• Published on Sep 16, 2020
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    Hello! I’m Liam the Peoples Golfer. I started this FLash-player channel to improve your golf game and to bring golfers together in a community.
    My main focus is to create relatable and funny golf content while helping to improve the golf game of the average golfer! I also like to explore the Best Golf Courses around the world and Golf Courses Near Me!
    I want to help Lower Your Handicap by sharing Golf Tips that help to Fix Your Slice, Fix your Hook and hit Longer Golf Shots! My channel features PGA Pro Lessons on how to Strike Your Irons Better, How to hit Long Distance Irons, Approach Shots and how to Draw or Fade your Golf Shot to get it Closer To The Hole. The Golfing Legend OMP shares Expert Golf Advice on Course Management, Chipping Perfectly and getting More Spin without thinning or duffing the shot. Top Golf tips on Golf Club choice and Golf Shot type. I also share lessons on How to Putt Better and how to Improve Putting Accuracy.
    I like to keep my content Fun, Friendly and Informative. I will test Golf Clubs and Golf Training Aids that people are interested in and provide a real, honest and accurate review of their performance. For entertainment purposes I try out Golf Accessories and Golf Products and see if they can improve my performance or if they are in fact just a ‘Fad’.
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Comments • 69

  • Dan Sheehy
    Dan Sheehy 9 days ago

    Liam, your father is hilarious !!!

  • Anderson McCant
    Anderson McCant 19 days ago

    7 handicap or just handicap...

  • Anderson McCant
    Anderson McCant 19 days ago

    Bruh, you ain't no 7!!!

  • Anderson McCant
    Anderson McCant 19 days ago

    Was Mr Barlow drunk?

  • Anderson McCant
    Anderson McCant 19 days ago

    Like the scarecrow. Go see the wizard

  • Anderson McCant
    Anderson McCant 19 days ago

    He would need a Uber, hahahahahaha. Ole Heavy Ballesteros

  • Anderson McCant
    Anderson McCant 19 days ago

    Zebra Driver...hahahahahaha
    7 handicap, I don't know where he got that from...hahahahahaha

  • John Broadis
    John Broadis 19 days ago

    I love John giving it to Mr Barlow. Kinda nice someone being able to shut him up. I'm also beginning to feel Mr Barlow is becoming a Bandit

  • steve clayton
    steve clayton 28 days ago

    This has to be the absolute worst game you have all played since I have been watching your channel. ;-)

  • Marco De Colle
    Marco De Colle 29 days ago

    Not seen Golf mates before but wow i have binged watched - its funny and I'm learning not how to play golf. Keep it up chaps its great with lots of banter and just how the game should be - with ya mates and family

  • fezzer
    fezzer Month ago +2

    It's about time Barlow got a bit of stick back for all the times he gets Chubby Brown.

  • mark hodgson
    mark hodgson Month ago +1

    And old man pat just listens to all the wind ups and gets on with it class

  • Electrophonic Users Guide

    Nothing more entertaining than watching four cheapskates gamble for chump change. Lol. I’ve been guilty of the same.

  • Electrophonic Users Guide

    The “circle of friendship” was fraying a bit. Lol.

  • Waddacollector
    Waddacollector Month ago

    Are you sure you and your dad are related? You must have gotten your humor gene from your mom. Every time you try and joke with him he comes back with a serious reply, lol You must drive him nuts when you golf with him because he is always so serious and business like on the course and you're well...you! It's such a great contrast.

  • Alan Somerfield
    Alan Somerfield Month ago

    Christmas lucky bag? 🤣

  • Mike C
    Mike C Month ago

    John is so subtle with his comments whether it's a compliment or his classic jabs makes me LMAO next time just let your dad play 18 you guess what he'll shoot and let OMP and Mr B guess closest guess wins give the trees a break!

  • wacoblaze
    wacoblaze Month ago

    What exactly did they do to him? All I saw was a normal round of golf.....unbelievable

  • joel kackur
    joel kackur Month ago

    When OMP hits a ball the bunkers move away!

  • alan carlyon
    alan carlyon Month ago +1

    What they did to your Dad was bad! - idea Liam - to stop this bickering about strokes - No strokes are given until the losing two ball team are two down, only when the losing team are two down they both receive a stroke! one down they do not get a stroke! We play this up here in the west lothians of Scotland. 20 or more of us play 3 days of the week off this format and it works so well no matter what handicap one plays of! Try it am sure it will lift the agro in the camp!

  • alan carlyon
    alan carlyon Month ago +1

    Great to have your old man back, back in the company with the Dick who jumps on everyone's back, you all sound like headless chickens fighting to get out of a sack, only one golfer amongst yous and that's old man Pat, such a gent as he steps back, as you lot hack away and some how fight your way back? you say he is the most improved player (the dick) He is a hacker, so lets be honest about it, but give him his due - he gets on with it as he thinks he is great? Your Dad recons he could get his handicap down to eight, come on John - to many mince pies you ate, golf mates in debate as this will NEVER happen at any rate
    He is a dick and will always be, I bet he is desperate too meet me, comment below if you agree with me?

  • William Baker
    William Baker Month ago +1

    Why is Liam not playing from the white tees?

  • Jeff Katt
    Jeff Katt Month ago +1

    Liam I love your Dad. he gives it to Mr. Borrow, like its nobodies business. Your father is inside Steve's head he is controlling him! Awesome

  • Tom Brøcher Jakobsen

    Love it when you try to stir up an argument and Barlow ain’t taking the bait 🤣

  • gocardinals1985
    gocardinals1985 Month ago +1

    When I saw the title my first thought was "What did they do partner him with Liam?" Lol.

  • jason lovering
    jason lovering Month ago +1

    youre old man is brutal lmao

  • michael Kelly
    michael Kelly Month ago

    What I don't get is how John is that low a handicap that he would not get a shot a hole, no way would he be less than 18 handicap so if he played to the correct handicap it would solve the issue with handicap holes, if omp is 13 omj is at least 5 shots worse imo.

  • Joe Dufek
    Joe Dufek Month ago

    Are you guys playing on a mountain?!? A lot of uphill fairways 😉 🏌️ ⛳️

  • glenn bradnick
    glenn bradnick Month ago

    father xmas giving out mince pies lol

  • Jamie Hooper
    Jamie Hooper Month ago

    Another great video Liam
    I think your dad should be called the Angry Golfer on the channel 😂😂😂

  • Jay Turts
    Jay Turts Month ago

    Absolutely love the banter on here!! What a fantastic group of mates!! Quality. 👍👏

  • Howard Jones
    Howard Jones Month ago

    I enjoyed this. It made me feel slightly better about my crap golf game....

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones Month ago +2

    Must make Steve feel like a Bandit. So mean.

  • Paul Parkhouse
    Paul Parkhouse Month ago +1

    The state of that course, yuk. No wonder you have such low handicaps none of your par fours is over 300 yards. What rubbish golf.

  • Stuart Horn
    Stuart Horn Month ago

    Them greens looked a bit bobbly today, best get the tarpaulin out again.👍

  • Mats Birgander
    Mats Birgander Month ago +1

    Sorry, GOM (John= Grumpy Old Man) and mr Barlow always turns it to a bit of a sad affair.
    Just sayin....

    • Golf Mates
      Golf Mates  Month ago

      Thank you 🙏

    • Mats Birgander
      Mats Birgander Month ago +1

      Well, calm down and show some respect like Stu, OMP and Pete. Banter is supposed to be ingenious, not rude. You are british for god sakes, not german! Thanks a lot for great content though, enyoying your channel a lot!!

    • Golf Mates
      Golf Mates  Month ago

      In what way

  • Vaughan Callan
    Vaughan Callan Month ago

    Does Mr Barlow ever shut the f**k up, he's doing my head in on these videos.

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Month ago

    Hello Liam,
    Mr Barlow is absolutely right! You can only use handicap to a lot strokes. The fact he beat you off scratch is irrelevant. Rule number 1 in golf is you can’t agree to change the rules of golf. But carry on because it only makes Mr Barlow more determined. Lol

  • Cool stuff
    Cool stuff Month ago

    Greens were in very poor condition. We must be spoiled in New Zealand!

  • Dave Beckett
    Dave Beckett Month ago

    Like that comment tin of tuna really tickled me really funny.
    When you are in Portugal please come and join me at Espiche golf club you will be surprised at all the improvements to the course .

  • Emil Persson
    Emil Persson Month ago

    Love the longer vlogs Liam! And you four are just magic to watch! One wish is to see barlow an 18 hole round and finally and see how well his game holds up (read luck ;)). Cheers from sweden!

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis Month ago

    Filmography is beautiful. Sound...not so much. Gotta get some more mics. I know John is sayin something funny about Mr Barlow, but can’t hear it.

    DUSTY ROSE Month ago

    Liam, you’ve got to get rid of that driver and get fitted! If you don’t get fitted get one of those new b-21s from callaway and you’ll be golden!

  • Nigel Day
    Nigel Day Month ago

    This banter is awesome 🤣🤣🤣 loving it 😉🏌️‍♂️⛳️🍻

  • William Parke
    William Parke Month ago

    Golf was rubbish but the banters was brilliant.❤️❤️❤️👍😀

  • Matt Lawless
    Matt Lawless Month ago +1

    To be fair Liam has been off 7 a long time he has to be at least a 9 by now!!

  • Matt Lawless
    Matt Lawless Month ago +1


  • Kim Hannemann
    Kim Hannemann Month ago

    Wow, what an exhibition of lousy golf! And I let you beat Daz and I in Portugal? ARRRRGGGGGH!

  • Kim Hannemann
    Kim Hannemann Month ago +1

    Yes, Pat could feed 500 people with a tin of tuna ... but he'd keep the Tennents Smooth for himself!

  • Will Rafferty
    Will Rafferty Month ago +1

    Love the banter mr barlow talks to mum when everyone takes shots but is funny tho 🤣 😆 😂

  • Kim Hannemann
    Kim Hannemann Month ago +1

    What a horrible 4 drives on that 5th hole! 3 FORE rights and a FORE left.

  • Richard Humphries
    Richard Humphries Month ago +1

    Who has Mr Barlow had lessons off? Looking at his set up it must be David Crouchbetter.

  • Paul Heaton
    Paul Heaton Month ago

    No other word for it OMP & MR BARLOW are ruthless mate 🤣

  • Rob Hextall
    Rob Hextall Month ago

    Those greens are awful LOL. Great laugh as usual though :-)

  • Robert Girdwood
    Robert Girdwood Month ago

    Too funny 😂

  • Loffy
    Loffy Month ago

    I've watched Mickelson, Norman, Mackinnon, and others and my short game 100 yds in (50 in especially) is AWFUL. I'm seriously considering the scoopy woopy. Ugly as all get out, but Mr. Barlow gets the results I'm looking for!

  • Rich Boshart
    Rich Boshart Month ago

    The outcome was never really in doubt.

  • Colin Auns
    Colin Auns Month ago

    Now i know where Liam gets all his talking from.......

  • Mark Crouch
    Mark Crouch Month ago

    OMJ nearly got inside Mr Barlow’s head to change the game. Great fun to watch, lovely banter 👍😀🏌🏿‍♂️🏌🏿‍♂️👏

  • cyuiyu wyguiyui
    cyuiyu wyguiyui Month ago

    Par 4,240 meters..?
    Really short hole..


    if omj thinks that mr barlow is scruffy mare you half scruffy with a top that you had on , and why don't you put on some shorts on . on the day best golf and dress code from mr barlow again 🤣

  • Paul Oliver
    Paul Oliver Month ago

    Absolutely no idea how you can play golf on that course! Greens look horrendous and judging by the bobbles, they are rolling horrendous too! Time for a new greenkeeper one thinks!

  • John D
    John D Month ago

    Remember lads mince pies are for life not just for Christmas... Another great video men

  • Killer Ian
    Killer Ian Month ago

    so much for a friendly game off golf

  • Jimbob Draake
    Jimbob Draake Month ago

    After recently starting my addiction to Golfmates (it was the Howley Hall game that drew me in) I have started to the use the phrase 'circle of friendship' on course. I can't honestly say I'd be interested in joining Mr Barlows 'love circle' anytime soon 😂 Has he landed a late night bit on channel 4 as his celebrity grows? Love it...

    • Jimbob Draake
      Jimbob Draake Month ago

      Think Mr Barlow thinks 'off scratch' is something you do with your rear 🤣...you don't get three shots anyway...

    • Jimbob Draake
      Jimbob Draake Month ago

      I will however be using the carpet gag...brilliant 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bradley Unsworth
    Bradley Unsworth Month ago

    Barlow on mince pies 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen O'Rourke
    Stephen O'Rourke Month ago

    Nice video lads 👍👍

  • Phil Brownsword
    Phil Brownsword Month ago

    15:19 this is why Steve is the funniest guy on here 😂

  • Bob Reidy
    Bob Reidy Month ago

    Can you PLEASE tell The Dick to buy shirts 2 sizes bigger. Speaking from experience here...lol