We Tried EVERY Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

  • Published on Mar 2, 2020
  • To celebrate our 1700th episode of GMM, we're taste testing EVERY ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's! GMM #1700
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Comments • 70

  • zoey yu
    zoey yu Hour ago

    anybody want a boba milk tea ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerrys? That would be soooooo gooddd

  • Miki_D Panda
    Miki_D Panda 6 hours ago

    Gus also be the one feeding rhett

  • Jae
    Jae Day ago

    chocolate ice cream is not great

  • Bethany Bonsell
    Bethany Bonsell Day ago

    I can´t be the only one who realized Link at 3:13, right?

  • Ruby Marie
    Ruby Marie Day ago

    Wait..theres...plain?...Ben and jerrys?...just VANILLA???...WHERE HAS IT BEEEEEEEN!?

  • Afra Alhameli
    Afra Alhameli Day ago

    since this is an old video I can write my thoughts without being embarrassed about the taught that anyone might read my comment. Good Mythical Morning to you Rhett, Link, and the whole crew. I am Afra from the other side of the world (not really just the Middle East). Currently, I am filled with anxiety because of the university and personal life. But yet again, your videos came to rescue my mood haha. Actually, I have been streaming your Taste Testing/food-related videos with their GMMores because they very much help a lot to cope with my anxiety. Your content to me is a safe place to laugh and just forget about the sadness and stress that I go through. Thank you for all the hard work! I will always be a Mythical Beast.

  • EastEnders 4K
    EastEnders 4K Day ago

    What you came for 2:24
    Your welcome

  • Superlightnin
    Superlightnin 2 days ago

    Wow phish food is my go to....

  • Sarah Harrington
    Sarah Harrington 2 days ago

    milk and cookies deserved better

  • Ashden Green
    Ashden Green 3 days ago

    tysm for the great content ;)

  • Beth Barkley
    Beth Barkley 4 days ago

    Did Link for real give Cherry Garcia a 17?? What a monster.

  • Leanna Fairfax
    Leanna Fairfax 5 days ago

    they forgot shoffa

  • Silas Voer
    Silas Voer 6 days ago

    I watch GMM when i wake up at 3 AM and want to go to sleep again

  • Wunderful
    Wunderful 6 days ago

    10:08 hey, I know that guy XD

  • Danii Decay
    Danii Decay 6 days ago

    The cinnamon buns was SO GOOD

  • kat pierce
    kat pierce 6 days ago

    anyone else waiting for the schweaty ballz flavor?

  • Immanuel Olufade
    Immanuel Olufade 7 days ago

    Casting directors be like

  • scarlet night
    scarlet night 7 days ago

    In England the flavours are like cookie dough, fish food, a brownie one and limited edition one like birthday cake or cone plus the healthy ones

  • scarlet night
    scarlet night 7 days ago

    In England the flavours are like cookie dough, fish food, a brownie one and limited edition one like birthday cake or cone plus the healthy ones

  • frol tunz
    frol tunz 7 days ago

    Chocolate fudge and cheesecake is the best idc what you say

  • GINGER ale 4201
    GINGER ale 4201 7 days ago

    Rhen and Lerrys ice cream

  • Michael McNeff II
    Michael McNeff II 8 days ago

    I actually brought peanut butter world after seeing this. It’s damn good!! Definitely go try it.

  • Block and Doodle
    Block and Doodle 8 days ago

    My friend Erik really likes the Tonight Dough. He's very upset that you guys placed it second... please move it to first place so I can see the smile on his face.

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan 8 days ago

    Gimme S'More
    Rhett: 69

  • Morgan
    Morgan 9 days ago

    This is crazy 😂 we only have like 15 flavours in Australia

  • Natalie Paige
    Natalie Paige 10 days ago +1

    My favorite is chocolate therapy bc I haven’t tasted to many flavors bc a lot have nuts and I’m allergic, I also like brownie batter core

  • Louise St. Andre
    Louise St. Andre 10 days ago

    I like these guys but they like peanut butter a little to much. They did the same thing when they tasted all the cheesecakes at the cheesecake factory. I think one with peanut butter won.

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 11 days ago

    Alot, 21
    I see what u did there, Link

  • Ryan O’s
    Ryan O’s 12 days ago +2

    3:14 He said it! He said the thing!

  • Lily Church
    Lily Church 12 days ago

    Peanut butter world is ELITE

  • Awesome Dude
    Awesome Dude 13 days ago

    Why is Gus Johnson in here

  • Halie Guenthner
    Halie Guenthner 13 days ago


  • Lingquan Li
    Lingquan Li 13 days ago

    We do have red bean ice cream bars, green bean ice cream bars, eight rice and beans congee ice cream bars back in Asia. I hope Rhett likes them.
    Besides, taro ice creams are so good!!!

  • Sean McVety
    Sean McVety 13 days ago


  • The life of Anastin
    The life of Anastin 13 days ago

    1:19 random arm

  • Joy1977
    Joy1977 14 days ago

    Hmm far too much chocolate and peanut butter for my liking!Bring back the Vermonster!!!:)

  • Riley hr
    Riley hr 14 days ago

    I said 27 before he said it at 6:42 that surprised me

  • 1ZR1BZ1
    1ZR1BZ1 15 days ago

    if youre down with caramel, americone dream is one of the best undercover ice creams on the market right now

  • 1ZR1BZ1
    1ZR1BZ1 15 days ago

    im nejkkid in my own house

  • levi
    levi 16 days ago

    This was probably really expensive

  • L.A Magundayao
    L.A Magundayao 17 days ago +7

    Link: "It's a meh" 72
    Also Link: "It's Good!" I'ma give it a solid 50...

  • maddie kiss
    maddie kiss 19 days ago +1

    you forgot chunky monkey

  • Lumpiest of Coles
    Lumpiest of Coles 20 days ago

    Glad I found you guys some years ago and let me tell you guys, you’ve helped me get through a lot of tough times in my life and I find happiness and joy in your guys videos so I wanna day thank you guys for being you!!!

  • removed glasses
    removed glasses 20 days ago

    My favorite is the tonight dough by far, and I'm so glad Rhett and Link affirmed that opinion because dammit its one of the best

  • Kylie Schultheis
    Kylie Schultheis 20 days ago


  • lu ck
    lu ck 23 days ago

    love peanuts

  • Listen Tome
    Listen Tome 24 days ago +4

    It makes me laugh how Everytime Rhett is surprised about how low link rates

  • Gabriel Felix Muñoz
    Gabriel Felix Muñoz 24 days ago

    that was expensive

  • Wolfclan
    Wolfclan 24 days ago

    Coffee ice cream is amazing

  • Kaii Atsu
    Kaii Atsu 25 days ago

    Jen n berry

  • josh finley
    josh finley 25 days ago +2

    I'm sorry because of links lack of liking anything he shouldn't do these challenges lol

  • Brandon k
    Brandon k 25 days ago

    My top 3 are Cannoli, chunky monkey, Phish food

  • Lucas Wald
    Lucas Wald 26 days ago

    Phish Food is elite

  • Durand Adventures
    Durand Adventures 26 days ago +1

    I don’t know how their stomach’s handle all the sweets or food they eat. It’s amazing! I wish my stomach can handle it.

  • Bill Karim
    Bill Karim 26 days ago +6

    The problem with these is that if Link has a preference issue...ie, I don't like mint in my chocolate...he'll basically sabotage that flavor with like a 10

  • Bignash83
    Bignash83 26 days ago

    But I can have yogurt and cheese

  • Bignash83
    Bignash83 26 days ago

    I’m lactose intolerant

  • Bignash83
    Bignash83 26 days ago

    Congratulations 🍾 on your 1700 episodes guys

  • HeyItsBrxce
    HeyItsBrxce 27 days ago

    11:42 “summon buns”

  • elsje fiederelsje
    elsje fiederelsje 27 days ago

    They only agree on peanut flavor. Hahahaha

  • Amanda Ellis
    Amanda Ellis 27 days ago

    now you'll have to do a Haagen-Dazs one as well!

  • Candice Team Breezy
    Candice Team Breezy 28 days ago

    Where's red velvet?

  • Hannah Hickenlooper
    Hannah Hickenlooper 29 days ago

    They’re so cute together

  • Kyle Stuart
    Kyle Stuart Month ago

    3:12 did Link wink after saying 69? 😂

  • Swag Dragons
    Swag Dragons Month ago

    Ben and Jerry's won

  • Moneyballhayes
    Moneyballhayes Month ago

    10:08 what was gus Johnson doing there😂

  • wassap124
    wassap124 Month ago

    what about the AMAZING "One Love"?

  • riley b
    riley b Month ago


  • KickRocksBud
    KickRocksBud Month ago +8

    I terribly disagree with their favorites
    Mine are phish food, cookie dough core, and chocolate cookie core,

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Hahaha everything but the... is my favorite I can’t believe they didn’t like it