Fabinho injured in Liverpool Champions League win: Time for Joe Gomez to step up - Nicol | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 27, 2020
  • The defensive injuries are piling up at Liverpool, and the situation has gotten so bad some fans are writing to ESPN FC to check whether Steve Nicol can suit up for the club again. Following Fabinho's injury in Liverpool's 2-0 win vs. Midtjylland in the UEFA Champions League, Nicol says it's "backs-against-the-wall time" for Jurgen Klopp's side and says the onus is now on Joe Gomez to step up. Plus, Gab Marcotti reflects on another disappointing result for Atalanta, a 2-2 home draw against Ajax.
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Comments • 70

  • Bernard Crilly
    Bernard Crilly 27 days ago

    Can’t blame Pickford for this ‘Liverpool ‘ fans 😂

  • Ashton Whyte
    Ashton Whyte 27 days ago

    This show is the worst....Steve...whats Rhys Williams position???

  • Emmanuel God's Own
    Emmanuel God's Own 27 days ago


  • RepoLFC
    RepoLFC 27 days ago

    Gomez has stepped up since he started playin regularly like 2 or 3 seasons ago anyways, the odd mistake doesnt make him a bad player hes as good as if not better than any other cb in the prem

  • Isaac Meehan
    Isaac Meehan 27 days ago

    Liverpool were totally outplayed but very clinical

  • Kharem IG Baron
    Kharem IG Baron 28 days ago

    Last season you guys gave mancity hells for not strengthening in that position.

  • spar987
    spar987 28 days ago

    It’s going to be an interesting season

  • VR S
    VR S 28 days ago

    Joe Gomez has already stepped up. Without that BS penalty against Sheffield Utd, it would have 3 clean sheets out of 3 since VVD injury.

  • A Roshan
    A Roshan 28 days ago +1

    Nat Phillips 🤞🤞

  • Gunner For life
    Gunner For life 28 days ago

    That November was already challenging but now it looks impossible joe Gomez Nys Williams Trent and Robertson lord have mercy when they face Man City and Atalanta

  • John49910110
    John49910110 28 days ago +1

    Atalanta liverpool .im lookin forward to that

    • k tom
      k tom 24 days ago

      3-1 Atalanta?

  • OBMagk
    OBMagk 28 days ago

    is van den Berg not even getting a mention here ?

  • asutosh Panda
    asutosh Panda 28 days ago

    Yass its milner time

  • Football Hacks
    Football Hacks 28 days ago +3

    Hendo might play at cb like in the cwc

  • Sd 2sav
    Sd 2sav 28 days ago

    if they win the title now i’ll have no choice but to respect liverpool as a team...

  • Moe Khan
    Moe Khan 28 days ago

    Liverpool Atalanta will be fun👊

  • Jason Boonyong
    Jason Boonyong 28 days ago

    Big man Anton will have a good time at anfield this weekend

    • Nikki k_ m
      Nikki k_ m 27 days ago

      I think he's injured ☹️

  • O.G From Early
    O.G From Early 28 days ago +1

    Klopp has had it easy over the last year or 2 let’s see how they do now

  • biniam mersha
    biniam mersha 28 days ago

    Sayed it many times Liverpool were so lucky with no major injuries last season...and now they are feeling the pain of having less squad depth

  • cogamers84
    cogamers84 28 days ago +9

    Liverpool: We only have 1 CB
    Man city: First time eh

    • cogamers84
      cogamers84 27 days ago

      @Eric Hefner They were all injured and Who are you calling arrogant? very hypocritical coming from a Liverpool fan

    • cogamers84
      cogamers84 27 days ago

      @Jay Jay Okacha City spent most of the 19/20 season with Fernandinho playing CB. Stones and Otamendi both injured and Garcia still in the academy

    • kopxpert
      kopxpert 27 days ago

      City had Stone but don't really play him even when he's fit

    • Jay Jay Okacha
      Jay Jay Okacha 28 days ago

      They've always had CB's, but Laporte apart they were dreadful.

  • Shubham Pandey
    Shubham Pandey 28 days ago

    Defencive pandemic in Liverpool .

  • Eton Strawn
    Eton Strawn 28 days ago +3

    Gomez has stepped up...where have Stevie been?

    • Eton Strawn
      Eton Strawn 28 days ago +2

      @G G nah I disagree. Gomez has been very good for 3 seasons, a few bad spells at the end of last season when the league was already won have got alot of people overreacting

    • G G
      G G 28 days ago

      Gomez was shaky against midtijland not the same as he was against Sheffield

  • Darius Sharifi
    Darius Sharifi 28 days ago

    Injuries are not a matter to laugh about.

  • Edward Hayes
    Edward Hayes 28 days ago

    I've said it since Liverpool signed vvd. Liverpool should have signed another cb to partner vvd and in case he gets injured. Liverpool are paying the price like man city did last season

  • S G
    S G 29 days ago

    Whats Nicol talking about rhys Williams is a cb

  • Arnab Baag
    Arnab Baag 29 days ago +3

    RIP fabinho gone to soon

  • The Four Fats
    The Four Fats 29 days ago

    Pickford will get the blame

  • #MyLifeMatters -_-
    #MyLifeMatters -_- 29 days ago

    Liverpool will now have a big hole in the back , the only way for them to win titles is to score goals and all play defensive slow games

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      Basically becoming Atletico Madrid, which is very anti-football. Best solution is going all out gegenpressing, and keep the ball pushing forward only. Mistakes in back-passing can happen, and would lead to counterattacks. Almost every counterattack against us almost leads to a guaranteed goal. It all comes down to whether or not the opponent is clinical. We're the 7th degree of "being fucked".

  • K T
    K T 29 days ago +2

    you will see henderson in that position aginst west ham, or atleast start in that position that game.

  • sahil rehna
    sahil rehna 29 days ago +1

    What if gomez gets injured

  • alex xoxx
    alex xoxx 29 days ago +2

    Non Liverpool fans: 3 down, 1 to go.
    Joe about to go out next week.

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      1 month later, the whole 1st team squad gets injured. Are teams out to kill the Liverpool squad?

  • Mukwesa Mwanza
    Mukwesa Mwanza 29 days ago +2

    Liverpool are a mane injury away from having a bad season

    • Miguel Pereira
      Miguel Pereira 28 days ago

      @Mukwesa Mwanza Yes

    • Mukwesa Mwanza
      Mukwesa Mwanza 28 days ago +1

      @Dren Zen wait Tsimiskas and Keita are injured?

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago +1

      I don't know if that's a pun or not, but it's really smart. "mane" injury as in main injury. Anyways, we are on the 7th degree of being fucked. As if losing Matip, VVD, Tsimiskas, Keita and Thiago isn't enough.

  • uthank pettukola
    uthank pettukola 29 days ago

    The way this season is going,joe gomez is gonna end up injured too

  • drhossawy
    drhossawy 29 days ago

    Joe Gomez won’t step up because he isn’t up to the task. I hate to be mean, but he’s the weakest player in Liverpool. Definitely he will be a reason for more defeats to come. I hope klopp gives a chance to youngsters in this position instead of him.

  • Black wolf
    Black wolf 29 days ago +1

    Last season Bayern Munich had both there centerbacks injured with ACL sule and Hernandez, they still were champions 😎😎

    • Shashwat Kamble
      Shashwat Kamble 28 days ago

      @Pakorn Lee aww that's why Germans have 4 World Cups.
      Bundesliga make players, all your PL stars were made in bundesliga.
      So STFU and get back to your cave or else I'll call Aston Villa 🤣

    • Pakorn Lee
      Pakorn Lee 28 days ago

      @Shashwat Kamble pretty sure bundesliga is better than epl standard. What an idiot

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 29 days ago

      @Shashwat Kamble good point

    • Shashwat Kamble
      Shashwat Kamble 29 days ago +1

      Bayern are on a different level. They won five trophies in a season, Liverpool were good, but never "Bayern good".

  • Swapnil Bagade
    Swapnil Bagade 29 days ago +1

    In winter transfer window liverpool should look for a centre back for time being

  • Stefan Brown
    Stefan Brown 29 days ago

    Lovren would be nice right about now

  • Glenn Fletcher
    Glenn Fletcher 29 days ago

    Had to happen after no injuries last season all you need now is Salah to get injured that would be the cherry on the cake GGMU!!!

    • Glenn Fletcher
      Glenn Fletcher 28 days ago

      @Aadeeshvar Singh I don’t mean to be in any way whatsoever .......?ist but I just wondered if you can write or speak in English properly I know I can’t and especially now as depending which country one lives in these things like lol I always thought it meant lots of love but apparently it means laughing or laugh out loud?!! The reason I say this is I don’t know if u are a Utd fan or a Liverpool fan?? Also whichever you are I was just trying to wind up a few people from the kens but with no malice. I don’t take back a word I say but just wanted to explain myself properly 👌😀😂😂😂 GGMU

    • Glenn Fletcher
      Glenn Fletcher 28 days ago

      @Dexter Morgan😂😂😂oh it’s so easy to wind you scousers especially You’ll never work again bindipper’s yet it doesn’t lose it’s fun for me!! So wind yer neck in lad and take a bit of humour all be it at your teams expense and if not I don’t care ✌️

    • Glenn Fletcher
      Glenn Fletcher 28 days ago

      @Aadeeshvar Singh I know you would be happy if it happened to one of our players so yes I am celebrating it 😘😘

    • Aadeeshvar Singh
      Aadeeshvar Singh 29 days ago +2

      So you are celebrating this are you mad if this happened to one of your players it would be a joy for us

    • Dexter Morgan
      Dexter Morgan 29 days ago +2

      Still gonna win the League Man u dirtbag. Watch! Right in front of your miserable eyes.

  • Robert Wagoner
    Robert Wagoner 29 days ago

    These injuries couldn’t make me any happier

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      @football time You rock, football time.

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      @football time Way to go to piece together an argument. Nice. I like that...

    • football time
      football time 28 days ago +1

      You must have a sad life

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago +1

      Sad. You'd want the opposition to have their best team for a good competition.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 29 days ago +3

    Time to bring out the big guns in Milner, lol

  • tayyub muhammad
    tayyub muhammad 29 days ago

    Liverpool regret selling lovren. They could of played him

    • Reversal🥊
      Reversal🥊 29 days ago

      I rather play Rys Williams over Lovren lol. He looked half decent at times because of VVD

  • Dragonborn
    Dragonborn 29 days ago +1

    Why sell Lovren and not replace him?

  • islam sardar
    islam sardar 29 days ago +1

    This is the toughest season ever for us. But I hope we will get through.

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      @Rick 7-2 is a thrashing in all regards. But yeah as Shahzad said, it's better than losing by 1-0 in many matches. Looking at how the season's playing off, we're gonna lose a lot more this season.

    • Rick
      Rick 29 days ago

      @Shahzad Ali true I guess

    • Shahzad Ali
      Shahzad Ali 29 days ago +1

      @Rick losing one game 7-2 is better than losing many matches 2-1 or 3-2

    • Rick
      Rick 29 days ago


  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 29 days ago

    rhys williams is a CB

  • javier book shadows contributor du

    142th comment

  • Abyss
    Abyss 29 days ago

    Well actually Stevie, Rhys Williams IS a center back by trade! In any case, we're totally f***ed in this moment...Klopp made a mistake not getting in a center back to replace Lovren and now he's having to pay for it. Hamstring means out for about a month. And good luck relying on Matip's fitness.

    • Abyss
      Abyss 29 days ago

      @nigl2807 don't think Klopp even has a choice any longer. Hendo or Gini will likely play at center back until Matip gets fit. Rhys did well but to expect him to play premier league might be a touch too far.

    • nigl2807
      nigl2807 29 days ago

      One more injury and more likely we will be stuck with 2 kids or 1 kid +Hendo/Gini at CB. Both Williams and Billy are both promising... (Phillips NO, Mr berg not very good)

  • The Big Screen Music
    The Big Screen Music 29 days ago +19

    They’re just having a normal season of injuries like every other team does. Chelsea had like 5 starters injured at the start of last season and then again in the middle of the season...
    They were LUCKY with injuries last couple of seasons

    • EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
      EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup 28 days ago

      @pbpaddy the muppet can not understand that.

    • Mzwandile Montwedi
      Mzwandile Montwedi 28 days ago

      True but they were unlucky that the injuries affect their defense only

      GOATZEL WARD BANDWAGON 28 days ago

      @Phil But in previous years you've never had any big injuries like this like other teams have had. Allison was out but the dude still plays like 30 games of a 38 game season every year. If that's the worst major injury to a major player you get. We'd all take that every single year mate

    • Phil
      Phil 28 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox nonesense,.
      Alison missed the first 6/7games... for a start!

    • King Kanon
      King Kanon 28 days ago

      @Mukwesa Mwanza we lost Abraham, Zouma, rudiger and kante

  • Sahabiya Mohamed
    Sahabiya Mohamed 29 days ago +19

    Liverpool, pls play boring/slow games as long you win!!

  • Banana Drama
    Banana Drama 29 days ago

    Not sure I get Nicol's statement saying Rhys Williams isn't a CB. Rhys Williams is a CB.

  • Ngm Mngw
    Ngm Mngw 29 days ago +12

    If Klopp wins the Prem he will go down as one of the best managers of all times.

    • annoying lad
      annoying lad 28 days ago

      @Jahnoi Williams he ain't even the bext dm in the league

    • Jahnoi Williams
      Jahnoi Williams 28 days ago

      @annoying lad I said one of the best

    • Kendy Japri
      Kendy Japri 29 days ago

      Ngm Mngw sure!!! But you know sir alex ferguson playing golf right?

    • annoying lad
      annoying lad 29 days ago

      @Jahnoi Williams Fabihno best in the league are you mad

    • OptimusPrime5072
      OptimusPrime5072 29 days ago +2

      @Anonymous this is what annoys me on liverpool fans. For years, during halfway of season, they will start celebrate only to falter by the end. They have good run and deserve to win CL and PL. But to place their manager or even players on the list of greatest showed their immaturity. Eg...Just because Liverpool won against Barca, it doesn't place Salah or Mane as better than Messi, or Klopp to be considered as best of all time. Like, Zidane won CL 3 times and La liga once, but nobody considered him as the best of all time because there must be a long consistent winning record.

  • Dupe Tajudeen
    Dupe Tajudeen 29 days ago +1

    Like gomez ever stepped up b4

    • Shahzad Ali
      Shahzad Ali 29 days ago +1

      @Faiz next match you will be watching mahrez and sterling on wings

    • Faiz
      Faiz 29 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox you never know... there's a glimpse of hope in the defence now, and ferran torres is really promising, same goes to foden. just need to rotate players correctly and we are good to go.

    • prodbywalkz's cholesterol
      prodbywalkz's cholesterol 29 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox 😐

  • Larger than Life
    Larger than Life 29 days ago +1

    They will buy koulibaly in winter window.

  • MrKaravaj
    MrKaravaj 29 days ago +9

    Where is Lovren when you need him

    • Aadeeshvar Singh
      Aadeeshvar Singh 29 days ago

      @Rick stfu

    • Rick
      Rick 29 days ago


    • bartholomew
      bartholomew 29 days ago +1

      all the liverpool fans gave him so much abuse when he was playing...

  • Keir Smith
    Keir Smith 29 days ago +2

    Surely we can make an emergency transfer at this point?

    • Hamza Akhtar
      Hamza Akhtar 29 days ago

      I don’t think this works in the premier league but it can happen to teams in la liga.

  • PhiStol TV
    PhiStol TV 29 days ago +3

    If Mané or Salah get injured, Liverpool's season is finished

    • Reversal🥊
      Reversal🥊 29 days ago

      @PhiStol TV michu was good for one whole season for swansea but after that he lost his spark, I personally feel the number of future games doesn't matter as long as he is consistent at present. Just my opinion

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 29 days ago

      @Reversal🥊 3 games isn't enough to gauge a player, maybe if he can produce these performances 10 matches. Remember as much of a good player he is he had a knack of being inconsistent in Wolves which is why he was benched a lot especially towards the end of last season. So yeah I have reason to doubt.

    • Reversal🥊
      Reversal🥊 29 days ago

      @PhiStol TV so far he is consistent so idk why u doubt him

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 29 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox You are probably one of those stupid idiots who thought Pukki would win the golden boot after scoring early last season 😂😂😂

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 29 days ago +1

      @Vernal Equinox 3 games is not consistency fool, come back after 10 games.

  • Digjay Das
    Digjay Das 29 days ago +12

    At the rate we are injuring CB’s might have to play Klopp to fill the position

  • Victor Ike
    Victor Ike 29 days ago +18

    Gomez has already stepped up

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake 28 days ago

      @prodipta talukder definitely not a Chelsea fan,your just as clueless as Gomez

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake 28 days ago +1

      Yeah trying to play offside and getting roasted

  • LJ W
    LJ W 29 days ago

    Nico.....it's RHYS Williams not neco Williams who is a center back lol

    • English Stacey
      English Stacey 29 days ago

      He actually said Rhys Williams isn't a CB....I must know more about Liverpool players than Nicol & I don't even support them

  • Unknown j.13
    Unknown j.13 29 days ago

    this should show our owners we should go and get upamecano in January

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox Yeah, them fucking up two of our key players isn't helping this too. Thanks for clarifying. Back to the start, we only have 1 senior CB left. Pretty laughable for a big club like Liverpool. We need to make a move and fast. Loyalty isn't going to save us our season. We are still in the beginning and at the group stage. I don't want this season to be one that should be forgotten. Liverpool are plagued with injuries, and even Salah may be potentially injured. He was caught limping in the dressing room.

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox I only just got into football 4 years ago, and the team that made me get into it is Liverpool. I thought Liverpool hates the ever-living guts of Everton and United though? Why the double standard for Everton?

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox Just for the record, Jota said he'd rather watch Everton than Liverpool way back when he was at Wolves. Does that mean we should feed him to the dogs?

  • A-wal Games
    A-wal Games 29 days ago +10

    Who wants to see Klopp coming out of retirement and playing for Liverpool. :) Knowing Klopp it's actually not that farfetched.

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 28 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox okay "mentality giant"......shut up

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 29 days ago

      @Vernal Equinox shut up

    • Leasha
      Leasha 29 days ago

      Hes a mentality monster

    • PhiStol TV
      PhiStol TV 29 days ago

      shut up

  • David Gospic
    David Gospic 29 days ago +41

    Lovren is having a reeley good season at zenit this season 💥💥

    • Tevin Coley
      Tevin Coley 27 days ago

      @Jayrod M man is playing in a weak league

    • Jayrod M
      Jayrod M 27 days ago

      @Tevin Coley and good now? Lol make sense

    • Tevin Coley
      Tevin Coley 27 days ago

      @Jayrod M lovern is trash end of story he was good then

    • Jayrod M
      Jayrod M 28 days ago

      @Tevin Coley lovern was good at Southampton. It's just liverpool's style of play. Just like Mustafi looked good in la liga

    • Tevin Coley
      Tevin Coley 28 days ago

      To be fair that league is trash

  • Ivan Bravo
    Ivan Bravo 29 days ago +4


  • Cee
    Cee 29 days ago +2

    When is Depay bringing out the get well soon t shirts for fabinho 🤣🤣

    • Cee
      Cee 29 days ago

      @Maki Nishikino trust me 🤣🤣 what a state

    • Maki Nishikino
      Maki Nishikino 29 days ago +2

      he's promoting himself he really wants to move from Lyon, he could have sent Virgil a dm 😂

  • James Michaels
    James Michaels 29 days ago +29

    Just outscore the opposition

    • 90 BINS
      90 BINS 27 days ago

      @Shashwat Kamble against Liverpool sure sane was better but if we are talking about 2016-17 2017-18 and 2018-19 mane was better

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake 28 days ago

      @Shashwat Kamble It's really Simple there's 6 players in both front 3s, compare each 3 to the other in his position and it's quite easy stop giving broad definitions. Coman was never world class but can be,he's just continuing off a strong CL finish just don't throw around words like world class it's quite embarrassing. You seem to be confused so I will say it again Mane is better than Sane everyone knows this,Lewandowski is better than Firmino everyone knows this and Gnabry who is coming off a fantastic season still isn't better than Salah.

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake 28 days ago

      @Shashwat Kamble I'm not a Liverpool fan but it quite obvious your understanding of the game is poor if your using Liverpool losing to Madrid and Bayern beating them as a valid point. It is a fact that Mane and Salah are better than Sane and Gnabry, anyone who watches football knows this,that's leave only Lewandowski better than Firmino out of both front 3s.

    • Shashwat Kamble
      Shashwat Kamble 28 days ago

      @Loftus Blake you can bring all your history books to win this argument but Bayern's front three is better than Liverpool's. You guys were beaten to death by Atletico, we just scored 4 past them.

    • Shashwat Kamble
      Shashwat Kamble 28 days ago

      @Pakorn Lee okay I'll surely come. You guys have enough time and quality to bounce back but with your both your CBs out injured I don't think it's your season.

  • Don'T Read My Name
    Don'T Read My Name 29 days ago +1

    Rhys williams not a CB???😂😂😂😂
    He doesnt know difference between neco & rhys williams
    Steve nicole is fucking bang average pundit

  • French Fries
    French Fries 29 days ago +4

    Jesus imagine losing both Fabinho and Van Dijik this may be a frustrating season for liverpool losing two main players

    • Dren Zen
      Dren Zen 28 days ago

      Liverpool lost much more than that. Half of the first team players are either injured, or are suffering of COVID-19.

  • L CM
    L CM 29 days ago +5

    Now we need to trust the boys. Unfortunately this put a lot of weight on their shoulders.

    • L CM
      L CM 29 days ago +2

      @John Abraham I don't think so, even though we have a defensive issue we still have a strong attack and midfield to hold the ball away from defense.

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham 29 days ago

      I honestly can't see this Liverpool team finishing in the top 4. Lost your key players, and VAR hasn't been on your side since last season. Liverpool are in trouble.......

  • Francis K. Cooper
    Francis K. Cooper 29 days ago +4

    Tottenham are champions of England

  • Lil Zoro Vert
    Lil Zoro Vert 29 days ago +91

    Not even the universe want Liverpool to win back to back titles

      I HATE EVA MARIE ON TV 28 days ago

      @Keith Gundu no...just the pain and suffering that Liverpool fans gone through the years seeing United, City and Chelsea win the PL...
      Finally winning it was a relief..

    • MNM
      MNM 28 days ago

      @Proud Jew and Bayern Munich barkalona fan?

    • MNM
      MNM 28 days ago

      @Leasha Penchester last trophy europa league 2016 he just salty

    • MNM
      MNM 28 days ago

      @Ryan James city fans don't exist like bigfoot get lost

    • Phil
      Phil 28 days ago

      @John Abraham here is is !

  • k tom
    k tom 29 days ago +66

    Matip is almost always injured. It's almost as if hes not there... Now either inexperienced Rhys Williams or Nat Phillips has to partner Gomez.

    • Sinan Shanavas 10
      Sinan Shanavas 10 28 days ago

      @John Abraham 😂😂😂 Man Utd will be Trophy less and in Relegation this season or maybe they won't reach Atleast Europa league

    • jb
      jb 28 days ago +1

      @John Abraham and you conceded six against Tottenham, dont pretend Maguire is anything special

    • Football Hacks
      Football Hacks 28 days ago +1

      Henderson may play at cb like he did in cwc

    • Nabil Hamdi
      Nabil Hamdi 28 days ago

      @Fahd Masood not happening

    • thulani xxx
      thulani xxx 28 days ago +1

      @Keagan Hunter matip stopped playing international football 5 years ago. Read a newspaper before you open your mouth. Idiot.