Donny van de Beek must want out of Manchester United already - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 24, 2020
  • If you watched Manchester United and Chelsea play to a scoreless draw Saturday, you have something in common with Donny van de Beek: you were both spectators. What is it going to take for Man United's big-money summer signing to get significant minutes in a big Premier League match? ESPN FC's Don Hutchison and Steve Nicol both express their befuddlement at Van de Beek's exclusion from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's squad as they reflect on the goalless affair.
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Comments • 70

  • Alama Eyob-Austin
    Alama Eyob-Austin 6 days ago

    Bruh they signed him for nothing,you don’t sign a player for a lot of money 💴 and not play him

  • Alex Gillan
    Alex Gillan 24 days ago

    Hey fat Stevie get some ability if you want to keep your job

  • Tymko C
    Tymko C 26 days ago

    Not only a penalty but a red card for Maguire should have been given on that foul on Azpi. EPL's VAR refs are a joke. Unprofessional.

  • chuck lombardo
    chuck lombardo 27 days ago

    Pogba will be gone next season donny will take his place

  • Mbapenda 3m
    Mbapenda 3m 27 days ago


  • ahtan2000
    ahtan2000 27 days ago

    Steve nicol is dumb

  • Lawrence Contreras
    Lawrence Contreras 27 days ago

    I’m thinking...Juan Mata?!? Oh my goodness.
    Steve did you not see him play against Newcastle in the previous game?

  • marvin RICHARDS
    marvin RICHARDS 27 days ago

    ESPN have the worse pundits

  • Ali Bombari
    Ali Bombari 27 days ago

    Come back Donny! You are bought by people with too much money and no vision. You'll be warming the bench for the rest of your time there.

  • sameer s
    sameer s 27 days ago

    4 days later Donny actually started for United and did really well. Stop this negative publicity ESPN. The season has just started. I know having United stories on your channel means a bigger audience but for the sake of TRP's dont put out unnecessary content just for the sake of views. These stories have a negative impact on the player's personal lives. Behave like a responsible sports channel.

  • Oskars Krēsliņš
    Oskars Krēsliņš 27 days ago


  • Ankit Surana
    Ankit Surana 27 days ago

    Wat an utter disgrace this joker Nikole is ...Pathetic n sick to the wonder he is assocaited with Liverpool.

  • KayDee
    KayDee 28 days ago

    This VDB wants out after three games is the most stupid thing yet on this show...

  • Patrick Onyido
    Patrick Onyido 28 days ago

    Stupid comments again.form these two clowns. What happened to having a depth of squad.

  • Ged B
    Ged B 28 days ago

    Espn - as Donald trump would say ‘fake news’. Proper bunch of losers

  • Deadly Dizzle
    Deadly Dizzle 28 days ago

    Media puts pressure on Ole, and surprise surprise, he starts him the next game. He'll lap up the credit if Donny wins motm as well

  • Aa Grille
    Aa Grille 28 days ago


  • Birat Pandey
    Birat Pandey 28 days ago

    The problem here is Donny is a CAM and you cannot leave bruno out from that position. And he cannot replace james because he isn't a winger either. He's just came in, he surely will adapt and get time. Man United fans must not be carried by the hating media and other club fans. We should not care who starts if we are winning. Fabinho didn't play for 6 months after arrival and these guys were just saying he needs time to adapt.

  • Musiq Speakers
    Musiq Speakers 28 days ago

    Not a day Espn can't criticize man utd
    Buying 3 defenders,signing 8 players and they say frank did a great job

  • Winston Horn
    Winston Horn 29 days ago

    ESPNFC 🗑🗑🗑🗑

  • judah
    judah 29 days ago

    ESPN is the CNN/Fox News of soccer coverage

  • Felix Gbillah
    Felix Gbillah 29 days ago

    I know DVB should have been given a start, but what is with the agenda against Utd by these ESPN pundits?!! Donny wants to leave cos he hasn't been given a start 5-6 games into the season?? Are they trying to unsettle the player or what? Can't believe they get paid to come on air and talk this nonsense!

  • gavelion
    gavelion 29 days ago

    Cuppa tea and cigar out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Akash M
    Akash M 29 days ago +1

    Leroy Sané wasn’t a regular starter for Man City at the beginning = nothing. Naby Keïta wasn’t a regular starter for Liverpool at the beginning = nothing. Donny van de Beek hasn’t been a regular starter for Man United = huge problem.

    • Genesis David
      Genesis David 28 days ago

      Eeeh keita started a few games in the beginning but didn't impress so he was benched. Sane was a literal teenager when he signed for city. Donny is an established Player who has yet to be given a chance in a team where he is better than most all the players in his position.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 29 days ago

    Im a United fan and I dont blame Van De Beek if he wants to go lol. Hes definitely a very talented player and needs to play more

  • patrick scholten
    patrick scholten 29 days ago

    donny is oke

  • Rohan Mammen
    Rohan Mammen 29 days ago

    I don’t get it? Why is at utd when you have a large squad suddenly it’s a problem? He will get his game time....this is is first season why does it matter he start every game? Plus there are a large number of home and away games left in champions leagues, games in fa cup and more....all the big clubs who play in Europe have very good players sitting on the’s par for fact we need more midfielders....somebody of better quality than Mctominay in defensive midfield and a wide right midfielder as well....this is just stupid

  • Mfundo Sabela
    Mfundo Sabela 29 days ago

    Everyone was bashing Sanchez when he said he wanted out of United within 1 month, now look at VDB. Wouldn't be surprised if he said the same

  • Abhay Kalasapur
    Abhay Kalasapur Month ago

    Whe Spurs 6-1 at old Trafford man utd were poor team..Then 0-0 Frank Lampard is tactical genius. Hypocrites😂😂

  • Saurani Sumasafu
    Saurani Sumasafu Month ago

    sack Ole already, stop using Harry Maguire, play Alex Telles, Van De Beek and Pogba, the formation they used against PSG was so good as well

  • Mohiuddin Ghazali
    Mohiuddin Ghazali Month ago

    varchester united, that's why its not a penalty

  • Sindo M
    Sindo M Month ago

    How will u guys make a living if it actually happens 😂

  • whatwhat3432523
    whatwhat3432523 Month ago

    British media is disgusting. Lampard had the best british transfer window in two decades, and they played much worse then a struggling Man United... gets no critisism whatsoever. Ziyech has not started a single game yet, and he was a much higher rated and bigger star then VDB.. But of course, that`s no problem at all. Because Ole isn't the manager of Chelsea.

  • Bikram Tamang
    Bikram Tamang Month ago

    Good decision 👍

  • Terence Chia
    Terence Chia Month ago

    Ole is an idiot

  • ham and cheese
    ham and cheese Month ago

    Talking about mata like he hasn't been one of the best attacking midfielders for almost a decade. Knobhead and I don't like united or Chelsea.

  • Aayushmaan Mazoomdar

    It's surprising that ESPN even call themselves journalists.

  • Suhit kar
    Suhit kar Month ago

    As usual Man utd ruining carreers

  • higgs
    higgs Month ago

    There are gonna be enough opportunities for him, going forward in the season. Most importantly pogba will understand that he's replaceable

  • Dava Don
    Dava Don Month ago

    He should have signed for Madrid

  • Mathews Chizinga
    Mathews Chizinga Month ago

    Maguire is playing rugbay thankc to VARchester united it's a total joke

  • sai charan
    sai charan Month ago

    We are forced to play 2 defensive(Fred and Tom)midfielders cause well our cds have been so poor. Which forces us to also play on the counter, thus relying on speed upfront. Thus dan James gets picked ahead of vdb. Feel bad for him, fells like multiple errors were made in his transfer. His people definitely screwed up. And I doubt ajax is ever going to send another player to utd.

  • Craig Harvey
    Craig Harvey Month ago

    He should've stayed at Ajax or gone to a team who appreciates him

  • Craig Harvey
    Craig Harvey Month ago

    Manchester united is my team but Donny deserves to start at least he scored coming off the bench already, it's disrespect to be starting Daniel James over him. I'm upset

  • Gregory Ho
    Gregory Ho Month ago

    Dan James is still young. Maybe he will come good if he's loaned out. But right now he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the first team. VDB must start with Bruno and Mata. These players understand the language of pass and move football.

  • Bryan Kimathi
    Bryan Kimathi Month ago

    5 games into the season, and everyone is acting like DVB wasn't signed for depth in midfield. It's 5 games of probably 50-60 games. He will get his time

  • Andy Gomez
    Andy Gomez Month ago

    D James is NOT a starter. Bring him on in the 80th and let him run around

    • Jamario Hislop
      Jamario Hislop 29 days ago

      don't be so cruel give him at least 20-15 mins

  • Manny Judge
    Manny Judge Month ago

    Why play Pogba over him, Pogba does nothing, isn't happy and doesn't even track back. At least Donny has better attitude and will do something.

  • Iztok Golob
    Iztok Golob Month ago

    Where do you find these clowns? And you actually pay them. I can name you three or four fan channels with more sense than the lot you keep on this program. Frank should be more satisfied with the result? How much did Chelsea spend this summer? Anyone? Chelsea had defensive problems and Manchester United didn't? Please.

  • Calum Junior
    Calum Junior Month ago

    God you really are the worst pundits about. It’s embarrassing.

  • Satwik Roy
    Satwik Roy Month ago

    Basically nothing will ever please the "Pundits" about United. They didn't have depth in their squad last season, people complained. Now there's depth in the squad, people are still complaining.
    Donny's chances will come.

  • Patrick Patrick
    Patrick Patrick Month ago

    Van de beek is world class...He will integrate into the team in due time. Those already making hasty comments of how he's not needed, not good enough etcetera etcetera are just wrong. It's not just about throwing him into the first eleven. Talking about Juan Mata as if he is a slouch as compared to van de beek is lame. All in all, Pogba has to be let go and van de beek let loose to play up with Fernandez.

  • Ashutosh Maraj
    Ashutosh Maraj Month ago

    What good chances did Chelsea make exactly???


    We need to tell the guys at the VAR headquarters, how to turn their monitors on

  • UnknownBrady
    UnknownBrady Month ago

    Barca should've brought Van De Beek to the Camp Nou 😐

  • James Brown
    James Brown Month ago

    The season has just started ffs - he will get his chance - up to him then

    THE EMPEROR Month ago

    Why didn't they check the Maguire incident? How did they miss it?? Its getting to the stage where we'll need VAR refs to watch the VAR refs! 👀👀

  • Γεώργιος Κουτσαύτης

    Listening to Steve Nicol analyze football is physically painfull.

    • Γεώργιος Κουτσαύτης
      Γεώργιος Κουτσαύτης 29 days ago +1

      @Leo Fernandes He is solid proof that ex players don't necessarily understand the game, besides their position, which is subject to tactical changes as time goes by.

    • Leo Fernandes
      Leo Fernandes 29 days ago

      listening to Steve Nichols anytime is excruciating. the man has no football IQ after all he was a Scouse player.

  • YDS
    YDS Month ago

    MUFC = Maguire UFC

  • mc schenk
    mc schenk Month ago

    Trust me they dont now what kind a player donny realy is. Van de Beek, van de Beek
    I'm from netherlands and support Ajax.
    Let van de Beek play

  • ca10k
    ca10k Month ago

    Steve Nicol is a pure idiot

  • Manengelo
    Manengelo Month ago

    I seriously forgot about him... and i am a man u fan.

  • Moses P
    Moses P Month ago

    What a boring game!

  • Adam Garza
    Adam Garza Month ago

    They just need to switch to a 3-2-4-1 to include these new center mid signings. Our wingers our horrendous.

  • Efrain Perez
    Efrain Perez Month ago +1

    I feel bad for donny really

  • Sinan Shanavas 10
    Sinan Shanavas 10 Month ago +1

    Man Utd wasting their huge money on big players. Don't know how to use players properly. One example: Maguire for 80 Million! Leicester City is Genius in Buisness to get huge amount money from Man Utd. Learn from Liverpool, Leicester, Bayern Tricky Buisness.
    Only Bruno Fernandes saving Man Utd and Rashford too

  • Champions 1999
    Champions 1999 Month ago +1

    That Steve Nicol is a fucking misfortune. Hes been there a month u melt, relax!

  • mo kar
    mo kar Month ago +6

    I am a Liverpool fan and the only player klopp has started as soon as they came into the team were mane(he came into a team with no good player), Vvd, Allison and thiago Alcatra.
    Now these are players that are undisputably the best players in their position in the world.
    Man United fans should be patient. I have a feeling that he will be in a starting regularly but if solkjaer thinks that he needs more time before he is a regular then you should try and understand his perspective. If he was so brilliant in training then ole is crazy to not start him but if he isn't starting him it is probably because he is not seeing any consistency in training

    • imOJ
      imOJ 29 days ago +1

      Spot on, but don't waste your time explaining for bunch of rushed kids

  • Etienne Veenstra
    Etienne Veenstra Month ago +1

    van de beek more consistant then paul pogba he s so over rated

  • Kayus Entertainment
    Kayus Entertainment Month ago +1

    Are these guys watching the table how far apart are these teams but United gets the stick