Sunday Beef Dinners With Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Feb 21, 2021
  • Here are some delicious beef recipes to help inspire you with your Sunday dinners.
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    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit -

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  • Terri Coleman
    Terri Coleman 35 minutes ago

    I love the way he talks to the food,I have learned so much. And when he cook with his babies top self chef

  • B2S
    B2S Hour ago

    8:53 funny cat

  • Linda Darling
    Linda Darling Hour ago

    Holly is absolutely beautiful. She’s a sweet girl. He’s done an outstanding job with his children. Beautiful family.

  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li 3 hours ago

    lol drinking beer ;)

  • Chungwei Wang
    Chungwei Wang 4 hours ago

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  • coolman72891
    coolman72891 8 hours ago

    Make a response video to Mythical Kitchen coward

  • Clemmy Anselm
    Clemmy Anselm 14 hours ago

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  • Leen
    Leen 18 hours ago

    I literally want Gordon to be my father-

  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi 18 hours ago

    Did he said big dick smoke flavor?

  • Leigh Lindsay
    Leigh Lindsay 21 hour ago

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  • Richard Vasquez
    Richard Vasquez Day ago

    Itd be cool to meet Gordon

  • George Bevan
    George Bevan Day ago

    Love how he just leaves us to guess what temperature he cooks the brisket at 😂

  • Dale A
    Dale A Day ago

    He likes Budweiser beer. 👍

  • dave wilson
    dave wilson Day ago +1

    Hey Chef, You need a pair of onion goggles in the kitchen lmao

  • WARP Jac06
    WARP Jac06 Day ago


  • Wander Voyager
    Wander Voyager Day ago

    “U put urs in there, I’ll put mine in here 😂

  • Megan H
    Megan H Day ago

    As a Texan, I can tell you, Chef Ramsay did it right!

  • Soso S
    Soso S Day ago

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  • Mx No Name
    Mx No Name 2 days ago

    I should be sleeping but like this is quality entertainment

  • Jason McCleary
    Jason McCleary 2 days ago

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  • M K
    M K 2 days ago

    Tilly's a natural haha

  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey 2 days ago

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  • Camping for Everyone Else

    Gordon seems such a great dad.

  • Гульсим Мукашева

    daughter : slices onion and cries
    Gordon: was your homework that bad?

  • Kiraney
    Kiraney 2 days ago +1

    "Once the stock has come to a boil cover it with foil!" Lmao

  • Anindya
    Anindya 2 days ago

    Time to waste my time again

  • Kyle Oakes
    Kyle Oakes 2 days ago +1

    Any dislikes are from Texans..... (I understand.)

  • Soc Ahha
    Soc Ahha 3 days ago +1

    As a Haitian woman, I respect your tomato puree, Sir!

  • Quy Tu
    Quy Tu 3 days ago

    The silly curler resultantly itch because decimal customarily haunt amidst a useless rice. tidy, thankful sunday

  • jake ofa
    jake ofa 3 days ago

    That brisket is dry as hell

  • Senor eggnogs
    Senor eggnogs 3 days ago

    Gordon you are not really struggling for money so why the fuck did u put 5 ads in this shit?

  • Kenneth Myers
    Kenneth Myers 3 days ago

    Texas brisket is 1000 times better than the English version.

    IAMBOBBY 3 days ago

    6:55 doesn't really answer the question but doubt she will call him out.

  • TheSharpyehT
    TheSharpyehT 3 days ago

    See mate how nice it is when you don't have to curse your lungs out. Now I can let my children watch you as well, spreading your knowledge.

  • Zara Othman
    Zara Othman 3 days ago

    why is he always cooking food in liquor?

  • Cameron Kelly
    Cameron Kelly 3 days ago

    Mans at home kitchen gon feed the whole hood

  • EmmaJane Watts
    EmmaJane Watts 3 days ago

    Making the first recipe for tea, fingers crossed

  • Tony Stokes
    Tony Stokes 3 days ago

    Imagine him being your dad but you didn't like to cook.

  • Toyo Beats
    Toyo Beats 3 days ago

    *Salsa Verlhhrrrlrde*

  • raul muniz
    raul muniz 3 days ago

    That looks so good

  • RemedyKitchen
    RemedyKitchen 3 days ago

    I'm not even American and I know that's not how you barbecue a brisket. Looks good.... but it ain't barbecue

  • Sharyl Florette
    Sharyl Florette 3 days ago

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  • Mark S
    Mark S 4 days ago

    Your wife must love when you're home.... Wife: Gordon, dinner for 10 tonight... Gordon: Prepped and ready... Wife: How long will it take you? Gordon: 10 minutes Wife: Oh, I forgot to tell you... The neighbors are coming too, there are 6 of them... How much longer do you need? Gordon: Still 10 minutes...

  • Cliffy Leathersons
    Cliffy Leathersons 4 days ago

    Dudes kids are so lucky

  • Manus Razameer
    Manus Razameer 4 days ago

    I really want to know...why Gordon is always out of breath!!
    Chef Gordon please give us an answer!!

  • Rosa Reyna
    Rosa Reyna 4 days ago

    Your kids are lovely

  • ileana calo
    ileana calo 4 days ago

    look so delicious=)

  • steady
    steady 4 days ago


  • Cyrus
    Cyrus 4 days ago

    What a happy you all man

  • Reiner Lustig
    Reiner Lustig 4 days ago

    High there , can anybody tell me what he is adding after the plain flour, called "suid" or so, I'm foreigner, so not used to this ingridiant

  • Zo Kitchen
    Zo Kitchen 4 days ago

    Very good father and great chef ❤️

  • Deborah Nelson
    Deborah Nelson 4 days ago

    Your daughters are lovely, beautiful and sweet. Tillie is certainly the chef, as she always wants to know the "why" of everything. Fun cooking with the children.

  • Dourspider Not
    Dourspider Not 4 days ago

    Jesus Christ with that much smoke I'm surprised their fire alarm does not go off

  • Neil Whiteside
    Neil Whiteside 4 days ago

    A pity he doesn't have the same respect for others like his children ‼️

    DAMIEN TAN 4 days ago

    ngl looks kinda dry bro

  • Ariane Dutta
    Ariane Dutta 4 days ago +1

    Just imagine when one of his daughters or sons gets the name of the spice wrong...... *scary Jason noises*

  • Mark kliczko
    Mark kliczko 4 days ago

    for sure, this is a total different Gordon then Hells kitchen :-)

  • Terry McCann
    Terry McCann 4 days ago

    What Gordon doesn’t tell you is that all his stocks are KNORR in memory of his long lost friend Marco whom he shat on “beautifully”

  • It's a MIRACLE!!!
    It's a MIRACLE!!! 4 days ago +1

    "was homework that bad?"


  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 4 days ago

    Ok, that's a braised beef brisket, and that's ok. But lets not call this BBQ.

  • haziq osem
    haziq osem 4 days ago

    that coleslaw looks peng you know

  • Joe
    Joe 5 days ago

    This is the Gordon I a Dad myself...You seem like a good Dad.

  • E3 Unknown
    E3 Unknown 5 days ago

    Imagine if she has a kink of being called a good girl💀💀💀

  • Batman21
    Batman21 5 days ago +1

    Its real good to see mr. Ramsey wirb his children teaching them how to be a chef.

  • Batman21
    Batman21 5 days ago +1

    Can u see the smell of the dish and smell the colors of this dish, beautiful just absolutly beautiful. 😆 lol.

  • Bernd Das Brot
    Bernd Das Brot 5 days ago

    What a good girl!

  • Batman21
    Batman21 5 days ago +1

    Hes a good father from what ive seen so far, wheres his wife??????

  • Batman21
    Batman21 5 days ago +1

    His daughter is very lucky to be taught by one of the best or if not the best cooks in the 🌎 world.

  • kaye petersen
    kaye petersen 5 days ago

    yummy food wow happy eating

  • SinkingSun690
    SinkingSun690 5 days ago

    Budweiser, Gordon?... You just drank Budweiser?