Why would Jadon Sancho join Man United after THAT performance vs. Tottenham? - Hislop | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 4, 2020
  • ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Shaka Hislop discuss Tottenham Hotspur’s 6-1 hammering of Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League. Shaka says United need many defensive re-inforcements, despite today’s back four costing almost £200 million and questions why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has spent all summer looking for attacking players. He doesn’t think Edinson Cavani will change much and questions why Jadon Sancho would want to come after watching that. They do, however, give credit to Tottenham Hotspur, saying they look like a different team knowing that Gareth Bale is at the club.
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Comments • 70

  • Pra Sempre Omar
    Pra Sempre Omar Month ago

    This Club sucks nobody wants to join them

  • kaka yangu
    kaka yangu Month ago

    Even old ronaldo can do wonders in this team. They should sign him to get back the spirit.

  • gdoo mdoo
    gdoo mdoo Month ago

    a boogie wit da hoodie

  • GoodNews4You
    GoodNews4You Month ago

    I really cannot fathom Jaydon Sancho's thought process.
    United is a declining club with a rookie manager, wasted transfer funds, shambolic upper-management.
    He should stay at Dortmund and get the customary move to Bayern.

  • stevo 1234
    stevo 1234 Month ago

    This team were on a high after covid lockdown, manager needs to get them playing, if not ,he'll go ,on , paper that team was perfectly capable of beating spurs with a different manager ,why let chris smalling go ,I'm better than our 2 centre backs

  • Zeon Deane
    Zeon Deane Month ago

    And why would he join Liverpool after 7-2? What an idiotic question.

  • Thomas Loh
    Thomas Loh Month ago

    So now all the players must drop down like a little girl on every potential foul? Nice VAR, promoting bad gameplay.

  • arunrajupk
    arunrajupk Month ago

    Mourinho and Cristiano always ensures espn panels pathetic death

  • Viking Frog
    Viking Frog Month ago

    People moaning about espn talking about united over spurs let's be real here I'm a Liverpool fan but even I can say the reason is united are humongous as a entity and spurs are not. Spurs beating them on this scale is huge

  • Tyrone berl Powell
    Tyrone berl Powell Month ago

    Sack ole ffs we need proper coaching

  • Na-La Shin
    Na-La Shin Month ago

    Sonny is world class player....... Don't forget......

  • Partogi Simbolon
    Partogi Simbolon Month ago

    I give credit to Lamela and ref for 7-2 win. Jose who? lol

  • The Biased Gooner tv

    Harry Redknapp just said in an interview united need a CB because they Have Harry Maguire who is a top player.... Nearly fell on my face

  • Jobin John
    Jobin John Month ago

    Man utd....hit rockbottom when Ferguson leaved United

  • Sayed Aaqil
    Sayed Aaqil Month ago

    I think trent will feel the worst after this weekend compared to maguire

  • Abay Kozybayev
    Abay Kozybayev Month ago

    Man United Tottenham 7 - 6
    90+5 Fernandes pen
    90+ 7 Fernandes pen
    90 + 8 Fernandes pen
    90+9 Fernandes pen
    90+ 10 Fernandes pen
    90 + 11 Fernandes pen

  • D Roman
    D Roman Month ago

    While I found Man U getting obliterated amusing, I think the blowout by Tottenham is being exaggerated. Only the very elite teams can play competitively with only 10 men. While Man U has a huge payroll and talented players, there isn’t much chemistry on the pitch.

  • TheBlackCat
    TheBlackCat Month ago

    Man United: Our defense is a disaster...
    ... lets sign Cavani, Sancho and dembele!!!

  • mitch A
    mitch A Month ago

    Hislop don't know football, just talks alot. Joker loool

  • javier book shadows contributor du

    644th comment

  • Ali Babar
    Ali Babar Month ago

    I am feeling happy for Jose Mourinho.

  • Naziur Rahman
    Naziur Rahman Month ago

    Then liverpool
    Listen footballs unpredictable
    man united conceded 6 so they should be relegated?
    Even the champions and runners up conceded 7 and 5 respectively while we were 1 man down

  • Not 2 busy
    Not 2 busy Month ago

    The ultimate revenge icing on the cake would be......
    .......Mourinho signs Jadon Sancho for Spurs

  • Sami EsHaghi
    Sami EsHaghi Month ago

    Maguire is just phil jones with darker hair and less passion

  • Not 2 busy
    Not 2 busy Month ago

    It's not just what happened with this past game, but what could Sancho expect with Man Utd in the up-coming Champions League.
    It feels like an early exit is in the cards. Would be much better for him to be in CL with Dortmund. Or maybe some other big club with cash
    may take this opportunity to lure Sancho to them. "Hello Jadon, this is Bayern calling . . . . . ". "Oh, hi. Sorry, can I just put you on hold for a second? I've got Zidane on the other line . . . . ."

  • Bob John
    Bob John Month ago

    Jose Mourinho team has the record in La Liga for most goals scored....Jose Mourihno team has the record in being the only team to win the treble in Italy...Jose Mourihno has won a trophy with every team he has ever coached...but this guy is here giving credit to Gareth bale for Tottenham performances..... Dude which football do you watch!!!!! Man Utd finishing 3rd, finished with fewer points than their worst season with José as their manager....but you guys don't analyze that...a manager plays attacking football if he/she has good attacking player at his disposal.. When will you ever realize that Man Utd haven't had a striker scoring 25+ goals in a season since SAF retired.. Best midfielder they have is Matic..Best attacking player they have is Rashford who has only scored 15+ goals in a season for the first time in 6 seasons...

  • Not 2 busy
    Not 2 busy Month ago

    You referenced them as the United team. They were anything but.
    Manchester UnTIED would be more accurate.

  • Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo

    What happened to the girls eyes and face. She put too much make up on. And eyes look smaller

  • Bob John
    Bob John Month ago

    Ole finished with 66 points 3rd and Mourinhos first season he finished with 69 points sixth ....

  • Ali Babar
    Ali Babar Month ago

    Alexis Nunes is smoking hot.

  • Tesroy Farao
    Tesroy Farao Month ago

    Just get rid of Pogba... I wanna see something.

  • Muser187
    Muser187 Month ago

    and bale wasn't in the lineup just yet....tsk tsk tsk

  • Danny Meyler
    Danny Meyler Month ago

    Shut up hislop! All you ever where was a shite goalkeeper

  • Sulaiman Simiat
    Sulaiman Simiat Month ago

    Jose was shown the back of the door at Old Trafford...why?
    He (Jose) was crying the board chose to listen to the players rather hear him..
    After his exit ManU has not won anything the mess is still there even worse, then when Jose was there.
    In the history of ManU Jose will always be remembered for lifting three trophies 🏆🏆🏆 and trashing ManU at Old Trafford 6:1
    Haters in the likes of Roy Kane should hide their faces in shame.
    In Jose, we believe winning or losing.

  • Arifin Rohan
    Arifin Rohan Month ago +5

    I don't know how a club like Man United can even have the ambition of signing someone like Sancho. When was the last time they were even relevant? What have they achieved since Sir Alex left? Also, what world class players do they really have?
    The answer to all that is 'NOTHING'. They have nothing to offer to a young talent like Sancho. He will learn nothing from playing there and won't win anything as well. It's a horrible club that regularly overestimates its value and reputation without doing anything to justify them.

  • BabsW
    BabsW Month ago +1

    Alexis 🔥

  • Graham Darlow
    Graham Darlow Month ago

    So why you not mentioning Liverpool losing 7-2 to Villa.

  • Glenn Fletcher
    Glenn Fletcher Month ago

    It was plain cheating by lamela martial was a man and didn’t fall on the floor like a baby yet he gets sent off why didn’t VAR look at it and send lamela off as well?? Would have been a totally different game without all the extra space for Spurs

  • Glenn Fletcher
    Glenn Fletcher Month ago

    We’re 3 games in Alexis who thought we were going to get top 4 before the restart after the COVID break last season it’s just sensationalism journalism 🤐✊✊Utd forever

  • Rome Grad
    Rome Grad Month ago

    Mmm mmm mmm Ms. Nunes. Lawd. That woman there is a full course meal & I'm starving.

  • Kasey Chana
    Kasey Chana Month ago

    Shakashitlop who are you

  • 2 0
    2 0 Month ago

    Sancho should go to Bayern instead.

    • Darnell Williams
      Darnell Williams Month ago +1

      2 0 💯

    • 2 0
      2 0 Month ago

      Darnell Williams Sancho would be a beast at Right Wingback tho

    • Darnell Williams
      Darnell Williams Month ago

      2 0 nah man lol we already have Gnabry, Sáne and Coman

    • 2 0
      2 0 Month ago

      Darnell Williams I want him at Bayern lol what are you talking about. Next season thought not this year.

    • Darnell Williams
      Darnell Williams Month ago

      Sorry we don’t want him

  • Siddharth Banerjee
    Siddharth Banerjee Month ago

    Dortmund >>>> ManU . Sancho won't leave for ManU.

  • Роман Брюхачёв

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Johnio Uwatsefxfdd
    Johnio Uwatsefxfdd Month ago


  • Dont Needtoknow
    Dont Needtoknow Month ago +1

    Jadon Sancho would be foolish to join Man U over Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund have chemistry and are having fun playing football in style. Man U is just messed up right now. They are a collection of good individual players but they lack chemistry and cohesiveness. If he does go to Man U it will strictly be for money and not football.

  • Febian Lim
    Febian Lim Month ago +1

    Poor off the ball movement, player just walk when defending counter attack, no high pressing
    Ole is tactically very poor, he is relying too much on the player quality when the player doesnt delivery then the team loose
    Mauricio should replace ole

  • Connor Mcleod
    Connor Mcleod Month ago

    These jose haters are full of sh@t

  • Kiranjit Gurung Nepal
    Kiranjit Gurung Nepal Month ago +1

    My friend( united) trolled me when Barca lost against Bayern and told me you
    8-2 much.
    Now boy(united fan) better do better or you gonna going to get

  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi Month ago +3

    As long as Maguire, Woodward, Ole and the Glazers are there, United will continue to be a comedy show.
    As an Arsenal fan when you tell United fans their team is mediocre they think you're bantering. But we're just stating facts.
    Don't care who United sign. They have no footballing direction.

  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi Month ago +1

    Advice for United fans from an Arsenal fan. You need to change:
    1. Owners
    2. Club Executive
    3. Manager
    4. Captain
    I've said for more than 2 years now United is mediocre. I want phased that you finished 3rd and we finished 8th. Arsenal are in so much better position than United in footballing terms. Stop throwing money at the problem. All football questions to get football answers. Cavani, Sancho, Messi, etc. Sign whoever you like. Man United doesn't phase me at all. As long as Maguire, Woodward, The Glazers and Ole are there, United will continue to be a comedy show.

  • Shahid Willie
    Shahid Willie Month ago


  • G B
    G B Month ago

    Looking good though Alexis. Love the hair

  • Jakob Puggaard
    Jakob Puggaard Month ago

    Tottenham deserved the win maguire was their best player. The Way he pulled Down shaw at the goal was amazing, he was great in the air his headers was game changing.

    THE EMPEROR Month ago

    The headline is a great question, the chemistry he has with Reyna, Haaland etc, he's playing great, loving his football.... The smile would soon be wiped away walking into Man U.

  • Malcolm Sano Kiiza
    Malcolm Sano Kiiza Month ago +3

    Even if Sancho comes, nothing can paper over the cracks that happened in that. I'm beyond disappointed.

  • mexrider1
    mexrider1 Month ago

    Shaka isn't very smart

  • adam bryant
    adam bryant Month ago +1

    Doherty Toby skrinier reguilon
    Ndombele. Lo celco
    Bale. Kane. Son
    Hart, Davies, dier, Sanchez, tanganga, aurier, winks, sissoko, alli, gedson, lemela, berjwin, Lucas, vinicius.
    Need to take this team serious maybe?

    • adam bryant
      adam bryant Month ago +1

      @Darnell Williams could really do with winning the Carabao cup. To get that elusive trophy with half the season to play. Confidence is a important ingredient

    • Darnell Williams
      Darnell Williams Month ago

      Their gonna win Europa league this season and get Top 4 this season

  • alex sanchez
    alex sanchez Month ago +1

    I got to tip my 🧢 to Leicester city for pulling that transfer ✊🏾👏🏾💯✅.

  • Yoki Rivero
    Yoki Rivero Month ago

    There's 24 hrs left in the transfer window. If I'm Manchester United, I'm calling Napoli right now and make a "take it or leave it" £50 million offer for Kalidou Koulibaly.
    Napoli will never get a valuation like that again, and most likely will sell. Koulibaly will help shore up that defence.

  • Oluforijimi Badejo
    Oluforijimi Badejo Month ago

    How is Alexis managing to laugh right now?

  • M Drosselbär
    M Drosselbär Month ago +1

    Sancho will never go to 2nd league club

  • Brian Sebuliba
    Brian Sebuliba Month ago

    Result has nothing to do with whether Sancho signs or not. I remember his team losing 3-0 recently to a much smaller team 😂😂😂.

  • Tymko C
    Tymko C Month ago

    Solskjaer's job is in jeopardy. Spurs played like a title contender. Hats off to Mourinho and his squad.

  • Colin Reese
    Colin Reese Month ago

    The sky is falling.

  • Jay SK
    Jay SK Month ago

    If it's not a penalty they dont score. How comes? Its horrendous to watch them play.

    SIHLE DLUDLA Month ago

    According to Hislop's logic no player would sign for Liverpool nwo after 7-2 defeat 🤣🤣

  • Shspurs1
    Shspurs1 Month ago

    Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur.

  • Buhle Ngxande
    Buhle Ngxande Month ago

    Cavani is going to be another Falcao.

  • ICitDifferent
    ICitDifferent Month ago

    Does anyone know if Alexis Nunes is marry ? cause I think she looks cute