Is Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United a sign of what’s to come this season? | ESPN FC

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Dan Thomas, Gab Marcotti and Steve Nicol break down Chelsea’s shambolic performance in their 4-0 Premier League loss to Manchester United at Old Trafford. Nicol says he saw no goalscoring threat from the Blues and the side left too many holes in defence for the Red Devils to exploit on the counterattack. Marcotti contends that Frank Lampard’s side still have big names like Antonio Rudiger and Ruben Loftus-Cheek absent from the squad, while Burley feels both Chelsea and Man United are average by their previous standards and in comparison to Liverpool and Manchester City.
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Comments • 467

  • Chelseafan 101
    Chelseafan 101 2 days ago

    These people can’t talk for shit

  • Hayden Football Coach

    Undoubtedly the worst pundits we've ever seen. So biased and very less deep tactical analysis about the game.

  • John Chierichella
    John Chierichella 4 days ago

    We,l keep playing English just because they English then yep

  • Lee Empey
    Lee Empey 4 days ago

    Fuck, they don't know anything about football... Chelsea only hit the woodwork through Uniteds bad defending 😂😂 so does that mean United are shit cause they wouldn't have scored 4 if Chelsea didn't make mistakes?? 😂😂 no clue whatsoever

  • John Lyons
    John Lyons 5 days ago

    Played 2 lost 2

  • aayush goel
    aayush goel 5 days ago

    I think a lot of people are underestimating united this year because of the way last season finished. With Maguire and AWB united will be a real threat if pogba and rashford stay fit.

  • YTComps HD
    YTComps HD 6 days ago

    I Will have Fun luaghing at Chelsea fans in My class 😂😂

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 6 days ago

    United beat kids. No kante no giroud no alonso

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 6 days ago

    Yes Lampard is out of his depth he is not ready for this job yet.

  • DropShoT
    DropShoT 6 days ago

    How long is it taking to appeal the Chelsea ban? The Squad will be destroyed without transfers

  • andrew wyatt
    andrew wyatt 6 days ago

    What would they say if man u lost the same bloody thing

  • Trevor Morgan
    Trevor Morgan 6 days ago

    Hopefully cos I hate them posh racist Chelsea lot. Plus lampard is a tosser

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 6 days ago

    lol i do hope so ! Chelski have had enough money now lets see the SKILL 😎

  • Muhamad Naqiuddin Suhaimi

    ESPN, please sack these 2 & hire better pundits. They are a joke. #SackBurley

  • Kevin Malomo
    Kevin Malomo 6 days ago

    These presenters are waved 😭

  • BlueMonk25
    BlueMonk25 6 days ago

    Nah... It'll be fine

  • paul mccarthy
    paul mccarthy 6 days ago

    United played better then liverpool did on friday and they played tougher opposition

  • Alberts stuff
    Alberts stuff 7 days ago

    This would have been better if the Alan Hanson impersonator actually looked a bit like him.

  • Mohammed Aroz
    Mohammed Aroz 7 days ago

    Chelsea were only dominating the game because they had good possession and wouldn't give up the ball. They were defensive with little moments where they would go in. It was at these points united counter attacks struck and demolished their defense, taking in the chances and turning them into goals. So I wouldn't say Chelsea played better. United did.

  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams 7 days ago

    United proved they are going to be a handful for every team this season .Its the first time since Fergie left that they have played the way united have always done in the past .

  • ORBgaming
    ORBgaming 7 days ago

    That Steve looks like the dinner ladies at my high school the big Scottish dyke

  • IdkVlog
    IdkVlog 7 days ago

    United: Does something right
    ESPN: BUT they didn’t...

    • Mick Williams
      Mick Williams 6 days ago

      Sorry I obviously didn't @IdkVlog

    • IdkVlog
      IdkVlog 6 days ago

      Mick Williams you clearly didn’t read my comment.

    • Mick Williams
      Mick Williams 7 days ago

      Lol so winning 4-0 is not "something right" IdkVlog ?Are you insane or what?

  • david hickin
    david hickin 7 days ago

    Only watch these for the comedy value now! Pathetic how negative they are and just how hypocritical they are! Quicker this programme gets cancelled the better

  • johnny67448
    johnny67448 7 days ago

    If Chelsea did not have a transfer ban, Lukaku would have been an ideal signing for them.

  • badderman1
    badderman1 7 days ago

    Yes it is. You can’t go from no managing experience to derby to fucking Chelsea

  • mufcszn
    mufcszn 7 days ago

    These guys give absolutely NO credit to Utd, Utd pressed Chelsea’s backline on purpose into making those mistakes that far up the pitch. & capitalized on those mistakes. give some credit where credits due you bellends.

    • Mick Williams
      Mick Williams 7 days ago

      Jakob Banuchi .United played the way Fergie coached them to play .All the great united teams played attacking football from the start and even before Fergie went there.Their motto has always been if they score one we score two .

  • george lynch
    george lynch 7 days ago

    if Manchester City or Liverpool won this match 4-0 you wouldn't stop hearing from ESPN shitty pundits but it's Manchester United so it's not a good win to these shit heads...wonder what will be the argument when we beat a few more top 6 teams...

  • Vallliiiddd
    Vallliiiddd 7 days ago

    The premier league is a boring 2 horse race need to stop talking about it, do more about MLS far more interesting

  • jockey551
    jockey551 7 days ago

    Craig Burnley says not hate young players,Yet he slates utd team all the time 😂😂,Pogba digs already after one game he's a joke, Average age utd team yesterday 24 lol,

  • B. Kokou Abraham
    B. Kokou Abraham 7 days ago

    Chelsea have big players coming back to protect our defence.. Rudiguer/Kante are Chelsea back wall..RLC and Race and CHO will bring more quality..
    Hope to see them back soon...
    Chelsea is the blue

  • That guy D.R.E
    That guy D.R.E 7 days ago

    Of course its gonna beat tough we haven't been able to buy players this squad lampard is working pn needs the proper experience under his management its only day one relax wow biased much

  • White Night
    White Night 7 days ago

    YES 🇬🇧⚒⚒⚒

  • man udt. fan
    man udt. fan 7 days ago +2

    As United fan Chelsea still have a chance to finish in the top 4 just give Lampard time

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    李善德 7 days ago

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  • Lucho Garcia
    Lucho Garcia 7 days ago +1

    I saw a quite weak Chelsea, with the absence of big names for hire, is just the first game, Lampard have to work very hard to improve this team.

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker 7 days ago

    ole gunnar solk started well last year wait for 10 games before we praise or slag man utd same as franks team YNWA

  • Gabriel Eze
    Gabriel Eze 7 days ago +2

    Man United 4 : 0 ESPN

  • Francis Bacon
    Francis Bacon 7 days ago +1

    For goodness’ sake, Chelsea were without 5 players who were likely to start, if fit: Rudiger, Hudson-Odei, Loftus-Cheek, Kante (not fit to start), and most of all Willian. I’m a United fan, but doubt United would have won, or won so convincingly, had Chelsea had a full strength team out there. Particularly given United’s poor first half. These pundits always go over the top. Football is a game that often turns on fine margins. This game did. This result doesn’t mean that Chelsea are rubbish, nor even more illogically, that United are “average by their standards” [Craig Burley].
    Looking at the last 6 years, United in the second half looked a darn sight better than much of the boring, possession based, sideways passing, slow movement of the Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourhino years.

  • lilrichie1660
    lilrichie1660 7 days ago

    Man Utd could win a quadruple this season and these poor excuse for pundits would find the negative in it

  • Palm Trees and Rum
    Palm Trees and Rum 7 days ago

    ESPN = Hates Serie A and Hates Man United.

  • messi magician
    messi magician 7 days ago

    Abraham nowhere to be seen apart from that one moment... Chelsea need a striker... lol fuckers need MITCHY BATSHUAYI

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 7 days ago

    Wow! Can't hear shit here. Do something with your mics.

  • hkjjb
    hkjjb 7 days ago

    All they do is hate on united, Madrid and Ronaldo

  • Cai Haze
    Cai Haze 7 days ago +1

    Man u 10-0 chelsea theyd still be called average by these lot 😂😂 They complained when lukaku what as the club and how he didnt fit in , they sold him and are complaining hes gone. They complain when man u spend money on any player and now that solsjaer is after specific players and not going to splash the cash on anything , they still complain

  • WorldIsFilledB
    WorldIsFilledB 7 days ago

    Chelsea sucked cock second half but first half we were clearly better for the most part hit the post twice lol and we
    Didn’t have four guaranteed starters, no Kante rudiger loftus cheek and Hudson Odoi and pulicic clearly is a threat down the left and I’m not sure why he didn’t start and barkley is class definitely should have stayed on for me, this was a lacking Chelsea side for sure and if people can’t realize that then they’re just stupid, but props to man united, they finished their chances

  • Chris
    Chris 7 days ago

    So, it shows that Chelsea had more possession, more shots on and off target, more passes and yet expected goals they were deemed to have less? How exactly is “expected” goals worked out?

  • j
    j 7 days ago

    What a stupid channel..90% of the time they're talking dogshit. Absolutely ridiculous judgement and it's so bad it seems a bit funny tbh.

    SEMOVITA TV Gad 7 days ago

    You guys are shocked and should be ashamed of your stupidity talk about Manchester United

  • Andrew Jinjika
    Andrew Jinjika 7 days ago

    Had Chelsea won this I'm definitely sure all this and that nonsense wouldn't been said.

  • Chileshe Nondo
    Chileshe Nondo 7 days ago

    How Craig Burley is a pundit is beyond me the guy is a full blown asshat like seriously if Chelsea had beat united 4-0 we'd be hearing him say this and that Craig shut up and give credit where it's due without sounding like a bitter old retired knob MUPPET!

  • Abhirakshit Nawani
    Abhirakshit Nawani 7 days ago +6

    A year later..
    * Man Utd win Premier League or finish 2nd or 3rd *
    ESPN: " *Man United were poor* "

  • Cutz McVascular
    Cutz McVascular 7 days ago

    If Pulisic don't end up starting for this Chelsea team, he's done in England.

  • EC Kobi
    EC Kobi 7 days ago

    All they can do it criticise united Jesus fuck .

  • Danijel Hrup
    Danijel Hrup 8 days ago

    I`m sorry but Kante played last night and He was shit, if Kovacic did not cut those ball`s it would be 6:0

  • Chuks Tim
    Chuks Tim 8 days ago

    ESPN remain the best when you talk about sports analysis

  • abudianto
    abudianto 8 days ago +1

    Fat Frank took a big gamble by not playing Kante, Giroud and Willian today and assemble a bunch of youngsters. I get that he wants to give chance to youths but he picked the wrong game to experiment. He even benched Pulisic 🤔

  • Yo Sup
    Yo Sup 8 days ago

    Worst pundits to cover a game of football should be sacked ..I’m a city fan but cmon 4-0 against any Chelsea team is a good result these guys need there heads checked

  • red echo
    red echo 8 days ago

    Hahaha this Craig is not even worth pogba's shoe laces. Craigs whole career was nothing worth pogbas shoe laces .But opens his mouth like a garbage can.

  • Pri Vate
    Pri Vate 8 days ago

    Imagine what these retarded twats will be like had United lost...jeesssssussss!!

  • hamzah 13
    hamzah 13 8 days ago

    The only focus chelsea has to have is their transition between attack and defence. They have to expect to lose the ball so be ready to defend even when they have the ball. Defenders were too wide, when you don't have a ball the formation needs to become more compact to cover gaps.

  • 666demonknight666
    666demonknight666 8 days ago

    Why the fuck am I still watching these clowns? Where’s Tommy Smyth?

  • Christopher Layton
    Christopher Layton 8 days ago

    IT'S 1 GAME! Have this conversation after 10 or 15. All these guys saying they predicted Chelsea's after 1 GAME! Burley you are the worst and most disrespectful ex Chelsea player ever, absolute scumbag.

  • Matthew Stachler
    Matthew Stachler 8 days ago

    Liverpool and CitY are going to run all over United

  • The buzz Nutters
    The buzz Nutters 8 days ago

    My God could they not hate man u more! I mean seriously why such hate for side who's been so underrated by everyone n to pull that score line is unbelievable! But no credit for ole or man u! Poor journalism guys suppose to call it straight down the middle!

  • Certified_Boss Brown

    All you Man U fans need to remember that we don’t have our full squad available at this moment so hold your horses

  • SufamiDan
    SufamiDan 8 days ago +2

    Nothing pleases me more than watching these salty anti United pundits comment on a dominant United performance.

  • slaughtered777
    slaughtered777 8 days ago

    This game was a freakish nightmare for us. Everything went wrong, and United simply had a little dose of much-needed luck and wind in their sails. Penalty was plum, no doubts, the Martial goal was perfect - the ball and finish. The rest could have been avoided, and things would have been different with CHO RLC and Rudiger in the squad. This is a brand new team for Chelsea, United have been playing with most of these players for a while now. Have to be patient and take it on the chin. They made the most of their chances, we didn't - and paid for our lapses in concentration. I believe in Mount, Tammy, Reece, CHO and RLC - things will only get better :)

  • Ryan Pratt
    Ryan Pratt 8 days ago

    Burley : I’m not going to criticise younger players unless they play for Man Utd.
    Burley : it’s not time for optimism at United because they beat a poor Chelsea team but Liverpool and City beat worse teams by a similar score and they’re going to run away with it

    • Ryan Pratt
      Ryan Pratt 8 days ago

      uthank pettukola Chelsea weren’t great but they aren’t worse than Norwich or West Ham

    • uthank pettukola
      uthank pettukola 8 days ago

      I don't think you should get carried away,Chelsea were poor,united played well but there are much harder games to be played

  • Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    This is why you dont hire derby's manager
    Fired by september

  • Ryany Baz
    Ryany Baz 8 days ago

    When Liverpool beat newly promoted low spending Norwich 4-1 there the dogs balls but when united beat Chelsea 4-0 they’re average ,get new pundits who arnt bias

  • Stephan Baalerud
    Stephan Baalerud 8 days ago

    These two idiots on the right who are they to Judge anything relating ManUtd. Ole have more talent in his little finger. Than these two old farts. GGMU

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga 8 days ago

    Azpiliqueta is a rubbish defender i have always said this.

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga 8 days ago

    Now you speak of david luis? I thought he was the worst defender out here

  • Age of the Geek
    Age of the Geek 8 days ago

    Rudiger will help Chelsea when he returns. Obv Kante as well but they need Rudiger as well. He's a proper CB just needs to stay fit.

  • Cantona7
    Cantona7 8 days ago

    Have that Steve Nicol you Scouse prick

  • Yoni Ash
    Yoni Ash 8 days ago

    Oh Craig

  • DDG
    DDG 8 days ago +4

    ESPN have the worst pundits lol

  • Hmst
    Hmst 8 days ago

    Expected this score line tbh. The two clubs has two different objectives rn. Man Utd wants to get back to their winning ways hence they made some big signings this summer. Chelsea wants to integrate the youth set up better into the clubs identity and do their best with the transfer ban. Haven’t seen them with so many academy players in their line up. For Chelsea, this season is about nurturing their academy players and the 4 - 0 loss would be a good lesson for them.

  • Sabre Flurry
    Sabre Flurry 8 days ago +16

    Craig couldn't help get that man united dig at the end.
    Liverpool beat Norwich, City beat West ham - best thing since sliced bread.
    United beat Chelsea 4-0 who are better than Norwich & West ham = United are average and poor.

  • Joel Abraham
    Joel Abraham 8 days ago

    These pundits always find a way to criticise utd even when they play well lol

    FAITHFREEDOM CHANNEL 8 days ago +2

    Question:What is your opinion Manchester United performance and winning against Chelsea? Steve Nicol=Manchester United is lucky to win,they don't deserve it and Chelsea actually win easily by 4-0 for sure.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Timung
    Adam Timung 8 days ago

    Wonder why Batshuayi doesn't get to start for Chelsea, to be honest I think he should have been given a shot at the start of last season itself ahead of Morata considering how well he did at Dortmund. He also did well at Palace last season but Lampard naively goes with the inexperienced Tammy Abraham.

  • Ahmed Zakaria
    Ahmed Zakaria 8 days ago +1

    Chelsea will come stronger INSHA ALLAH.

  • Robert Syer
    Robert Syer 8 days ago

    I would be worried for chelsea in terms of they are lacking a genuine striker that's going to score enough goals over the season, and defensively united rarely had to hit second gear to get in behind

  • So you said you want to Blank her Blank

    United beating chelsea's under 20 squad and getting hype...

  • Durian Durian
    Durian Durian 8 days ago

    "These boys" should be stressed in shorts and wearing dunces hats because their analysis is terrible.

  • R Roy
    R Roy 8 days ago +4

    Two points
    1. ESPN pundits did not forget to slam United today also!!!
    2. Chelsea fans are dissappointed but not as like as the ESPN pundits..!!

  • Siddy Kay
    Siddy Kay 8 days ago

    Gab red faced again. He talks so much shit

  • explosivesteam 5
    explosivesteam 5 8 days ago

    The pundits are awful.

  • tony m
    tony m 8 days ago +2

    They can't just give man u credit can they ? Not even for one game 😂

  • Darnswim
    Darnswim 8 days ago +52

    Liverpool beat Norwich 4-1: Wonderful team, absolutely sensational !
    Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-0: United beat a very poor Chelsea side, they're average.
    The double standards by Nicol and Burley is insane. I'm a Spurs fan, and even I can notice it. Incredible...

    • UraStr
      UraStr 7 days ago

      @Dr Strange u understand football just fine :D

    • FJ Nemo
      FJ Nemo 7 days ago

      uthank pettukola did you watch the match, Chelsea was the better side most of the match. Just that they made defensive errors. The score line doesn’t tell the full story of the match. United should have controlled the match with quality they have

    • Dr Strange
      Dr Strange 7 days ago +2

      @UraStr lucky is winning on penalties, we beat u 4-0 end of story, u could have clawed your way back and get a draw but chelsea didnt, ignorant comment at its finest

    • mufcszn
      mufcszn 7 days ago +1

      UraStr lucky?? In capitalizing on mistakes they made by strategic pressing & counter attacking??? Deluded.

  • folio54
    folio54 8 days ago

    Ah look....The hate United muppets are back

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas 8 days ago

    It's going to be tough season for Chelsea with their manager and having to do what's he got but I thought there still positives for Chelsea. They got some good young players coming through same with United. The first 25 minutes Chelsea were pretty good but it's going to be a long season but it'll come Chelsea

  • Momentum Stocks
    Momentum Stocks 8 days ago

    Strange scoreline..could easily have been 2-2

  • Tyson fury was robbed
    Tyson fury was robbed 8 days ago +2

    Can they give United some credit

  • Elliot Newton
    Elliot Newton 8 days ago

    Wait and see how AWESOME and LETHAL Liverpool will be termed after beating Chelsea in the super cup! Why don't you give credit where due?

  • Alu543 Manutd#
    Alu543 Manutd# 8 days ago +6

    Craig burley: Manutd are a poor club at the moment
    Daniel james :hold my non - alchoholic wine
    Manutd :4 ----Chelsea: 0
    Craig burley: United were poor

  • Tenzin Tashi
    Tenzin Tashi 8 days ago

    Whats mmm okay gonna say

  • kushal c
    kushal c 8 days ago

    Being an united fan myself I totally agree with Steve and what he is saying that united lacks creativity in the final third...when we had possession we couldn’t string a simple pass together .. .. and you have to agree with that .. I hope we can overcome this and take this one day at a time.

  • raj roshan
    raj roshan 8 days ago +10

    Steve so happy Chelsea lost ....
    We will come back stronger
    Believe in lampard💙💙

    • Utsav Basu
      Utsav Basu 6 days ago

      We had majority of players who didn't played and still player well enough but caught off guard but plastic fans and some irritating other team fans are judging like we will be relegated Fuck them we are Chelsea blue is the Colour football is the game and winning will be our only aim

    • gamer 006
      gamer 006 8 days ago +2

      True anyone who says different f*ck em