Visiting Every Station - Wickford to Southminster

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • It's time to head out onto the network again and TICK! off some stations, but this time ... you have to get actually get off or on a train at that station for it to count towards the final tally.
    Oh, and yeah, i have NO IDEA what happened to the mic. I have binned it, and replaced it with a new one. Thanks for putting up with the distortion ...

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  • Jeremy Wilcox
    Jeremy Wilcox 17 days ago

    If you had asked the right Guard of the pair of trains (s)he would have held the train for the few seconds you needed - the short stock has time for that due to the imballance of distances.
    If you had let me know I could have fed and watered you at our Brewery in Southminister and you the would have had time to catch the through train back to Liverpool Street.

  • john brown
    john brown 3 months ago

    What a small world, I was just speaking to @heldvomerdbeerfeld, and left a comment on his latest vlog. As you know, he lives in Gloggnitz Austria and went to Neunkirchen HS, the same village where I once lived and worked. You covered my line in this video and at Southminster a friend of mine "John Jolly", owns a Railway Museum namely "Mangapps Railway". Most in the Railway World know John but obviously you don't or you would have mentioned it in this vlog. If you go to Southminster again, be sure to call in for a chat, I'm sure you will find it a very interesting experience. Great vid! Incidently, you missed all of the points of interest, admittedly they are all a fair walk from the stations.

  • Galaxy Coder
    Galaxy Coder 4 months ago

    Its pronounced Awlthorne. At Southminster on the left as you arrive is a crane in a siding where the British Nuclear Fuels Nuclear Flask train used to arrive every Thursday late morning ( midday) and the crane used to transfer the 50 ton Nuclear Flask from the train to the waiting Heavily Articulated Lorry which then headed to Bradwell power station.

  • El Nido
    El Nido 7 months ago

    Kind of a traditional Britsh rail look coming back again.
    No many lines or stations are using the BR logo next to the name on the platform signs or on the station building itself.
    Like you see there with Burnham on Crouch.
    Don't think Wickford has any platforms signs with both the BR logo and the name next to each other.

  • TTV_truckerboy12
    TTV_truckerboy12 8 months ago +1

    My Grandad lives there in South Woodham Ferrers that is

  • Martyn Burrows
    Martyn Burrows 9 months ago

    Loved seeing these places through which I drove buses when I first joined the transport industry.
    I was a driver for Dengie Village Link, 19 years old and in charge of a blue Mercedes Sprinter bus.
    And I linked up with the (then) First Great Eastern trains at South Woodham Ferrers, Fambridge, Burnham and Southminster. Made many friends doing that. Thanks for the vid, Geoff!

  • ProfHavers
    ProfHavers 9 months ago

    I should of been at the train station in South Woodham Ferrers that day....

  • stapley12
    stapley12 9 months ago

    Was that Sooty at 10:59?

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green 9 months ago

    I think Crossrail should be called “The Geoff Marshall Line”

  • LeafHuntress
    LeafHuntress 9 months ago

    Instead of the random captions on a black screen, you could've done subtitles...

  • bigjaffa02
    bigjaffa02 9 months ago

    "Bouncing back" #AccidentalPartridge

  • anononomous
    anononomous 9 months ago

    The class 321s look like an HST that has had it's nose totally flattened 🙂

  • Trevor Austin
    Trevor Austin 10 months ago

    I traveled the line in the 1970's, pre-electrification. We traveled in a Craven's two car DMU. South Woodham Ferrers was about five houses and the rest of the line virtually desolate. Not quite the end of the Earth, but you could see it from there. We did that for no other reason than to see where we sailed (and I liked trains).

  • ILoveCakes ILC/A
    ILoveCakes ILC/A 10 months ago +3

    R. I. P. Mic. Forever in our hearts.

  • thatzombieplace
    thatzombieplace 10 months ago +2

    I'm from California, this is amazing. I'm binge watching your videos

  • Andrew Humphrey
    Andrew Humphrey 10 months ago

    Shame you didn’t get to Southminster. There are sidings there that were used to load spent fuel rods from Bradwell power station for taking away by rail freight.

  • Peter Young
    Peter Young 10 months ago

    Great video. Things happen. Not much at South Minster but Burnham was nice

  • Dick Holman
    Dick Holman 10 months ago

    Burnham-on-Crouch? That reminds of Billericay Dickie! ;)

  • Simon Dewhurst
    Simon Dewhurst 10 months ago

    Great video Geoff - definitely looking forward to checking out this line when I get a free day!

  • James Arthur
    James Arthur 10 months ago +1

    My friends I did this before Christmas... but on the valley lines.

  • zl7
    zl7 10 months ago

    Hi Geoff! This is one of the few routes I have ridden in the UK so I'm delighted to see you revisit it -- I live in Seattle but took the train to Southminster to go to a singing retreat at Othona last summer. I do wonder if the plated-up power sockets are because of my reporting them dead: Love your videos!

  • hindler
    hindler 10 months ago

    Never edit videos when drunk. First rule of FLash-player.
    Edit: or, indeed filming. "The flain was plooded"?

  • Part Time Spotter
    Part Time Spotter 10 months ago

    Don't worry about the distortion Geoff, it' like a normal train announcement LOL

  • William Francis
    William Francis 10 months ago

    We need to talk about:

  • Tom Carlos
    Tom Carlos 10 months ago

    Thanks again for a great video.

  • Richard Navin
    Richard Navin 10 months ago

    if I knew you out my way I would have Brought tea

  • J_Finney
    J_Finney 10 months ago

    1:06 You Focussed In On My Local Station, Rayleigh and the station I go to every morning for School (Hockley) Geoff!

    • J_Finney
      J_Finney 10 months ago

      Also a Renatus on Southminster? That's rare!

  • Gabor Szabados
    Gabor Szabados 10 months ago

    Colour coding information like in these timetables is a very bad idea from the point of view of the colour blind. What about accessability and equal opportunities? Wait... back in your own hands, I see.

  • Nooticus
    Nooticus 10 months ago

    Next up... visiting all stations on the Heart of Wales line!! :P

  • ChrisInTheNorth
    ChrisInTheNorth 10 months ago

    Is getting out and back on the same train OK, or do you need to explore the area between 2 (or more) trains. Apologies if you explain this somewhere

  • Spitbars Productions
    Spitbars Productions 10 months ago

    Bruv, u might as well get the Greater Anglia train from Liverpool street maan.

  • batman51
    batman51 10 months ago

    While at Burnham you should have visited Mangapps Railway - another station to do!

  • Ian Mcclavin
    Ian Mcclavin 10 months ago

    I think the plated-over phone/laptop sockets haven't been decommissioned, those units have only recently been refurbished, they never had those before, and haven't been fully connected up yet.

  • RandomNameHere
    RandomNameHere 10 months ago

    Ooh, automatic half barrier level crossing at Althorne (06:33 ish) with the lesser spotted flashing white light signal.

  • Ian Gregson
    Ian Gregson 10 months ago

    I tried the Ormskirk to Preston route in May 2018 but there was a two hour delay then I was told to catch a bus, which took forever and he wouldnt drop me off at Burscough Bridge to catch the Wigan Wallgate train. Nice part of the country on the single track, might be better going from Preston to Ormskirk as the trains out to Liverpool are more frequent

  • John Airey
    John Airey 10 months ago

    Surprised no one pointed out that Battlesbridge was an excuse for a Star Trek reference. Although I imagine Geoff would find detaching the saucer section too traumatic for his cuppa...

  • Pastor Cmentarny
    Pastor Cmentarny 10 months ago

    maybe, just maybe they are wireless chargers , so u don't need sockets anymore :)

  • Karl Watson
    Karl Watson 10 months ago +7

    Blanked out power sockets! Is that for wireless charging? 😊

  • Mark Atkins
    Mark Atkins 10 months ago

    A halt is defined as a station where two trains cannot pass each other.

  • Sarah Cleveland
    Sarah Cleveland 10 months ago

    You should do the Monsal https trail in Derbyshire - disused railway line with a recently renovated ticket office-cum-café ://

  • K1W1fly
    K1W1fly 10 months ago

    Smugglers have a club now?

  • Ash Dean
    Ash Dean 10 months ago

    Is there a list of when you would be at places as I'd like to see you on your journey!

  • meliskaable
    meliskaable 10 months ago

    And that's why you bring snacks and a beverage Geoff 😉 always!

  • Kimchi Gang
    Kimchi Gang 10 months ago

    2:59 the reason for that is the new Greater Anglia stock for some reason doesn't actually have the sockets working when the plates wasn't there, I guess they just decided to plate it up instead of fixing it, which is a shame because my first time on the stock from London to Clacton, my phone had died, and I scoured each carriage and socket, but none was working, once tweeting next morning, I found out they don't know how to get them working it seems! haha

  • Brian Esposito
    Brian Esposito 10 months ago

    Despite the audio, it is really good quality video - new camera / lens??

  • Herb Fong photography
    Herb Fong photography 10 months ago

    Love the purple trains!

  • Greg Bruce
    Greg Bruce 10 months ago

    Hi Geoff
    loved the quick change you were trying to make at North Fambridge, it reminds me of the changes we do when competing in the all stations challenge on the Sydney Trains network here in Australia.

  • Letian Yin
    Letian Yin 10 months ago

    Interesting! I do wonder, if there's a Westminster, a Southminster and an Eastminster (which is in London), is there a Northminster as well?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer 10 months ago

      There's also an Upminster, but no Downminster. Where's Eastminster?

  • Kymbo Vids
    Kymbo Vids 10 months ago

    Such a great video again! Awesome getting such a great understanding of English rail! 👍

  • hatpeach1
    hatpeach1 10 months ago

    Your videos would benefit from... drone footage. Keep them coming, regardless.

  • Avinash Bhunjun
    Avinash Bhunjun 10 months ago

    Geoff is a G

  • Commander Liquor
    Commander Liquor 10 months ago

    Those class 345s in the beginning.

  • David Whitmore
    David Whitmore 10 months ago

    Geoff just a heads up.Custom house crosslizzy station were testing the led screens.Today trains to Abby Wood while I was there.Would send a pic but no idea where.

  • world of Mike
    world of Mike 10 months ago

    I’m glad u picked up on the plug block apprantly there’s technical problems I complained and apprantly there fixing it been like it for months greater anglia are by far the worst company ever nice to see u doing local routes near my area

  • LucaZoneX
    LucaZoneX 10 months ago

    You know those books they do - "X before you die" >> How about stations >> Railway Stations to visit before you die! There is a gap in the market

  • James Ballantyne
    James Ballantyne 10 months ago

    It's like the secrets of the Wickford to Southminster line. Without the secrets. But still enjoyable..

  • Jack Boardman
    Jack Boardman 10 months ago

    Brentwood, my hometown! Where tfl decide to shut the trains every Sunday and I have to go to Upminster!

  • Mr Tc
    Mr Tc 10 months ago

    At least when you come North towards Sheffield, you will be able to ride the new (old by the time you get here) tram trains.

  • Zoren Manray
    Zoren Manray 10 months ago

    I'd day the random breaks for captioning is more disrupting then the bad mic. :D

  • Qazwsxedc Plmoknijb
    Qazwsxedc Plmoknijb 10 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that Geoff’s voice sounded weird in this one?