Crazy LEGO Builds (Guess In 10 Seconds Or Less)

  • Published on Jun 16, 2020
  • In today's game, we're seeing who can guess the time-lapsed lego build first! GMM #1756
    Thanks to Paul at All New Bricks for the awesome LEGO Timelapse videos! Check him out at
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Comments • 70

  • Piercing By John Alonzo

    How did you not do "lets do the time lapse again!!"

  • Jelayna Hyggen
    Jelayna Hyggen 3 days ago

    watching the countdown theatre playlist and realizing just how sweaty link gets, without fail, every time is so much fun

  • Evan Edwards
    Evan Edwards 5 days ago

    8:19 Rhett says the F word

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 7 days ago

    This is the most entertaining GMM-episode of the year

  • struan simpson
    struan simpson 11 days ago

    Lego, not legos

  • Omaid Shams
    Omaid Shams 13 days ago

    Rhett says a bad word 8:19

  • Lisa O
    Lisa O 13 days ago

    I always find myself routing for Link. 😔

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 16 days ago

    The mythical kitchen should bring back the trix yogurt

  • Jeff Sipes
    Jeff Sipes 17 days ago +1

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡

    HOMEM GEI PRONOME ELO 17 days ago

    Link suks

  • Austin B
    Austin B 18 days ago

    I feel like sometimes they’re on the brink of fighting 😂

  • Turtle Qiu
    Turtle Qiu 19 days ago

    8:19 I misheard

  • Mike Southerland
    Mike Southerland 22 days ago

    Link didn't blow his lead, Rhett just clutched up big time...You'll win one day link

  • Wayne sakakeeny
    Wayne sakakeeny 22 days ago

    Fr thi the bat mobile fenders did it

  • Dphillip2929
    Dphillip2929 23 days ago

    Rhett is looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway

  • Yoshi4theWin
    Yoshi4theWin 23 days ago

    I got them all within the first two seconds

  • ANaughtyNuke
    ANaughtyNuke 24 days ago

    Link's making the falcons look great

  • ilittlefellow
    ilittlefellow 25 days ago

    Rhett kinda sus ngl

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 28 days ago

    so it's not just the clippers and jazz that blew huge leads this year lol

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones 29 days ago

    Link blows more leads than the Falcons. MY GOODNESS 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • MaxiTaxi
    MaxiTaxi Month ago

    Rhett looks like Daniel Bryan

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    Link is the Atlanta Falcons of GMM

  • Patrick Sanwalka
    Patrick Sanwalka Month ago


  • Edwin Deverill
    Edwin Deverill Month ago

    Rhett needs to be a better sportsman

  • Max Aponte
    Max Aponte Month ago

    How does this scoring system even work?

  • Martyna Konieczka
    Martyna Konieczka Month ago

    Loved this

  • Elaaf Almalek
    Elaaf Almalek Month ago

    I’m starting to get really disgusted by rhetts attitude when he beats link, it’s like he enjoys belittling him...

  • Nick Belouin
    Nick Belouin Month ago

    At 8:20... did Rhett swear??

  • Gameplays
    Gameplays Month ago

    how he say wheel

  • Jessie T Hood jr
    Jessie T Hood jr Month ago

    I say if he lost this I am done with GMM

    • Jessie T Hood jr
      Jessie T Hood jr Month ago

      I told you I am sorry I am done with GMM SO YOU JUST LOST A FAN SO GOOD BUY

  • TNTForever
    TNTForever Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who heard Rhett say the f-word?

  • Savage Inc Records
    Savage Inc Records Month ago

    There was a dude on the lego masters challenge show that looks like Rhett lol

  • Konner Dent
    Konner Dent Month ago

    It’s stuff like this that gives me sympathy for Mrs. Locklear.

  • kate madewell
    kate madewell Month ago

    wait but I'd love to see them try to build a lego set together

  • Miranda Sauer
    Miranda Sauer Month ago

    The year is literally on the Dr pepper can...

  • Nathan Goettsch
    Nathan Goettsch Month ago

    I have the ship in a bottle set

  • Eli Mantell
    Eli Mantell Month ago

    “What do you call that other thing”
    “A skeleton”

  • Alex Newman
    Alex Newman Month ago

    Rhett and Link : LEGO*s*
    Lego fans: anger intensifies

  • seven 7
    seven 7 Month ago

    lego not legos

  • draemin 1727w8w
    draemin 1727w8w Month ago

    8:20 in, almost an F bomb

  • TFmaster 96
    TFmaster 96 Month ago

    8:09 have they never seen a movie where someone is putting together a ship in a bottle?

  • Sunrise2076
    Sunrise2076 2 months ago

    I swear link pressed button first on last question. If you pause on first frame you can see the motion blur on his finger.

  • ACARR 45
    ACARR 45 2 months ago

    I saw this when I just started watching another video and I was like “PFT FORGET THAT VIDEO! I’m watching this”

  • Schelly
    Schelly 2 months ago +1

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • Jacob Wood
    Jacob Wood 2 months ago

    7:37 i had that ship but couldn't finish it because it wouldn't fit in the bottle

  • Lotte Pedersen
    Lotte Pedersen 2 months ago

    Fun fact/irrelevant fact:
    Lego stand for leg godt. In english play well/good.

  • Landen Stoor
    Landen Stoor 2 months ago


  • Kurisu Unburu
    Kurisu Unburu 2 months ago

    Guys he says the f word at 8.16

    • [deleted]
      [deleted] Month ago

      No he doesn’t, he says “ if I can”

  • Tricia Mitchell
    Tricia Mitchell 2 months ago

    Funny enough, I own the tree house set

  • William Mackay
    William Mackay 2 months ago

    Rhet swaer at 8:17

  • Katie Watker
    Katie Watker 2 months ago

    Could you imagine working for them, omg i would love that sm

  • Flppinpancakes
    Flppinpancakes 2 months ago

    I got the bath bile almost instantly

    VOLD GAMER 2 months ago

    7:05 the way he said dang it

  • The Random Show
    The Random Show 2 months ago

    Me a lego nerdd, knows every one almost immediatly

  • Omega Ultra
    Omega Ultra 2 months ago

    I did this and got 51 points i am great at this lol

  • RedEyesTops
    RedEyesTops 2 months ago

    That Batmobile took you guys a while :P
    Also, the ship looks more like a viking ship to me. Man, Lego is so cool...if only it was affordable

  • E beckham
    E beckham 2 months ago

    is it sad that I knew what all of these were from the first two seconds

  • Ben Horner
    Ben Horner 2 months ago

    plural of lego is lego not legos

  • Jeremy Roland
    Jeremy Roland 2 months ago

    Would anyone believe me if I said my guess was Taj Mahal too?

  • Ahmed Abdalla
    Ahmed Abdalla 2 months ago

    I don't even miss sports anymore

  • Neely Gaming
    Neely Gaming 2 months ago

    you geus r soooo funneh

  • Quintel Moore
    Quintel Moore 2 months ago

    I've never seen anybody build Legos before

  • Parker the Shark
    Parker the Shark 2 months ago

    Honoured to be in an episode 😊!

  • Bequi M
    Bequi M 2 months ago

    NOOO LINKKKK i just want him to win just ONE OF THESE LOL. I will say i love Rhetts Evil surprised laugh when he gets head lol

  • N4m4ste
    N4m4ste 2 months ago +1

    God damn it Rhett, let Link win just once

  • J corp
    J corp 3 months ago

    Rhett's laugh is exactly like draxes

    J HUGGINS 3 months ago

    8:52 in Rhetts really fake laugh.

  • Corina Bello
    Corina Bello 3 months ago

    I really wanted link to win :(

  • Vince Cruz
    Vince Cruz 3 months ago

    Did I just heard Rhett say the F word at 8:19?

  • K B
    K B 3 months ago

    The Statue of Liberty and Yoda was obvious right?