Giving Teachers $1,000 If They Can Answer This Question...

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
    I went to my old middle school and asked 5 teachers some trivia questions.. If they got them right, they win $1,000. Sounds easy...
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  6 days ago +2935

    What’s your FAVORITE subject and why?

    • Random Content
      Random Content 5 days ago

      Experiments are fun

    • Random Content
      Random Content 5 days ago


    • Abdul Haq
      Abdul Haq 5 days ago

      I love any lesson with cover or supply because everyone messes about

    • JTG CLAP
      JTG CLAP 5 days ago

      I’m learning this in school it’s so easy

  • Luckyyy
    Luckyyy Day ago

    It's so cringy how 2 of the teachers did the dab and the floss.

    Like it's 2019 bRuH

  • k tab
    k tab Day ago +1

    Rug posts a video giving back to someone:

    My broken mouse from furiously clicking to watch: ow

  • shellunglu Gangmei

    Proud to be Indian I like that English questions 😘😘😘😘

  • TBSxShorty Xx
    TBSxShorty Xx Day ago

    You can tell he let the pe teacher shoot it till she made it because he cut it out to when she made it

  • dome blowah
    dome blowah Day ago

    Ms kent always being nosey

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace Day ago

    Why is he driving his dad's car? Or is it a different car?

  • Big Boi_69
    Big Boi_69 Day ago


  • Melody Escalante

    This how many times FaZe rug said teacher

  • Amahrixlol
    Amahrixlol Day ago

    loved it

  • pickle monkey
    pickle monkey Day ago

    The only one I missed was Nelson mandela

  • Zackary Rueda
    Zackary Rueda Day ago +1

    When he ran pass the screen every time he was going to quiz a new teacher! 😭😭😭

  • Gia Sabbah
    Gia Sabbah Day ago

    Y= 13

  • Emma Chipley
    Emma Chipley Day ago

    How many times he said teacher or teachers.

  • Abigail Newman
    Abigail Newman Day ago +1

    My dog didn’t die
    It isn’t my birthday
    Can I get I like
    Cause I didn’t lie

  • Optical Soap2928

    why does Rug look like aneson gib tho:)

  • Adonai Hernandez

    9 1000 hahahahah love you rug

  • Laft
    Laft Day ago

    Lunch before second period ??👍

    KING SAV4AGE Day ago

    The actual answer to 5-5×5+5 is five

  • zackslay
    zackslay Day ago

    Honestly the math equation was easy just use pemdas

  • janay castillo
    janay castillo Day ago

    I absolutely loved this video, teachers need be shown more appreciation for their hard work.

  • Team Omega
    Team Omega Day ago

    Did any of you guys see the gym teacher dab after the burpees

  • Ashman Shukla
    Ashman Shukla Day ago +1

    I don't get question 2 for math teachers, I thought it was 5, someone trynna explain?

  • Like pls
    Like pls Day ago

    Founded? You mean found right?

  • Guccigang Spooky

    Did the pe teacher just dab on 13:57

  • Meriem Hassan
    Meriem Hassan Day ago

    And us students do this for free

  • youngpancakes
    youngpancakes Day ago


  • _Infires_Man
    _Infires_Man Day ago

    Lol am I the only one who solved the equation on the thumbnail?😂

  • Jen
    Jen Day ago


  • SoulisPops YT
    SoulisPops YT Day ago

    13:58 her trynna dab and they take her off screen

  • Camila Grande
    Camila Grande Day ago

    My favorite objective is writting because you can tell a story and i love to write . And you can tell a story by being a balerina did you know that

  • Abbey Abbey
    Abbey Abbey Day ago

    I see that math teach love RUG😂😂. She go every class with him 🤣

  • Camila Grande
    Camila Grande Day ago

    The history teacher is using her calculations 📲in her brain 💆🏼‍♀️

  • bot boy
    bot boy Day ago

    Ho is in sa

  • TSM Nava
    TSM Nava Day ago +1

    9:25 I got 30 as the answer .... how tho ? I’m I that dumb lol

  • Erica Magana
    Erica Magana Day ago

    This is so dope !

    PIG BUTT Day ago +1

    9:04 The caption says butthead

  • Self health
    Self health Day ago

    Bro the history teacher could get it fr fr

  • Dylan .S
    Dylan .S Day ago

    Civics teachers: aM i A jOkE tO yOu?

  • Dream D
    Dream D Day ago

    Kinda sad the principle didn’t get anything

  • Tyler Marcum
    Tyler Marcum Day ago

    4:54 don’t do drugs kids 😂

  • Anna Alamilla
    Anna Alamilla Day ago

    10:26 🥺😭💀😂

  • Noah Martinez
    Noah Martinez Day ago

    I feel like shes the only p.e teacher that looks like she doesn't eat McDonalds on a regular basis.

  • danniskis •
    danniskis • Day ago

    i came here cause i thought it was mr beast

  • Meriem Chaoui
    Meriem Chaoui Day ago

    Did she just dabed

  • MrSemmie
    MrSemmie Day ago

    9:35 Is that in America that u do it in line, in Holland we do ( x ) and ( : ) first to solve then (+) and (-)

  • Andrew Bear
    Andrew Bear Day ago

    15:01 she a naruto runner what a legend

  • Hope Bullard
    Hope Bullard Day ago

    Come to my School!!!

  • Teresa Borum
    Teresa Borum Day ago

    Yo FaZe rug keep doing more scary videos

  • Rosa Sanchez
    Rosa Sanchez Day ago

    This was an awesome vlog! Thank you for showing love to the teachers

  • George Bztv
    George Bztv Day ago

    One teacher flosses. Other one dabs. Great

  • Jakosb23
    Jakosb23 Day ago +1

    The math question 5-5x5+5 actually equals 25, stay in school kids, it’s called BODMAS

  • Jahan Abdulin
    Jahan Abdulin Day ago


  • Jahan Abdulin
    Jahan Abdulin Day ago

    And the people in the video clearly the little kids are just irrelevant and foolish though they don't prefer to realize it.

  • Jahan Abdulin
    Jahan Abdulin Day ago

    I'm definitely not fond of Faze Rug this FLASH-PLAYERr is just an intolerant self-important person that acts important and beneficial delibaretly. He clearly wants to attract attention yet can easily get confronted especially with the truth but honestly he's irrelevant anyway and a disgrace to my life, I'm not fond of him and i don't need to be arragont especially pointlessly.

  • Felix YT
    Felix YT Day ago

    Faze rug is such a nice guy

  • ITzMArSHme1L0 Sh61

    Ur not a human u dont breathe 10% of oxygen u breathe 50% bc of how big ur nose is

  • ITzMArSHme1L0 Sh61

    Whats bigger the teachers brain or ur nose

  • JoBo 610
    JoBo 610 Day ago

    Art because I like drawing and its fun

  • Joanne Lam
    Joanne Lam Day ago +1

    OMG!I had a teacher named Ms.Douglas before.❤️

  • YSL Noahh
    YSL Noahh Day ago

    The p.e teacher is a WNBA fan 😂😂

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  • Opyeet
    Opyeet 2 days ago


  • Robert Morales
    Robert Morales 2 days ago

    Rug sucks at ball and I’m not even a hater I love ur videos but ur bad at basketball I’m not even 16 and I’m better than u

  • Samarth Hassan
    Samarth Hassan 2 days ago

    She didn't do burpees she -

  • Javiier IMO
    Javiier IMO 2 days ago +1

    That shooting form tho

  • Briana Ortega
    Briana Ortega 2 days ago +1

    Rug your letter handed

  • Cintrall
    Cintrall 2 days ago +1

    You get to sign people clothing at break, and I get to eat my bag of chips at break.

  • Haidr_98AJ Evelyn
    Haidr_98AJ Evelyn 2 days ago

    My guy am 13 and am in 7th grade and I know all these questions like they super freaking eassssyyyy and like P.E like really like I do pe everyday and I work out too and like I already have six pucks and I know all these things about pe like supppppppper fuckin easyyyyyyyy

  • DV
    DV 2 days ago

    5-5x5+5 is not an equation you fucktard. There's no equals sign. It's called an expression. Furthermore a quadrilateral does not have to have unequal sides. Ever heard of a square?

  • Emely Olivo
    Emely Olivo 2 days ago

    His shirt was bothering me

  • SMD For Life
    SMD For Life 2 days ago

    Why did you ditch mike and jessica? Thats sad bro

  • Aztek Murasakino
    Aztek Murasakino 2 days ago +1

    13:57 she hit us with the dab..

  • Frederick Joseph
    Frederick Joseph 2 days ago

    where is my mike?

  • Julia Stafford
    Julia Stafford 2 days ago

    He had 2 6th grade English teachers

  • Spiffy
    Spiffy 2 days ago


    Still Nobody:
    Faze Rug:*pulls 10,000 dollars out of his pocket



  • Aydan Araujo
    Aydan Araujo 2 days ago

    Those pushups tho😂

  • Yoinkkkss Scoob
    Yoinkkkss Scoob 2 days ago

    Broooo y = f(x) seee easy

  • Lisa .M.
    Lisa .M. 2 days ago

    What an amazing video ever made. Do more like that with teachers. Better yet high school teachers.

  • Joshua&YazzyGirl Unique-Legacy Channel

    that was amazing what you did for the teachers

  • NelRu732 The god
    NelRu732 The god 2 days ago +1

    Someone explain to me how 5-5x5+5= -15?

    • DV
      DV 2 days ago

      If not by the end of elementary school, you'll learn it in middle school. It's called order of operations. You need to do the multiplication before the addition or subtraction. 5x5 = 25. Then 5 - 25 + 5 = -20 + 5 = -15.

  • Yahia Bassiouni
    Yahia Bassiouni 2 days ago

    Math was too easy, the teachers were stupid af tbh

  • Junior
    Junior 2 days ago +1

    The running in between periods had me dead😭🤣🤣💀

  • dennis Quintero
    dennis Quintero 2 days ago

    for the math question number 2 it was -10

    • DV
      DV 2 days ago

      I can't even figure out how you managed to be that wrong.

  • Cute Panda
    Cute Panda 2 days ago

    7 times u said teachers 👩‍🏫 👨‍🏫

  • HeyItIs Tay
    HeyItIs Tay 2 days ago

    Can you link your merch in the description

  • Brett Carter
    Brett Carter 2 days ago

    He got laid after this for sure

  • Hector Torres
    Hector Torres 2 days ago

    When he would run 😂😂😂

  • Your daily uploader
    Your daily uploader 2 days ago


  • Hugo Sandoval
    Hugo Sandoval 2 days ago

    Questions were either too easy, or too hard. The History questions could have been better.

  • Shelsy Orozco
    Shelsy Orozco 2 days ago +1

    AT 13:58 she just dabbed why isn’t No one talking about it LMAO I WAS LIKE “😐😧🤭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣”

  • KentuckyFan15
    KentuckyFan15 2 days ago

    I love how adults are just now understanding the dab and floss.

  • Julian Alvidrez
    Julian Alvidrez 2 days ago

    Test the principle

    • Julian Alvidrez
      Julian Alvidrez 2 days ago

      My bad i did not know you was my teacher

    • DV
      DV 2 days ago

      Principal. You need to go back to 2nd grade spelling.

  • Tasfia Islam Chowdhury

    Who else knew all of the answers

  • Spinicah Nyandieka
    Spinicah Nyandieka 2 days ago +1

    With the kind of beating we got those days at school here in kenya,we don’t have any energy to go back for spoiling money😂..we rather do parte after parte, kenyans will understand better.

  • Bankrolerick
    Bankrolerick 2 days ago

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  • Mr.Sparrow Pen
    Mr.Sparrow Pen 2 days ago +1

    I really learnt some facts from this

  • TXZ_ momogray48
    TXZ_ momogray48 2 days ago +1

    Rug that's not how you count its 9,10 not 9,1000 the poor math teachers