Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay's trip to Vietnam comes to an end as he has demonstrated everything he's learned throughout his trip in a menu.
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  • CROC The Dog
    CROC The Dog 2 hours ago +1

    You can spend several years to master Europe food but to master Vietnamese food it’s never enough

  • JESSROCKED Channel
    JESSROCKED Channel 7 hours ago

    some vietnamese chef needs to shout at gordon for his mistake!

  • hey low
    hey low 7 hours ago

    Gordon: spill rice*
    Gordon think the world aSIAN nation would kill him

  • Nghĩa Bùi
    Nghĩa Bùi Day ago

    We don’t eat the snake

  • Cậu bé Con cá

    thank you for coming to my country

  • Arne Ragnarsson
    Arne Ragnarsson 2 days ago

    2:28. Will NOT eat Gordons food. Look how it drops frome he´s nose. And that continues several times. Like Gordon should have said: a touch of salt" :-)

  • Zoid Burg
    Zoid Burg 2 days ago

    Oh Gordon, dripping sweat from your nose into the food is a BIG no, no!

  • Antione Berry
    Antione Berry 4 days ago

    mr paris dennard shouldn't be on t v at all!

  • Monkey Magic
    Monkey Magic 4 days ago

    Mr Rice???? 😳 🍚🥢 😂🤣😂 Mrs Duck?!? 🦆 😂😂

  • Linh Phùng
    Linh Phùng 5 days ago

    It is good to see him struggle

  • Thanh Tùng Phạm
    Thanh Tùng Phạm 6 days ago

    There’s always an Asian better than you. Welcome to asian level :D

  • KerryD
    KerryD 6 days ago

    This makes him so perfect. A willingness to gain more knowledge from other cuisine culture regardless of how difficult it is

  • Iloilo South VILLARUEL Vince Jerard J

    You like jeremy wade in different style

  • Thien Nguyen
    Thien Nguyen 6 days ago

    2:30 he's sweating into the food!

  • Oms tennis
    Oms tennis 11 days ago

    I'm Vietnamese, this is the chance for Ramsey knowing more about the society under 'Communist' like Vietnam and China, most of the label is fake, they called themself 'four or five stars restaurant' but the actual skills and services not much better than 'foods street' in Vietnam, the difference is the very high price, only corrupted Official could afford to come in such restaurant with the appearance 'Monkey in the suit' as usual.
    If the restaurant has been operated with 'four stars' as they claimed, the cooks and staff should help Ramsey significantly! what we saw here..only Ramsey is the one to cook for 20 guesses, the rest watching like idiots!

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 11 days ago +1

    Best food come from fresh ingredients

  • Minhhien Do
    Minhhien Do 13 days ago

    Watching Gordon trying so hard to make my hometown dishes made me laugh because of how easy to make it right and seeing Gordon learning is great

  • HawkeyeSTiGuy
    HawkeyeSTiGuy 13 days ago

    GR should just nuke it in the microwave like every self-proclaimed great chef on Kitchen Nightmares. Lol.

  • Fragrant Salmon
    Fragrant Salmon 17 days ago

    I bet all the kicked contestants of Hell’s Kitchen are violently masturbating to this video.

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 18 days ago

    Rich people are assholes everywhere

  • Úc Châu quê tôi
    Úc Châu quê tôi 18 days ago

    Don't you worry Gordon They just love meat dog only.

  • OneAndOnLY LeGacy
    OneAndOnLY LeGacy 19 days ago

    dripping sweat would go good with the food ....fucking nasty

  • Linh Xe Ôm
    Linh Xe Ôm 19 days ago

    7:25p nói chuyện mày tao luôn mới ghê. Lạy bả

  • Maurice Bao
    Maurice Bao 19 days ago

    Eh it’s okay. Vietnamese people are hard to please. My parents are very hard to please when it comes to food

  • Flabbergasted
    Flabbergasted 20 days ago

    pork shoulder marinated with a pinch of nose sweat

  • Auburn inthesun
    Auburn inthesun 20 days ago +4

    Sweat dripped to the tip of his nose and then down to what he was mixing

  • Mga Walang Kwentang Vlog atbp ni Kusinerong Gill


  • Robert B
    Robert B 21 day ago

    I don't know if he looks through older videos and posts. but I wonder what ethnic food has been the hardest to perfect for him.

  • James Fureyster
    James Fureyster 22 days ago

    For me vietnamese, screams soup. Love their soup!

  • EnterTheFatrix
    EnterTheFatrix 22 days ago

    Despite the televised expletives, I love seeing him humble and learning, because it not just shows how human he is, but goes to show even with all those stars under his belt, his quest for perfection is ever-going, and for those to compete against him knows that he hasn't reached his limits.
    Odd rambling, but it's also like 4:30 in the morning for me.

  • Ritchy Ramirez
    Ritchy Ramirez 22 days ago

    Corona Virus reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Star Carter
    Star Carter 23 days ago

    Miss V sure gave that idiot sandwich what he deserved ~ a cold shoulder “got it~”

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 24 days ago

    French cuisine secret: butter butter and butter 😂
    Vietnam cuisine secret: fish sauce fish sauce and fish sauce 😂

  • Etai Shachar
    Etai Shachar 24 days ago

    Can't help laughing when he calls him mr. Rice

  • Minh Trung
    Minh Trung 24 days ago

    Cooking Asian cuisine is like a chopstick in the ass.

  • Ray Volpe
    Ray Volpe 24 days ago

    Gordon is a better man than me for not enjoying more than the food when he travels if you know what I mean 😁👺

  • Khoa Tran Minh
    Khoa Tran Minh 25 days ago

    He should return to Vietnam again for special kitchen nightmare episode

  • Bravedigger Joseph Pepel 4880

    Nino need to be somewhere around him to cheer him up while he's stress in Vietnam..well done my idol chef Gordon.Hope you come back to Southeast Asia agaik one day after the pandemic ends and try to film some of our rural home cooked dish.Love from Sarawak,Malaysia.

  • the mald
    the mald 27 days ago

    love how his accent changes when hes al serious

  • The Crackheads Jumped oUt!!!

    2:29 Is that sweat dripping from his nose. wait wouldn't that just drip onto the food-

    • fon bossgaming
      fon bossgaming 23 days ago +1

      Adding a little salt to the dish , it is ok

  • furiousmat
    furiousmat 27 days ago

    brave effort but yeah it must be really hard to pick up this type of cuisine so fast I mean... everything is different. Not only the ingredients and tools to cook it are different, the expected result is totally different too. The textures and tastes that Gordon considers good and natural are very likely not to be considered interesting over there, while textures and flavors he considers "dreadful" will be considered delightful. So in many cases not only would he not know what is the exact expected result, he wouldn't even be sure how to obtain it.

  • FB_Equalizer
    FB_Equalizer 28 days ago

    Firdt time seeing Ramsey sweat.

  • Jeffrey Kim
    Jeffrey Kim 28 days ago

    This is what sets Gordon apart, even though he's considered a top world chef, he still challenges himself and isn't afraid to show himself failing and go outside his comfort zone.

  • Dien Tu
    Dien Tu 28 days ago

    from Vietnam with love

  • Esmamerida
    Esmamerida 29 days ago

    Is his sweat dripping down to the food ?🥴

  • 9 9
    9 9 29 days ago

    "Soft and silky" lmao

  • Roland Lawrence
    Roland Lawrence Month ago

    you cant go wrong with pork in hanoi ;) it's what fuels the city!

  • izgnarly
    izgnarly Month ago


  • Peaches N Cream
    Peaches N Cream Month ago

    I'm not sure if you read your comments but if you do Gordon, you are one of the best chefs in the world. Willing always to learn and improve and adjust to the time. Regardless if it was well received or not you get an A+ in my culinary books. I learn a lot from all your videos and thanks for all your uploads. You inspire culinary masters all over the world. Those Vietnamese really had you sweating up a storm. Great Job Gordo, I just had to comment on your video.

  • saleal
    saleal Month ago

    Why Gordon didn't use gloves when he mix the gradients together ?

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers Month ago

    At 2:29 secret ingredient: nose sweat!

  • Next Please
    Next Please Month ago

    he's literally sweating into the food

  • Mute
    Mute Month ago +7

    I like how Ramsay's jokingly crushing on another woman when he is married XD

  • JVietnam vlogs
    JVietnam vlogs Month ago

    welcome to Vietnam. welcome to my channel. im doing about travel and vietnamese life. Thanks

  • Ram Budha
    Ram Budha Month ago

    His sweat is being mixed in food 😂😂😂

  • Arcane iconoclast
    Arcane iconoclast Month ago

    Soft and silky, Gordon got game. He gone slide miss V

  • Evert Ridder
    Evert Ridder Month ago

    This is funny

  • resortpoint
    resortpoint Month ago +1

    As a Vietnamese, this is extra funny. Love Gordon Ramsay.

  • no no
    no no Month ago

    Even the waiters are sweating more than Gordon.

  • Fhdang 897
    Fhdang 897 Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay on kitchen nightmares but he’s the nightmare? WHAAAAATTT

  • Roger Truong
    Roger Truong Month ago +1

    2:26 That sweat into the bowl of mixed pork.

  • fjf sjdnx
    fjf sjdnx Month ago

    Miss V is gorgeous

  • Internal Tissues
    Internal Tissues Month ago


  • deepz513
    deepz513 Month ago

    When Gordon is cooking he is like tiger on hunting prey..when he is learning he is soo down to earth:) perfect

  • Xung Ngo
    Xung Ngo Month ago

    Pho took me 12 years to get it right. Get it off the internet and you are half way there. The secret is in the subtleties of the cooking not a secret in the ingredients.

  • The big ostrich Chunk

    Anybody here for F bomb?lol

  • Kids fun Tv
    Kids fun Tv Month ago

    sweat in food....ramsay

  • Bryan Deleon
    Bryan Deleon Month ago +1

    Isn't that ironic huh?

  • JCloud Starlite
    JCloud Starlite Month ago

    In Vietnam I see something in private video in FB their market they eat also bats,dog and snake so disgusting to watch what is wrong with this people if my parents visit Vietnam this is a nightmare.

    • Mathieu Huynh
      Mathieu Huynh Month ago

      Skyle Raxephon this is a MINORITY of people that eat dog cat or bat. Vietnamese mostly eat pho pr the classic food. You can’t juge a country by a minority dumbass!

  • Vu Lang
    Vu Lang Month ago

    I still remember when we didn't have a fridge back in the 90s in Southern Vietnam.

  • Hoang Minh Luu
    Hoang Minh Luu Month ago

    Kitchen nightmare with Gordon

  • Hoang Minh Luu
    Hoang Minh Luu Month ago

    Gordon to British: I will rate ur cooking
    Gordon to Vietnam: No we will rate ur cooking

    TRAN QUANG HUY Month ago

    I think He did a pretty good job. Next time do not forget to wear the gloves when you touch the food.

  • An Du vlog
    An Du vlog Month ago

    có ai là người việt nam xem không ah

  • MrShark
    MrShark Month ago +1

    2:29 Gordan dripping sweat into food

  • TK fam5
    TK fam5 Month ago

    No that's some G shit Gordan its not easy to adapt authentically to a completely different culture of cooking.

  • SilentMyke
    SilentMyke Month ago

    2:30 special secret liquid salt added.

  • Ross Stevens
    Ross Stevens Month ago

    Gordon rules his passion and accepting he is not the best and his curiosity makes him elite

  • Beauti Gogoi
    Beauti Gogoi Month ago

    Just Pure Respect For Him ! Chef You are Amazing

  • Kenny Quach
    Kenny Quach Month ago

    He is amazing

  • Joe Pop
    Joe Pop Month ago

    The first time Gordon is out of situation.

  • Pizamaa
    Pizamaa Month ago

    love you

  • Tân Phan
    Tân Phan Month ago +1

    4:43 "Lon xien nuong" :))))

  • Sangar Rezgat
    Sangar Rezgat Month ago

    Waht the fuck is with the kissing 🤦‍♂️🦧

  • quan nguyen
    quan nguyen Month ago

    Cai ba ban thit vit o Ha Noi dung la dan nha que that hoc.an noi toan may tao mi to.The Vietnamese duck lady is uneducated.she speak to Ramsay in her native language very impolite .

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago

    Gordon getting a little creepy there lol

  • Peter Smit Gary
    Peter Smit Gary Month ago

    Should have brought Jean-Philippe Susilovic on this one, Chef.

  • eazy macoroni
    eazy macoroni Month ago

    Gordon over there trying to dip his fish and chips into her soy sauce

  • Amit Upadhya
    Amit Upadhya Month ago

    You’ve got fucking sweat dripping off your nose going into the food

  • Joy Gaudiano
    Joy Gaudiano Month ago

    This is so intense. Well, its his first time doing this type cuisine. Its alright.

  • Lee Hasgie
    Lee Hasgie Month ago +1

    That's why I always love Vietnam and Northern Vietnamese. Amazing country!

  • tranphuc123
    tranphuc123 Month ago

    The Vietnamese broth is really difficult to make and it takes lots of time, some of them takes 8-10 hours stewing and its very complicated in seasoning. So its okay if u make it in a few hours and its tasted not bad

  • Hiếu Minh
    Hiếu Minh Month ago

    well the head waiter had absolutely no freakin idea what Gordon said, look at him all sweating =))
    Poor the guy.

  • udonwadon
    udonwadon 2 months ago

    this is fucking shokugeki right here!

  • Review cùng Vũ
    Review cùng Vũ 2 months ago

    This is the pressure test for the most popular judge in MasterChef.

  • Kong Pheng Yang
    Kong Pheng Yang 2 months ago

    Funny thing is, eastern culture when they say it taste soso, it means its really good, but could improve =D

  • Tu Quynh Nguyen Xuan
    Tu Quynh Nguyen Xuan 2 months ago

    I feel like the employees and the owner are not Vietnamese

  • AsianBoi
    AsianBoi 2 months ago

    Gordon trynna be the culinary avatar

  • hmph
    hmph 2 months ago

    noob pro

  • Minh Quang Lê
    Minh Quang Lê 2 months ago

    The thing is half of the people there don't have good English listening skill