The First Contactless Only Station (No Oyster)

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • On the London Rail and Tube Map, Brookmans Park has appeared with a 'Contactless' symbol next to it, denoting it can be used for Contactless PAYG travel, but NOT Oyster cards!
    You can still use a paper ticket - as always - of course, but there's more of these to come, with nine stations about to appear on the Tube Map which will also be Contactless Only/No Oyster. I went for a ride to Brooksmans Park to investigate.
    With thanks to Mike from the 'Oyster Rail' website. For so much information about Oyster/Contacless and your questions answered, have a look at Mike's amazing site:
    Download London's rail and Tube services map here:
    Get the Oyster Errors App:
    Read the TfL Press Release here:

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  • lemoncloud GT
    lemoncloud GT 5 days ago

    Was there an osi you didn’t know about

  • Stagecoach East Gaming And More!

    It’s Cool

  • Stagecoach East Gaming And More!

    hey I went on the National Rail Services

  • likklej8
    likklej8 8 days ago

    This line used to be good crap franchised rail services have ruined it. One BR eastern region line.

  • Jude Whitehouse
    Jude Whitehouse 9 days ago +1

    I have 30 tubes maps you must have a lot I will have 33 tube maps tomorrow or Friday I am a big fan of you I think you should do St Albans City cause that Station takes contactless and not oyster

  • jharris947
    jharris947 13 days ago

    Uh! Could you repeat that......I only want to go to Brookmans Park. :-)

  • Ursus Maritimus
    Ursus Maritimus 16 days ago

    I recall that (about 30 years ago) the guy in the ticket office would sometimes play a game... if you could take the money off the spinning plate thing where you put your change quicker than he could spin it, you got your ticket free. Against the rules I am sure, but a nice memory. I never did win :(
    Going back even further in time, I am told by my grandmother that the station master would help people with baggage and grew roses and vegetables in the small plot of land by the ticket office.

  • voxley19
    voxley19 20 days ago

    Of course the con is you can't add a railcard discount to a contactless card.

  • Tyler Nilson
    Tyler Nilson 21 day ago

    Cross Eliz that some new weed strain you guys got in the UK?

  • Jim Meade
    Jim Meade 23 days ago

    Very confusing ... what if someone taps in with an Oyster card in Central London ... how do they tap out at a non-Oyster station?

  • likklej8
    likklej8 24 days ago

    I’ve still got credit on my oyster you bastards!

  • Matthew Worswick
    Matthew Worswick Month ago

    What’s the point in a pay as you go oyster? I understand that the season tickets are cheaper but for pay as you go it’s the same price to use a bank card

  • john
    john Month ago

    Oyster going bye bye

  • WestHam Dalek EMPROR

    What About Freedom Passes

  • Kaya Guvendi
    Kaya Guvendi Month ago

    I find this to be downright outrageous; what about tourists who'll get charged unreasonable sums for using foreign credit cards, what about those without credit cards, what about those who would usually be eligible for discounts?

  • Kristal Power
    Kristal Power 2 months ago

    I would be so lost as a tourist and probably get fined for not paying for not knowing.

  • Stagecoach East Gaming And More!

    We will shortly be arriving at Brookmans park

  • Emmanuel Johnson
    Emmanuel Johnson 2 months ago

    Ockendon , chafford hundred, grays and purfleet are not in zone ten and you for got tilbury its and the start from zone 7 to 9 I know that as I go there every week

  • Charles Wang
    Charles Wang 2 months ago

    Jus why?

  • EB R
    EB R 2 months ago

    wow didn't not you where a Geocacher!

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 months ago

    I don’t really get why they bother having all these zones, I feel like it would be a lot easier to do it like they do where I live in Boston. What we do here is we have one zone for the entire thing, it’s a flat fee of 1.75$ to go anywhere. 1.25 for seniors, 1.30 if you have a student card given by schools, and free under 13. During the summer it goes up to 2.00 normal,1.50 senior, 1.55 student, and free under 13. For the Commuter trains, flat fee of about 10 dollars, varies by line but you pay the same price to go however many stops. No off peak/ on peak fees, only differences is age and card type.

  • Alan Commaille
    Alan Commaille 3 months ago

    Not often one hears about geocaching! Are there any interesting caches at any stations in the 15 zones?

  • Markus G
    Markus G 3 months ago


  • Ghost Juicee
    Ghost Juicee 3 months ago

    The year is 2060 and Newcastle has been added to the tube map in zone 69

  • Let's Gaming YT
    Let's Gaming YT 3 months ago

    Nobody will understand, but: 1:20 SCR vibes

  • George Brindley
    George Brindley 3 months ago

    I thought those shiny new trains were only on Thameslink!

  • OVNederland
    OVNederland 3 months ago

    In the netherlands . Oyster is called "OV-Chipcard" which is valid in the whole country . If you check in and out of course . Sometimes a paper ticket is cheaper 🤔

  • Reuben McKay
    Reuben McKay 4 months ago

    I thought the whole point of Oyster was to make this kind of multiple card faff a thing of the past. This is going to cause a lot of problems. Let's see how much TfL is inundated with irrate customers.... Good thing I saw this when I did as I might be moving to London for university later this year....

  • Tobey Transport
    Tobey Transport 4 months ago

    Why don’t they put reading in zone 15? I think they should put Iver and Langley in zone 7, slough in Zone 8, burnham and taplow in 9 and then Maidenhead, twyford and reading in a special zone (15 maybe)

  • Tobey Transport
    Tobey Transport 4 months ago +1

    I was once on a train that was going from Victoria to ramsgate, and it stops at Bromley south and then into Kent (long field is the first stop in Kent) and a lady thought she could go to somewhere beyond Bromley using her oyster and the guard said “no sorry you have to get off at longfield and head back into London to tap off” she was a bit upset but at least he was nice and didn’t fine her. I think National rail conductors are much nicer than tube inspectors they will always make exceptions on NR but the TFL inspectors will just slap you with £80 Penalty

  • Mike Wolf
    Mike Wolf 4 months ago

    Man I’d love if you could do all these challenges and testing and history lessons over in NYC with their MTA transit. I’m finding this quite fascinating and I don’t even live in the UK, lol

  • thoughtengine
    thoughtengine 5 months ago

    No wonder Sunbus still use cash...

  • Steve Goldsmith
    Steve Goldsmith 5 months ago

    Hey Geoff I'm loving the videos mate..I've been trying to find the cheapest way to get from where I am at Bushey Overground station to the furthest point going towards Southend using only oyster/contactless..I believe it's Upminster then just get a paper ticket to that the best way or is there a better way..👍

  • Paul Haynes
    Paul Haynes 5 months ago

    Interesting reading this 5 months later, because, currently,
    the last thing on your mind, if approached by a Chinese would be Oyster cards!
    And, talking of which, once contactless became a thing, surely Oyster cards' days were numbered? So why not just get rid of the scheme?
    And lastly - yet another illustration of a programmer not making a field big enough and thereby setting of an obsolescence time bomb on their system. Will they ever learn?

  • bingola45
    bingola45 5 months ago

    Isn't Oyster 'contactless'?

    • psirvent8
      psirvent8 4 months ago

      It is but it's "only" a transportation card, not a CREDIT card.

  • lohphat
    lohphat 5 months ago

    Why not just encode zones in the system as zone-1 so all 16 zones could be used?

  • Johnston Steiner
    Johnston Steiner 5 months ago

    Yawn. Many countries in Asia already fully contactless

  • viktormarenskiVIDEOS
    viktormarenskiVIDEOS 5 months ago

    I was secretly hoping for the contactless symbol rearrangement since I saw it @03:38 :D

  • psirvent8
    psirvent8 5 months ago +1

    So what if you don't have a contactless credit card ?

  • Lee 303
    Lee 303 5 months ago

    Can't we just have three zones? Central London, Greater London & home counties.

  • TheEpicFuzz
    TheEpicFuzz 5 months ago

    I'm confused. If oyster is contactless, how is the new contactless card different, if you still have to tap?

  • traindriver35
    traindriver35 5 months ago

    One thing for certain is it will be chaos, especially for unfamiliar travellers or tourists.
    As for fares, paper ticket v PAYG. Use the TfL 'single fare finder' for PAYG and the National rail journey planner for paper ticket fares and compare. (no need for expensive trial and error as Geoff suggests) From these new areas, a day return paper ticket may be cheaper depending on times travelled, but for single journeys a Pay as you go fare with contactless will almost certainly be much cheaper and very good value to be welcomed. Example. Brookmans Park to Gatwick Airport PAYG is £10.80 off-peak £17.90 peak. A paper ticket standard single £18.60. However, for a return journey, an off peak day return paper ticket is £21.80 something to think about if using contactless and your return journey is in the evening PAYG peak 16.00-19.00 that would work out more expensive £28.70. Even more confusing though, at weekends a super off peak return is available at £14.10 so now it would definitely be cheaper to buy the paper ticket!! Basically it's a minefield and you have to become a geeky fare nerd to know if you're using the cheapest fare, which you shouldn't have to. These complications exist travelling to/from all these new areas, the secret zones 10-15 (Merstham-Gatwick, Epsom, Iver-Reading, Radlett-Luton Airport, Hertford North, Potters Bar-Welwyn GC, Grays and Shenfield) there are now essentially two competing fare structures with either being the cheapest depending on your personal requirements. GOOD LUCK & DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
    The GTR waffle about comparable fares is just whitewash over this confusing shambles. They don't give a toss if you pay or not, it's not their concern, they don't receive the money. In my example above, to stumble into paying almost double for the same journey through lack of geeky fare knowledge is not comparable in my opinion. In an ideal world the system should compare both fare structures for the journey you make and charge the cheapest accordingly.

  • Steve Fraser
    Steve Fraser 5 months ago

    All this has made it virtually impossible to work out the cheapest way to travel unless you are certain of the time that you're coming back. At Potters Bar we have the privilege of being able to use both Contactless and Oyster and the price for each is the same. But you also need to compare the cost of a paper ticket. If you travel at peak times Mon /Friday then the price of Oyster and paper ticket is the same. But if you've a railcard then it's cheaper to use that in the evening return. If you travel off peak then the rail ticket is cheaper. If you have a railcard then that's cheaper too, but you need to add it to your Oyster card if you want to use that. At the weekend it's cheaper to get a paper ticket if you're returning and travelling into London.

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 5 months ago

    Madness is in Zone 16 / 17 and Genius is in zone 17, but ,be warned , there’s no service between them ,and definitely no request stop

  • Iyshea Hunte
    Iyshea Hunte 5 months ago

    When you are all good at 8AM and 6pm

  • Fj Fj
    Fj Fj 6 months ago

    What is contactless?

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 6 months ago

    The whole fare structure is a complete mess. I feel so sorry for tourists visiting London. There are plenty of native Londoners who don't fully understand it, so how are they meant to? Aside from it being horribly overpriced compared to other countries.
    In Paris, for example, it is €1.90 for any journey via any train or bus, regardless of length of journey.

  • Greg Nulik
    Greg Nulik 6 months ago

    Maybe instead of the wireless symbol, just ask that your already working wireless card be useable on the same route?

  • Ever Longing
    Ever Longing 6 months ago

    The width of those seats 🤦‍♀️

  • Isaac
    Isaac 6 months ago

    Isn't a station with no oyster cards just any station not in London?

  • tihi
    tihi 6 months ago

    Why aren’t they allowing Oyster user in those stations?

  • tihi
    tihi 6 months ago

    Why such an asinine payment complication?

  • Craig Hastie
    Craig Hastie 6 months ago

    Seems really stupid and short sighted...

  • LPyourplay
    LPyourplay 6 months ago

    Why hasn't the UK implemented a national contactless card yet? we've had this in the Netherlands for about 10 years now and before then, we had a nationwide paper ticket system for municipal transport since the 80s, why is the UK incapable of implementing this?

  • Saima Khanam from
    Saima Khanam from 6 months ago

    Where did you get the national rail and underground map, did you copy it then print it
    From zahid

  • mattr8750
    mattr8750 6 months ago

    They should be able to go out to zone 16 because there is no zone 0.

  • Rhodri Meredith
    Rhodri Meredith 6 months ago

    Oakleigh park is my local station :)

  • Owein Iveson
    Owein Iveson 6 months ago

    London: New Trains and constant investment.
    Tyne and Wear Metro: "yous get investment?"

  • Dragoner7
    Dragoner7 6 months ago

    You know, in Hungary, we like to curse our public transport provider, but seeing your videos, I realized they are fine, tbh.

  • matthew fazio
    matthew fazio 7 months ago

    Here in Melbourne, Australia, we have a similar system to your contactless cards. We have a myki system whereby we have these gates (Similar to the gates you have entering the platform) and unless you touch on, you will not be able to make the train.

    • matthew fazio
      matthew fazio 7 months ago

      The only paper tickets we have are if people take intra- country trains (V-line) in certain areas

  • Jay Marlon
    Jay Marlon 7 months ago

    I hope southeastern gets the same train as the Elizabeth line aka tfl rail to replace some of the 465 class
    The tfl rail new trains are good hoping southeastern will get the as they look like the 465 class with those doors

  • Jay Marlon
    Jay Marlon 7 months ago +1

    That is ridiculous

  • Chloe P
    Chloe P 7 months ago

    These London train and tube videos are so interesting to me because the system is so different from the trains where I live. In Victoria, Australia we only have three zones in total and zone three is for the rural Vline trains which you have to buy tickets for rather than use a Myki, our name for the oyster type card. Also contactless hasn’t come into fruition anywhere in the state thus far and touching on with a virtual card on a phone is restricted to android devices and the card readers are still being updated for it to work seamlessly

  • Daniel Slováček
    Daniel Slováček 7 months ago

    I asked TfL for further information. This is their reply: "Due to technological limitations with the Oyster system, which is an old system, it is difficult to correctly track and apply caps to Oyster cards at stations new to the network. As the contactless system is newer these issues are easier solved."

  • brian field
    brian field 7 months ago

    Please excuse my ignorance,but what are the zones used for, Brian,near wendover station,

    • brian field
      brian field 7 months ago +1

      Thank you Daniel,

    • Daniel Slováček
      Daniel Slováček 7 months ago

      You can find out at TfL website. The more zones you travel through, the more expensive the ticket is.

  • Robin St.Clair
    Robin St.Clair 7 months ago

    Unfortunately, one can add a senior rail card to an Oystercard, but not to a contactless, or phone. More work required.

  • conscience aginBlackadder

    Is there anywhere in either Britain or the world, that has made automatic barriers unstaffed while using flimsy tickets made of low quality water-absorbent cardboard?
    I ask because, on holiday in Barcelona just 14 months ago, the city travel passes were of that shocking quality - for once, why don't a continental railway copy ours! All the tube stations appeared to be staffed, + I had great cause to be glad they were. I was going around with my passport all the time: just too fearful of global apartheid + of not seeing what had happened if anything happened to it, to leave it in our hotel. My friend who did not feel the same, found that without his passport he could not to go into the tour of the Catalan parlt, where he had not appreciated there was an identity requirement, so in that way my choice was better. But for tube travel my choice was not better.
    In the 27 deg heat + sun, that's in November! my passport's cover sweated, + made my travel pass softer. Something I had not forseen when to spread my eggs I chose not to carry it inside my wallet. It worked on a tram, where you have to dip it into a validator machine. But then when we went from that tram into a tube station, the barrier chewed it into fluff. And after my friend had already gone through. The staff woman who rescued me was actually used to it! knew that damp was the cause, gave me a replacement pass no problem, but told me I needed to keep it dry !
    btw She automatically spoke English + assumed I did, without any knowing or asking of where I was from.

  • John Do
    John Do 7 months ago +1

    Four bits? Given when this was developed, didn't the designers learn anything from Y2K????? Yes, they learned they'll be paid big bucks to fix it further down the line.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 7 months ago

    Surprised paper tickets are still legal, didn't the buses get rid of them years ago? You can't track paper tickets in a central database, and that might lead to all sorts of people using the system... murderers, terrorists, smokers...

  • renukasan gnanasekaram
    renukasan gnanasekaram 7 months ago

    TFL Rail was now running to Reading from Paddington.It was started on the 15/12/2019 on Sunday