where's niki and gabi?

  • Published on Feb 20, 2021
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  • Monster Hanna
    Monster Hanna 8 hours ago

    Wait, Beautiful Mess could be coming out this year? I'm so fucking ready for that! 😍😍😍💗💗💗💐💐💐
    P.S., love you all so much. 😘😘😘💗💗💗💐💐💐

  • Sash S
    Sash S 9 hours ago

    Not sure you’re feeling on medical marijuana but honestly they’re are high cbd low thc strains, tinctures and gummies. But it will definitely induce hunger. Also exercise will induce hunger naturally, and getting a massage or using a sauna or steam room. And even getting a facial.

  • Princess Grace Victoria

    You're so beautiful and so strong Gabi never forget that ! ℒ𝓸𝓿𝒆 𝔂𝓸𝓾 ♡

  • Kelly Marie Faulkner
    Kelly Marie Faulkner 22 hours ago

    I sometimes struggle with having an appetite too. What has helped me is journaling my feelings, buying food that I love so I have it readily available, forcing myself to snack every couple hours and watching Trisha Paytas videos lol! I swear she loves food and watching her eat actually motivates me to eat! ❤️🤗

  • royandescartes
    royandescartes 23 hours ago

    i hate this girl.

  • Lauren Ricketts
    Lauren Ricketts Day ago +5

    If you wanna just see the question “where’s Niki+gabi” go to 7:34

  • Katie London’s Vlogs

    Tbh I wish I were your friend

  • Emerald Bristol
    Emerald Bristol Day ago

    hi I love you

  • Iqrah Rajas
    Iqrah Rajas Day ago

    What was the all called

  • •cami Clothes•
    •cami Clothes• 2 days ago

    So glad they are coming back

  • •cami Clothes•
    •cami Clothes• 2 days ago

    Nike and Gabi have not posted I’m 3 months

  • Rachel Leong
    Rachel Leong 2 days ago +1


  • OMGItsFierFoxx
    OMGItsFierFoxx 2 days ago

    Do you love your sister ?

  • Elvira Lopez
    Elvira Lopez 2 days ago

    7:34 Thank me later

  • Alex Guggenheimer
    Alex Guggenheimer 2 days ago

    Honestly... get a vape pen. Low thc. I know PA has medicinal Mary j. The only thing that helps my appetite! I have the same problem as you.

  • Jaide Scott
    Jaide Scott 3 days ago

    What fell lmao💀

  • Simryn Shah
    Simryn Shah 3 days ago

    You and Niki are such role models for me and my bff!!! You two have inspired us to be who we are and to never listen to the hate!! You guys are like our big sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Addey Babey
    Addey Babey 3 days ago

    Raw and real is what most people want babe!.🤗🤗🤗

  • Emeli beauty
    Emeli beauty 3 days ago

    WHAT FELL!?? now I wanna know😂

  • cup of tea
    cup of tea 3 days ago

    You freakin sound like ariana😳😍

  • Emma smith
    Emma smith 3 days ago +1

    Its obvious that gabi is not doing well. Gabi if you are reading this you need to do a huge cleanse on yourself. That means meditate and manifest, you should also do yoga too.

  • Molly Gries
    Molly Gries 3 days ago +1

    For me when I am hungry I chew on some plain bubble gum and I know that sounds weird but it really does help just some plain dubble bubble gum

    TRINITY CATCHOT 3 days ago

    Love your vidios

  • karina19817
    karina19817 3 days ago

    My sister uses the apetamin syrup to induce hunger.

  • Abigail Giron
    Abigail Giron 3 days ago

    I had to speed up the video because she talks to much.

  • Mackenzee Smith
    Mackenzee Smith 4 days ago

    Feel better

  • Sylvie F
    Sylvie F 4 days ago +1

    She’s so beautiful and brave 🤍

  • anasala family / عائلة انس و اصالة

    I'll be posting 🎀faaaaanccy🎀 contact in my channel !!!!!!
    *just for those who love fancy things*
    My Instagram is: @fancy_rora 🎀

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony 3 days ago

      I usually take vitamins when my hunger is nowhere to be seen. It helped a ton for me

  • Ashley K
    Ashley K 4 days ago

    Thank you Gabi for always being true to us and most importantly yourself.
    I love that you are so open with us, and it must’ve taken a lot for you to be so vulnerable.
    We are here for you and support you!!

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony 3 days ago

      honestlyyyy i neverrr feel hungry but smoking weed like makes me want to eat and it helps sooo much w my anxiety too

  • Peyton Cox
    Peyton Cox 4 days ago

    I’ve been having trouble eating too pls share once you figure out

  • Reese Lauricella
    Reese Lauricella 4 days ago

    Gabi is gorgeous!!!!

  • Emmalee Parker
    Emmalee Parker 4 days ago

    Ilysm 😍💞😍💞😍😍😍😍😍 we will always support you ☺️ right guys?

  • Amanda Gallagher
    Amanda Gallagher 4 days ago +1

    I’m gonna be honest the only thing that’s ever helped me to eat is smoking weed or eating edibles. the munchies will fix everything

  • Avriell Stabile
    Avriell Stabile 4 days ago

    I have the same problem with food! I have to watch a movie I’ve already seen before when I go to sleep too! Love you gab I 💗🤍

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 5 days ago

    gabi’s hair makes her look like aurora i love it

  • maura hickey
    maura hickey 5 days ago

    The headspace app mindful eating section helps A LOT but honestly sometimes I just need to drink a meal replacement

  • ruby
    ruby 5 days ago

    I’m excited for the reality show I love them xx

  • Selma Rimpiläinen
    Selma Rimpiläinen 5 days ago

    You are so pretty😍😍😍

  • Hazel Rebekah
    Hazel Rebekah 5 days ago

    for everyone wondering she starts talkin bout it at 7:40

  • Farrah Loftis
    Farrah Loftis 5 days ago

    I do the same thing I have trouble eating honesty I smoke just a little to get hungry but that’s the only thing that helps mines been like this for a yr and a half

  • Laka Flower
    Laka Flower 5 days ago

    I have the same eating problem, I literally would never eat and I would passout constantly. Its not that i didnt want to eat I just couldnt, I had to remind myself I deserve to eat and in order to get my goals i have a right to eat and to become strong again.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon 5 days ago

    honestlyyyy i neverrr feel hungry but smoking weed like makes me want to eat and it helps sooo much w my anxiety too

  • Jaima Jahin
    Jaima Jahin 6 days ago

    I usually take vitamins when my hunger is nowhere to be seen. It helped a ton for me

  • Nep B
    Nep B 6 days ago

    Gabi drink Vitamin C it will give you an hunger.

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie 6 days ago

    Congrats on your engagement

  • One Perfect Kid
    One Perfect Kid 6 days ago

    Well Nikki and Gabby ever come back

  • Lizzy UwU
    Lizzy UwU 6 days ago

    I would always look at your vids even tho I still never had an account but now I am subscribed:)

  • mia
    mia 6 days ago +1

    i know this is besides the point; but can we talk about how GORGEOUS gab looks here! like, she’s been looking so healthy and glowing recently.

  • Jasmine Adkins
    Jasmine Adkins 6 days ago +21

    Honestly if niki and gabi gets posted once a month or once every two or three weeks. I would be fine it just because I would know the fact that I'll see you two guys again. Love the content

  • Dakota Carrasco
    Dakota Carrasco 7 days ago +1

    Hi Gabby, i wanted to thank you so much for lettings us now how you feel. It makes me feel like im not the only one going through anxiety or not eating. I love how you just tell us the truth and not hide your feelings, you are just an awesome person. I have been watching you for so long now. you are just awesome and i love you!

  • Kelsey Handy
    Kelsey Handy 7 days ago

    I smoke weed to make me hungry lol

  • Nina Pitney
    Nina Pitney 7 days ago

    i hope things get better with you girl.
    does beautiful mess ship to the UK?

  • Anime_edits_by_Kalia __

    I’m so happy that they have channels so they can upload and talk I’m so happy

  • Kyle
    Kyle 7 days ago +3

    I suffer with severe anxiety, I have realized medications aren’t for me - I get terrible side effects - so I have a CBD pen with some THC or I’ll eat a couple edible gummies and it helps my appetite & anxiety. Helps me sleep as well since I suffer with severe insomnia as well. If I don’t I won’t eat at all. Maybe try it out! There is a drink called Cann that is infused with THC & CBD that is pretty good & not too strong. 💜

  • Savannah Jewel
    Savannah Jewel 7 days ago

    Smoke ouid.... I have to make myself hungry

  • aestheticalice ୨୧
    aestheticalice ୨୧ 7 days ago +1

    Wait the queen noticed me ahhhh!

  • Rylee Roberts
    Rylee Roberts 7 days ago

    put yourself first please! 💜

  • Mariya Patel
    Mariya Patel 7 days ago +2

    You can tell this really has affected her
    We love you gabi
    Stay stong

  • Samar Fatima Khan
    Samar Fatima Khan 7 days ago

    Be Muslim if you want..

  • Ivy Pippin
    Ivy Pippin 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who want to know what fell-

  • Renée Liquori
    Renée Liquori 7 days ago

    you look so beautiful in this video! i love your makeup

  • Jacque Marie
    Jacque Marie 7 days ago


  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson 7 days ago

    Your hair is beautiful

  • angelina brown
    angelina brown 7 days ago

    Smoke weed gabi! I overcame my hunger over weed. It could be either edibles or smoking it. Weed has saved my life.. not even kidding

  • fear clan
    fear clan 7 days ago

    Cbd boo boo it will help you eat for sure!!

  • Alisha Cahill
    Alisha Cahill 7 days ago

    My heart broke when she said where’s gabi

  • amanda perea
    amanda perea 7 days ago

    I would just try to find a way to be still within yourself
    You know who you are but just because you know who you are doesn’t mean there’s not more to discover be excited seize each day spend time with loved ones be the beautiful soul you are love you so much sis congratulations on the engagement and congratulations on the women you’ve blossomed into

  • k cortese
    k cortese 7 days ago

    I have the same stomach issue. I’m on my second year trying out medications & methods. 💨🍃 is the only thing that calms my anxiety, but be careful because it doesn’t really help me anymore. Definitely try CBD gummies if you’re not comfortable with 💨💨.

  • Banna Janna
    Banna Janna 7 days ago

    Stay Strong Gabi
    We are here

  • Justin Garcia'
    Justin Garcia' 7 days ago