Upminster Bridge - Least Used District Line Station

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • We're counting down the least used stations line by line on the London Underground, this time to the District and the wonder that is Upminster Bridge ... and the Ingrebourne River.
    You can download the Entry & Exit figures for all Tube Stations here: tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publications-and-reports/underground-services-performance (although, it will obviously spoil the series for you if you look ahead at the figures!)
    Note: The Waterloo & City Line won't be done, as it's only two two stations and it's figures are ridiculously high, because the stations are Waterloo and Bank.
    There's scope though to do 'Least Used...' on the Overground, DLR and Trams.

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  • The Underdog
    The Underdog 16 days ago

    What’s Upminster?

  • Rafael Sabbat
    Rafael Sabbat 28 days ago

    26 steps, the equivalent to a 2-storey building (36 steps).

  • Chris McCartney
    Chris McCartney Month ago

    Oftentimes used late on last trains as it one from end of line and passengers wake up and jump off in panic and go to cab office round corner or used to when I over slept on district line...

  • taizou / 12bit club
    taizou / 12bit club 2 months ago +1

    when the toilets are locked you're legally allowed to use the phonebox instead

  • James Wilkins
    James Wilkins 5 months ago

    Geoff all your videos are brilliant but one of my silly personal pet hates is when someone says something is very unique or pretty unique as you do in the video. To my mind something is unique or it isn't! Sorry to be so picky.

  • natasha wong
    natasha wong 6 months ago

    Upminster Bridge: 26 steps and 1.1 million.

  • Tyord
    Tyord 6 months ago

    I live there

  • jess bates
    jess bates 7 months ago

    to be honest i am surprised that this is the least used considering that this is the main way people get to the sixth form college but still 1.1 mil is a pretty big number i guess

  • Leong Kum Fatt
    Leong Kum Fatt 7 months ago +1

    All the toilets,is this a joke?

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 7 months ago

    It's a lovely station! Great for watching trains on the adjacent main line when the occasional steam train passes through!

  • Warren
    Warren 8 months ago +1

    @1:23 why is there a swastica on the floor?

    • TheSmithersy
      TheSmithersy 6 days ago

      The designers loved Hitler.....

    • Fussbudget the Ninth
      Fussbudget the Ninth Month ago

      The station was built in 1934, Hitler had only been in power for a year and the swastika was a popular decorative motif before its use in Germany irredemably besmirched it.

    • BeansDaKid
      BeansDaKid 6 months ago

      Warren it’s a reverse swastica I think it means like anti nazi but I’m not sure

  • Ryan Kwarteng
    Ryan Kwarteng 9 months ago +1

    2:03 the colour of the poles in the train are yellow. Idk why TfL couldn’t change the colour for the District and Metropolitan line (maybe Hammersmith & City line) poles. Nevertheless, they are using the same train as the Circle 🤔

  • sct353
    sct353 9 months ago

    Interesting. I live down the road. Where does West Kensington figure in the District Line usage stats? Whenever I have got off there, I've been the only one who has done so.

  • StasRyadinsky
    StasRyadinsky 9 months ago

    Used that station for my college back in the day and this video brought good memories. Also I've walked that tiny bridge many times but had no idea the station is called after that same bridge.

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 11 months ago +1

    This is my local station. I use it pretty much every week. So weird seeing it in FLash-player. It is ALWAYS empty when you get there other than like one or two people, but thats because the trains are extremely frequent and it's almost at the end of the line.

  • Billy Shearer
    Billy Shearer 11 months ago

    I thought Kensington Olympia would be the least used station...

  • Squeakers
    Squeakers 11 months ago

    Even though in the area and it's nice to watch the video and get some information

  • doris the slug
    doris the slug Year ago +1

    Goodness gracious! Its been a long time since I've watched GeoffTech... and a long time since I went to London.

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T Year ago +6

    all 1.1 million are people going from havering sixth form back to newham

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T Year ago

    yay my old town

  • JSGツンシ斗
    JSGツンシ斗 Year ago

    Canons Park, blackhorse road,goldhawk road and now Upminster bridge.

  • JSGツンシ斗
    JSGツンシ斗 Year ago

    Has anybody else noticed that every single least used station so far are all the stations before the terminating station of the lines?

  • Shamir Khan
    Shamir Khan Year ago +2

    I miss the old district line 😐

  • Nicky Haugh
    Nicky Haugh Year ago +1

    Upminster Bridge is one of the best District Line stations, even if it's the least used station on the line itself!!!

  • Metrobestuurder Wouter

    Being a Rotterdam metro driver myself, I absolutely love your videos! Sure, we have our own hidden little secrets, we could make a list of least used stations, and we have our bit of history ourselves, but London is a different league 😅. Absolutely jealous of all background quirks over there! 😁

  • Andrew Thorne
    Andrew Thorne Year ago +1

    Hey Geoff, Have you ever thought of doing a most distant point series? Most distant point from a station where the nearest station is a tube line? Most distant point from a bus stop?

  • Introverted Adventure

    On a similar theme, I’m building my channel with new easy to follow adventures. Currently I’m in the process of adding the London Countryway Route. Please do take a look, and ‘Subscribe’, would be great if I could build my little channel further!

  • Hannah Allen
    Hannah Allen Year ago +1

    I live in Upminster but get off at Upminster Bridge to get on a less crowded bus 😂 I also get the district line the whole way to Whitechapel to avoid the crowded c2c 😂

  • rail_photography_uk

    Wow. I generally thought that at 2:02, that was your hand making that noise...

  • Trans Canada Phil
    Trans Canada Phil Year ago +6

    Geoff have you ever been asked by Michael Portillo to be part of the Great British Railway Journeys show? I think you guys should do a co-host series together! 😁✌️

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger Year ago

    1:40 Geoff confirmed for Superman

  • ItsVigo
    ItsVigo Year ago +1

    Purpletrain delayed till september 2020

  • Florence Gomer
    Florence Gomer Year ago +1

    I assume a video on the new Class 230 trains going into service will be forthcoming at some point?

  • Finn 2491
    Finn 2491 Year ago

    Those banks do also exist at white city underground station for the central line. But I thought Kensington Olympia is the least used station on the district line

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      Norbiton Flyer thank you my fellow train spotter

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago +1

      The official stats say Upminster Bridge is the least used (fewest people) although Olympia has fewer trains. (stats for Olympia include Overground as they share a barrier line)

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago +1

      I think it used to be but you know Geoff an absolute expert

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 Year ago

    Next 3 in order I bet will be

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      Swap metropolitan and Piccadilly

  • Amine Alouat
    Amine Alouat Year ago

    The least used station on underground is Roading valley

  • evancortez2
    evancortez2 Year ago +2

    So exactly why is there a reverse swastika on the floor?

    • Jared Bowhay-Pringle
      Jared Bowhay-Pringle Year ago

      It's not even a reverse one, but the station was built in 1934, so just before Hitler and Nazism were in the public conscience. Besides, it's rather fitting for the current political outlook of the borough.

  • Tube Mapper
    Tube Mapper Year ago +2

    Oooh a symmetry shot with that red bench and two trains either side, thanks Geoff!!!

    • Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling
      Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling Year ago

      Geoff Marshall hi Geoff a very important question what is your favorite train of all time?

    • Tube Mapper
      Tube Mapper Year ago

      I always appreciate your photography Geoff

    • Geoff Marshall
      Geoff Marshall  Year ago +2

      i totally lucked out with that ...

  • Sivaparvathi Kari
    Sivaparvathi Kari Year ago +3

    I will ask someone to put Thameslink from brixton to walthamstow central

  • Lil Shame
    Lil Shame Year ago

    Bakerloo or Northern Line?

  • flickpad
    flickpad Year ago +1

    Yes Upminster Bridge has matrix displays, but they pretty-much never say anything other than NO SMOKING - especially West bound.

    • flickpad
      flickpad Year ago

      @Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling I never saw that, but I definitely approve. 😊

    • Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling
      Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling Year ago +1

      Actually in the summer they said keep hydrated and apply sun cream, what a cool addition am I right?

  • DisaidraGaming
    DisaidraGaming Year ago

    Is your channel logo intentionally in the middle of your video when the video is in full screen, or is my phone just having a seizure?

  • klarigi4219
    klarigi4219 Year ago

    If this is the least used station on the line, why did you say it was a 'popular' commuter station on your Secrets of the District line video?

    • Max's Trainspotting
      Max's Trainspotting 11 months ago

      @Dan Smith Don't have one but I think Wimbledon as its a bit local and has national rail, trams and the tube so it is quite handy and it has a lot of passing trains

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      Max The Chiron favourite station?

    • Max's Trainspotting
      Max's Trainspotting Year ago +1

      Because a lot of people use the district line and it is the least used even though commuters go in there

  • Alex Thomson
    Alex Thomson Year ago

    Can you please do the least used station in Herefordshire

  • TehDragonGuy
    TehDragonGuy Year ago

    A least used station I've been to. Awesome!

    • TehDragonGuy
      TehDragonGuy Year ago

      @Dan Smith No idea, sorry.

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      We’re the toilets open when you went there?

    Oo_ELECTRO_oO Year ago +1

    Geoff I'm in London down from Leeds and I'm keeping an eye out for you 😁👍

    • Sofia Platini
      Sofia Platini Year ago

      Dan Smith jubilee and district as love when train is outside tunnel as different views

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      Sofia Platini favourite train?

    • Sofia Platini
      Sofia Platini Year ago

      Oo_ELECTRO_oO don’t blame you

  • zeus Rulez
    zeus Rulez Year ago

    I’m sad I missed him

  • WeeTiny
    WeeTiny Year ago

    1:24 swastika?!

  • stephenrgow
    stephenrgow Year ago

    0:46 "building a railway bridge and then naming the station after the railway"... is this a subtle reference to Barnes Bridge station which has precisely that origin?

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago


    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      Thinking the same thing, love near that station always pondered about the name

  • Lee Bush
    Lee Bush Year ago

    uncanny. I was literally thinking the other day. what i need on my FLash-player feed is a video about a least used tube station. My phone can now read my mind. I feel inspired to search for other videos around the world for least used train stations.

  • Paul Tidd
    Paul Tidd Year ago +1

    Another great video, love the London Underground. I hope you managed to find a toilet to use?

  • 七五三八7538東京メトロJR

    Nice! I can’t wait to see the last one...I think I know what it is...but I won’t spoil

  • Elsie Ellis
    Elsie Ellis Year ago

    Glad to see the old bench seats are still there. They were green in my day, when I was travelling up and down to London, to work. Coming home, I crossed the road and went down Hornminster Glen, which was an unmade road then; climbed up and over the railway, which has long since had houses built on it, then into Frimley Avenue.

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou Year ago +8

    The station opened in 1934. Hitler's rise to power occurred the previous year. So the clockwise or counterclockwise Swastikas, the ancient symbols of auspiciousness and good luck hadn't yet fully stigmatized by its association with racism and antisemitism.
    But Upminister Bridge isn't the only case.
    The India House in Aldwych London near the London school of economics was built in 1930 and outside there are obvious symbols of clockwise Swastikas.
    Burlington House in London Piccadilly street features swastika shapes in its exterior stonework.
    The swastika-inspired design appears on the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London
    BBC has a webpage with title: Walls, floors and rocks: England and its swastikas.

    • Achilleas Labrou
      Achilleas Labrou Year ago +1

      Ragtime Ragtime Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that.

    • Ragtime Ragtime
      Ragtime Ragtime Year ago +5

      And in Wembley, where I live, there is a big Indian population. Lots of them have swastikas painted in windows or doors. For them is still a sign of good luck.

  • JPaul C
    JPaul C Year ago +5

    They should name a local pub: "The Phonebox and Swastika"

    • Junk Bucket
      Junk Bucket 11 months ago +3

      According to Wikipedia the station was opened in 1934 and that design was popular in art deco at the time. Quite funny really

    • ChubbyChecker182
      ChubbyChecker182 Year ago +2

      Or named the station that :) That swastika is so bizarre, Who What Why ???

  • E. M
    E. M Year ago

    Hey Geoff, could you make a video about tube stations with the biggest escalators?

    • E. M
      E. M Year ago +1

      Matthew Dunderdale cheers!! Actually found a video he made 😆😆

    • Matthew Dunderdale
      Matthew Dunderdale Year ago

      top of that list is angel...

  • Ian Ian
    Ian Ian Year ago

    Do you know that a new Tube maps as come out.?? Have a look at the dog Trust on twitter

    • Ian Ian
      Ian Ian Year ago

      Yes I think it is a great idea

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      yeah they look nice don’t they?

  • Peter Garlinski
    Peter Garlinski Year ago

    District line is still my favourite line. I suppose that's what happens when you grow up using it all the time!

    • John Huggins
      John Huggins Year ago

      My nearest station was Dagenham Heathway where I only lived half a mile away.Dagenham East was pretty close,but why not build a station between Dagenham East and Elm Park as they are quite a distance from each other,like Barking and East Ham.

  • Robert Ewalt
    Robert Ewalt Year ago +1

    The reverse swastica is a Buddhist symbol

  • theboyfromxtown
    theboyfromxtown Year ago

    In my day commuters travelling to London, would go back to Upminster to catch the fast train to Fenchurch. Sometimes we'd get caught by the Inspectors and made to pay the extra fare.

  • Leo Starrenburg
    Leo Starrenburg Year ago

    I had a brief but definite Dr. Who moment, felt a bit disappointed that there was no sound effect.

  • GodAtum
    GodAtum Year ago +2

    did you hold it in then?

  • K S
    K S Year ago

    i thought it's Olympia lol

  • David
    David Year ago

    Thanks Geoff, keep up this series. On to other things, now you are back, what of the announcement that the Purple - Cross -- Elizabeth Line now won't open until 2021 !!!! ????

  • JukeBox
    JukeBox Year ago +6

    Please do a video on the C2C cuz I live on that line so it would be interesting to see it from your perspective

    • JukeBox
      JukeBox Year ago

      D Tz yeah I now but it would be nice to see a dedicated video about it

    • Zoe T
      Zoe T Year ago

      JukeBox he did talk a lot about c2c in all the stations

  • hugge4141
    hugge4141 Year ago

    Wasn’t Kensington Olympia the least used?

    • hugge4141
      hugge4141 Year ago

      Oh ok! Thanks!

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago

      Upminster Bridge is least used (fewest passengers). Olympia is the least served (fewest Underground trains). Olympia's passenger figures include those using Overground and Southern, as they all use the same gateline.

  • Martin Ward
    Martin Ward Year ago

    As someone who has a bowel condition, why on earth would you have toilets and have them locked, that's bloody stupid!

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago

      Could be any number of reasons. Out of order? Vandalised? No staff? Misuse?

  • Andrew Potterton
    Andrew Potterton Year ago

    You should do a spreadsheet with station steps data

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      he hasn’t got time because he’s making suck quality videos

  • Charlie Fleming
    Charlie Fleming Year ago

    I bet Hillingdon or Ickenham is the least used Met-line station.

    • ok boomer
      ok boomer Year ago

      Norbiton Flyer I'm pretty sure it's chesham

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago

      No - although Ickenham is the least used station served by two different lines.

    • ok boomer
      ok boomer Year ago

      Charlie Fleming they are good contenders but I believe stations beyond Zone 6 have good chances of being least used

  • David Shepheard
    David Shepheard Year ago

    3:17 CALLING ALL DISTRICT LINE USERS: Take a trip to Upminster Bridge. We can TOTALLY take the Bakerloo Line if you do. ;-)

  • Barry Gower
    Barry Gower Year ago +1

    How many accessible Underground stations have accessible trains?

    • Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling
      Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling Year ago

      I believe in their making more, however currently we’re looking at about 5 fully fuctional

  • Aviator39
    Aviator39 Year ago +158

    26 steps? That's the equivalent to a 15-storey building.

  • Steve Best
    Steve Best Year ago

    1'18" - ancient geocache?

  • peebee143
    peebee143 Year ago

    What is the significance of the labyrinth??

    • peebee143
      peebee143 Year ago

      @Matthew Dunderdale Well, I never knew that! (I actually thought they were a bit like those special bar code type thingies that your phone could use to tell you what station you were at for the purpose of calculating Oyster tariffs.)

    • Matthew Dunderdale
      Matthew Dunderdale Year ago +1

      there is 1 at each station numbered in the order they were ticked off in 2009 to break the world record....

  • telemachus53
    telemachus53 Year ago

    So what happened re your getting caught short?

  • Barry Allott
    Barry Allott Year ago

    Geoff. can you please do a video on the Bank station. I work in london and travelled a lot there. Can we do a segment on how huge and complicated Bank station is..... maybe a new video piece on 'most complicated stations'

  • Warble
    Warble Year ago +5

    I just recalled that in your 'Secrets of the District Line' video, you termed Upminster Bridge *'a popular commuter station'.* Why is that? Or is that just irony?

  • Allison Pell
    Allison Pell Year ago

    Where does Waterloo come on the list??? (I know it was an april fools, but still... running gag)

  • Ballantyne Moyes
    Ballantyne Moyes Year ago +1

    It looks a dump. Badly in need of some maintenance.

  • rayathehall
    rayathehall Year ago

    Used to live at the end of Upminster Road, used to use that station every day to travel into West Ham! I had no idea that of all the district line stations, that would be the least used now

  • munkeyweb
    munkeyweb Year ago +1

    Least used station on the Purple Line?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago

      @Nick Lindsey Acton Main Line (nb all the stations on the section yet to open will be interchanges and thus do not currently have zero usage figures)

    • Nick Lindsey
      Nick Lindsey Year ago

      munkeyweb Tottenham Court Road

  • cowscrazy
    cowscrazy Year ago

    I wonder what the least used station on the Cable Car is ??

  • coasterb1
    coasterb1 Year ago

    Useless waiting room and rest rooms.

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      They were open when I visited and they were not in the best condition

  • ellenkingsley
    ellenkingsley Year ago +30

    I thought Kensington Olympia would be the least used station on the District Line

    • Mr Green
      Mr Green Year ago

      I thought upney was

    • Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling
      Sasha Sapelkin-Tambling Year ago

      Max The Chiron what’s your favorite train?

    • Max's Trainspotting
      Max's Trainspotting Year ago +10

      And it's not the least used because of the overground service

    • Cpr1234
      Cpr1234 Year ago +5

      No, but its the least served. I believe is the Underground's least served station too, as only up to 11 District Line trains stop there per day

  • Smog Monster
    Smog Monster Year ago

    Geoff I don’t think that Swastika pattern is in reverse. I’ve looked at the real ones and this match s perfectly.
    Why have TFL left this in place?

    • Smog Monster
      Smog Monster Year ago

      ginga2101 Cheers. I’ll check that video out sir/madam.

    • ginga2101
      ginga2101 Year ago +1

      Smog Monster he goes over it in his secrets of the district line, it was a popular symbol before the Nazi’s made it unpopular.

  • ShaunL
    ShaunL Year ago +2

    Least impressive bridge after which a train station is named?

  • anononomous
    anononomous Year ago

    I wonder, are there any *bridge stations that are named after the bridge that was constructed at the same time as the station?
    That is to say not after a traditional bridging point either.

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago +1

      Dundee Tay Bridge station? There are certainly some "Quay" and "Junction" stations which reference themselves.

  • Max Perry
    Max Perry Year ago

    Why is there a swastika on the floor?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago +1

      Originating in India, and symbolising spirituality, it was a common design motif long before the National Socialist Party of Germany adopted it as their logo.

  • MontytheHorse
    MontytheHorse Year ago +1

    Hope you found a loo in the end.

  • Nicodo123
    Nicodo123 Year ago +3

    26 steps at Upminster Bridge, equivalent to a 15 storey building.

  • Conner George
    Conner George Year ago

    I drive the 248 down there

  • Dean Morris
    Dean Morris Year ago +1

    Nice to see a video in my neck of the woods for a change aha

  • kixlepixel
    kixlepixel Year ago

    love this station, come here all the time

  • David H
    David H Year ago +1

    From all the times I've been past and through where Upminster Bridge is, I've never once been in the station. Nice interior for sure.

  • Tom S.
    Tom S. Year ago

    I thought Kensington Olympia would be the least used station on the District Line. Could it be because it is also an Overground and Southern station inflates its passenger numbers?

  • Richard Hutchinson

    Thought Kensington (olympia) would be the last used district line station, wonder how many passengers that sees a year?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Year ago

      Why don't you look it up? TfL publish the stats. Including Overground passengers, it had just over 2 million users in 2017, the last year for which data is available, making it the second-least used on the Distrrict and 31st least-used overall.

  • james budd
    james budd Year ago

    least used waterloo + city? hehehe

  • Nrloolee Gaming RAW

    My fav station lol srsly I love it such a quiet station.

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith Year ago

      Can’t lie Kensington has to be my favourite, with that very nostalgic 20th century look

  • Ed Wilson
    Ed Wilson Year ago

    The theme of penultimate Station on the line continues.


    would like to when you next down my patch Geoff
    east end of the District or Tfl Rail