Stephen A. and Max react to Patrick Mahomes taking the Chiefs to the Super Bowl | First Take

  • Published on Jan 20, 2020
  • Max Kellerman, Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky weigh in on Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes’ success this season and react to the Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl LIV after defeating the San Francisco 49ers 35-24 in the AFC Championship game.
    #FirstTake #NFL
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Comments • 4 188

  • Eddie Wakes
    Eddie Wakes 26 minutes ago

    There’s a mutant on our Chief’s team.

  • Ibrahim Shahid
    Ibrahim Shahid Day ago

    Yo mbappe is better than Mahomes

  • Evan Hachiya
    Evan Hachiya 2 days ago

    Stephen A: Mahomes is a superstar
    Also Stephen A: any quarter back with his offense could do what he's doing

  • Evan Hachiya
    Evan Hachiya 2 days ago

    Stephen A. clearly hates patrick mahomes. He will never admit it, but he hates him with a passion

  • Steve Tinkham
    Steve Tinkham 4 days ago

    if stephen is right .....then why didnt alex smith go to the super bowl?

  • YNW Mitae
    YNW Mitae 8 days ago

    Max says anything
    Stephen A “ I disagree with you and here’s why”

  • Cambo Gando
    Cambo Gando 8 days ago

    Has anyone considered the fact that Mahomes weapons are so good bc he makes them better?

  • Werner Voss
    Werner Voss 8 days ago

    It's Clay-TON.....not Clay-on. Learn to speak and pronounce correctly.

  • Oscar Heat
    Oscar Heat 10 days ago

    I want to know what he's opinion is now mr Smith. World champion now!!! In your face😂😂😂

  • Jose Athon
    Jose Athon 10 days ago

    Better than mbappe

  • Ivalina Passe
    Ivalina Passe 11 days ago +1

    He's leading by example and making history while he's doing it and making it Look Fantastic!!!!

  • disiskrazy d
    disiskrazy d 12 days ago +1

    Mahomes is still young and fresh, but I wouldn't call him the greatest QB ever, at least not yet, but he did his job.

  • disiskrazy d
    disiskrazy d 12 days ago

    Mahomes is still young and fresh, but I wouldn't call him the greatest QB ever, at least not yet, but he did his job.

  • Todd Donaldson
    Todd Donaldson 13 days ago

    Good? Yes, "best of all time" lol... sorry. No.

  • Chino Rodriguez
    Chino Rodriguez 14 days ago

    Give Russell Wilson those weapons and he will shut you real quick

  • UnknownLeader Zr0
    UnknownLeader Zr0 15 days ago


  • UnknownLeader Zr0
    UnknownLeader Zr0 15 days ago

    Kansas city chiefs 3
    San Francisco 49ers 20

  • UnknownLeader Zr0
    UnknownLeader Zr0 15 days ago

    Btw I'm from the future

  • UnknownLeader Zr0
    UnknownLeader Zr0 15 days ago

    He gonna win

  • Benjamin Clinton
    Benjamin Clinton 15 days ago

    And today the chiefs won the Super Bowl🏆

  • Konstantin Sharlayev
    Konstantin Sharlayev 15 days ago

    I really don't understand why Mahomes is being compared to Aron Rodgers i honestly think he plays more like Russell Wilson

  • DocPicklez
    DocPicklez 15 days ago +1

    Stephen A. Smith's takes always sound like a little kid that needs time out

  • Leon Schmidtke
    Leon Schmidtke 16 days ago

    @DanOrlovsky the best young player in the world at any sports is Kylian Mbappe, a French soccer player. But just for American Sports you would be right with Mahomes.

  • pobtron
    pobtron 17 days ago

    Mahomes is a natural replacement for TB @ the Pats.

  • MrMassproduce201
    MrMassproduce201 17 days ago

    If he doesn’t live up to the hype he’ll sure live up to his name, Hispanic people know what I’m talking about

  • Jake McFadden
    Jake McFadden 18 days ago

    Stephen A is official dumber than max

  • Will Abum
    Will Abum 18 days ago

    Best young player at any sport is Kylain Mbappe at PSG. Soccer player for you yanks

  • Benjamin Flagg
    Benjamin Flagg 19 days ago

    Stephen A. is one of those humans where you just CANT understand how one man can ALWAYS be wrong, 100% of the time, and still be successful.
    This is a man that, presumably, dresses and feeds himself, and I have a hard time even believing that.
    Astounding...this man...

  • santiago galaviz
    santiago galaviz 19 days ago

    SAS is setting up his talking points for after the super bowl if the 49er’s win. SAS is a character of being loud and controversial. He’s a SIMP, and people love him seeing act like one.

  • Hector Crimmins
    Hector Crimmins 20 days ago

    Just when i thought Dan & Max had Steven A. Backed into a corner, he pops the trunk on 'em with that closing explanation! 😃👏👏👏

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 20 days ago

    Can someone make sure max is drinking enough water please?

  • Casey Ross
    Casey Ross 20 days ago

    So by the Stephen A. argument, a quarterback can only be great if he makes amazing plays with practice squad players. So that eliminates Troy Aikman, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, etc. from the list of all-time greats. I'd love to see who HE thinks is truly "great" under his own BS criteria. More likely that Max took his answer, and his kneejerk reaction is to take the hot take in the opposite direction. No wonder it took him a few minutes to ramp up his energy, he was panicking till he stumbled upon a coherent argument...

  • EkkoHolic
    EkkoHolic 20 days ago

    Best young player in the world at any sport? Dude hasn’t heard about Kylian Mbappe. Just Americans and their biased opinions...

  • Patti Maguire
    Patti Maguire 22 days ago

    Omg Max has a man crush on Mahomes.
    But yet bashes Brady.
    Hope Jimmy G beats these cheaters next week that the Refs helped win.

  • Patti Maguire
    Patti Maguire 22 days ago

    Hope Jinmy G Beats these Cheating Chiefs.

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 23 days ago

    Any sport in the world? Orlovsky obviously doesn't know much about the real football ( what Americans call soccer)

  • famous savage
    famous savage 23 days ago

    My guy it doesn’t matter look at the browns

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters 23 days ago

    90’s cowboys shouldn’t ever be considered in regards to not having “weapons” they were a team full of weapons

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 23 days ago

    Max’s reactions at 6:11 is great

  • Anish Amin
    Anish Amin 23 days ago

    The description is all sorts of wrong.

  • Matthew Cumley
    Matthew Cumley 23 days ago

    Kelce & Hill & Watkins are his weapons. Same types of weapons can be found on many other teams - with more established running games. You’re telling me that Hill & Watkins are better than Hopkins & Fuller? Get out of here. lol

  • Sean Hauser
    Sean Hauser 23 days ago


  • Jimmy Bailey
    Jimmy Bailey 23 days ago

    To be fair, for the 5 years before mahomes, we have had weapons out the wazoo, Charles/kelce/hunt/hill/hardman etc etc etc etc.
    Then mahomes shows up, and boom, all this happens. We have had the same massive weapon setup with individuals coming and going for SEVEN years. Yet all this success with MAHOMES in TWO years is because of the weapons?
    Do a little more research before blaming mahomes success on weapons. SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 24 days ago

    At any sport? 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 24 days ago

    Stupid conversation

  • preit preit
    preit preit 24 days ago

    Mahomes walked onto a loaded team has tallent on both sides of the ball has never had a team with weaknesses so lets wait and see what happens after he has no one around him. He will lose the Superbowl he will play a real d fence

  • John H
    John H 24 days ago

    Montana wasn’t great because he had Craig, Rice and Taylor. Warner had Bruce, Holt and Faulk. The list goes on. Manning had Wayne Harrison Clark Pollard and all the guys in Denver. SAS just likes to argue the unpopular position. Just like he said Eli doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame

  • Lani Gambino
    Lani Gambino 24 days ago

    The best player in all the world in all sports iS Kylian Mbappé. He is only 21 years old and has won the world cup and 6 other trophies and nominations, if you are talking about the best player in the USA then yes I would also agree.

  • MrRebuttal
    MrRebuttal 24 days ago

    I'm stopping the vid at 0:42 seconds just to predict that SAS will DISAGREE with Max (Here's where you're wrong). I think SAS just disagrees for the sake of it. Seriously he's such a TROLL. He reminds me of that TOOL skip bayless.

  • Corey Zimmerman
    Corey Zimmerman 24 days ago

    Stephen A Smith is wrong on this one it doesn't matter how many weapons you have with you if you can't use them properly and you can't exploit their ability it doesn't mean anything how many Commissioners would have done what David Stern did with the same teams with the same Superstars he knew what to do with them and he was able to exploit them to his advantage and to the League's advantage and that's what Patrick Mahomes does

  • Eric M
    Eric M 24 days ago

    Man it's hard to watch SAS talk football. I actually really like listening to him talk NBA, but when it comes to the NFL, this is a great example of him bypassing numbers for his gut feeling

  • Aaron Box
    Aaron Box 24 days ago

    Dude talks about his surrounding cast but Alex smith had the same guys and wasn’t close to what Pat is doing. Hater

  • bob jim
    bob jim 24 days ago

    Wow! He just takes them to 1 Super Bowl and he’s already the greatest 🙄

  • Xavier Walker
    Xavier Walker 25 days ago

    So why couldn’t Alex smith win a playoff game there 🤔🤫😭🤣

  • Frank Stehm
    Frank Stehm 25 days ago

    Alex Smith had the same weapons (TE, WR, SE, RB, coach) available to him.

  • Rich McCade
    Rich McCade 25 days ago

    Chiefs o line ain’t that good and our RBs suck why does he keep saying Damien Williams

  • Anthony Sherk
    Anthony Sherk 25 days ago

    Yo then why did he lead the team in rushing for the past 2 weeks and have the craziest playoff QB run ever, ya totally he is totally explainable

  • Phyllis Grinter
    Phyllis Grinter 25 days ago

    Royals 2015

  • Phyllis Grinter
    Phyllis Grinter 25 days ago

    Because chiefs came from Texas

  • Phyllis Grinter
    Phyllis Grinter 25 days ago

    Dallas cowboys back on u