The New 'FLIRT' Class 755 Trains in service

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • New trains are now in service on Greater Anglia with the Class 755 'FLIRT' train. Built by Stadler, FLIRT which stands for Fast Light & Intercity Regional Train are now being introduced in the Norwich area.
    I went and caught one on a trip out to Great Yarmouth to take a comprehensive look at them. They're also running to Lowestoft and Cambridge as well.
    Music by Joakim Karud

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  • Ben Fake
    Ben Fake Day ago

    Great to see you in the Fine City, Geoff.

  • Synystershy
    Synystershy 2 days ago

    One door?? That's class 141 standards.

  • ThatOneBuilderGuy
    ThatOneBuilderGuy 6 days ago


  • anne lorraine Matthews

    10:22 class 153 said see ya! 😂

  • Movietraileractionreal

    That toilet needs automatic wave sensor! It’s very important for hygiene.

  • Luka Mitrovic
    Luka Mitrovic 8 days ago

    755s are just revolting

  • Lamisi Gurah
    Lamisi Gurah 8 days ago

    Simular to NSB FLIRT from 2012

  • Hutty
    Hutty 11 days ago

    2:44 "So we're leaving Great Yarmouth now... It is so quiet, that's because..."

    Because people that live in Great Yarmouth haven't discovered rail travel yet and fear the giant metal beasts on their metal roads

  • callum wilkinson
    callum wilkinson 11 days ago

    #notsponseredbytwix 2:3

  • alex cantlow
    alex cantlow 11 days ago

    Running lines seen this in person reminds me of the virgin trains a bit. Get off my line fam or claim it 🤣.

  • M K
    M K 13 days ago

    haha hopefully the guy not cheat his GF at 8:55

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 15 days ago

    I can't wait for my first trip on one if these trains and if anyone asks me what I'm doing under the seats, I'll say I got the idea from this video!

  • PrezidentHughes
    PrezidentHughes 15 days ago

    Hopefully we get these on the Cambridge to London Liverpool Street soon. I haven't seen any yet.

  • Daniel Law
    Daniel Law 15 days ago

    The seats look low if you ask me

  • James Cox
    James Cox 16 days ago

    fuck greater anglia

  • I. McCarren
    I. McCarren 17 days ago

    We got some electric FLIRT’s out in the Netherlands.

    AGTHEBEST 18 days ago

    Shame that the opening door sound is the same as on Crossrail

  • sbv3000
    sbv3000 24 days ago

    there was an intercity flirt at Liverpool street today platform 6, 745/005, driver said in service November

  • JackLebeau66
    JackLebeau66 24 days ago +1

    They should really stop making diesel locomotives.

  • Reason077
    Reason077 25 days ago +1

    What great looking seats! Well done Stadler / Greater Anglia. I still can't understand why the Thameslink Class 700s have those ugly and uncomfortable "coffin lids".

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 27 days ago

    The 755 sound like a space ship from a sci-fi movie taking off

  • FineQuasar17
    FineQuasar17 28 days ago

    next time your up lowestoft way give me a msg and ill come join you for a trip or 2 we have plenty of those new 755s and 745s in service now. please pm me if your here it'll be fun.

  • 33 i 1-3
    33 i 1-3 28 days ago

    Stadler FLIRT proudly bulid in Poland :D. We got this tran i long distance variant like yours and also Koleje Mazowiecke (one of operators) got regional version of this train with more doors per unit.

  • Joe Fothergill
    Joe Fothergill Month ago

    Schweizer Qualität

  • Joe Fothergill
    Joe Fothergill Month ago

    Last time I went to great Yarmouth it was operated by a 1 car 154
    3 and we had to get a taxi as the train was full

  • alex cantlow
    alex cantlow Month ago +1

    Legend says his home is the network 😂

  • Nodding Donkey
    Nodding Donkey Month ago

    Have you been to sample our new toys yet Geoff?

  • FinardoLittle 123 Animations And Gaming

    I was going Ipswich - Norwich and I saw a 755. It said Norwich but the CIS said it was going to Ipswich so we took a dumb 135. I also had to get on a dumb slam door when the 755 was going to Great Yarmouth

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts Month ago

    Was Norwich the prototype for the old Superquick OO terminal building? It looks familiar.

  • Northern Officials
    Northern Officials Month ago

    The 170s will probably go to emr

  • Ricardo Wiggett
    Ricardo Wiggett Month ago

    These look the piece, high quality for local trains. Hopefully other TOCs will employ them soon. Govia Thameslink, over to you...

  • antek michalak
    antek michalak Month ago

    they are BMU's and not DMU's they are quiet on the inside the motors sound very powerful they are accesable and comfortable honestly i dont know why british peopple hate theese

  • Athol Heys
    Athol Heys Month ago

    Travelled to Cambridge on a bi mode today, lovely and quiet but the most uncomfortable seats I’ve had the displeasure to sit on for a long time.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    Music by Joakim Karud. What is the name of the track that is used on this video. I cannot track it down from the link to Joakim's website supplied.

  • Ognjen Milicevic
    Ognjen Milicevic 2 months ago

    this train looks like a big bus

  • railwayfan1988
    railwayfan1988 2 months ago

    1:12 That's why trains between Roermond and Nijmegen on a monday morning always arrive a few minutes late, because there are queues near the exits. And that delay means that I have to run for my connection to Arnhem, and sometimes I'll miss it.
    Regards, from Holland
    3:06 Edit: yes, the FLIRT's a good/solid quality trains. The Dutch Railways use them as well in their Sprinter services.
    6:02 No it's German for Flinker Leichter Innovativer Regional Triebzug.
    To translate it into English I would suggest Fairly Lighter Innovative Regional Train.

    • Milan Z.
      Milan Z. 2 months ago

      Re 6:02: Stadler changed it (to what Geoff Marshall used) after they introduced the FLIRT200

  • Zoltán Kozma
    Zoltán Kozma 2 months ago

    at 2:37 probably because the wheels are underneath you there :D

  • Five-O
    Five-O 2 months ago

    That background music for retards, nice touch. You're like Kaeysee Juuschtaat, circa 2012.

  • MrBnsftrain
    MrBnsftrain 2 months ago

    So the floors are higher and lower like on those Stadler cars in service in continental Europe and America. The small motor car in the middle kinda reminds me of the APT, which I didn't notice until this video
    4:26 so they have it "American Style" with the long grounded wire on bottom
    11:30 cool drone shot of the new FLIRT passing the old Sprinter

  • Michael Gomes Vieira
    Michael Gomes Vieira 2 months ago

    Do a video on Lowestoft to London when it opens please Geoff!

  • Benjamin Nolan
    Benjamin Nolan 2 months ago

    Huh. Not sure those upside-down plug sockets are technically legal. O.o

  • Knowledge of Aviation
    Knowledge of Aviation 2 months ago

    Just saw a few trains standing in Frankfurt. I dont know why but they did.

  • Robertnovember
    Robertnovember 2 months ago

    Are you coming for the last 313 Great Northern on the 23rd October? I would

  • The Fare Player
    The Fare Player 2 months ago

    This train must make Brexiters lose their minds.

  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams 2 months ago

    Look a bit light on luggage space: I don't go for the underseat option as viable because anything you put there will be kicked through by the chap in the seat behind!

  • onlineo
    onlineo 2 months ago

    The horrible door opening noise needs to be turned off. That tunnel in the middle looks like bad planning. Could they possibly be leaving room to put some batteries underneath to turn this into a hybrid train?

  • Bork
    Bork 2 months ago

    Aren’t these basically Adelantes?

  • Mike van der Velde
    Mike van der Velde 2 months ago

    I travel by flirt daily. Granted the ones that are used on my line are 10 years older but still very simialar. Nice and comfortable trains!

  • david goodchild
    david goodchild 2 months ago

    Hi Geoff. I took today off to go up to Norfolk to ride this beauties, and guess what? They are not running ha ha. The Class 37s are back, and all the old usual stock were in service. Didn't even get to see one moving :-( They must have known you were coming and didn't want to offend you :-)

  • aljanat5
    aljanat5 2 months ago +1

    No regional train can be said to be fit for purpose. It is a constant compromise between speed, profit margins, staffing, maintenance, rail franchise risk aversion and localised vandalism that devalue stock upgrades when it comes to railcar investment. This may not be a long term solution or so I fear. Indulge me:
    These issues and cancelling low profit services in oft frigid or severe weather make ponying up for capital investment a virtual non-starter. Running a 1 or 2 car service for 3-5 years is the only way to get enough money to upgrade the service and lease the new train engine and carriages for well planned operators.
    A high profit low quality service interim works until a new Minister or government has a brainfart and sells the franchise to some rival bidder. Then the old franchise can cancel its lease and the 2nd franchise can increase its ticket prices to make up for the unrealistic up front bid made to new government stooge.
    The issue is higher prices will decrease the profitability of the routes, if one recognises that a marginal increase in quality is not useful in a dynamic market contingent on weather, inflation remaining low and volatile casual usage.
    All in all, the 2nd franchise can easily run into administration and forfeit its rail operation route sending a 3rd franchise into repeating the cycle of the 1st franchise or just running low quality 2 car carriages at a modest profit like most of backwater Britain.

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke 2 months ago

    ...really not liking just the one door set up, but otherwise...

  • Lewis Collard
    Lewis Collard 2 months ago

    I had the pleasure of riding on a 755 today. While I will miss the noise of the Sprinters and 170s (plus while I've never ridden with one on the mainline, anything hauled by 37s sounds like a great time), I hope everyone recognises just how AMAZING these new units are?! So refined, so quiet, so spacious, so PERFECT in every way. It didn't even feel like a DMU, it felt like being on loco-hauled stock without the sluggishness. Stadler absolutely rules.

  • Michael Bruchas
    Michael Bruchas 2 months ago

    Sweet design! How long is the route?

  • Tuukka Varjoranta
    Tuukka Varjoranta 2 months ago

    It's the Swiss quality of Stadler trains. Now also in the UK ;-)

  • S B
    S B 2 months ago

    Tell me Geoff, how is a 12 car electric train under its own power going to go along a diesel line and also fit in stations only designed for, at max, 4 carriages?

  • Keith Garr
    Keith Garr 2 months ago

    Why doesn't the North East of England get new trans like these, when I say North East I mean Newcastle, Sunderland and surrounding areas?

  • Tim Webb
    Tim Webb 2 months ago

    Was that a camera just above the front wheels?

  • Piccadilly line
    Piccadilly line 2 months ago +1

    First time I went to Great Yarmouth many years ago it was top and tailed by 2 47's and Mk2's between. He hit the stops at about 3 mph. Great start to a holiday !!

  • David H Cobbald
    David H Cobbald 2 months ago

    Really nice trains. Love the way the charger power points are organised so that one can put the plug in straight and not need to turn it around. Glad they have done away with first class, they are a waste of space.

  • Matthew Albery
    Matthew Albery 2 months ago

    Everyone else noticed that the 'i' of Norwich Station has no dot , right? I mean its not just me??