Man City are a steam train that cannot be stopped! - Craig Burley | ESPN FC

  • Published on Mar 2, 2021
  • Is the Premier League title race well and truly over? After Manchester City beat Wolves 4-1 to extend their win streak to 21-matches, ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Jan Aage Fjortoft and Frank Leboeuf join the show to discuss Man City’s dominance this season under Pep Guardiola and just how many trophies they might be able to win.
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Comments • 70

  • Abu Khan
    Abu Khan Month ago

    "Man City are a stream train that cannot be stopped!" - United beat them 5 days later

  • Anatoli Boyce
    Anatoli Boyce Month ago


  • hooligan
    hooligan Month ago

    Waiting for people who complains - " Oil money, fraudiola, Money can buy success etc etc"... let us have some entertainment in hearing it again :P

  • Roy Langeveldt
    Roy Langeveldt Month ago

    Man United is going to put cold water on the coal of this steam train. Vi die watie verstaan ons gaan die stoom uit die trein haal. Red Devils from the only Manchester gaan City die blues gee.

  • Mubarack Ibraheem
    Mubarack Ibraheem Month ago

    Play the ucl final with bayern already. That’s what we wanna see

  • Maurito Adr
    Maurito Adr Month ago

    Just go watch the after game analysis after the tottenham lose in November... everyone tough they were already dead and now « oh it’s normal they are the best team » haha

  • Pep Guardiola
    Pep Guardiola Month ago

    Anywhere I goes I conquere everyone till the day I leaves. Premier league won't be an exception. Sure to bring the champion league back to etihad this season.

  • henderman
    henderman Month ago

    the real farmers league

  • Ben Peter
    Ben Peter Month ago


  • Freddy
    Freddy Month ago

    Craig and Lebouff always spit on.

  • Klean Gathogo
    Klean Gathogo Month ago +1

    We have a new Sané in Mahréz

  • WahWahWehWah
    WahWahWehWah Month ago

    Where's all the deluded scum fans that were saying utd were gonna win the league last month? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jordan Ambrose
    Jordan Ambrose Month ago

    They should be expected to do this ! How much money have they spent in fairness

  • Jordan Ambrose
    Jordan Ambrose Month ago +1

    All disappears when champions league night comes round 😂😂😂😂

    • Tarek Cyborg
      Tarek Cyborg Month ago

      This year Man city will go far ... They lost because of the stupid mistakes of defenders or the f****** selfish Sterling ، king of wasting opportunities ...

  • Emmanuel cruz
    Emmanuel cruz Month ago

    Man U will definitely tie 0-0 with city

  • Khalid Hawadle
    Khalid Hawadle Month ago

    With that being said they aren’t UCL anytime soon I just wanna put that out there

  • Tucker Tuenge
    Tucker Tuenge Month ago +2

    The prem is 💩 currently.....
    This is the reason City has gone on a run....
    No consistency....
    Bayern München is going to smash them...
    Although I don’t see City going to the end..
    They choke every UCL season...
    Why would this year be any different..
    It will not....

  • Flashkoch
    Flashkoch Month ago +2

    "Man City are a steam train that cannot be stopped" - Yeah, like the last 5 years where they won everything...oh, wait.

  • Quincy Slote
    Quincy Slote Month ago

    Burley has to be so satisfied that he's been right about Man City this whole season.

  • Bit Frost
    Bit Frost Month ago +1

    Mahrezinho shines and outshones Wolves ❤️🇩🇿

  • Goodvibes-seeen!
    Goodvibes-seeen! Month ago +4

    We all know how this is gonna go. All stats and Man city will win premier league and then lose champions league again. Pep will never win a champions league with Man City

  • Sascha _GER
    Sascha _GER Month ago +3

    As a bayern fan i would prefer to play vs city next round instead of liverpool. City now at their best and liverpool hopefully in the final when they have a full squad.

  • Sascha _GER
    Sascha _GER Month ago +1

    Where do all the city fams come from ? Bots bought with oil money ? Be proud to become epl champ. Im sure during the next 20y one ucl title will be yours

  • Sascha _GER
    Sascha _GER Month ago +1

    City played gr8 vs wolves and bayern just lucky vs cologne? Im not sure if they watch the matches they talk about

    • Jin Kazama
      Jin Kazama Month ago

      What that have to do with anything a fully fit bayern team is still better than a fully fit man city team

  • 9M Hiro
    9M Hiro Month ago

    Then just wait till their coal runs out...xD

  • Mrs Kitchen Fairy
    Mrs Kitchen Fairy Month ago +1

    the only team which will stop them and take it all is Bayern and Lewy :)

  • Moataz Quraan
    Moataz Quraan Month ago

    PL is the new farmers league

  • P K
    P K Month ago

    They spent 1.421 billions in 10 years most from all epl and most from all in europe arabs playing monopoly

    • P K
      P K Month ago

      @Ian Behennah me either

    • Ian Behennah
      Ian Behennah Month ago

      @P K not me

    • P K
      P K Month ago

      @Ian Behennah who cares about united

    • Ian Behennah
      Ian Behennah Month ago

      And Utd have spent how much in 10years go check it out

  • Mobee Mobee
    Mobee Mobee Month ago

    I remember Frank saying 'City bore me'

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart Month ago

    I think they got together and made a decision. Watching a Man U n comparison, I feel they have the talent easily, but they have not made a decision and might be blowing in the wind. Or perhaps, thinking about some tomorrow

    ERIC NKIAMBO Month ago

    I will like to see them keep that same energy next season

  • sandesh rayamajhi
    sandesh rayamajhi Month ago +30

    wolves: scores a goal
    city: so you've chosen death

  • Calvin Lenganji
    Calvin Lenganji Month ago

    And you say the premier league is never had competition long term

  • kami 19
    kami 19 Month ago

    nobody respect man city just media and few fans they have

  • Swapnil Bagade
    Swapnil Bagade Month ago +1

    No injury no worries for man City when man City have injuries like liverpool then see how man City is performing

    • Tarek Cyborg
      Tarek Cyborg Month ago

      Loserpool is just a joke made by some lazies players of Barça but Atletico Madrid and Guarduola puted them in their origin level lol 🤣 it's not about injuries

  • Pallanti Akb
    Pallanti Akb Month ago +4

    Love watching Bayern Munich Vs Manchester city 🔥🔥

  • White Strake
    White Strake Month ago +2

    Tbfh city's level is above rest of prem right now and only bayern can challange them unless pep disrespects his oppenents by using wierd tactics like ones they used last year against lyon

  • bigk sopur
    bigk sopur Month ago

    And they say Premier league is the most competitive league, 15 points between 1st and 2nd. Overrated league.

  • Big D
    Big D Month ago

    Fake club fake fans irrelevant club

  • Kosa Klapper
    Kosa Klapper Month ago

    City 21 straight wins in all competitons
    United fans: 21 is coming 🤣🤣🤣

  • Haan Gomba
    Haan Gomba Month ago

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I hope United beat city

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue Month ago

    we are back baby!

  • Mbasa Philiso
    Mbasa Philiso Month ago +1

    City are playing like Bayern now they give you false hope they allow you to get in the game and than score 5 goals in the last 10 minutes

  • Jill Patel
    Jill Patel Month ago

    What if the train runs out of coal?

  • Nending Grayu
    Nending Grayu Month ago

    Top of the League 👆

  • Mick Domingo
    Mick Domingo Month ago +2

    It's not a fair fight in Manchester when one club has Pep as manager, a man who has changed football itself, and the other has Olly as manager, a man who hasn't even changed his hairstyle in 30 years.

  • J41 Aryan Dak
    J41 Aryan Dak Month ago

    I know that city are great great and all but tbh they just missing one piece for their puzzle and it's probably Messi . If they get Messi next season they probably gonna dominate Europe for the next 3 - 4 seasons 🙄 . That's gonna be lit

  • Kenny Hoek
    Kenny Hoek Month ago +2

    Sextuple, 3 European Cups in a row, 6 in Total soon 7 may be another 3Peat but Regardless Bayern Munich is the 2nd🐐 behind Madrid who steals UCLs sadly No Club has been as Consistent eversince that 70's 3Peat > 6 Decades & still going People said when Liverpool beat us that we were going to be 1 of those Fallen Giants > Bayern has Never Fallen and probably never will > the Most Constent Club of All Times
    We are 2nd in every @ll Time List behind that White Fraud
    We Will Eat City

    • Raymond Willie
      Raymond Willie Month ago

      Tell em Bro... BAYERN are a whole Different TEAM

    • P K
      P K Month ago +2

      City is overhyped but bayern will shut their mouths

  • Kwaku Adu-Yeboah
    Kwaku Adu-Yeboah Month ago +1

    When the league started u guys wrote them off now they are a steam train

  • Vaibhav RK
    Vaibhav RK Month ago +1

    Ha ha it will stop at league cup 😂😂😂

  • Yandri Fadli
    Yandri Fadli Month ago

    They gonna win at least 2 out of 4. Maybe even ALL 4 :O

  • KeverSF
    KeverSF Month ago

    People called Craig earlier this year stupid or biased because he said City had a chance to come back and take United from first place and now look at how the standings look 😂

  • _アンクル
    _アンクル Month ago +1

    So called Farmer league

  • Batyngshain Majaw
    Batyngshain Majaw Month ago +1

    It would've been an interesting race if there's no man city in the league.

  • Arnab Ghosh
    Arnab Ghosh Month ago

    Fantastic performance by all the boys!!!!!!!!!

  • BottomEye View
    BottomEye View Month ago

    Wow the one time Arsenal is mentioned in a good way is a metaphoric reference from the 90's.. ( my bad yall, sour gunner passing through🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️)

  • Raptors Gunning
    Raptors Gunning Month ago

    More like a ffp violator that spent more than a billion in 2 or 3 seasons.. it's a plastic club made from some Sheikh oil mafia money. Just buy to the best players from big clubs😂😂

  • Ayushmaan Sharma
    Ayushmaan Sharma Month ago

    Awful from Wolves.

  • Sex Addict
    Sex Addict Month ago +1

    That moment when we are no longer noisy neigbours but now the most feared rivals!!! 😈😎💙

  • hazri abdullah
    hazri abdullah Month ago

    Man City may be unstoppable in EPL this season but they will struggle if they face Bayern or PSG in UCL.

    • Tarek Cyborg
      Tarek Cyborg Month ago

      Bayern Munich maybe but PSG from farmers league lol 🤣 you are wrong Man city will beat them easly

  • Sub Stantial
    Sub Stantial Month ago

    Yeah, in the EPL. Big deal. Outside of that, Man City are still a joke.

  • Tikaram Saru Magar
    Tikaram Saru Magar Month ago

    If anyone wants to live rent free then do something good. @jean pierre papin will give you a place in his empty head.

  • Yatharth Agarwal
    Yatharth Agarwal Month ago

    Farmer's league :v

  • Jay Murthy
    Jay Murthy Month ago +1

    Pep Guardiola is the 🐐

  • dwight cole
    dwight cole Month ago +1

    Mahrez has been great. Another nice team performance. Well done Manchester City. ⭕💪👍🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥 21 wins in a row. Very impressive.

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar Month ago

    City win all these matches but remember one thing champions League is different they definitely have one bad day and smashed😂😂😂

  • Freedelivery 85
    Freedelivery 85 Month ago

    I just put $10000 that city will not win the league
    I am about to be a millionaire 🥴

  • Vikrant Gaude
    Vikrant Gaude Month ago +3

    Man city are steam that cannot be stopped untill they reach champions League quarter or semi final ☺

    • Tarek Cyborg
      Tarek Cyborg Month ago

      Man city lose every year in quarter final of UCL because of the stupid mistakes of defenders and the f***** selfish Sterling , king of wasting opportunities ... but this year is their year I Can feel it

    • ben bim
      ben bim Month ago

      I think it's their year they are so good to watch best football team on the planet will easily dominate possession against any team my only worry would be they should be scoring 4 or 5 goals every game by the huge amounts of possession and number of chances they create but maybe aguero coming back will solve that problem.

  • James Humphreys
    James Humphreys Month ago

    They earn the win, they never deserve to win.

  • Brandon Sorto
    Brandon Sorto Month ago

    Aka the league is too easy