Gordon Ramsay Falls Off A Chair While Making Rice Cakes In Vietnam | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • While travelling in Vietnam, Gordon Ramsay learns how to make rice cakes & shocks locals by telling them about his career.
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  • Ngoc Huynh
    Ngoc Huynh 3 days ago

    I love it. My husband is American and he fell off from the same chair with the same way you did. What a chair :D

  • Papa Emeritus III
    Papa Emeritus III 14 days ago

    He looks huge in front of them

  • Thao Nguyen phuong
    Thao Nguyen phuong 21 day ago

    Gordon Ramsay can ride a motorbike?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Keith Jong Un Putin
    Keith Jong Un Putin 22 days ago

    "Dude falls off a chair"
    5 million people :INTERESTING

  • An_Highway
    An_Highway Month ago

    Gordon flys by economy class hahaha

  • Cybernetic Cat
    Cybernetic Cat Month ago

    "Yeah, i'm fine but the chair is fucked, sorry."
    The most inspiring quote i've ever heard.

  • John Walker Lee
    John Walker Lee Month ago

    I will do the rice justicy........drops it the next episode

  • Xasir Berserk
    Xasir Berserk Month ago

    is it just me or the ending bits make most people happy? 😁

  • MrBugzapper
    MrBugzapper Month ago

    The trees speak Vietnamese

  • cuongthanh tran
    cuongthanh tran Month ago +1

    white man learn once will make the best later

  • Tony D. Monkey
    Tony D. Monkey Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey, you're a fucking unmannered ASSHOLE, and shit of a cook... if it wasn't for the corruption and help handy around you, at this time you were NOBODY, BUT A MERE COOK!!!

  • rick nguyen
    rick nguyen Month ago

    5:33 “I will do the rice justice.” Proceeds to spill the rice later*

  • SimpleASF
    SimpleASF Month ago

    How did he know where the village is?..

  • Cindy Buls
    Cindy Buls Month ago

    Oh my gosh MasterChef this is the old fashion from Vietnamese cultureI don’t think you can do that make me laugh very fun

  • Kordor Precious
    Kordor Precious Month ago

    he crash on a tree....he broke a chair ...he drowned a fishing boat..... hahaaaaaahhaaaa.......mad.......☺️😊😊😊😊😊

  • slinky crown
    slinky crown Month ago

    “Yeah I’m fine, chair’s fucked”

  • Khadijah Valeriano
    Khadijah Valeriano Month ago

    What about Philippines...

  • Victor Alvarez
    Victor Alvarez Month ago

    Mr. Ramsey you are a donkey heade 😅😅🤣🤣

  • Jericho. J
    Jericho. J Month ago

    The chair break
    Chair : Sorry chef

  • krishan das
    krishan das Month ago +1

    This seems like indian North East parts.

  • 《DOGヅPPS》
    《DOGヅPPS》 Month ago

    actually, there are many type of rice cake in Vietnam

  • Nha Trang Na
    Nha Trang Na Month ago

    Xin chào ! Welcome to vietnam cultural

  • Son Thien
    Son Thien Month ago

    I’m born here !

  • Yugi Amane
    Yugi Amane Month ago

    00:08 Why Gordon sat alone during the flight ✈️? 🥺😢

  • Minh Nguyễn
    Minh Nguyễn Month ago

    i love việt nam 🥰🥰🥰

  • M Jack
    M Jack Month ago

    I’m a cook.
    They : ohhhhhhhhhhh (they were roasting him)

  • Artdeluxe
    Artdeluxe Month ago

    Can’t trust the white man came to steal your shit then sell in his restaurants for what village ladies earn a year! Enjoy these episodes though, Gordon looks quite rude for Asian culture!

  • 1000 subscribers without a video challenge

    5:06 is when the teacher tells us the correct answer and why we got it wrong.

  • Kieu Lam
    Kieu Lam Month ago

    uncle is so cute and handsom

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen Month ago


  • neo
    neo 2 months ago

    "... I'm going to need to apply a delicate touch"
    *Breaks Chair*
    That made me laugh. Whoever edited this, thank you!

  • Lady G
    Lady G 2 months ago

    Gordon....Can you guest my work?
    People...ow we thought you are a diver...diver while cooking

  • Heartbyjay
    Heartbyjay 2 months ago

    boy really cant cook for shit in vietnam

  • BIG-B 4747
    BIG-B 4747 2 months ago

    Who’s the big boy now

  • Vik Nair
    Vik Nair 2 months ago

    what do English know about good food??? salt and pepper lol

  • Evil Deeds
    Evil Deeds 2 months ago

    Hey Ramsay, if you want to impress us, trying sitting cross legged on the floor!

  • T.
    T. 2 months ago +1

    Well honestly he is an actor lol

  • SaltyDog
    SaltyDog 2 months ago

    they should have seasoned the chair first lmao

  • NCKBill
    NCKBill 2 months ago

    It is rice noodle roll dude, rice cake is an another story :))
    Rice cake is rice only roll.

  • BigNoseHacker 11
    BigNoseHacker 11 2 months ago


  • YouAll Dislike
    YouAll Dislike 3 months ago

    Im wheezing so hard

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J 3 months ago

    Arent rats going to eat that rice if you leave it out like that?

  • Những Chuyện Bên Đường

    That’s was Thai People who are always friendly. They are really good at cooking with their special ingredients collected around. I suggest to stay in Mai Chau at a local stilt house if you would like to experience it.

  • Official Don G AKA Don G Tha King

    I wish 2.1 million ppl would watch me fall off a chair lmao

  • Bruh
    Bruh 3 months ago

    5:05-5:11 me and my brain cells when we get a kahoot question wrong

  • Ottozo
    Ottozo 3 months ago

    I mean you could have just went to the store and got an bag for like 3 bucks.

  • Sayerdify
    Sayerdify 3 months ago

    He fell off because those are for small children. No reason to be embarrassed Gordon.

  • kaep lit
    kaep lit 3 months ago

    3:19 the way he said "shit" lmao 😂🤣

  • Izzy Kidding
    Izzy Kidding 3 months ago

    This legit seemed hella fun.

  • petethebastard
    petethebastard 3 months ago

    ….they said "You're a cook? Fuck off! Are you serious?"

  • St. Chino Beats
    St. Chino Beats 3 months ago

    Gordon Thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal

  • A dank meme In disguise

    Those Vietnamese women were over that Ramsey dick 😂

  • Jack The Neko Cat
    Jack The Neko Cat 3 months ago

    I'm from vietnam and i'm proud of it

  • Raiku
    Raiku 3 months ago +12

    “Hey big boi, your turn next.” Gordon Ramsay

  • Ron Natividad
    Ron Natividad 3 months ago

    Gordon:"i have been useless"
    Me: " useless piece of shit."

  • Mahdi
    Mahdi 3 months ago

    "yeah i am fine. the chair is fucked. sorry"
    -Gordan Ramsay

  • Nikko Gotze
    Nikko Gotze 3 months ago

    “I felt like Steve McQueen”
    -Gordon madlad Ramsay

  • Bright G
    Bright G 3 months ago

    banh cuon!

  • Ben He
    Ben He 3 months ago

    speaks lil english also her tour de france hahahahah

  • Rg Tldro
    Rg Tldro 4 months ago

    Look at those women's face's when gordon can't make a thin paper rice cake right ✌️😂😂😂😂👌

  • Gold Zemia
    Gold Zemia 4 months ago

    Those asain chairs man I tell you!! Lolol

  • Juntavee Kammanee
    Juntavee Kammanee 4 months ago +2

    He is different he is not arrogant. He is funny. Just like he's drinking buddy in laos hahaha lol I'm sure all the ppl love him.

  • Juntavee Kammanee
    Juntavee Kammanee 4 months ago

    Lol. Lol

  • Dusty Rhodes
    Dusty Rhodes 4 months ago

    Whem Gordon is talking calmly he sounds like Bear Grylls

  • Denny Le
    Denny Le 4 months ago

    I miss Anthony Bourdain watchjng these kinds of videos

  • Kratos
    Kratos 4 months ago

    Now I know why Quang Tran says balance off your life when he takes a bite of rice.

    KTOWNPUNK jr. 4 months ago

    I'll buy you new stools

  • xxTimeCrackerxx
    xxTimeCrackerxx 4 months ago

    I've tasted the powederd rice thingy it's very good

  • Alondra Correa
    Alondra Correa 4 months ago

    “SWEATIN’ like a viEtNaMeSe pig”

  • Formidable Answer
    Formidable Answer 4 months ago

    ...Gloves Gordon, Gloves!!

  • muhammad abqari
    muhammad abqari 4 months ago

    The chair is raw you donkey !

  • Helliven
    Helliven 4 months ago +1

    Me falling off a chair..... no one even notice
    He falling off a chair .... 2.1M views

  • Tuấn Nguyễn Quốc
    Tuấn Nguyễn Quốc 4 months ago +1

    it is " banh muot" which called in Nghe an province, Vietnam

  • MegaSting1981
    MegaSting1981 4 months ago

    "I'm ok but the chair's fucked" 😆

  • Unusualderpie
    Unusualderpie 4 months ago


  • M Tio
    M Tio 4 months ago

    He had to travel clear around the world to find people who don’t know who he is

  • Meem Bhai
    Meem Bhai 4 months ago

    5:57 did anyone else see hair on that girl?

  • Zep 4
    Zep 4 4 months ago

    Those goggles will protect your precious eyes if you wear them properly:)😎🥰

  • BukCityEnt YungWorld
    BukCityEnt YungWorld 4 months ago

    Man's a legend

  • JLWP7
    JLWP7 4 months ago

    3:19. XDDDDDDDD

  • the bunbun artist
    the bunbun artist 4 months ago

    O M G H E F E L L O F F A C H A I R

  • Filip Stepnowski
    Filip Stepnowski 5 months ago

    I thought Gordon would be in first class not economy ngl

  • Daniel Broward
    Daniel Broward 5 months ago

    And then came down rain 🧐😂

  • TikTokVideoChannel
    TikTokVideoChannel 5 months ago

    *Gordon Ramsay Breaks Chair*
    Lady: wauh wauh wauh

  • thetruehari
    thetruehari 5 months ago +1

    Love how Gordon buys three seats just for himself 😂
    Top class

  • Suhaili Ismail
    Suhaili Ismail 5 months ago

    humble chef from hell when he in asean/asian countries

  • named
    named 5 months ago +1

    *the chair is shit.*

  • Dowhatever youwant
    Dowhatever youwant 5 months ago

    Auto translate : Venom

  • Constantin Donskoj
    Constantin Donskoj 5 months ago

    Damn he fat

  • Angel Bordeaux
    Angel Bordeaux 5 months ago


    • Angel Bordeaux
      Angel Bordeaux 5 months ago

      ...and I'll NEVER look at rice the same way again . I thought my family LOVED IT.... now I know we just merely EAT it. Lol

  • Syyus. IA
    Syyus. IA 5 months ago

    Whoever you are camera man.. Thanks for following chef ramsay doing good things

  • Aldo
    Aldo 5 months ago

    I don't even know if they know what he's saying between all those swear words

  • Simon Grönlund
    Simon Grönlund 5 months ago

    Gordon, now your kids are semi-adult, at least, so why do we never see your gorgeous wife travelling with you?

  • mirci 25
    mirci 25 5 months ago +4

    No body:
    Gordon ramsay: lemme break dat chair

  • Nam Lê Hải
    Nam Lê Hải 5 months ago

    Lmao at this rate youre gonna call 30% of our food rice cake xd
    Its called "bánh cuốn", "cuốn" means rolled and i cant really translate "bánh". All those kinds of white rice stringy stuff, for example phở, can be called "bánh", and each has their own name. Basically its the part that is not meat nor vegie

    NGÀN TRẦN 6 months ago

    Việt Nam love love

  • Norage
    Norage 6 months ago

    Gordon cannot break any one , so he breaked the chair

  • Franz Franz
    Franz Franz 6 months ago +1

    Oh they dont know gordon??. hes a multi millionaire and owns a very famous restaurant and has a t.v show, youtuber as well and he has a lot of expensive sports and luxury cars ! .

    • Mc Brownie
      Mc Brownie 6 months ago

      Not everyone have access to internet or even a tv

  • Lamso Mathanmi
    Lamso Mathanmi 6 months ago

    Sir, you know the exact timing of finish harvest and enjoy festival of eating🍴 haha😂😂 love❤😘