CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • A Christmas take on a classic dish.
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  • Pussy Slayer 45
    Pussy Slayer 45 23 minutes ago

    Ok But where's

  • Jorge Escobar
    Jorge Escobar 43 minutes ago

    We just tried... with some variatons because of the quarantine and place we live in.... but it's amazing!!!! thanks for sahring this !

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 2 hours ago

    Looks like he snorted gfuel

  • Mariano José Juárez D'Ambola

    What's the recipe for the dough?? Help!

  • 애오엥
    애오엥 8 hours ago

    말 개빨라

  • NG1 N3
    NG1 N3 12 hours ago

    Why's it look raw

  • Lukas Wegener
    Lukas Wegener 15 hours ago

    Just the number 14.500

  • Elliot Bridge
    Elliot Bridge 15 hours ago


  • Zachary UponTheHill
    Zachary UponTheHill 16 hours ago

    Imagine making this with wait for it......magic mushrooms

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 17 hours ago

    IT'S F@&KING RAAAAAAAW!!!!!🤬🤬🤬

  • Marcelo Nerva
    Marcelo Nerva 17 hours ago +1

    I like this 90's comercial filter of the video

  • Steven Barry
    Steven Barry 19 hours ago

    Try this once
    Probably the most delicious beef I've ever tasted

  • OwO //Kyle\\ OwO
    OwO //Kyle\\ OwO 19 hours ago

    Food aside Rumples is a cute name.

  • Songs N
    Songs N 21 hour ago

    I cooked it he yells at me you dumb boy its raw do it again

  • Crixtian Galindo

    yo hablo español pero amo a este vato

  • Sayrox & Flack
    Sayrox & Flack Day ago

    Not bad

  • 유미진
    유미진 Day ago

    Chef Golden Ramsay, I learned how to bake steak last time. Thank you always.❤️
    아주 존경스러운 골든램지 셰프님 통고기요리 잘보고 저번에스테이크 굽는방법 배우고 또 배웠습니다. 항상감사합니다❤️

  • Tahseen Chowdhury

    What could you use instead of ham?

  • Ahmet
    Ahmet Day ago

    definitely on cocain

  • Maura Aranha
    Maura Aranha Day ago

    Adorei a receita, principalmente a camada de cogumelos. Hummm Só não gosto muito de carne mal passada e esse caprichou. Kkkk

  • Jade West willows

    Why does this look like it was recorded in 2009

  • Gopu nii-chan
    Gopu nii-chan Day ago

    Ramsay: Aah, Beautiful, what a sexy piece of meat.
    Dog: woof
    Ramsay: Fuck off *shoots him*

  • UY_ Scuti111
    UY_ Scuti111 Day ago

    He's been holding his piss for a couple of years now

  • Benjiman Moua
    Benjiman Moua Day ago

    Why meat

  • 김김
    김김 Day ago +1

    저... ...한국인

  • Jean-Paul Miller

    I’d .. just eat it whole like a burrito

  • 준튜브
    준튜브 Day ago +1

    한국인 찾는다

  • Lukas 123
    Lukas 123 Day ago

    I need to make this in quarantine just because I got time

  • Cristopher Reyes
    Cristopher Reyes 2 days ago

    El gordón raimses 😂

    SORROW Ω 2 days ago +1

    Outstanding, truly love this man🤗🔱

  • Jamie Baldock
    Jamie Baldock 2 days ago

    Wowowowowowowowowow so u do the big act of best chef and then use ready made pastry noob

  • Acromatic
    Acromatic 2 days ago

    Vegans be like:

  • Exo Cno
    Exo Cno 2 days ago


  • fat.asian
    fat.asian 2 days ago

    Who's here because of quarantine

  • TimmyCoolBoy 123
    TimmyCoolBoy 123 3 days ago

    My mum says Im not allowed to eat beef because of her religion but I'm a different religion from her and she still won't let me. So I have never tasted beef for 14 years. 🙁🙁

  • Zombie Conection
    Zombie Conection 3 days ago

    Es más divertido el Jairo!

  • 2019년
    2019년 3 days ago

    영산이랑 노야 보고 왔더니 고든램지가 뜨네.

  • Bigor Shpella
    Bigor Shpella 3 days ago

    that shit is raw

  • Hamid noor Yasin
    Hamid noor Yasin 3 days ago

    so noob

  • Shannon McCluskey
    Shannon McCluskey 3 days ago

    home boy if you need to pee go pee

  • Mark Walzel
    Mark Walzel 3 days ago +1

    Dear Gordon, I've been watching your shows for the longest time. I very much appreciate how you always put your time and passion into all your dishes, I cook at home and honestly ever since I've been watching your shows I've been able to master some of the most simple dishes I want to try and make the Wellington like you do. But how do you make the puff pastry? I know with you nothing is store bought meaning already made so please how is the puff pastry made so I can complete the whole dish as intended!! Thank you, and thank you for giving us at home people the secret's to wonderful cooking! Thanks Mark

  • สุทิวัส จันทร์ส่ง

    ,มาจาก bankki

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff 3 days ago

    Who noticed that’s the meat in his outro 😂😂

  • Angelica Castro
    Angelica Castro 4 days ago

    Iove him

  • Jwilly G
    Jwilly G 4 days ago

    The dog killed me lmaoo

  • John Lewenhaupt Juhlin

    4:00 *Everytime theres meat, oh he comes.*

  • Herbert Gultom
    Herbert Gultom 4 days ago

    ohh man the plastic at the first wrapped its not seem so good

  • EmulatorTattaGaynamo

    I'm from North Eastern India I'm a tribe and I eat beef in front of Hindus(they don't eat cow)

  • Levi wibu
    Levi wibu 4 days ago


  • Pleasefollowme
    Pleasefollowme 4 days ago

    “Someone hating on Gordon Ramsay”
    Gordon Ramsay:I’m about to end this whole mans career

  • Jons T
    Jons T 4 days ago

    Was focusing too much on the food that I just noticed Gordon's left-handed.
    Definitely an artist.

  • Jons T
    Jons T 4 days ago

    0:56 lol I do the same thing when I'm using a flat-bottomed pan and only have 2ml of oil left in the bottle for frying

  • Nicholas Marchant
    Nicholas Marchant 5 days ago

    Bruh, if you’ve gotta go pee, just go!

  • James Kamonde
    James Kamonde 5 days ago

    I just came here from hell's kitchen caused it looks so good.

  • Michael Christidis
    Michael Christidis 5 days ago

    I would like to try one dish of Gordon Ramsey just to see how delicious it is...

  • Albert Gemilang
    Albert Gemilang 5 days ago +2

    Who's waiting for christmas? Chill, time flies so fast in quarantine tho

  • Kevin Ling
    Kevin Ling 5 days ago


  • Bảo Trần
    Bảo Trần 5 days ago


  • Ömer
    Ömer 5 days ago

    Why Gordon Ramsay keeps his piss ?

  • Coolturtle Gaming
    Coolturtle Gaming 5 days ago +7

    I can imagine him narrating his life, Door.Open.Close incredible

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers 5 days ago

    Someone let this poor man take a piss already. Or take away his cocaine.

  • 녹차물조절장인
    녹차물조절장인 5 days ago +1

    한국인은 조용히 손을 들어주세요

  • Bryan Dreyer
    Bryan Dreyer 5 days ago

    Anybody else wondering how on the show you ask for one these and it’s 5 mins to the window but takes like an hour to prepare

  • Adrienne Friedman
    Adrienne Friedman 6 days ago

    I let it do the work but nothing

  • Nickio
    Nickio 6 days ago

    Gordon:im ready to die and go to heaven
    everyone:are you sure about that(this is just a joke XD)

  • SythoGamer 123
    SythoGamer 123 6 days ago

    Legend has it that if you’re Gordon Ramsay you have the ability to summon salt and pepper anywhere

  • Filip
    Filip 6 days ago

    how bigs the cut of meat

  • Top 10
    Top 10 6 days ago

    Está crudo eso amigo. Te lo dice un Argentino que sabe de asado...

  • K I N G
    K I N G 6 days ago


  • AoffyDosy
    AoffyDosy 6 days ago

    ต้นฉบับของ BANKII ไป parody เลยทีเดียว 555

  • Black Night
    Black Night 6 days ago

    Rf f f r. Rr f

  • Nick Kowpak
    Nick Kowpak 6 days ago

    Fan forced oven or conventional oven?

  • Michael Iannotti
    Michael Iannotti 6 days ago

    hot damn! Cream me knickers good!!! Mmmm mmmmph😋

  • Zackles 007
    Zackles 007 6 days ago +5


    Gordon Ramsay: Olive ol

  • 김성배
    김성배 6 days ago

    오줌마렵나;; 가만히 못 있는거 같네 ㅋㅋ

  • SpongeGuy241
    SpongeGuy241 6 days ago +1

    I just imagine in the middle of the video his dog just eats the beef

  • Pierre Morin
    Pierre Morin 6 days ago

    why do i come back regularly to this video

  • Henry Berrisford
    Henry Berrisford 6 days ago

    This is perfection, and you disagree, you're wrong.

  • Jhonatan David Ramirez Orozco

    Eso todavía come pasto xd

  • Flavia Flores
    Flavia Flores 7 days ago +1


  • fat doggo
    fat doggo 7 days ago

    This in why Gordan ramseys is my favorite master chef

  • Tidly Winks
    Tidly Winks 7 days ago +1

    When i heard the sound of Gordon scraping a metal spoon on a teflon tray i instantly get memories of being beaten with a kitchen utensil for doing it.

  • StudioNoobTV
    StudioNoobTV 7 days ago +1

    Are you babica?

  • d3m3n b.02
    d3m3n b.02 7 days ago +1

    So.... the meal for the dog is ready. What should i make for the family...

  • joneken Wong
    joneken Wong 7 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is so skilled that he could prepare human meat and people would still eat it.


    I love the way you cut open foods

  • Mr.Lunatic
    Mr.Lunatic 7 days ago +1

  • 김정연
    김정연 7 days ago

    1:00 세워서?

  • Chick Nuggs
    Chick Nuggs 7 days ago

    Has Gordon Ramsay ever messed up on a cooking recipe?

  • Ozy PlayGaming
    Ozy PlayGaming 8 days ago

    naber lan götüm

  • GnoelRak 99
    GnoelRak 99 8 days ago

    I know that's impossible for him to fail but I can't stop thinking about the situation he cuts the Beef Welllington and says it's fcking raw.

  • octavius glenn
    octavius glenn 8 days ago +1

    Is he on steroids or something?

  • сергей шершавый

    Прости Гордон я не учил английский((

  • MOMO
    MOMO 8 days ago

    I am from germany and i am asking myself if this guy takes drugs or why is he so hyperactive

  • ᄀ.규현
    ᄀ.규현 8 days ago +1

    킹고리즘에 끌려온 자는 좋아요를 눌러보거라 1600만명중에 얼마나 될지

  • Zaqi Yafi
    Zaqi Yafi 8 days ago

    IT'S RAW!

  • Boss Marcus
    Boss Marcus 8 days ago +1

    This feels like an action movie

  • Zack Martin
    Zack Martin 8 days ago

    “I’m ready to die... and go to heaven” 😂 that shit hit him different

  • Kevin Seo
    Kevin Seo 8 days ago

    Bruh is Gordon Ramsay left/double handed?
    I notice that he uses left as his dominant hand while he was cooking

  • y o i
    y o i 8 days ago

    Me making food at 3am: