Finsbury Park Station Now Step Free

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • New lifts have opened at Finsbury Park Underground Station bringing step-free access to both the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines here. One of the lifts also goes up to Platforms 5 & 6 on the National Rail side to provide step free access their too! I popped down to have a look ...
    Also have a look at the latest Customer Service & Operations Report from TfL. On page 78 it shows you what stations are due to get step free access in the future:

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  • Bryana Burke
    Bryana Burke 10 hours ago +1

    Lived here my whole life, use finsbury park station, pretty much everyday and I had no idea. You still see people fighting with luggage and prams going up and down the stairs, its crazy! Thank you so much for this. This has just made my up and coming weekend, easier! 👍🏾

  • Squirty Bertie
    Squirty Bertie 8 days ago

    2:39 Am I the only one to notice you're pressing a down button to go from "bottom to top"?

  • No1Diva
    No1Diva 15 days ago

    Bank needs step free

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 2 months ago

    Interesting video! I think the reason National Railway platforms 3 & 4 and 7 & 8 don't have lifts is because they're the platforms with ticket barriers and installing lifts would make a barrier less entrance like how Euston Square used to be before they installed a new gateline. It's interesting that you still can get to some of the tube platforms without passing through at ticket barriers! There's only 12 London Underground Stations where you can do this!

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird 2 months ago

    Love the anagram 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Thought they where putting in lifts to the other platforms too. Know they were extending platforms 7 & 8 but could be wrong.
    Seen so much change over the years at Finsbury park.

  • TheBoshMeister99
    TheBoshMeister99 2 months ago

    Nice "elevators" ;-)

    DΔRIO MΔRCHESI 3 months ago +1

    That HAS to be FLash-player's MOST overplayed song

  • Foxorolo YT
    Foxorolo YT 4 months ago

    I heard there is lift access now to 7&8 now . Still no lift to 3&4. (according to National Rail Enquires)

  • I swear I will murder evil owl soon

    Finally a good lift mod

  • Alfie Mc
    Alfie Mc 7 months ago

    Is it mat

  • TehDragonGuy
    TehDragonGuy 7 months ago

    Tell me you have a camera man and that you didn't just leave your camera on the floor while you went down at 1:47...

    • yiyodder
      yiyodder 6 months ago

      Did you watch it all ?

  • LaWendeltreppe
    LaWendeltreppe 8 months ago

    The thing that always is wrong in London, is to think that Liftusers are all people in wheelchairs or with prams. But lifts are also and mostly used by people who cannot walk for long, who have heavy loads etc. So its totally useless, when you have walk endlessly to find a lift. I wish they would plan it better. Why can't they? In Berlin it works absolutely fine.


    F I [ N.S. 🇬🇧 ] BURY

    RE [ D ] RUM

  • Robbie Henry
    Robbie Henry 8 months ago

    Geoff, I just came across Berlin's equivalent of the Tube map and it has no wheelchairs at all. If there's a ramp access then an inclined plane is shown, if there is a lift, then a person in a lift cage is indicated. It's high time we got rid of the wheelchair mentality.
    A thought - what would a claustrophobic person needing a step-free access do where a lift was the only step-free access? Lifts and ramps ought to be standard.

  • Danny Read
    Danny Read 8 months ago

    A couple of things.... 1 its sounds like the music of the old bt adverts and 2 I think that it should be called Krapy Rubsnif and see if TFL gets any complaints!!!!

  • James White
    James White 8 months ago

    Mystery guest Jay Foreman!

  • Dan Soper
    Dan Soper 8 months ago

    Having today experienced these lifts for the first time, (1) They’re great and (2) As you bypass the TFL ticket barriers, don’t forget to touch in and out (at the top)

  • b b
    b b 8 months ago

    Was it Jay

  • VincentKoh LUMCFan
    VincentKoh LUMCFan 8 months ago

    The TfL website isn’t reliable anymore for step-free access news since Newbury Park is already step-free since like November Geoff! It was only updated recently...also Maryland, Forest Gate, Manor Park and Seven Kings are now step-free to the TfL rail platforms yay. West Hampstead lifts and new entrance are delayed though...again. South Woodford should be coming up soon

  • Liam Armstrong
    Liam Armstrong 8 months ago

    How come you had to get a sticker to film here, ive never heard that before is it a new thing or is it at certain stations.

  • Tent Ringer
    Tent Ringer 8 months ago

    Was it Daniel Craig?

  • LeeGames
    LeeGames 8 months ago

    Is It John

  • TheSmithersy
    TheSmithersy 8 months ago

    Geoff, you're going to get all the paint sniffers heading for the Finsbury Park lifts then!

  • Helen Hughes
    Helen Hughes 8 months ago

    I have epilepsy and anxiety so I can’t use escalators in case I panic. I come to London a lot and usually either pay a fortune on taxis or spend hours on buses. If I could travel by tube it would be so much easier.

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang 8 months ago

    I have not visited London since probably the late 1990s, & it was getting too busy for me even then, so those of you who can still stand it, I do salute you. My thing was always to "go to the wall", I have a feeling that is what people who lead persons of poor sight do? I used to go to the wall, & let the rushes, pass by. As I am getting stiffer with age, & health, knowing which stations have lifts, rather than climb every mountain, using stairs or escalators for different levels is always useful. NOW, what do we do about people who need the use of lavatories?.

  • NearCry91
    NearCry91 8 months ago

    Wrong shot or button upside down?

  • Fran Gunn
    Fran Gunn 8 months ago

    mystery guest is matt

  • Seany Boodwah
    Seany Boodwah 8 months ago

    Geoff was his own guest

  • Aandeel
    Aandeel 8 months ago

    I guess Dave

  • Jay ASMR
    Jay ASMR 8 months ago

    “which has a new lifts” ~ Geoff Marshall, 2019

  • Maggy Schreibt
    Maggy Schreibt 8 months ago

    I am genuinely excited! My favourite accommodation for visits to London is near Finsbury Park so this is the tube station I always used. Arriving was always difficult, but leaving even more because of the shopping I did in the UK. 80% of the times I was travelling with luggage people asked if they could help me and I think that's awesome. But for all our backs a lift is way safer.

  • Nic McJannet
    Nic McJannet 8 months ago

    Random thought: who down-thumbs videos like this? Seriously? People who need hugs, I think 🤗

  • Jason Clift-Jones
    Jason Clift-Jones 8 months ago

    Is the cameraman Mystery Guest Andy of CallingAllStations?

  • Rob RCS
    Rob RCS 8 months ago

    Step Tiredness Deducted stations. That won't fit so STD stations?

  • Pratt family Games
    Pratt family Games 9 months ago

    Who was the mystery guest

  • Draingang
    Draingang 9 months ago

    How would I go about finding the cheapest train fare between Harwich and Cambridge it's a journey I am planning on doing some spotting on

  • Oli Pacetti
    Oli Pacetti 9 months ago

    A wheelchair, luggage and a person with a baby combined

  • Robert Coates
    Robert Coates 9 months ago

    It’s good to see that the interchange at Finsbury Park has improved. On a Sunday in January I arrived at that station with a National Rail e-ticket. The Northern City branch from Highbury and Islington was closed, so I had to use the Victoria Line. On exiting the station it took 4 minutes to convince the barrier staff that my ticket was valid. Hopefully the new lifts will contribute to awareness of the fact that FP is in fact an interchange station, not just a LU station. So, yes! Take the lift up to level 1!

  • MrRobbiepee
    MrRobbiepee 9 months ago

    Geoff. pleased to report that Newbury Park already has its lifts. now step free to both platforms

  • RubberDuck
    RubberDuck 9 months ago

    Is 0 steps still the equivalent of a 15 story building?

  • Marie Bohl
    Marie Bohl 9 months ago

    go to berlin and explore the public transport there :)

  • Marie Bohl
    Marie Bohl 9 months ago

    go to berlin and explore the public transport there :)

  • Marie Bohl
    Marie Bohl 9 months ago

    go to berlin and explore the public transport there :)

  • Darren Gomes
    Darren Gomes 9 months ago

    My goodness, how are they going to make South Kensington step-free without rebuilding the entire station? Come to think of it, how are they going to tackle Camden Town?

  • LBSi UK - 4K Lift Videos

    I think those lifts are some 4th Generation Kone EcoDiscs, apart from the fact that the buttons are Dewhurst (which all new-ish lifts have on the Underground).

  • The Border
    The Border 9 months ago

    About the step free access symbol; I've seen a map of Dublin which had a symbol of a set of stairs next to stations without step free access... Seemed like a good solution

  • Joãof27 08
    Joãof27 08 9 months ago

    I'm newbie on this topic and I have a doubt. What happens if you don't have enough money in your oyster card? Like you take a long ride from zone 6 to zone 1 and you only have 3 poundsi n your card?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer 9 months ago

      It will let you out, but you can't use it again until you've put enough money on to get back into credit

  • DJH
    DJH 9 months ago

    Lifts are already now in at Newbury Park. (Used them yesterday)

  • Ahmes Syahda
    Ahmes Syahda 9 months ago

    I just got the notification for this video a few seconds ago, and the video was posted... 4 days ago?

  • Gareth
    Gareth 9 months ago

    It’s nice that the lift has a window in the door.

  • Kaseyap
    Kaseyap 9 months ago

    Newbury Park is now Step Free with the lifts in operation.

  • Kevin Melling
    Kevin Melling 9 months ago

    Just have an icon that represents what it is: a lift, not who it’s for. And if that’s too hard, how about a simple pair of up and down arrows, like a rail logo turned 90 degrees.

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer 9 months ago

      Some step-free stations don't have lifts.

  • CJT80
    CJT80 9 months ago

    Oh Geoff... my friend (who works for GTR) and I always call FPK Krapy Rubsnif - clearly it's somewhat well known!

  • Old Account
    Old Account 9 months ago

    Sounds a bit like Dave, maybe?

  • jjtwhite
    jjtwhite 9 months ago

    It's better if you have lifts because it makes access for wheelchairs better

  • Matthew McAndrew
    Matthew McAndrew 9 months ago +2

    I’m a CSA at Finsbury Park, Geoff. Nice to see you dropping by and we hope to see you again when the new entrance opens.

    • CJT80
      CJT80 9 months ago

      how is FPK these days?

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym 9 months ago

    everyone: thick jacket + huge scarf - Geoff: open sweater...

  • BlueFlyer
    BlueFlyer 9 months ago

    I live in West Ruislip and although it's the end of the line, it looks like it would have gone further. I know the Chiltern Railway goes through West Ruislip but did the tube line ever go further?
    I can't say I've watched all of your videos, but I think a video or series of videos where you visit the end of each line with interesting facts about the stations and the area they're in, would be a great video.

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer 9 months ago

      No it didn't - it was extended from North Acton to West Ruislip in the 1940s, taking over the GWR stations on the route (in the same way it took over a GER branch at the other end of the line). The original plan had been to go one stop further, to Denham.

  • Thomas’s Info Lab
    Thomas’s Info Lab 9 months ago

    I bet the cameraman was Matthew Frost

  • Stefan Horst
    Stefan Horst 9 months ago

    I would suggest, not to use a wheelchair, but mark the not step free tube stations with stairs symbols .. this way you say step free is "normal" and the not step free are the "irregularities"