Should the Lakers trade Kyle Kuzma in a win-now move? | The Jump

  • Published on Jan 20, 2020
  • After a game of "Make or Miss," Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and David Fizdale discuss whether the Los Angeles Lakers should trade Kyle Kuzma to pair a win-now player with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, or wait on the buyout market to get Andre Iguodala and/or Darren Collison.
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Comments • 70

  • DaFuzzBearYT
    DaFuzzBearYT 3 months ago

    I was thinking about this last night. I reckon Danny Green, Kuz and a few picks could get them a solid star player possibly

  • Erwin Johnson
    Erwin Johnson 7 months ago

    He deserves a team that he can make an impact on right away ! I was a fan until that game last night I watched him miss about 12 to 13 shots unacceptable bottom line!!!!

  • Erwin Johnson
    Erwin Johnson 7 months ago

    I was wrong people I sat myself down last night sparked up me a blunt of Kush !! And analyzed this situation kuzmas performance last night was completely garbage he has gotta go and not to mention vogule does not know how to use him bottom line!!!

  • Nas Pi
    Nas Pi 7 months ago

    MOLLY PLZ BE QUIET!!! Your job is to mediate, NOT commentate!!!!

  • João Brito
    João Brito 7 months ago

    I don’t think kuzma has that much upside. The reason he was so good right off the bat was because he spent 4 years in college so his game was more polished. He is gonna stay around this level

  • J Florce
    J Florce 7 months ago

    Kuz been TRASHHH last couple games.. but keep him 💯

  • Jason
    Jason 7 months ago

    Kuzma for siakam and 1st round pick

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG 8 months ago

    If Kuzma was on any other team, no one would even know his name.

  • BakiSmaki27
    BakiSmaki27 8 months ago

    They should cash out while his value is still relatively high

  • KPH TV Official
    KPH TV Official 8 months ago

    The question is: who out there can replace kuzma?
    Kuzma only need a little bit of consistency for the lakers to get the chip.

  • Paul
    Paul 8 months ago

    Send him to the Pelicans for Ingram

  • Vincent メ
    Vincent メ 8 months ago

    for me they need to get a forward who can make plays and be a dog in the defensive side and can make the right decision without being ball dominant also a championship mentality

  • Ashton Peacock
    Ashton Peacock 8 months ago

    I would love to see kuzma get traded for Chris Paul but prolly would have contract issues

  • xv74_32wm12
    xv74_32wm12 8 months ago

    They should re-sign Rondo as a couch. Who agrees👇

  • Coach Andre
    Coach Andre 8 months ago

    Should they trade for someone that could win them a championship this year or keep Kyle Kuzma? Is this a serious question?

  • Coach Andre
    Coach Andre 8 months ago

    00:22 I know ESPN is owned by Disney but Cmon

  • Stellar Synth
    Stellar Synth 8 months ago

    Trade for Bogdan.

  • christian black
    christian black 8 months ago

    Trade him. Need more help on the perimeter. Why have they lost both games to the clippers? Whats the point of having the best record in the west only to lose to those bums.

  • HellFireRO
    HellFireRO 8 months ago +1

    for the amount of money he makes ! THERE IS NO GOOD TRADE !!! let the kid play !

  • Jonathan Paz Castillo
    Jonathan Paz Castillo 8 months ago


  • MM MM
    MM MM 8 months ago

    Kuzma hair screwed him

  • Billy Backwoods
    Billy Backwoods 8 months ago

    Shoulda kept Ingram , kuzma is all hype no action . Caldwell Pope is better then him that says a lot

  • Supporter of Villains Anime Fan

    The only thing I don't like is About ESPN I'd they could be talking about Sacramento Kings or something random and LeBron gets in the topic somehow

  • Nea and Bryan
    Nea and Bryan 8 months ago

    No trade for Kuz. Kuzma will soon rise up as true lakers! Kuzmania and lakers only. Shutup espn

  • Belafonte
    Belafonte 8 months ago

    Thats why players dont want to play defense...getting called out and posterized.

  • Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi
    Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi 8 months ago

    Kuz to Pistons for Thon Maker! 😬

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Yo the bearded dude sound black

  • Eddie TheAtheist
    Eddie TheAtheist 8 months ago

    With a hair job like that.. he should be banished to the Knicks..

  • Paulson Andy
    Paulson Andy 8 months ago

    Stop talking about trade Kyle kuzma......he still young keep him time......

  • now crazt
    now crazt 8 months ago

    Keep Kuz

  • Wayne Verhoff
    Wayne Verhoff 8 months ago

    Fizdale makes me not wanna watch get up. He's a failed coach with monotone voice.

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts 8 months ago

    I became a bigger puzzy for watching the intro that took forever to not talk about the title.

  • Akinbobola
    Akinbobola 8 months ago

    Fiz is a great pick up by espn I know that much

  • Dhani Natakusumah
    Dhani Natakusumah 8 months ago

    Lakers dont need any changes.. I think Kuzma is a good future for the Lakers..

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 8 months ago

    Espn SUCKS. All they care about is Lebron and the Lakers. Or the shitty Knicks.

  • Nicolas Dane
    Nicolas Dane 8 months ago

    This may be an Elden Campbell/Shaq scenario. No disrespect to Kuz, but the fit may not work. The Lakers aint trading Anthony Davis. If Kuz cant play next to Davis then the best move might be to trade Kuzma.

  • Pedro Encarnacion
    Pedro Encarnacion 8 months ago

    Why would you trade a feature star like the kuz kuz:

    UFAMORIGINALIFE 8 months ago

    We had good young players all traded away because of Labum

  • MarLonLon
    MarLonLon 8 months ago

    No, at first I said yes but WHO can you get that would have a better upside? Kuz is young and very good. Only inconsistent because he’s in trade rumors

  • Eddie Burk
    Eddie Burk 8 months ago

    i'm tired of the Lakers Giving Talent Away... Stop IT

  • Ray Green
    Ray Green 8 months ago

    So nobody thinks it strange that all these male athletes and entertainers dye their hair blonde?!

  • Young Kills
    Young Kills 8 months ago

    I think they should for Devin booker they need another SHOOTER

  • fightnight14
    fightnight14 8 months ago

    NOPE. Kuzma will stay even when LeBron's contract is over. He is the future of the team. They already gave up too much from the Davis trade

  • wikedwun
    wikedwun 8 months ago

    Kuz more worried about his pregame got and which IG model he’s dating

  • Joeys Publicist
    Joeys Publicist 8 months ago

    Trade Kuz, cuz his hair look like Top Ramen.

  • Momoney
    Momoney 8 months ago

    Yes trade him. He’s not that good and is hella overrated.

  • Herb Young
    Herb Young 8 months ago

    So Memphis would take a 2nd rounder? Aka a dude that won't be in the league after a few years just to say we got wonder Memphis has 0 trophies.

    HUMBLE BEAST 8 months ago

    LEHELP 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen 8 months ago

    LeBron and his Thanos finger strikes again

  • Uros Petrovic
    Uros Petrovic 8 months ago

    trade kuz for bogdan bogdanovic

  • Phil Khan Rupa
    Phil Khan Rupa 8 months ago

    Nadine and kuzma ,,💕

  • Eddie P
    Eddie P 8 months ago

    No. They need to think about their future. ESPN needs to stop these trash narratives

  • Prince lyle Abella
    Prince lyle Abella 8 months ago

    Trade him for the bulls for Lavine,trade him along side Kentavious Caldwell Pope, and second round draft pick , the bulls will package Kris Dunn, Cris Felicio

  • Ronald Aiello
    Ronald Aiello 8 months ago +1

    Kuzma for Rose Straight up!

  • thomas flores
    thomas flores 8 months ago +5

    “We don’t shame people who try to block shots” - Brain Windhorst

  • Young Dolf
    Young Dolf 8 months ago

    Please don’t trade kuz🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Jorge Ortegon
    Jorge Ortegon 8 months ago

    Keep Kuzzzzzzzz

  • El Hayzer
    El Hayzer 8 months ago

    I didn’t want him to get traded but this fan base is so toxic now that the lebrontards are in the mix, I want him to get traded to a team where he’ll be appreciated and is contending for a title. Like whoever that takes his place via trade will make a huge difference lmao since all Lebron wanna do is draw fouls, whine like the usual and ride AD all game every game.

  • Matt McCarthy
    Matt McCarthy 8 months ago

    Get rid of lebum

  • Matt Mc
    Matt Mc 8 months ago

    Obviously it depends what they can get back, but yes, lebron is 35 and they're a title contender, and Kuzma is older than you'd think (24) and one of the more overrated players in the league (he's inefficient, not a great passer, and a bad defender). In his prime maybe he turns into like the 4th best player on a championship team, more likely is ideally he's a microwave bench scorer that shores up his efficiency and defense. If lebron were in his prime i might say nah, keep him if you don't get a pretty good return, but due to lebron's age there's some urgency to win now

  • gogetit 500
    gogetit 500 8 months ago +2

    Trade Kuzma & watch he start balling consistently like Brandon Ingram 💯

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 8 months ago +1

    Everyone saying ESPN bringing up trade talks for Kuz. We all know L3-6ron has been trying to get him traded since he pushed him into playing D last season. The trainer comments didn't help anything either.
    Edit: I honestly feel sorry for the Real Lakers fans. LeChoke has traded away your teams entire youth. After he looses to PG and Kawhi this year and next he will jump ship, yet again, to another man's team and try to form one last super team only to loose, yet again, in the finals. Meanwhile the Lakers franchise is left in ruins all because of L3-6ron.

  • Stiz anley
    Stiz anley 8 months ago

    Only 13 2nd half points? Only 13? Thats a good half.

  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 8 months ago

    They sbounve trsded kuz and kept BI

  • Oliver Sgrignuoli
    Oliver Sgrignuoli 8 months ago

    jeff green

  • Henry Watley
    Henry Watley 8 months ago

    I think the Lakers should trade LeBron James lol......

  • Bryant Ndongmo
    Bryant Ndongmo 8 months ago


  • krisman 1
    krisman 1 8 months ago

    Everyone talks like the lakers are in a serious predicament

  • nysguy07
    nysguy07 8 months ago

    Rachel Nichols is such an idiot and is useless on any broadcast she’s on. Her nervous laughter shows how clueless she is.

  • D Davi
    D Davi 8 months ago

    I thought that was Jonah Hill in the thumbnail 😂