Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay's trip to Vietnam comes to an end as he has demonstrated everything he's learned throughout his trip in a menu.
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Comments • 4 386

  • Andy Nguyên
    Andy Nguyên 4 days ago

    Đụ mẹ nhà hàng món Việt nhìn như quán khựa vậy

  • Huy Huynh
    Huy Huynh 6 days ago

    Where is the fish saurceeeeeeee

  • Trung Nguyễn Đức

    I think Vietnamese food is so delicious, I want to eat them now

  • Phúc Nghi Lâm
    Phúc Nghi Lâm 11 days ago

    Lon Xien Nuong. :))))))

  • Rbflims Nv
    Rbflims Nv 16 days ago

    Gordon yells when someone does something wrong but they don’t yell

    SNIFFMYBADGER 19 days ago

    2:25 nose sweat right in the dish hmmm

  • Nathan Torres
    Nathan Torres 20 days ago

    The new episode of kitchen nightmares

  • Frøzed
    Frøzed 20 days ago

    I KNOW that the Vietnamese can't follow his string of words

  • klarissa
    klarissa 25 days ago

    Authentic Vietnamese food isn't easy to cook, but at least he tried and that's cool.

  • Tris Tris
    Tris Tris 27 days ago

    I think even if you tell others Michelin chef to cook others country's local food, they might face the same thing as well, is impossible to expertise in all kind of cuisine all around the world.

  • Xây dựng và hoàn thiện nội thất Phú Tiến Hào

    Nice job Gordon, very hard to cook in strange kitchen, thank you for your video

  • James Changaris
    James Changaris 27 days ago

    I guess you could say Gordon was

    HANOIED that he could not master Vietnamese cooking 👉😎👉

  • Aznfella16
    Aznfella16 29 days ago

    Was totally surprised that Gordon didn’t kill it. But eh like some ppl have said I guess he’s human too despite being a master expert in this craft.

    • Pantsalonis
      Pantsalonis 14 days ago

      well it is food he doesn't cook all that much to begin with.

  • Ryan Casan
    Ryan Casan Month ago

    This man is realy top. Very respectful chef on earth.

  • Prince Auron
    Prince Auron Month ago

    I want chicken on a stick with a bunch of other Asian foods now 😭😭😭

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb Month ago

    Brilliant restaurant. Delicious food. Beautiful place and people! Gordon did a great job with the food. 😃👍🏼

  • KSI Hi
    KSI Hi Month ago

    5:38 Gordon ramsy starts OWNING the restaraunt

  • Boris Tran
    Boris Tran Month ago +1

    Imagine Ramsay going up against a Vietnamese mother

  • Matthew Witulski
    Matthew Witulski Month ago +1

    No need for salt. His sweat covers that

  • James C
    James C Month ago

    2:30 drippin in some salty gordon sweat

  • Eliana Poissant
    Eliana Poissant Month ago

    From experience my Vietnamese daughter in law prefers the bone to actual meat. Watching her eat breakfast blew my mind - celery, bean sprouts, rice, pork bone with BBQ meat a bit left on the bone, fish sauce, chopped onion and garlic and a Vietnamese vegetable I can not pronounce. Her pho is superb. But have to get used to not much salt and lots of spices.

  • Lien Nguyen
    Lien Nguyen Month ago

    Bà già Việtnam vô duyên , mất lịch sự .. làm xấu hình ảnh người Việt

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight Month ago

      Nhận xét = vô duyên
      Óc chó :))

  • nhihihi5
    nhihihi5 Month ago

    That service manager rolling his eyes at Gordon lol. That's what you get when you act the way Gordon act here in VN lol. Not respect, but eye-rolling and despite.

  • Ashish Hekre
    Ashish Hekre Month ago

    I bet Gordon fucked the Vietnamese girl

  • Mehal Dixit
    Mehal Dixit Month ago +1

    Lol he’s getting masterchef-ed😂😂

  • Dew It
    Dew It Month ago

    Madame 🦆 is my favourite.

  • vancuong ngo
    vancuong ngo Month ago

    How brave you are! Nice job Gordon! Hope to see you try this again!

  • Redd Carigo
    Redd Carigo Month ago

    Gordon needs to travel more in the Indochina area and also maritime asia. He needs to be immersed with these regions' cooking style.

  • rob dog
    rob dog Month ago

    Gordon has balls 🏀 big ones ........

  • Chán đủ thứ
    Chán đủ thứ 2 months ago

    I'm live in Sai Gon

  • Chán đủ thứ
    Chán đủ thứ 2 months ago


  • Viet Tran
    Viet Tran 2 months ago


  • Blackwolves
    Blackwolves 2 months ago +1

    Here in bangladesh, one chef has to serve 5000 people at a time in average wedding :(

  • Adzy82
    Adzy82 2 months ago

    Sweating in the food bro. Still love ya GR! Seen you do it in a few vids now

  • Dat Tran thanh
    Dat Tran thanh 2 months ago

    Xin chào đây là việt nam

  • Nguyễn sỹ Đạt
    Nguyễn sỹ Đạt 2 months ago

    Bạn nghĩ Việt Nam như thế nào

  • Diego OG
    Diego OG 2 months ago

    TBF The Vietnamese are some of the harshest food critics I've ever seen, when it comes to their own food. So I am not that surprised that even the great GM, couldn't 100% please them.
    I bet they, more than likely, would've loved to try his own menu.

  • Mieu Dien
    Mieu Dien 2 months ago

    LoL every Vietnamese know what "brave" means when their teacher or parents say that to them.

  • phuc tran
    phuc tran 2 months ago

    I didnt khow that my country food that hard

  • superman
    superman 2 months ago

    Gordon you are sweating into the food you donkey....fuck off ..get out! 😂

    • Coryphaeus
      Coryphaeus 2 months ago

      It's special Ramsay seasoning

  • Jerry Wells
    Jerry Wells 2 months ago

    Gordon, has been HUMBLED, but still great to see that he can take, praise as well as criticism.

  • iamplay
    iamplay 2 months ago

    its good to be humble

  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran 2 months ago

    8:15 when I hear something in the vents "hmm maybe that's just my car" then I open it and see a motorcycle with a doll on it and the paper says "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!?"

  • Tí Nhóc
    Tí Nhóc 2 months ago

    I come from Vietnam. You know at 7:27, the Vietnamese woman said something impolite about you, not about the food.

    • tnnt05
      tnnt05 2 months ago

      What did she say? Please write it out in Vietnamese

  • green leaves 95
    green leaves 95 3 months ago

    Sweat dripping

  • Lil_asian Jeff
    Lil_asian Jeff 3 months ago

    When did he record this? It look so old

  • ara ara
    ara ara 3 months ago

    so Gordon
    how is my country
    although I live in the other side of the country

  • Lxke
    Lxke 3 months ago

    Who else saw sweat drip from his nose

  • gamer 2017
    gamer 2017 3 months ago

    His sweat dripping on the food from his nose 🤮

  • DDRhappiness17
    DDRhappiness17 3 months ago +1

    I wonder if Sanji from One Piece can match Ramsay in terms of cooking and taste

  • sippa dagirou
    sippa dagirou 3 months ago

    1k just fucked up the recipe

  • Joe Ege
    Joe Ege 3 months ago

    Hope to see you in the Philippines chef gordon. I'm a fan of yours.

  • Emilio Marranzino
    Emilio Marranzino 3 months ago

    Outstanding job chef 👨‍🍳

  • Gen
    Gen 3 months ago +1

    Việt Nammm🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳!!!!!!!!

  • Ege Yaldız
    Ege Yaldız 3 months ago +2

    Mr. Rice? Hshfafffsadajah

  • Joshua
    Joshua 3 months ago

    2:29 Can we just ignore the fact that sweat dripped from Gordans nose tip into the Food...

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago

    I ❤ Gordon Ramsay!

  • Krispytreasure M
    Krispytreasure M 3 months ago

    Non stop dripping sweat running in top of his nose. 😂

  • Aleli Reds
    Aleli Reds 3 months ago

    His so hot

  • Maideneer
    Maideneer 4 months ago

    Is that woman at :33 drunk lol?