Shaq's exclusive ESPN interview on the decline of the Big Man in the NBA

  • Published on Jan 20, 2020
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    Shaquille O’Neal sits down for an exclusive interview with ESPN about the decline of the Big Man in the NBA.
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Comments • 70

  • Melodic Suinger
    Melodic Suinger 25 days ago

    If Shaq was playing today, he would foul out in 1 quarter, all offensive fouls. The NBA doesn’t let big man use their strength anymore.. you see players like SF’s successfully guarding centers now cause all they have to do is flop or take a charge

    • Elijah Tanarte
      Elijah Tanarte 17 days ago

      Not necessarily all shaq would have to do is establish post position first and then do a quick jump hook. Charges are usually called only after the ball is in the hands of the post player and that player is backing down on a defender with established positioning.

  • Magnus K Larsson
    Magnus K Larsson Month ago

    What happened was the game was becoming too physical, i remember being 7 feet and huge guaranteed number one pick. Then they'd get injured all the time until the rules changed and now they are obsolete.

  • smashthestate
    smashthestate Month ago +1

    shaq looks like he could bang against a concrete wall and win. look at them fuking shoulder width. BOOM BOOM baby hook high percentage shots.

  • Renz Chester Gumaru

    Career Fg%
    Barkley- 54%
    Mchale 55%
    And not yet considering the fouls and double teams they are getting.
    Unfortunately, very few dominant Big Men is dominant/skilled today.

  • Icy Drip
    Icy Drip 2 months ago

    why tf does shaq remind me so much of thanos bruh

  • Emon Sen Majumder
    Emon Sen Majumder 2 months ago

    Shaq: "Whose the first big guy to take it coast to coast?"
    Me: Charles Barkley

  • Renz Chester Gumaru
    Renz Chester Gumaru 2 months ago +1

    "Post Up is Inefficient"
    I cannot believe this phrase that I always hear today.
    Top 10 Nba Players All Time(Most peole have these players on their list).
    1. Mj- Great Post Up Palyer
    2. Lebron- Good Post Up Player
    3. Kobe- Great Post Up player
    4. Hakeem- Excellent Post Up
    5. Shaq- Dominant Post Up
    6. Bill Russel-Goos Post Up
    7. Wilt Chamberlain- Dominant Post Up
    8. Larry Bird - Good Post Up player
    9. Magic Johnson- Good Post Up Player
    10. Kareem- Excellent Post Up Player.
    Can you say any of these players Post Up Move Is inefficient???
    But you will ask " But they are great players and the greatest post up players".
    My answer: Exactly, the post is not the inefficient. It is the ones who are playing today at the post that are inefficient!!!!

  • John Kristian Serra
    John Kristian Serra 2 months ago

    Shaq forgot that David Robinson used to go coast to coast, the most athletic big man.

  • Lavoris Frazier
    Lavoris Frazier 3 months ago +1

    Shooting 3s, it’s cute 😂😂😂😂

  • Emeron Jackson
    Emeron Jackson 3 months ago

    Magic ..Jordan..bird...Tim ducan..Kareem..vs LeBron.. Dominique Wilkins...Elvin Hayes.. Hakeem....and shaq....who 2?...I'm just saying they Know ask them

  • Saidu Fofanah
    Saidu Fofanah 3 months ago

    The best thing shaq ever did was add on weight when he got to LA, that’s what truly made him unstoppable. In the 90s shaq was in built like Superman and in great shape and could get up and done the court. But he couldn’t out skill some of those all time great bigs in that era. Post Hakeem, Ewing, Robinson era he got so much bigger and stronger you couldn’t do anything with him. All he had to do was put a body on you.

  • Mr. Variant
    Mr. Variant 4 months ago

    1:38 woot hack a shaq

  • TLJthethird
    TLJthethird 4 months ago

    Shaq's only weaknesses, were free throws and that stupid 3 second rule.

  • Mark Himself
    Mark Himself 5 months ago

    Best big man ever to play the game! Super underrated these days cause people forgot how dominant he was in the 90's to mid 00's.

  • Jacob Rosenberg
    Jacob Rosenberg 5 months ago

    You can't beat the Warriors at their own game, You have to beat them going Big and out muscling them.

  • Simon Heereman
    Simon Heereman 5 months ago +1

    ... and yes, he is also the smartest. Just listen to what he says about data analytics. He is right. I am in the data business - and I tell you, analytics is a backward observation; so, alsways look at the system, which causes the data. Gotta love Shaq!

  • BuildYourSelf
    BuildYourSelf 5 months ago

    It's just lazy and ignorant for a "sports analyst" to not be able to pronounce the name of the MVP of the league. Same goes for Chuck. Hate that they get paid so much for such a louzy job.

  • Controversial Mann
    Controversial Mann 6 months ago +1

    If Shaq could make free throws dude would be unstoppable.

  • renen belen
    renen belen 6 months ago

    If hack-a-shaq didn't became a thing he would've beaten Kareem's scoring record.

  • Mo Betta
    Mo Betta 6 months ago

    Shaq has a 5'10" fullback's body mass on a 7' frame.

  • jammin yammin
    jammin yammin 6 months ago +1

    "Little duncan" haha

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 6 months ago

    Chuck Daily introduced to the NBA hard-nosed defense and changed the NBA.

    Stephan Marbury in 2015 changed the NBA with shooting tons and tons of 3-point shots and relying on the 3.

    Marbury was shot 150 more threes than the NBA record that year. Since they started winning championships that is all the NBA now is...fricking horse.

    Why do you need a big guy when 60% of the shots taken now are 3-pointers?

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 6 months ago

    Im an old head but i think these guy would have their hands full with porzingas

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 6 months ago

    Dude you got away with murder throwing those bows

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 6 months ago

    Its not the decline its evolution kristaps

  • Dane Micele
    Dane Micele 6 months ago

    With all this 3 point shootings going on, it looks like sometimes watching a game of horse.

  • Salman Muhit
    Salman Muhit 6 months ago

    Shaq would avg 45 ppg easily today!! The paint would be renamed “The Shaq”

  • Aaron Long
    Aaron Long 6 months ago +1

    Analytics just make boring, predictable, easily defeated ball. Working the inside, getting it done in the post does other things for you other than just scoring points. It makes defenders rack up fouls, which puts their guys on the bench. Early foul trouble will hurt your opposing team's score way worse than taking a "low-percentage" shot will hurt your own. And if they don't want to D-up and risk making contact, that will be a high percentage shot.

  • cutepinkbandanaman
    cutepinkbandanaman 6 months ago

    If those were real quotes from David Stern then holy moly that guy knows how to negotiate.

  • Cam Thompson
    Cam Thompson 6 months ago

    Enter Zion Williamson

  • F0rtysxity
    F0rtysxity 6 months ago

    "I am in the NBA right now. I'm Giannis Antetokounmpo. Getting the rebound. Going coast to coast. High percentage shot." >.< Shaq always gets a good laugh out of me. I love that guy. I know he's laughing on the inside when he's delivering that.

  • thinking man of 1978
    thinking man of 1978 6 months ago

    This man is very very wise when it comes to the NBA game

  • thinking man of 1978
    thinking man of 1978 6 months ago

    Shaq was an absolute beast!!!

  • Player Review
    Player Review 6 months ago +1

    Shaq actually _is_ the reason that the NBA nerfed bigs.

    • J Par
      J Par 6 months ago

      I read somewhere (real helpful, I know) that Shaq went to David Stern talking about being fouled way more than was being called. David Stern agreed saying he deserved way more free throws

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood 6 months ago

    I take, Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Moses Malone, any of the great low post players any day to start my team.

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood 6 months ago

    The three has ruined the game of basketball.

  • Old School
    Old School 6 months ago

    For all the threes that are shot the game is not more watchable nor has the scoring gone up markedly with the exception of the Bad Boy/Bull days when it got a little to slow and grinding and scoring went down. Back when I was a kid watching Wilt Chamberlain and the Lakers come to Phoenix the games were 112-105 or 121-109 they scored and played without the three point line. The line has jacked up the game, used to be men going at it now its dude shooting uncontested threes. It’s boring, I would love to see these dude today play without the line.Its to bad that the better athlete of today is playing the game in a less athletic way its sad but dude will last longer if they prance around and shoot threes than if they go down the lane so they do. I have an MBA and a MS in Statistical Analysis and while theoretically shooting threes at a rate may be more efficient the results are not there.

  • Dumisa Tony Johnson
    Dumisa Tony Johnson 6 months ago

    It's hard to compare a 7-2 Center like Shaquille O'Neal to a 6-10 forward like Giannis
    Giannis has a better jump shot
    Shaq was a better low post offensive player and rebounder
    Two different players/different eras

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls 6 months ago

    Looks like a VladTV interview

  • De Freitas Fernando
    De Freitas Fernando 6 months ago

    Giannis Anekonumpo

  • Jimmy Forester
    Jimmy Forester 6 months ago

    Shaq talking about going coast to coast while hes out of breath from sitting on the couch

  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 6 months ago +2

    Just like anything else, they got rid of it for money.
    Post moves and hook shots are boring and don't sell tickets. Period. They just slowly filtered out the traditional big man for these reasons.
    The future is Zion. Why do you think hes undersized? Small ball lineups are the future.

  • Slicky Ricky
    Slicky Ricky 6 months ago

    ego maniac

  • ATA 2012
    ATA 2012 6 months ago +12

    James Harden was fouled by this interview

  • rufus t. flywheel
    rufus t. flywheel 6 months ago

    Shaq, right now, would be the best player in the world... NO ONE could defend him. Period.

  • Buzz Belittle
    Buzz Belittle 6 months ago +1

    This is why Shaq is one of the greatest of all time - cuz he’s not just big and tall, he’s also super smart. He analysed the game and changed it exploiting its loopholes. This was the common language he had with Kobe.

  • Ari Finkelman
    Ari Finkelman 6 months ago

    It would be interesting to see a Shaq in his prime in today's game. He would dominate the post on offense. However, would his guaranteed points overcome his probable inability to guard modern centers further out?

  • Nw izg
    Nw izg 6 months ago

    I love the part where he said my name is antetukunmbo

  • rizaVEVO
    rizaVEVO 6 months ago

    Two ways Shaq could’ve became the legitimate GOAT:
    If he played in todays era
    If he worked as hard as Kobe

  • Firas Massadeh
    Firas Massadeh 6 months ago

    He should be Darksied

  • spookymooc
    spookymooc 6 months ago

    People are too good at shooting the 3 these days and it makes sense because it’s worth more points

  • Daz555Daz
    Daz555Daz 6 months ago

    If you can't defend the 3 then you have very little chance of being a big guy in the NBA. There are 3.2bn Steph Currys waiting to murder the big men on the perimeter.

  • X206Killj0yX
    X206Killj0yX 6 months ago

    I disagree I'd have to say Shaq is a closer comparison to what Zion will be in a few years. faster and bigger then everyone on the court with mad air and ball handling.

  • Michael
    Michael 6 months ago

    It's not a high % shot because they're unskilled! Shaq speaking the truth.

  • Michael
    Michael 6 months ago

    Can you imagine if Shaq was a blocking TE, FB, or O-lineman?

  • Ed David
    Ed David 6 months ago

    I dont want to shoot 100 freethrows anyway..

  • Will
    Will 6 months ago


  • Caesar Wiroreno
    Caesar Wiroreno 6 months ago

    If i got shaq in this era, my calls would be simple. Get him the ball and get out of the way. Or im slapping someone. I think the last big men that would go toes to toes with shaq in the paint is big ben and tim duncan

  • Toasted Flowers
    Toasted Flowers 6 months ago

    NBA is for cowards. Simple.

  • Curtis Hsiung
    Curtis Hsiung 6 months ago

    And now we get Zion. Zion probably learns a lot of his grit and game from Shaq. Zion's smaller but his power is definitely Shaq-esque

  • hellasow
    hellasow 6 months ago

    60% 2pt shaq
    is worth 40% 3pt shooter
    Shaq will get more fouls so he gets average 1 pt per foul (also put his team in bonus to get more free throws)
    So only a 40% 3pt shooter that can drive and get fouls and make 70-90% plus would be more valuable...

    • Renz Chester Gumaru
      Renz Chester Gumaru 2 months ago

      Basically, You are saying prime Shaq is worth an elite shooter like Stephen Curry.

  • Doori Ha
    Doori Ha 6 months ago

    Seriously if prime Shaq played in this era he would be averaging 40-20-8blks without shooting any 3s. He was big, strong, athletic AND fast. The reason why he was the MDE

  • Maestör Rasanen
    Maestör Rasanen 6 months ago

    Shaq today? WHO of these modern 'big men' could match him? Nobody. Absolutely nobody. Prime Shaq would eat Cousins and Howard alive.

    • Renz Chester Gumaru
      Renz Chester Gumaru 2 months ago

      @Maestör Rasanen it's cyclical. They will come back

    • Maestör Rasanen
      Maestör Rasanen 6 months ago

      Even at their prime. Embiid or Kat couldn't match his power and strength.
      I don't like this era. Hopefully the next real big man comes along and changes the game back.

  • Μάριος
    Μάριος 6 months ago

    "So before you say Shaq can't play in this era today, i already playing, my name is Giannis Antekonoumpo, however you pronounce it"

  • C.L. Tsang
    C.L. Tsang 6 months ago +2

    Agree with Shaq 100%. I miss his glorious days.
    After Shaq there's been really no big man. Not even Dwight Howard.
    Greg Oden gave me high hopes. He played like a dominant big man, and was built like one too. What a shame that he's never had the chance to shine.
    Nowadays NBA is just 3 point contest all day every day.

  • Corey Jenkins
    Corey Jenkins 6 months ago


  • Suprimo LaRompe
    Suprimo LaRompe 6 months ago

    Long live the Diesel !!

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra 6 months ago

    Kobe dying shows how fast and delicate life is. Let's get shaq back in the game to prove shaq can last in this soft generation!!!!!!!! Push the message

  • Sosa
    Sosa 6 months ago

    My name is Giannis Antekonumpo hahahha shaq can NEVER get it right

  • K D
    K D 6 months ago

    He’s talking about Zion!!!