Convicts Cook Scrambled Eggs For Gordon Ramsay | Gordon Behind Bars

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • To see what chefs are capable of cooking, Gordon sets up a simple scrambled egg challenge.
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  • Robert Carroll
    Robert Carroll Day ago

    Gordon: Hey my names Gordan
    Prisoner: Hey my names Daddy.. bend over

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein 2 days ago

    Petty thieves . Couldn’t really call them criminals. More like the burglars from Home Alone

  • Julio Acero
    Julio Acero 2 days ago

    Makes me proud of my eggs 😂

  • R H
    R H 4 days ago

    I dont understand how they were able to get them eggs so watery without adding water lmao.

  • Christopher
    Christopher 5 days ago

    From crook to cook

  • Jory
    Jory 6 days ago

    "how come you look older than me" Lol is Gordon Ramsay this delusional? the dude spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to get his ugly pig skinned face fixed.

  • James Black
    James Black 7 days ago

    The criminals live better in prison than they do on the streets. I am so tired of people pretending criminals are good people.

  • 500 subs with no videos pls

    Dang Gordon’s story is kinda tragic

  • Anthony Kelly
    Anthony Kelly 7 days ago +1

    1:36 Well that's a weird coincidence

  • the boybrutus
    the boybrutus 7 days ago

    hollup why do none of the prisoners have handcuffs on..

  • Matthew Cooke
    Matthew Cooke 7 days ago

    Who gives a fuck let them rot

  • Alein FromEarth
    Alein FromEarth 8 days ago

    Now i wanna go prison so Gordon can come around again

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington 8 days ago

    2:58 lol it’s like if Karl pilkington chose the “dark” ways of life.

  • Niko Gagnon
    Niko Gagnon 8 days ago

    Im sorry gordon but no one cares about ur sap story. Ur here to work not cry fuckin get real.

  • Dean Coysh
    Dean Coysh 9 days ago


  • Saioshen Govender
    Saioshen Govender 9 days ago

    Football is 24/7

  • NE Fan
    NE Fan 9 days ago

    Never saw this before. Gordon is the greatest. Personalized his profession making doing what you love for work make sense. It's ALL passion for Gordon and it shows.

  • John Phinney
    John Phinney 10 days ago

    everytime I've made watery scrambled eggs I always assumed I under cooked it.... Damn.

  • รquคяε σหε
    รquคяε σหε 10 days ago

    Denny's taught America . never stop stirring eggs in pan until done.
    God fucking bless you Denny's

  • Lunch
    Lunch 10 days ago

    man... this inmates r just grown kids. Got the bodies of adults but brains of hormonal teenage boys.

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor 11 days ago

    People say you can't tell criminals/prisoners from regular people, doesn't seem to be the case here. They all appear to have at least mild down-syndrome.

  • Barrios Groupie
    Barrios Groupie 11 days ago

    Well meaning, but these individuals probably have an IQ below 80

  • Robby Patterson
    Robby Patterson 11 days ago

    I knew they were Brits because Americons can make some good sh!t

  • eMe Vibezz
    eMe Vibezz 11 days ago

    I love how nice he is to them

  • Surname
    Surname 11 days ago

    The USA needs more of this in the prisons

  • matt schlegel
    matt schlegel 12 days ago +1

    The prisoners face at 3:54 and the prisoner trying to add salt at the last second at 4:30 had me dying

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin 12 days ago

    uk prisons look nice as fuck bruh

  • z
    z 12 days ago

    nice video

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 12 days ago +1

    I'm 33 and Antony looks a good 10 years older than myself.

  • Commander Cal
    Commander Cal 13 days ago

    This on everybodies recommended?

  • spencer vance
    spencer vance 13 days ago

    How the hell are they getting that liquid shit on their eggs? I've never seen that before.

  • sasukey _GHG
    sasukey _GHG 13 days ago

    2:55 nice

  • Onix Junes
    Onix Junes 13 days ago

    wait, where can i watch this series?

  • Brian Munich
    Brian Munich 14 days ago +2

    Even a child should be able to make scrambled eggs, embarrassing

  • Christopher Cordasco
    Christopher Cordasco 15 days ago

    Can we call this crooks to cooks?

  • Jimmy Buffét
    Jimmy Buffét 16 days ago +13

    This prison would be a PARADISE in the United States.

  • ProPaleo
    ProPaleo 16 days ago

    I like how Gordon’s talking shit about them behind their back but he’s so polite when in front of them.

    • ProPaleo
      ProPaleo 14 days ago

      @xTeqno Correction: Politer than usual.

    • xTeqno
      xTeqno 14 days ago

      ProPaleo spitting their eggs out in their face? Polite?

  • Richard Recupero
    Richard Recupero 18 days ago


  • smash surfing
    smash surfing 18 days ago

    Finally people gordon can't shout at

  • Vu Nguyen
    Vu Nguyen 19 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like the scrambled eggs had diabetes

  • Manuel Lora
    Manuel Lora 21 day ago

    The guy who said maybe he would be a black version of Gordon Ramsay was the most racist comment ever.

    • 23oel
      23oel 19 days ago

      Manuel Lora how lmao😂

  • First Amendment
    First Amendment 22 days ago

    Fuck these criminal asswipes....rot in prison.

  • it was bad yet it was never not been good

    Why are they british

  • Jake Duhr
    Jake Duhr 27 days ago


  • James Rounding
    James Rounding 28 days ago

    The key to good scrambled eggs is to take them off the heat before you think they are done, because they cook fast and will continue to cook once the heat is removed.

  • Kevin Guo
    Kevin Guo 29 days ago +2

    "Maybe I'm the black Gordan Ramsay" 😂😂😂 4:22

  • ZayBoi
    ZayBoi Month ago

    Stove top cooking to me isn’t that hard you can tell by looking at it what the dish needs, if it’s under cooked or needs highet temp, even when I made eggs for the first time the only problem was I didn’t season them right

  • Jem Harper
    Jem Harper Month ago

    Being served scorched eggs is gross.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 3 months ago

    Honestly, this makes me so happy. Rehabilitating those who by-and-large got fucked by society, and never really had a chance.
    Also, notice how these guys aren't getting fucking REAMED? That's because GR only reams people when they're supposed to be operating at the highest level of their craft, and instead give him shit.

  • Spiral Deer
    Spiral Deer 4 months ago

    At least the prisoners can acknowledge that they didnt make good scrambled eggs

  • Kim B, that's me
    Kim B, that's me 4 months ago

    WTH, this is the same thing as from 2015 :/

  • Mogtaba Mohamed
    Mogtaba Mohamed 4 months ago

    Got a Gordon Ramsay master class ad.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 5 months ago

    Damn this looks so cool now I wanna go to jail.

  • Kicksrocks 42
    Kicksrocks 42 6 months ago

    Next up: Gordon Ramsay reviews school lunches

  • Prevara
    Prevara 6 months ago

    Anyone else find the inmates adorable?

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    2:38 - eating my Mom’s cooking

  • ゴウケツ
    ゴウケツ 7 months ago

    3:56 spit out because no lamb sauce lol

  • 宏
     8 months ago +1

    Don't fight with the prisoner , fight with me please.

  • Julian Assange
    Julian Assange 8 months ago


  • Mysasser1
    Mysasser1 9 months ago

    It's kinda hard to cook eggs in a pot.

  • Sky__ _
    Sky__ _ 9 months ago

    At least nothing was raw...right? 😂

  • quelorepario
    quelorepario 9 months ago

    Shows * convict with bodily harm *
    Gordon: It is fucking overcooked

  • Andy Mitchell
    Andy Mitchell 9 months ago

    “Sniffing cocaine 10 years of age” *sniffs n rubs nose* big Anthony is missing it

  • Not a Man Studios
    Not a Man Studios 9 months ago

    "what made you wanna get involved with us?"
    "that's a good question, planted actor #5068"

    • Justin M
      Justin M 9 months ago

      @Not a Man Studios You were joking? I missed that I guess. I'm Australian.....all I do is joke around with people, resulting quite often in "you can't say that"....too late, I said it, deal with it.

    • Not a Man Studios
      Not a Man Studios 9 months ago

      @Justin M dawg have you ever joked in your life

    • Justin M
      Justin M 9 months ago

      Maybe, but I doubt it. It would be a legitimate question. Why would a multi award winning uber successful chef want to teach inmates how to cook? Sure, the money helps but I like to think Gordon's heart is in the right place. All of his shows are about helping people be better versions of themselves. It comes across as genuine to me. Unlike Jamie Oliver who seems to only come out with a new show now when he has a cookbook to sell


    I love how happy the inmates are with their food.

  • Steve R
    Steve R 9 months ago +3

    I'm in for assault.
    Gordon: did someone say salt?

  • Baddie Lî Banks
    Baddie Lî Banks 10 months ago

    Love this

  • Gday mates
    Gday mates 10 months ago

    How old is this?

    • Justin M
      Justin M 9 months ago

      It's from 2011-ish. It's a really good show, only 6 or 8 episodes.

  • Forever Simgirl
    Forever Simgirl 10 months ago cook scrambled eggs in a pot???? I’ve been using a pan this whole time.

  • Jay Rional
    Jay Rional 10 months ago

    3:52 when your crush beside you

  • Kaiden Paulson
    Kaiden Paulson 10 months ago

    They wouldn’t last a day in American prisons

  • Dendé Hehr
    Dendé Hehr 10 months ago

    0:00 that’s some quality 240P

  • Ronnhy
    Ronnhy 10 months ago


  • herp derp
    herp derp 10 months ago +4

    Plot twist: one of them was a professional chef that got put in prison for poisoning someone

  • MoistBread
    MoistBread 10 months ago

    I thought the guy said he told us how he became a cuck.

  • Bobby Cole
    Bobby Cole 10 months ago

    Where the jumpsuits?

  • Jelly Wafer O_O
    Jelly Wafer O_O 10 months ago +5

    Gordon: What are you in here for?
    Prisoner: I stole something...
    Gordon: What?
    Prisoner: Lamb sauce
    Gordon: You mother-

  • Mistuh Cluck
    Mistuh Cluck 10 months ago

    69... no
    69.... maybe
    69.... yes

    No 102,000 convictions

  • sariusmonk
    sariusmonk 10 months ago

    I can only cook scrambled eggs because of a different gordon ramsay video. If I was put on the spot mine would prob be crap too.

    • xen0g3n
      xen0g3n 10 months ago

      Would it be this one? They're tasty!

  • The Dynamite Kid
    The Dynamite Kid 10 months ago

    I done cocaine at 10 as he wipes his nose

  • Lil Kaykayy
    Lil Kaykayy 10 months ago

    Cant understand a thing theyre speaking

  • Grandson Little Billy
    Grandson Little Billy 10 months ago

    I was sentenced to life cuz i murdered by husband vince. He was having an affair with grandma rita from the next street. One day he asked me to make him some scrambled eggs so i got an hammer and scrambled his bollocks hahaha.

  • Logan Black
    Logan Black 10 months ago

    Gordon is really a good example of an angel that has fought his way to victory

  • GiGa Flux
    GiGa Flux 10 months ago

    Why are the majority of the convicts in this prison Black, when they are an overwhelming minority in Scotland?

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 10 months ago

    This lot can't tell their all from their elbow. 😂😂

  • xBrqndz
    xBrqndz 10 months ago

    To think im watching 1080p...

  • CC was On
    CC was On 10 months ago

    What this really makes me see is that being bad is more complex than what we’re shown. The prisoners all seem like genuinely nice people that just got put into a bad situation or something like that. Overall, pretty cool to look inside what a prison is.

  • Skelyboss
    Skelyboss 10 months ago

    Why does it say 1080p but the quality is so low

  • Daymond42
    Daymond42 10 months ago

    First guy's scrambled eggs look just like mine. Just my preference, I guess.. I like having a little bit of a browned edge to them in areas.

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 10 months ago

    Awwww. Full episode please!

  • Антон Резников

    Гордон ты пиздишь, адрес Крым Джанкой

  • Critical Moisture
    Critical Moisture 10 months ago

    They sentenced very lightly out there 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Aidan Campiou
    Aidan Campiou 10 months ago

    How do i watch longer versions of these!

  • iowaaaaaaaaaa
    iowaaaaaaaaaa 10 months ago

    Sorry, but this is preposterous. Most people see cooking as a means to an end, people like Gordon see it as an art because it is their job. There's almost no way to make a cooked egg inedible, he should be happy they were all overcooked as opposed to undercooked which could be a health risk. Also scrambled eggs suck compared to eggs over easy. 'You suck at making scrambled eggs' is such a ostentatious thing to say to anyone who cooks in order to maintain sustenance and not impress other people.

  • S Prakash Narayan
    S Prakash Narayan 10 months ago

    It is actually the prisoners who fear him

  • Tasha Vladimiroff
    Tasha Vladimiroff 10 months ago +6

    I love how he is always down to make better chefs. And to give people a second chance at life and a real profession.

  • J Perc
    J Perc 11 months ago

    American prisoners laugh at these guys

  • Tonar Silverwolf
    Tonar Silverwolf 11 months ago +1

    is it me, or does British prison seem not that bad

  • 0
    0 11 months ago +1

    Gordon: FUCK ME
    Criminal: 😏

  • Tsar R
    Tsar R 11 months ago

    To be honest 99% of people if prison are pricks and this is a waste of time

    • Ahh Ahh
      Ahh Ahh 10 months ago

      If you think giving inmates a second chance is a waste of time then fuck you