The Strangest Contract in Sports History 🤔 |

  • Bobby Bonilla wasn't some scrub. He was stud who was gifted the strangest contract in league history. Happy belated Bobby Bonilla Day Mets fans.
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  • Frank Michael Smith
    Frank Michael Smith  3 days ago +4

    My reaction to the Lakers getting Westbrook might surprise you -

  • mark houston
    mark houston 10 hours ago

    We have one at man utd phil jones ffs

  • Enrique El Pique Medina

    The Mets r NOT the only team that has done this. Many...many MANY other teams hav similar contracts w departing players.

  • Frankie Selback
    Frankie Selback Day ago

    Of course it’s the Mets...
    *this is a message made by a Yankees fan*

  • Rascal Alps
    Rascal Alps Day ago

    He and Albert Belle who used to compete each year to determine who was the biggest prick

  • Gunnison 36
    Gunnison 36 2 days ago

    Still lost to the Yankees

  • Tazer Face
    Tazer Face 2 days ago

    Bobby Bonillia July 1st is his day every year for the Mets🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  • Josh
    Josh 2 days ago

    I bet he too cried about inequality lol

  • Clyde Smith
    Clyde Smith 2 days ago

    They pay athletes way to much.

  • Noob master
    Noob master 3 days ago

    That money for 25 years isn't going to be 30 million. You have to take inflation and interest rate fluctuations into account and that money's present value will be way way lower than 30 million. What the company could technically do, is they can take the 6 million invest somewhere that gives like 20% return in an year and pay him off. I know that it is hard to find something that gives 20% return, but thats not the normal people we talking about they are big companies. Even if they don't get like 20% return and they could only find something with 10% return, they pays him an extra 600k per year. So 15 million less the initial investment 6 million, comes to around 7 million. After taking inflation into account that will probably be around like 10million. So even if the could only find a 10% ROA investment, they only actually paid him an extra of 10 million

  • aunt jemima
    aunt jemima 3 days ago

    Ah so is that m0mslayer21 on Xbox 360 who said he will be on tommorow but it's been ages

  • Jake The Dog
    Jake The Dog 3 days ago

    Baseball is stuid

  • YouTube Censorship Bot
    YouTube Censorship Bot 3 days ago +1

    All I’m hearing is a bunch of ego driven trash of society people that are getting paid for something as simple as a sport that I played when I was 10….

  • Ante UP
    Ante UP 3 days ago

    Great contract 👍

  • Dallas Tunnell
    Dallas Tunnell 3 days ago

    I considered following until you begged... oh well

  • Austin Lowery
    Austin Lowery 3 days ago +1

    Wow that’s crazy, Mike Hampton’s son was my roommate in college

  • Miadolph72 73
    Miadolph72 73 3 days ago +2

    They later lost Hampton as a free agent and got a compensation pick which they used to select David Wright. I would say the Mets did fine in that deal. Bonilla is the fool, had he taken the $M and invested it he would have come out with a lot more $$$

  • mikedabuc
    mikedabuc 3 days ago

    Hell yeah

  • Joey McCaslin
    Joey McCaslin 3 days ago +1

    He actually is completely paid off now. New Mets owner has his shit together. Made awesome trade today for Baez.

    • bundy26
      bundy26 3 days ago

      Mets still gonna Mets

  • Josh 256m
    Josh 256m 3 days ago

    Idk who any of these people are so no shit I don’t know them

  • SBdunks3
    SBdunks3 4 days ago


  • T F
    T F 4 days ago


  • buckweezy1942
    buckweezy1942 4 days ago

    Bobbys agent is a legend

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez 4 days ago

    This is the dream🙏🙏🙏

  • Ridgewell Hawkes
    Ridgewell Hawkes 4 days ago +2

    Bobby is my neighbor and we celebrate every year. Cheers!

  • Al As 57
    Al As 57 4 days ago

    I wish I get half of that for one year. :)

  • 999 FINE
    999 FINE 4 days ago +1

    Still didn't quite explain why he was getting paid 1.2 million over 25 years saying that they were influenced by Bernie madoff's scheme and not giving an explanation is how all the dots connect was kind of annoying....

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes 4 days ago +1

    Such a good eye the Mets scouting program they put Bonilla on a higher Pedestal than Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent, seems to have paid off I guess.

  • Derek Vaughn
    Derek Vaughn 4 days ago +2

    Why does the Mets getting screwed by Madoff mean they have to screw themselves further on Bobby Bonilla?

  • Dr_Popcorn
    Dr_Popcorn 4 days ago

    There are so many better things to do with that kind of money...

  • Sai Pawan
    Sai Pawan 4 days ago +1

    You know the best part he gets the best seats to watch the match....

  • kennydunk
    kennydunk 4 days ago

    Great video I forgot about him

  • batchagaloopyTV
    batchagaloopyTV 4 days ago

    they lost so ya

  • Zach Naylor
    Zach Naylor 4 days ago

    Bruh somebody please remind me what the beat is from

  • Borrr65
    Borrr65 4 days ago

    Yo bro how do you do your videos man..

  • Marky mark and the bunky funch

    Good for bobby..Sweet deal..

  • rideredRC51
    rideredRC51 4 days ago

    It still doesnt make sense, even if Madoff's bluff had played out. $24 million in the red is an all-around poor business decision.

  • healthdios
    healthdios 4 days ago +1

    At least they didn't do him like the Yankees did Dave Justice, he was getting paid to play against them when he got signed by the Athletics...

  • Richard Key
    Richard Key 4 days ago +2

    Bonilla has a pee tape of Mets management.
    Defund Sports.

  • Lavendeer 201
    Lavendeer 201 4 days ago

    And yet here I am getting no fame working retail for minimum wage :[

  • Ave Imperator
    Ave Imperator 4 days ago

    "Bobby Bonilla baby!"

  • Paul LeBon
    Paul LeBon 4 days ago +1

    Why would any ball player have an agent other than his?

  • Proud Canadian
    Proud Canadian 4 days ago

    Rick DiPietro of the New York Islanders is the worst contract in the history of professional sports. He will be paid until 2027, but hasn’t played in 14 years

  • Universal Dweller
    Universal Dweller 5 days ago

    You'll settle for nothing and be grateful.

  • FLOORED_4x4
    FLOORED_4x4 5 days ago +1

    I don't follow sports.. waste of life, brain space and brain power

  • Chase B.
    Chase B. 5 days ago

    I always unlike because of the end. You aren’t entitled to a like.

  • P. WINE
    P. WINE 5 days ago

    He is on God level finesse💪🏾💯

  • Nickk S
    Nickk S 5 days ago

    Sweet life KEMON

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 5 days ago


  • Oh Well
    Oh Well 5 days ago +1

    And that’s why they’re the Mets

  • Isham Beasley
    Isham Beasley 5 days ago

    God hes lucky.

  • LucidLegend84
    LucidLegend84 6 days ago

    Damn I used to have this dudes card

  • 41Fivin
    41Fivin 6 days ago

    Everyone who knows sports knows July 1st is Bobby Bonilla day. 13 more checks to go

  • q n
    q n 6 days ago

    The Mets can always soak the season ticket holders.

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez 6 days ago +1

    Hahahaha thats crazy I got his autograph when he played for the dodgers back in like 98ish

  • Nach0
    Nach0 6 days ago

    Bro there is this one goalie that used to play for the islanders and apparently was worth $153m btw he wasn’t that good anyways he got injured so he is get payed $153m until 2025 I think so ya

  • Epic Benjo
    Epic Benjo 6 days ago +2

    Omg Bobby Bonilla. I have his rookie card somewhere.

  • Damien Wayne
    Damien Wayne 6 days ago +1

    Oooooh… that MintMobile deal makes so much more sense now. 😯😌😂

  • downpicking
    downpicking 6 days ago

    My life is as disappointing as being a mets fan

  • William Winder
    William Winder 6 days ago

    Guy just got really really lucky.

  • Timothy Tate
    Timothy Tate 6 days ago +1

    And then the compensatory pick they got for losing Hampton turned out to be David Frigging Wright so... it worked out hahaha

  • Adrian Foster
    Adrian Foster 6 days ago +2

    I mean, seems like the Mets made a good deal. Paid more to let him go but made way more for picking up someone that got them a title. Sounds like a win to me

  • Yeeterson
    Yeeterson 7 days ago

    Will u settle for a dislike

  • hamobu
    hamobu 7 days ago

    People who invested with Madoff knew that he was crooked but they thought that he was insider trading and not running a Ponzi scheme. In other words they thought that he was cheating for them instead of cheating them.

  • Alex Bonilla
    Alex Bonilla 7 days ago

    You actually said his last name right look at my last name 🙂 you don’t know how annoying it was I’m elementary school when white teachers would butcher ma name Nd pronounce the Ls in English

  • Allen
    Allen 7 days ago

    Passive income 😏

  • GyvonJ
    GyvonJ 7 days ago

    A blessing to BB!

  • Jakk Aka Sunset
    Jakk Aka Sunset 7 days ago +1

    For some reason in Formula 1, Renault (Alpine) has signed Fernando Alonso to drive for them
    The issue is, he hadn't racing F1 cars for around a decade

  • Graffiti - 64
    Graffiti - 64 7 days ago

    world? isn't the US the only country that plays baseball??

  • karen macconkey
    karen macconkey 7 days ago

    I don't even care about baseball but this is a very interesting fact