Manchester United's problems go all the way back to Sir Alex Ferguson - Mark Ogden | Premier League

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • With Manchester United currently in 12th place in the Premier League, Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Mark Ogden get to the root of the issues at Old Trafford. Nicol says the injured players for Man United are always injured. Burley blames Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, saying a club the size of Man United need a top-flight manager with experience. Ogden says Man United's problems stem all the way back to bad transfer signings from Sir Alex Ferguson.
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  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith 3 months ago

    “Great little player” says... what’s his name?

  • Seamus Gallagher
    Seamus Gallagher 3 months ago

    Top drawer manger they had 2 in the last 4 years and sack both so much rubbish being talked about

  • Chris Strachan
    Chris Strachan 4 months ago

    But yet Fergie won the title with smalling and jones . Don’t you dare blame it on sir Alex .if sir Alex was manager of this team we would be top because that’s what Fergie does , end of . He would never let Liverpool win the league

  • Micah Mitoko
    Micah Mitoko 5 months ago

    Ed Woodward is the problem with Manchester United.

  • jjohnsonsfg
    jjohnsonsfg 5 months ago

    United needs to diversify the team a bit more. I believe in Ole and I love his optimistic views and the always smiling persona. However he needs to attract more black and Hispanic players. Just recruiting a bunch of white British players won't get United back to the top.

  • tim roode777
    tim roode777 6 months ago

    Things can change in a month...

  • Dan Faithfull
    Dan Faithfull 7 months ago

    shouldn't be allowed to disrespect saf in any way he was the goat so when we talk about how bad we are don't mention his name in it

  • Greg Lyons
    Greg Lyons 7 months ago


  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich 7 months ago

    As usual - sack the manager
    It's never the players' fault is it

  • up up n away
    up up n away 7 months ago

    De gea maguire mctominay rashford is a good spine to build around also bissaka is gona be top player maybe tuanzebe

  • Vidya Sagar
    Vidya Sagar 7 months ago

    Giggs is the Saviour. End of Conversation

  • mr.1n5an_e
    mr.1n5an_e 7 months ago

    You have got to be kidding me

  • Jack Winstanley
    Jack Winstanley 7 months ago

    Issues at United.
    1. Run like a business, not a football club.
    2. Finance people making football decisions.
    3. No long term strategy.
    4. Under qualified manager and coaching staff.
    5. Average players.

  • Toorisky
    Toorisky 7 months ago

    People need to reliese it's not about fergi or ole it's the backroom staff myself I am a wolves fan to me utd backroom staff are working a old system they are living the past it's time to move on! No wonder the players lack professionalism why's that you say Because the backroom staff also lack professionalism it's a fact the system is outdatted all I'm saying like city Liverpool even Everton and Arsnal have all changed there backroom staff or refurbed such a shame I used to watch utd growing up read books and everything this is not the utd you know today

  • MrJohnnydublin
    MrJohnnydublin 7 months ago

    Why is Phil Jones still at united and giving another contract in the summer

  • Alexander T Keith
    Alexander T Keith 7 months ago +1

    Ferguson was so good he didn’t need to sign smart in the transfer market by the end, Man United ran like clockwork under him. He literally won the title by 11 points with Cleverley and Anderson in midfield. This guy’s saying Ferguson didn’t operate smartly post-2009, there was literally no drop-off whatsoever.
    2008/09: Win the title, win the League Cup, get to the Champions League Final.
    2009/10: Runners-up in the league and won the league cup despite losing Ronaldo.
    2010/11: Won the title and got to the Champions League Final.
    2011/12: Got 89 points in the league, just losing the title on goal difference on the final day.
    2012/13: Pulled off one of the best signings in Premier League history or any history (prime RVP for 24 million) and won the title by 11 points.
    So what drop-off in Ferguson’s last few years is this guy referring to? They were literally one goal away from 3 consecutive titles, reached 2 Champions League Finals and won 2 League Cups straight after losing Ronaldo.

  • doczg88
    doczg88 7 months ago +1

    Is this an NBA team?

  • ill m
    ill m 7 months ago

    Craig is spot on about ole

  • Adam Cyrus
    Adam Cyrus 7 months ago

    Van Gaal was the best fit for a United since Fergie. There was a dutch style of football, that group thinking fans deemed “too boring”, and he was giving the most youngsters their debuts in one season in United history

  • Gordon Irvine
    Gordon Irvine 7 months ago

    You just can't blame a manager who's last season won the league. Its naive and disrespectful to how difficult winning a league is to land any of this at Fergie's door. Smalling and Jones were good bit part players for Fergie and contributed positively when required.

    GUYIVKS 7 months ago

    These "experts" are jealous of ManU and have found an opportunity to sink the slipper. Where are all the great players going to come from? Will the Glazer bros spend the money? Mourinho buys titles then eventually screws up and leaves others to clean up in the wake of the kaos he leaves behind. SAF was given 5 years to achieve. Give Ole the same respect and support then he will flourish. Media are nothing other than jackals and vultures. Practitioners of the art of Schadenfreude.

  • Michael
    Michael 7 months ago

    He won the league in his final season by 10 points and should have beaten Real Madrid if not for an interesting refereeing decision.

  • Samuel Coe
    Samuel Coe 7 months ago

    The “Bigger Picture” is actually the fact that people are comparing United to how they were 7 years ago instead of how they’ve been since Sir Alex left.
    There is NO manager currently available/who would want the job that could come in and make them successful. They should stick with Ole as he is someone who would stay in the long term (people forget that in the beginning, Alex Ferguson was apparently one FA cup loss away from losing his job!)
    United are not great anymore, nor do they have a god given right to always be in the top 4 and competing for the Premier League every season.

    • Owen Monjes mugas
      Owen Monjes mugas 7 months ago

      @Samuel Coe i didn't say they don't spend money they didn't knew how to do it, examples are a lot:
      Di Maria
      They are or where great, UTD don't use them well.
      Ole should be backed.

    • Samuel Coe
      Samuel Coe 7 months ago

      Owen Monjes mugas To be fair the Glazers have invested heavily in the team and always made money available; perhaps now by recruiting Ole they have tried to go back to their original plan with Moyes.
      I personally think he will be given at least until the end of the season, anything outside the top 8 though will be a sacking.

    • Owen Monjes mugas
      Owen Monjes mugas 7 months ago

      @Samuel Coe who said it wasn't, Woodward and the glazers aren't good owners , neither the CEO, they don't spend good the money (United is the team with biggest wages in Premier league) but the results are very clear, they didn't give time to David, neither to Louis or Jose and probably are not going to wait Ole.

    • Samuel Coe
      Samuel Coe 7 months ago

      Owen Monjes mugas That’s the board’s fault then. I think they wanted someone who was going to stay in the long run, through thick and thin and the price to pay for that is patience (they didn’t show this for Moyes who in retrospect didn’t do nearly as badly as everyone thought).

    • Owen Monjes mugas
      Owen Monjes mugas 7 months ago

      I'm not an United fan, i think they should back Ole, but let's remember that Ferguson was already winning a lot of titles with Aberdeen before going to Manchester United, Ole didn't won anything before going to MUFC so he has a hard work to don't get sacker after the Liverpool Match.

  • Caerphillykid 66
    Caerphillykid 66 7 months ago

    strange how so called top players never seem to be injured when the team is winning?

  • Gunner Fan
    Gunner Fan 7 months ago

    You cannot replace a manager of Alex Ferguson's caliber overnight. You need an experienced manager with a long term plan and the financial backing from the owners. Apart from that, managers need to be given time to settle down. Look at how Klopp transformed Liverpool.

  • Hong J
    Hong J 7 months ago

    Even this dying fergie cant save united ! Hahaha howard webb the man utd hero/legend

  • Nemanja Pavlovic
    Nemanja Pavlovic 7 months ago

    Fking delusional muppets! We need a top draw manager to get the team where it belongs you say? We had LVG and Shitinho and look where did it get us! Leave Ole alone and give him time. He still needs to get rid of 7 players that dont belong to the team. Eaither because they are just not good enough to play for UTD or because they lack attitude. I never seen Martial break a sweat I swear. Rashford got delusional after LvG and is way up in the clouds right now. Cant consider Lingard as a player in this system. Will not mention others it will make me cry. I believe Ole's mistake is being stubborn and not learning on previous mistakes. I would try
    De Gea

  • Thomas Ayling
    Thomas Ayling 7 months ago

    Manchester united barely drop into the bottom half of the table...
    ESPN: “Manchester United are going to be facing a relegation battle this season for sure” 🙄quality analysis 👌👌

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson 7 months ago

    not relegation fools,just struggling to find form ie stars

  • mullaway
    mullaway 7 months ago

    i hope they keep ollie hes good for them

  • Craig Wythe
    Craig Wythe 7 months ago

    Never underestimate the influence of a truly great manager, Sir Alf, Sir Bobby, Sir Alex. Man Utd need the next big Sir!!

  • jo J
    jo J 7 months ago

    "Great lil player"

  • Ragul Param
    Ragul Param 7 months ago

    sacked in the morning

  • Bab Chudo
    Bab Chudo 7 months ago +1

    Manchester united 3 liverpool 1 trust me GGMU @babchudo

  • Makainternational
    Makainternational 7 months ago

    Being cheap is expensive. United surely can’t now be looking for ways to cover the cracks. They need to spend their way out of this disaster or forever get trapped in a viscous Cycle!
    Get rid of Ole, thank him for his time and effort. Get a top manager regardless of the cost! Hopefully he can steady the ship and get by this season and then be ruthless in the summer! buy and sell! I literally mean sell half the squad or release them. When United produce some academy players that are above average but not brilliant then sell them for a good fee to mid table teams! This should have happened already throughout the years: smalling, Jones, Lingard, Rashford, pereira. What are they doing at the club? If they are not excellent they need to go. This is the worst Man united team and relegation or fighting to avoid relegation is very possible.
    What a season for Liverpool it could be! Win the league and watch United and Everton get relegated.

  • Little Chucky
    Little Chucky 7 months ago

    Give it t keano he wont be long sorting out that mess if him and fergie would only bury the hatchet

  • Realist Really
    Realist Really 7 months ago

    Btw,United done well this weekend ,(didnt play so couldnt lose)😂😂😂

  • Cyril Obwár
    Cyril Obwár 7 months ago

    😂😂😂thats watford

  • Christine Hearne
    Christine Hearne 7 months ago

    Ownership? Imagine Mike Ashley owning your club for 12 years. Swap places with you anytime.

  • A G
    A G 7 months ago

    We just need top #9 first, and then we shall see. The like of AC Roma's Djeko would be the one i think.

  • Gary Guzman
    Gary Guzman 7 months ago

    Pogba made a huge mistake going to man united instead of Barcelona

  • thrity five
    thrity five 7 months ago

    Alex Ferguson left united in bad state. Remember he had to call Paul back from retirement that when I knew. United were in trouble

  • I have the High Ground
    I have the High Ground 7 months ago

    Lol banter fc

  • morning star
    morning star 7 months ago

    Why,so many injuries. This early in the season!!!!

    • Realist Really
      Realist Really 7 months ago

      Cause the players havent had such a hard pre-season in years

  • footscorn
    footscorn 7 months ago

    Make no mistake, any side can get relegated. I watched Liverpool, mostly in the second division, the poor cousin's of the richest club in England - the mighty Everton. My dad told me how Liverpool were relegated but that one day would be promoted - it could happen.

  • MReg Gam
    MReg Gam 7 months ago

    Fergie kept building a team with verterans like GIGS FERDNAND SCHOLES CARRICK VIDIC ETC
    He never gave the you players the chance f.e. Saha Pogba Johny Evans etc. He did not built the future

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 7 months ago

    Buy Ericson and Zlatan and its gonna be better!!!

  • Nils Ervik
    Nils Ervik 7 months ago

    Mark Ogden is right .

  • DHUK
    DHUK 7 months ago +1

    Wanker why even mention Burnley they are 7th ! 😂😂

  • Alan Jones
    Alan Jones 7 months ago

    Right off their perch Haha

  • Johnny Dre
    Johnny Dre 7 months ago +1

    Always said this, the foundations were there in Fergies last 2-3 seasons. Yes they won 2 league titles, but the quality of the squad was declining compared to previous squads under Fergie.
    Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Giggs were getting old, players like Smalling, Jones, Buttner were brought.
    Scholes was asked to come out of retirement instead of buying a top midfielder at the time.
    The fact that they were knocked out of the UCL group stage in 2012 highlighted the issue. Teams like city were building, Liverpool were finishing 6th or 7th, Arsenal were not title contenders, and Chelsea squad was also in a period of transition. United won those 2 league titles because of Fergie and in his last season RVP.

  • David Igwegbe
    David Igwegbe 7 months ago

    Mark Ogden sounds sooo eloquent.. makes so much sense

  • Ben Shoshani
    Ben Shoshani 7 months ago

    if Utd would have done with Mou what Liverpool did with Kloop the conversation would have been right now "can Mou's Utd challenge Liverpool and City or will they only finish 3rd place"

  • ElysiumNZ
    ElysiumNZ 7 months ago

    What a load of rubbish. Even Pep can’t save that club. It is the owners fault for not appointing a director of football. Ed Woodward know how to make money, not run football.

  • Edd Ivens
    Edd Ivens 7 months ago

    The biggest problem at Manchester United is there was no plans in place for when Alex Ferguson stepped down that's how far this goes back

  • barryispuzzled
    barryispuzzled 7 months ago

    Craig Burley has forgotten that even Van Gaal and Mourinho, two really top managers couldn't turn it round. Van Gaal was sacked by Woodward after winning the FA Cup! Mourinho wanted Maguire but was undermined by Woodward. The problem DOES goes back to Fergie who didn't replace Scholes and Keane and Ferdinand and Vidic, and only succeeded through his superior motivational skills. Fergie left an average squad. What's needed is time to replenish the squad with top players with a winning mentality ... leaders. That will take a couple of years at least. Man Utd could be relegated in that time but sacking Ole isn't the answer.

  • timoe
    timoe 7 months ago

    Not one youngster has impressed me. Greenwood has been subpar. Ik they’re young but why are they playing

  • Ray
    Ray 7 months ago +4

    Sir Alex won the league by 12 points in his final season so why is any of today's problems down to him??????????????????

    • The Blue Corolla
      The Blue Corolla 7 months ago +2

      Uniteds downfall isn't just because Alex left, a few members of the board left too, David Gill being one of them, the club needs a new more sensible board, no big name manager will want to be at united until stability is in the board, as it stands the club is paying the players far too much, sacking too many managers and backroom staff, if this continues Man Utd will be in worse trouble than Liverpool had been from 1990-2005, as bad as Liverpool were they always seemed to finish in the top 4.

  • albert linggo
    albert linggo 7 months ago

    This is me playing football manager using manutd.

  • Super Lufc
    Super Lufc 7 months ago +9

    Jose said one of his greatest achievements was getting them second place and everyone laughed at him.

  • Athay Phom
    Athay Phom 7 months ago

    Every player that comes to United end up being injured. I dont believe this.
    BAILY IS injures but he is always present for international matches.

  • Midhun C
    Midhun C 7 months ago

    Pogba is overrated

  • Ben Reddy
    Ben Reddy 7 months ago +1

    “Great little player” ok Craig.... you’ve won 3 trophies and he’s won 15🤫

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 7 months ago

    And when your team is facing adversity the players take longer to "recover" from injury FACT.

  • First Namé Last Namê
    First Namé Last Namê 7 months ago

    Overrated gaffa

  • Al Phillips
    Al Phillips 7 months ago

    Awwww...…….poor united!
    Bit different now old red nose isn't around to bully everyone including a gutless English FA
    United wouldn't have won 1/2 of what it did if it wasn't for him

  • Shook One
    Shook One 7 months ago +4

    It turns out Mourinho should never have been fired.

  • Karlos Deadloss
    Karlos Deadloss 7 months ago

    any top manager will struggle at Utd now; bottom four after the next game..the big question is how will they react to that kind of pressure those players have never known a relegation fight and how that effects a pro footballer...noone thought Leicester would win the league...its not unthinkable Man Utd could go down

  • Idneroon
    Idneroon 7 months ago

    MU here MU there. When are they gonna stop talking bout them. No one cares anymore.

  • Bindumadhav Purohit
    Bindumadhav Purohit 7 months ago

    If you have done a mistake, you just mend it. Get Jose back and not just the job. Get him the players he want. We will be fighting for the title next season. I think he did a monstrous job by finishing 2nd and winning a european title with a squad this weak. Remember he didn't have a good centre back (macquire), no wan bissaka and no dan james. Get Jose back, at least we will be top 4 for sure.

  • The Geek Is Strong
    The Geek Is Strong 7 months ago +12

    Greta Thunberg: You've destroyed my hopes and dreams.
    Man United: Hold my beer

  • Simshine95
    Simshine95 7 months ago

    Alex Ferguson not only produced the class of 92 giving these young guys a chance that carried Man UTD for 20 years but he also created a system in which everybody who was talented enough could make an impact right away, learning from the veterans they played with. Now the team is a messy hybrid with only 3 or 4 world class talents that are either too young or too used to the losing ways Man U been involved in the last 7 seasons to change the direction. Before spending other big digits on players and throw them together without a rhyme or reason, we need a manager that can change the culture and i only see one name avaliable: Diego Simeone

  • 3chords
    3chords 7 months ago

    The moment Woodward looks in the mirror and realises that he’s just not very good at creating a good football team , that’s the moment we are on the way back. United fans need to hold up that mirror. It’s fine Ed , we don’t mind that you are not a football man , just admit it and get back to what you do well . Go and do your spreadsheets and get sponsors etc and employ a DoF to do the job you are trying to do , but 10 times better than you. What’s more important , your ego or the football club?

  • 0s_and_1s
    0s_and_1s 7 months ago

    A thought experiment - Ferguson didn't win sh*t in first few seasons. They are holding onto Solksjaer thinking he's the next legendary manager. Years down the line this same media would be singing praises of Solksjaer at the end of his Man Utd career.😂

  • metal garurumon
    metal garurumon 7 months ago

    Sir Alex F is the soul of man utd.

  • Robert Jooga
    Robert Jooga 7 months ago

    The only mistake Fergie did was to deny Gurdiola a job and opted for Moyes, that's when things started getting off truck, that's when gambling around started. The second mistake was when they turned down Pochetino and signed Ole. There a few coaches or managers out there right now who are better than Pochetino.

  • vikram dharma
    vikram dharma 7 months ago

    Man utd should support Ole till the end of this season.And then judge him.

    • RubyRose1892
      RubyRose1892 7 months ago

      vikram dharma when they’re in the Championship?? 😁

  • Rehan raza khan
    Rehan raza khan 7 months ago

    Ferguson used to instill fear into players..they were giving it all on field not on Instagram!!!
    Ask Ronaldo he was so scared of him bcz he didn't do right pass!!!and he shaved of Beckham's hair bcz it didn't look like professional...can anybody think of doing this to these current Instagram players

  • Mbarak Abdulaziz
    Mbarak Abdulaziz 7 months ago

    The guy is SPOT ON explaining the genesis of the problems at Man Utd. It's how ferguson left a depleted team and made horror signings when he left the club. Then the icing of the cake is handing over the "mantle" to Moyes!!! "The chosen one". The English pundits are afraid to mention Ferguson in a bad light either because they have played and made carriers under him or they just cowards! Ferguson left a depleted team. He knew it and that's why he quitted when he did!

  • David Fitzmaurice
    David Fitzmaurice 7 months ago +25

    Fergies greatest achievement was winning the league with his last team. That was the worst team to win the Premier League.

    • Abinash Mahapatra
      Abinash Mahapatra 7 months ago +1

      Rvp won him that pl singlehandedly

    • Sandile Ncube
      Sandile Ncube 7 months ago

      I agree 💯

    • Mike Walters
      Mike Walters 7 months ago +1

      Surely Leicester were worse? Not far off though

    • najmi ismail
      najmi ismail 7 months ago +3

      probably thats the reason why he chose to retire after that lol

  • Cotswold Cuckoo
    Cotswold Cuckoo 7 months ago

    Matt Busby's fault.

  • Jawad Arif
    Jawad Arif 7 months ago

    They paid top money for van ghall and Jose and yet it never seem to work

  • SciSci Toys
    SciSci Toys 7 months ago +1

    Is there any chance of a Fergie comeback? I bet he's itching to go.

    GBOYEGA ORELAJA 7 months ago

    But why has the academy failed to produce quality talents over the past 7years

  • joseph kambajack
    joseph kambajack 7 months ago

    Mafala nyie ....Manchester city pia ilifungwa jamani mbona hamzungumzii

  • Akash.
    Akash. 7 months ago

    Wan bissaka... Tonsillitis.... I mean.... Really

  • Dennis
    Dennis 7 months ago

    Ole is not technical enough for this role

  • Johnny Wilson
    Johnny Wilson 7 months ago

    Complete bs, fergy was lucky to stay first season or so right. That was then, he knew what he left. And tbh the last half of his years there he bought and forced. It was always gonna be down hill tryna live up to the old greats which his era kept in mind.

  • N37MAR
    N37MAR 7 months ago +1

    Glazer's need to sell man u to the arabs

  • John Randles
    John Randles 7 months ago

    Board room. Floating through each season making as much money as they can for the parasite glazers! We all knew this was going to happen. We warned you!!!

  • Mangas World
    Mangas World 7 months ago +2

    It is a good idea for the return of the famous and great manager Sir Alex Ferguson should be the manager vs Liverpool

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 months ago

    Bang on , ole not big enough for utd, get rid along with board, and premaddona footballers

  • Asfaw T'Rudi Alisha James

    Big up Fergie Legebd and Godfarda of English Football
    F..K di haterz

  • Ben DeGorro
    Ben DeGorro 7 months ago

    Ferguson can make average play like a star. He can't be blame to sign player like Jones, Young & Valencia. Because those players under Ferguson, might get shinning and win a lot of cups. I hate Ferguson just because ManU's players under his reign in Pro Evolution Soccer are shitty skilled players. I always lose against my friends who use RM, Barca, Arsenal & Chelsea.

  • Ashley Bryant
    Ashley Bryant 7 months ago

    Yeah they need a top drawer manager. What about Mourinho? Oh wait, that didn't work either.

  • eugene Tshepo Nhlabathi

    Sacking David Moyes was not a smart move at all

  • Khalifa Ashiru Danliman

    We had 3 top draw managers. None of them worked. If you say he has no experience what about lampard.

  • Samsung View
    Samsung View 7 months ago

    Ferguson should be advisor for MU

  • Paul Morgan
    Paul Morgan 7 months ago

    Ryan Giggs should be manager he's the only person who can do it.

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 7 months ago

    Max Allegri is the best option. But if they wanna develop their youth but compromise their identity then Erik ten Hag