Tottenham's HAMMERING of Man United changing my mind about Jose Mourinho - Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 4, 2020
  • After Tottenham Hotspur’s 6-1 thrashing of Manchester United, ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas, Frank Leboeuf and Shaka Hislop take some time out lambasting Man United to give Jose Mourinho and Spurs some much-deserved praise. Both Leboeuf and Hislop admit that their pessimistic views of Tottenham’s future under José Mourinho have begun to change after the past couple of results and look forward to what Gareth Bale could add to the already thrilling strike partnership between Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min.
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Comments • 70

  • Joga Bonito
    Joga Bonito 3 days ago

    The whole spurs thing and their good run is so Spursy. And when Kane rolls that ankle? I've seen so many Spurs fans talk about their depth. ??? It's not even December.
    The whole league is still up for grabs. 4 teams have had a game in hand since the first week.
    Well done on a good start BUT Google Spurs Trophy Cabinet and legit "Try Not To LOL".

  • Jules Chung
    Jules Chung Month ago

    For those not Spurs fans, let this sink in; Sonny won the best Asian player 3 times. You may say so what? Well, try being the best for 1 friggin year..... I mean Asia has about 4,500,000,000. Or there about roughly about close to 60% of the entire world population!

  • Duke Innocent
    Duke Innocent Month ago

    Is no longer the manager of Manchester United bringing the best out of his players is now about Manchester buying more players, Pathetic pundits.... man U will go trophyless in the next 5 season.

  • Jack Wardley
    Jack Wardley Month ago

    how can you criticise mourinho he's one of the best managers in history it was probably the players turning against him than anything else at united and at the end of chelsea

  • Mr T
    Mr T Month ago

    When the result is bad he's bad he's got to go, when the result is good "I am starting to change my mind". Now let's wait until the next bad result and see if his mind is still changing, what a joke of a pundit.

  • vincent e
    vincent e Month ago

    I dont know why jose morinho is being critisized so much he doesnt deserve it.

  • Christopher Deignan

    Yeah, I am so over all the endless analysis of Utd. Jesus wept, I get it, they're a big club but it's become so boooooooorrring. Talk about some other team please, I beg you. Sounds suspiciously like an editorial decision driven by corporate concerns and that's equally boring and so very predictable.

  • Athay Phom
    Athay Phom Month ago

    Time to drop Pogba and Matic and Maguire and start Van de beek, Mctominay or Fred who was the best midfielder right after Fernandes came in and Pogba was out injured (thankfully). And give chance to Tuanzebe as he's of of the best young defenders who's not getting any playing time. Ole has no idea what he is doing. Playing the same way time and time again.

  • Athay Phom
    Athay Phom Month ago

    First of all, Pogba is a virus for Jose and Ole now. Also, Jose had boys and models at United to select, but he has Men at Tottenham who are hungry for trophies.

  • james kelly
    james kelly Month ago

    Manchester United backed the wrong horse in pogba.. Should have sided with Jose and ran pogba out

  • mic Slave knight gael
    mic Slave knight gael Month ago +1

    Espn if Mourinho doesnt exist Would have 1000 views nothing more.

  • Timbone
    Timbone Month ago

    Park the bus with 6 goals
    Park the bus with 5 goals against Southampton
    Park the bus against Maccabi with 7 goals

    Park the bus and holds the record for most goals scored in a La Liga season

  • Ali
    Ali Month ago

    They have an agenda against Mourinho!!

  • Pedro 86
    Pedro 86 Month ago

    That's Mourinho DNA. Clinical Counter Attack

  • The Swellhead Spur
    The Swellhead Spur Month ago +1

    They should just admit Jose was right about the United board, Lake Shaw, Pogba & finishing 2nd was an achievement
    He didn't say any of it for a laugh

  • Tiego Diphokwana
    Tiego Diphokwana Month ago

    Nah these guys must keep the same energy.

  • Mr Sammotube
    Mr Sammotube Month ago +1

    Mourinho's tactics were actually an improvement when he first came into Spurs - Poch was not a master tactician, he just played good football and approached every game the same way - Jose definitely puts a bit more into game plans for certain teams. He got Spurs from 14th to finish 6th - not playing great football, but being harder to beat and getting points - he clearly wanted new players in and competition for places. He seems to be managing the players that were poor last season - Ndombele now motivated, Alli frozen out then given a couple of games with good performances. Jose's first full season at Spurs only just starting now and he seems to know what he is doing - navigated a horrendous schedule up to this point too with 4 games in 8 days, winning all 4 of them and scoring a few goals in the process.

  • Osamudianmen Igbinovia

    If he decides to use Gareth Bale in some games at Left back or LWB and wins convincingly, it is a win and there is absolutely nothing you clowns can do about it. Have any of these clowns coached a successful team before? Always with the vitriol for José.

  • Jim Frank
    Jim Frank Month ago

    Espn praising spurs? EXTREME RARITY

  • pdpiper
    pdpiper Month ago

    I'm amazed that people out there STILL doubt Jose. Look at his record. End of. Yes his time at United didn't go well but as we can plainly see now, it's the lack of quality in the squad and lack of backing from the board.

  • Malcolm Middleton
    Malcolm Middleton Month ago

    Woh woh woh.... slow down everybody. Go and have a look at the Spurs performance a few weeks ago against Everton and have a think about how good this Manchester United side really is. Every position in the Man U back five has issues and it was a perfect storm with Son deciding to turn up as he does every now and then. Typical overreaction to a single game which seems to be the media's new philosophy.

  • Sammy Kinnarath
    Sammy Kinnarath Month ago

    2 of the biggest clowns on TV. Terrible

  • Tobi Rama
    Tobi Rama Month ago +2

    I swear if Jose come face to face to any of these clowns, they wont utter a negative word.

  • Andy Kyriakides
    Andy Kyriakides Month ago

    I've said this before , i really believe that the homecoming of Bale has lifted the whole club , and he hasn't even kicked a ball for the first team yet .

  • TE B
    TE B Month ago +11

    “Harry Kane won’t score under Jose Mourinho” - Paul Merson, 2020.

  • HMM
    HMM Month ago +1

    Even after massive Jose win they refuse to appreciate his tactics but continue dig deep in to United faults.

  • Jaco Van der Walt
    Jaco Van der Walt Month ago +1

    Jose ripped up his gameplan after the United goal, and there's no other explanation for Spurs' turn in performance than the arrival of Bale?
    That seems a very poor reading of not just this game, but also what Jose has been trying to implement for months.

  • Muhammad Saleem
    Muhammad Saleem Month ago

    Sooner Spur will come where is she literally belongs. It was more of united dismal performance than spur playing well. United is mess in picking right players after Fergie.

  • davidogan
    davidogan Month ago +1

    So funny to see these muppets’ faces praising Jose after dishing him for years.

  • Keymouse Board
    Keymouse Board Month ago +1

    I don't think they watched the game critically. Ofc man utd were defensively and mentally terrible but the way spurs played even before martial's red card was fantastic. Comparing the midfield, the individual skill sets are definitely better for man utd, but the way Hojberg Sissoko and Ndombele pressed espescially the leadership and awareness of Hojberg completely destroyed the mentality of the team progressively.

  • Rhythm2671
    Rhythm2671 Month ago


  • Aaron Whittington
    Aaron Whittington Month ago

    Good morning please to today

  • Fady Fahad
    Fady Fahad Month ago +2

    with the squad they had lol...... mourinho had worst squad and he finished second and all man utd fans were like that was the worst seasons ...... now by penalities and with the help of ref man utd they finished third last seasons..... we now all see the truth ... man utd should apologize to all managers which were sacked but mostly to the jose mourinho..... man utd lost gem like jose mourinho they mentality he has is bigger than evenalex ferguson ... he wants to win trophies and he is a tactical master... You give him a weak squad he will go with definsive approach and find weakness oppenet team to take advaantage of that examples are man utd and fc porto and the begining seasons of real madrid and inter..... You give a strong squad and he will go definsive with attacking approach and we have already seen the glimpse of that in real madrid second and third season.... we all saw liverpool losing 7-2 by aston villa and we also saw totenham last season with weak squad cuz 7- 8 players were in medical room they were soo close to stopping streak of the liverpool... He is one of the top managers and smartest one... he just needs the backing and support of the club and he will bring trophies... Like Alex ferguson said players are not bigger than club ...But still man utd sacked him for that weak players and their weak mentalilty.... look at pep he spent billions n man city and they have been losing from the weak teams and he is still spending cuz he had no idea which players to buy ... just buy the good one in the market or the popular but not the right one and look at jose he wanted holgberg and he got it for 3 million only cuz the southampton bought kyle from them on 12 million and in return totenham paid 15 million for holgberg but basically the lost a bad player for 12 miilion and bought a good one 3 milllion...... but just see the smartness of mourinho he needs applaud for that... look all of his siginings of totenham which are all the right one and smart one and all of them are cheaper.... Now we all know the all players in utd were not his first choice but stupidity of the club management.....
    Now man utd got gollum looking like manager who is ole and how dare he dis respect Jose mourinho he is not even close to the sand on which jose stepped and have spend millios in close to three season and havenot won a single trophy and worst position in the league compared to Jose and with better squad than him atleast in defence which he wanted ... Ole gollum think he is bigger the Mourinho cuz he took over jose ... Thats the mentality which wee can see and that mentality is gonna win anything lol nothing.... At the same time we see the profassionalism in Mourinho giving every thing for totenham.....

    losing top manager and bringing worst childish mentality manager who can say to make his players happy that the lads are good is gonna win any trophy ... Nothing ... He is puppet for the players and the club so stop comparing him to Jose Mourinho who is a leader and will give every thing to win trophies for the club and is a person for which Players like zlatan will put their life on the line...

  • Khoa Dương
    Khoa Dương Month ago +3

    Thumbs up for Levy, sometime only Boss can see what people can't see, thank you for getting Jose to Spurs!!

  • Scratch The Surface

    Most incompetent panel I've ever seen. They get everything wrong, consistently hypocritical with themselves and their 'analysis' is terrible. I've heard them talk about matches I've watched and you would think it was another game. Airheads.

  • Jimenez Sub
    Jimenez Sub Month ago

    Spurs have depth in the squad this season. Jose is in his classic second season. SPURS can win PL this season.

  • sino7
    sino7 Month ago

    Shaka is an idiot

  • Cameron Branford
    Cameron Branford Month ago +2

    Jose is the special one !

  • Reg Dude
    Reg Dude Month ago

    It's partially down to united, who will probably end up mid table or in trouble.

  • Shafkat Mahmood
    Shafkat Mahmood Month ago

    ESPN pundits are laughing stock anyway

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson Month ago

    These pundits need to do better

  • geoffrey botha
    geoffrey botha Month ago +1

    ESPN is*********

  • Lynch 616
    Lynch 616 Month ago +5

    Jose style of play is determined by what players he has. At united he knew he had to play defensively because his defence needed the help from midfield. He now has a spurs squad that is full of attacking players and now we will see Jose playing both defensive and attacking football when one or the other is required.
    Spurs will have to leave 4 players good enough to start, out of their SQUAD for any given match. That’s quality

  • Emmanuel Bennett
    Emmanuel Bennett Month ago

    Shaka you are not only wrong. You are an idiot. Manage a team and win a few trophies and we will take you seriously.

    BANKAIIIIII Month ago

    just remember, mourinho's 2nd season is usually his most successful...the 3rd season is when it all falls apart lol

  • Susan Weston
    Susan Weston Month ago


  • Walter Harris
    Walter Harris Month ago

    Frank has always been clueless

  • Haru Haru
    Haru Haru Month ago +2

    I think Jose has really made Spurs a bigger club. His presence itself has attracted some world class players like Bale, Reguillon and Vinicius and evolved Kane and Son into the best duo in the world footfall. Can they win the league? Probably not this season but if the club and the board trusts José and give him the full confidence, I really believe he and the club can achieve something monumental in the new few years.

  • Bazookating 15
    Bazookating 15 Month ago

    just one match bros. everyone forgot 1-1 with newcastle, and 1-0 to everton.

  • S P
    S P Month ago

    I've watched the game but it was same park the bus tactics nothing special from Mourinho. Just that Son has talent to finish from tight areas and run from his box to opposition's box in a single breath. On top of that UTD made so many errors at the back. They played attacking football after Martial was sent off. I hope these pundits watch game and give their analysis instead of just highlights.
    No need to hype him up. They'll get trashed by Leicester or Leeds next and these pundits will change their minds again.

    • Timbone
      Timbone Month ago

      Park the bus with 6 goals
      Park the bus with 5 goals against Southampton
      Park the bus against Maccabi with 7 goals
      Park the bus and holds the record for most goals scored in a La Liga season

  • Shawn Kristoferu
    Shawn Kristoferu Month ago +1

    I could care less about any team. I just follow Jose wherever he goes. I never thought he was passed it.
    And yes his achievement at MU coming second was his greatest even above Inter treble or RM winning La Liga with the highest points & goals.
    I predict Tottenham will get to top three this year under him & win at least one trophy. I could also see them winning the EPL.
    This was not a one off. Their B team defeated Chelsea’s A team a week ago & they have played 4 games in 8 days winning all of them.
    One last thing. If you take off the penalty for NCU, Tottenham would be third in the EPL only behind Everton & Aston Villa.

  • artoo detoo
    artoo detoo Month ago

    It's not bale that beat man's the confidence in the squad..knowing the new combination of different player's strength''..... focus.....holbierge pass to aurier for his goal was real Madrid like

  • milind matang
    milind matang Month ago

    In ndombele, spurs has finally found a replacement for dembele. People goes on about Erikson, Kane and Ali, but dembele was the real lynchpin of their success.

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox Month ago +2

    Mourinho is a great manager he just needs backing united didn't back him enough everywhere he's been backed he's been successful and spurs are backing him and willing to do whatever they need to win trophies

  • H A
    H A Month ago

    These pundit clowns go which ever way the fad blows. Like Roy Keane said, they're bluffers and they'll throw Mourinho under the bus when matches play out differently.

  • Sean Delap
    Sean Delap Month ago +1

    Man Utd need to get rid of their toxic board before they can even hope to challange again a different manager will make little difference at this point because the exact same issues will only flare up again.

  • DEW SLAYER • 8 years ago

    If United would have backed Jose like even 20% of what Spurs are doing right now , United would’ve won league at least once by now since SAF left.

  • John Ferreira
    John Ferreira Month ago +1

    The club believes in him and are giving him time and flowing his ideas not like man u the problem is the club didn't have Jose's back when Pogba was sitting on the bench. How is that guy doing for you now United?

  • ScrewInTheTuna
    ScrewInTheTuna Month ago

    I love how some ex players comment as if they know about management. How can you criticise a manager who has won everything that adopted our team that was not energised, motivated and falling apart but you all fail to understand true statistics that since Jose took over we would have been top 4 in his tenure alone. Even with all the problems we had. I think you lot should go back to your armchairs and stay off media, embarrassing yourselves

    • ScrewInTheTuna
      ScrewInTheTuna Month ago

      Sorry I just realised this is ESPN so it’s no surprise to me the amount of dross coming from your ‘pundits’

  • Riko Mori
    Riko Mori Month ago +6

    Don't believe them. Once spurs lose or draw they will attack like vultures

  • Marlon Blade
    Marlon Blade Month ago

    West Ham NO LOVE 🤬

  • Jasper Conner
    Jasper Conner Month ago +2

    Son is tied for golden boot race, Kane is in the lead on PL assists. Also, losing a striker to a red card shouldn't undo your defense in that way, coverage should be about Spurs excelling not ManU sucking

  • Marlon Blade
    Marlon Blade Month ago

    I wrote Jose off!! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Smart Rabbit
    Smart Rabbit Month ago

    Yall guys just change your options based on whether the team wins or loses. If the lose again yall going to say they are the worst team,same thing yall do with Ronaldo

  • laughingout loud
    laughingout loud Month ago

    Bale is the life of Spurs

  • Gabriel 1
    Gabriel 1 Month ago +1


  • Artour Babiev
    Artour Babiev Month ago

    Jose attacking pressing just excited to watch 🔥🔥

  • himz Lao
    himz Lao Month ago

    Where can I buy leboeuf’s shirt?

  • Karan Banerjee
    Karan Banerjee Month ago +2

    If you follow mourinho's tactics right to the bone goals and wins will come. People forgot that he broke the la liga and prem record at one point. With man u there was a time where man u scored 4 plus goals in 3 consecutive games as well. Players now days are soft and they cant take this guys hard work ethic and want all the benefit of being a footballing celeb without the work. Theres a reason dele was on the bench today as well and see how that worked out

  • Kevin Rai
    Kevin Rai Month ago