care what race you are but if you're a nitpicky bitch and bastard you're going to get your water glass or desert plate rubbed all over my nutz.

  • Sinn Sage
    Sinn Sage 6 days ago

    i will happily wait an hour for my food to hit the table (if i know it will likely be amazing), but i WOULD NOT wait an hour for my order to be taken. i would have left after 20 mins of being ignored. for. sure.

  • Sarge The Shelter Dog
    Sarge The Shelter Dog 6 days ago +1

    Thank god black pudding has not caught on in the US.

  • Mostwanted
    Mostwanted 7 days ago

    A senile waiter yeah that's very bad.

  • adavy
    adavy 8 days ago

    Think it was the Wellington that swayed Gordon. A Wellington being his signature dish.

  • IIDragonCanyon
    IIDragonCanyon 8 days ago +3

    Seeing this makes me cry in American portion sizes

  • GtstangLv
    GtstangLv 8 days ago

    Anyone else feel like the Milestone secret shopper was extra cunty?

  • Jimbo B.
    Jimbo B. 9 days ago

    What kind of douche bombards an unsuspecting restaurant with an entire busload of hungry people unannounced giving them a basic impossible situation for fun?? I bet those restaurant people didn't think it was very fun. Make em look bad on T.V. huh?

  • Kewl Ass
    Kewl Ass 9 days ago

    Gordon full ramsey episode 🤨🤪

  • Ben Baker
    Ben Baker 9 days ago

    Everyone becomes a food expert when Ramsey is around

  • xX ON3GOD Xx
    xX ON3GOD Xx 10 days ago

    Gotta get rid of the mom she doesn’t look happy at all

  • Ketav Karthikeyan
    Ketav Karthikeyan 10 days ago

    hi peoplz. like

  • Trigger Me Pink
    Trigger Me Pink 10 days ago

    Gave up rock and roll to become a chef. A perfect example of the exception to the rule

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin 11 days ago

    West house chef bugged me

  • D3IM0S
    D3IM0S 11 days ago +6

    Every modern restaurant should take advantage of the technology today. When an order for a table is taken, it should be put into the computer. The kitchen gets a copy of the order from the computer, so its always nice and easy to read. You don't need a top of the line POS machine either.

  • CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior.

    The diners are so posh and pompous. Bring some east London boys in there

  • kaerbear
    kaerbear 12 days ago

    Remember GR chewing that guy out for grilling romaine lettuce on KN?

  • jake elwood
    jake elwood 12 days ago

    Are we sure Graham isn't ed Shereen's dad?

  • R S
    R S 12 days ago

    is that old footage mixed? Confused about the poor quality of production

  • Jason VanMeter
    Jason VanMeter 13 days ago

    I feel bad for the mum. You can tell she doesn't like the job, and will probably never have her heart in it enough to be able to keep up with her son. Maybe she should retire, and hire a manager that is up to snuff.

  • top 10 of all shit
    top 10 of all shit 13 days ago

    Watching this made me realise english food are pure disgusting.

  • David Dadswell
    David Dadswell 13 days ago

    love you gordon' but that slice of bacon in the thumbnail looks like something from the reject pile at wendy's

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 13 days ago

    That black woman was the only one who was bothered she just wanted to be a cunt

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 14 days ago

    Any restaurant is gonna have trouble when you have 30 asshole diners at the same time.

  • moby dick
    moby dick 14 days ago

    2:29 me after getting high af n stopping at a Taco Bell

  • timothy chong
    timothy chong 14 days ago +1

    When u r working ur ass off n ur wife sabotaging u

  • kendallwi
    kendallwi 14 days ago +6

    That poor old mother has no business serving tables.

  • Tristan Ng
    Tristan Ng 15 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for all those people being insulted

  • Salty Bear
    Salty Bear 15 days ago

    the second restaurant needs more lives staff.. that old lady hand writing chits and forgetting orders is one of the reasons serving staff has an expiration date, no offence or anything, but unless you’re sharp this is not the job for you, and people feel bad complaining to someone who effectively could be your nan...

  • lynnhart
    lynnhart 15 days ago

    Did anyone else think the thumbnail was a dessert at first?

  • Double ii Miike
    Double ii Miike 17 days ago

    2:30, this chick is high as fuck.

  • aTm_LxxKerZ
    aTm_LxxKerZ 17 days ago

    The Woman by 2:30 was baked af

  • Snake 777
    Snake 777 18 days ago

    25:06 love his response 😂

  • Oldenvye6432
    Oldenvye6432 18 days ago

    I can't help but feel just a little disappointed that the restaurant wasn't called Pimp's Corner.

  • Lucy Knychala
    Lucy Knychala 18 days ago

    You know damn well that all those restaurants knew who the "secret diners" were.

  • Nicolle
    Nicolle 19 days ago

    i like this show a lot better because people actually admit to their mistakes and try to learn from them

    • Nicolle
      Nicolle 19 days ago

      wish the teams ended up cooking for each other too

  • Mandy Karevicius
    Mandy Karevicius 19 days ago

    If Gordon comes to Texas, I'll nominate Whataburger.

  • Anna Jones
    Anna Jones 19 days ago +2

    This is like some kind of weird drug . I can't stop watching . Darn it. Lol

  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes 20 days ago


  • Rey Haze
    Rey Haze 20 days ago

    2:28 I'll have what she smoked

  • Bredgy1009
    Bredgy1009 20 days ago +1

    The girl at 2:28 was stoned out her mind haha, she literally couldn't open her eyes

  • Beth
    Beth 21 day ago +1

    Its nice to see Gordy actually like something!

  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago


  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago

    Daddy picks the older gentleman his old buddy because of his age

  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago

    I love that bacon slice going right through the tenderloin

  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago

    I don’t know why you can’t let the guests decide ? Give all your patrons a points card tell me the score up so the audience knows who his neck and neck and how close they have come. Of course you make the final decision who you thinking grow but at least will now

  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago

    Venison Wellington Venison Wellington?? I didn’t even eat that if I can get a Wellington

  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago

    Never had venison

  • Thor
    Thor 21 day ago

    I love Yorkshire pudding I have never had it this way my dad used a pie tin to make a very big one and we would put butter on the inside with roast beef on the side

  • Dave C.
    Dave C. 22 days ago

    How did blood black pudding get popular? WTF guys....it isn't the 1300's anymore.

  • Corbin
    Corbin 22 days ago +3

    I'd rather wait an hour socializing and talking with friends or family and get a good meal rather be in and out in under an hour for a sub par meal.

  • Lars Bnk
    Lars Bnk 22 days ago +1

    33:06 wait, is that grilled lettuce?🤔

  • Fausto Melosu
    Fausto Melosu 22 days ago

    That restaurant has a Michelin star?
    For real? With that service? That furniture? With a team that's wearing that kind of clothes?

  • Mind Absorber
    Mind Absorber 23 days ago

    The wife is too fucking old and probably developing alzheimer's. I'm sorry but if I'm working in anything for 8+ years then I'm fucking killing it by that time, not making amateur mistakes.

  • 本DoNuts95
    本DoNuts95 23 days ago

    Quarantine Episode 69.420...

  • mtabernig
    mtabernig 23 days ago +1

    If I remember correctly, the Sheffield was sunked in the Forcland war by a French missile lounched by an american made plane.

  • TheBlade2020
    TheBlade2020 24 days ago +5

    Jackie says "When I started 8 years ago, I didn't know what I was doing".
    8 years later...she still doesn't have a clue 🙄

  • Petr Per
    Petr Per 24 days ago

    Mama Jackie being terrible at service and topping it up by letting the smell of her armpits to scent her diners!

  • Ton Melissa
    Ton Melissa 24 days ago +3

    That fiery young energy is difficult to beat especially if you're older have to work 10x as hard to keep pace. Look at Ramsay's energy at his age compared to older chefs that's why he's relevant

  • Lady B
    Lady B 24 days ago

    Damn, this was a good one. Wish they both could win!

  • FPScanada
    FPScanada 24 days ago +1

    the mom from second restaurant looks like angela merkel

  • Invisible Fiddle
    Invisible Fiddle 25 days ago

    Gordon visits the best restaurant in britain..
    ..IT'S COLD!

  • Lost
    Lost 25 days ago +1

    That triple handshake though 35:29

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 25 days ago


  • Squirrel
    Squirrel 25 days ago

    England's national dish is sewage.

  • AmericanOutsider ThobiWan

    Too bad English can't cook for s*!t...
    It's like a spelling bee for dyslexics.

  • Jackoveto Lovo
    Jackoveto Lovo 26 days ago

    West house had harder dish - west house is the winner to me

  • Thisdude Ohya
    Thisdude Ohya 26 days ago

    this shit is faaaakkkkee

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 26 days ago

    Never new Gary Ullman had a restaurant and can cook so well. Dayem. 17:01.

  • amobia ignius
    amobia ignius 27 days ago

    Gordon knows about cloud nine

  • Steven
    Steven 27 days ago

    2:30 wtf

  • Steven
    Steven 27 days ago

    british food blows

  • David Santosuosso
    David Santosuosso 27 days ago

    That pea panicotta dish looks incredible. I prolly wouldn't eat it tho.

  • Wuhsabi
    Wuhsabi 27 days ago

    Rolled pigs head? jesus christ that looks like something a serial killer would prepare. Fucking gross

  • Katherine Brown
    Katherine Brown 28 days ago

    why didn't he choose the west house? They did better in the first 2 challenges and tied in the last!

  • Joe KUE
    Joe KUE 28 days ago

    This is stupid, I don't care anywhere you go especially a small restaurant like these, trying to serve 30 people all at the same time is going to be madness, if you want 30 people served at the same time go to a buffet.

    • Joe KUE
      Joe KUE 27 days ago

      @G59Ignorant my ass, McDonalds couldn't serve 30 people all at the same time with out piss poor ramsey complaining

    • G59
      G59 28 days ago

      You’re just ignorant

  • B J
    B J 28 days ago

    what year was this made? everyone is dressed like it's 1998 or 2001 😂

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 28 days ago

    Great.....now I'm hungry...

  • EmptyWalletMultimedia
    EmptyWalletMultimedia 28 days ago

    7:01 just wanted a free meal

  • Bum God
    Bum God 28 days ago

    When did this come out.?

  • Pfffffft
    Pfffffft 29 days ago

    0:04 pulling limbs off a live animal. Shame.

  • david driving school office

    Um best modern britian food then it shows him cooking Turkey hmmmmmmmmm

  • Sap Sap
    Sap Sap 29 days ago

    God pork if my favorite and I would die for a wild pork.

  • Diwan Umam
    Diwan Umam 29 days ago

    English civil war colorized.

  • Mitch184
    Mitch184 29 days ago

    2:13. Wah deh beah wine or wha me uh. Is me mums ah bah hah fuh you guys. WTF they say???

  • Jadzebra
    Jadzebra Month ago

    I love this positive energy in this show, it's like kitchen nightmares mixed with his kid show

  • Videokeiler
    Videokeiler Month ago

    Why the fuck do they always film the old guy drinking water?

  • Videokeiler
    Videokeiler Month ago

    I hope he will do a German food version

  • Genesius Kharnaior
    Genesius Kharnaior Month ago

    West House should have been the winner.

  • Joshua Carr
    Joshua Carr Month ago

    Am I the only one who hates it when waiters squat down beside the table?

  • Kameron Bryant
    Kameron Bryant Month ago

    My PTSD makes me think Gordon won't like any of the food lol.
    Edit 4 minutes in and I'm on edge the restaurants aren't perfect but they're good this is so exciting