UFC 242 Recap: Khabib Nurmagomedov submits Dustin Poirier to retain title | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto and Dominick Cruz recap the action from UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi where Khabib Nurmagomedov retained his lightweight title with a third-round submission of Dustin Poirier. Cruz breaks down Khabib's fighting style and what makes him so powerful inside the Octagon. (9:51) Okamoto and Cruz discuss how big a potential bout between Tony Ferguson and Khabib would be as well as (12:09) react to Nate Diaz fighting Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 244 in November.
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Comments • 2 275

  • Jaffir Abdullah
    Jaffir Abdullah Month ago

    Islam can beat khabib but they would never fight

  • funny videos
    funny videos Month ago


  • raihan abmny
    raihan abmny Month ago

    Great commentatory sominic cruz

  • Kursad Dagdeviren
    Kursad Dagdeviren 3 months ago

    Well, I did not expect Cruz to be so good at smoothly explaining the little details. Thanks dude!

  • The Brown Knight
    The Brown Knight 3 months ago

    Next 2 fights khabib vs Ferguson
    Khabib vs Georges st pierre

  • Gaurav Kapoor
    Gaurav Kapoor 4 months ago +1

    This is the "Dominick Cruz" i like to see. the true analysis. both have done the best fight analysis. UFC229 is bad though!

  • Gaurav Kapoor
    Gaurav Kapoor 4 months ago +1

    This is the "Dominick Cruz" i like to see. the true analysis. both have done the best fight analysis. UFC229 is bad though!

  • Nineteen
    Nineteen 4 months ago

    Dominic, stay humble and knowing. Keep shining your light. Much LOVE!

  • Cecilie Wright
    Cecilie Wright 5 months ago

    Want to se Dominick Cruze fight with Khabib if he get the W, over Justin Gaethje, then then he can fight Khabib. Really want to see D. Cruze fight the best in the world.... Wast to see D.Cruze in a really fight. !
    Or some of the best in the weight under/ have some fighters Jose Aldo or Marlon M or... some really fights

  • goodguy abin
    goodguy abin 5 months ago

    Dustin is just unlucky cuz I believe present Dustin could beat Alvarez, Henderson, Pettis, etc. to become Champ.

    • Sensei sama
      Sensei sama Month ago

      @Alen /A Dustin is world class. Khabib is just another level. He's just unlucky to be born in the same era as Khabib and fight at the same weight class, if not he would be champ right now.

    • goodguy abin
      goodguy abin 5 months ago

      Im just saying Khabib is the GOAT, any other era Dustin wud have a good chance of becoming the champion.

    • Alen /A
      Alen /A 5 months ago

      goodguy abin unlucky? he got at least 3 round ...he had more than enough time to get all his luck, he is just sooo bad

  • Gaurav Kapoor
    Gaurav Kapoor 5 months ago +1

    Wow Dominic Cruz commentary is so accurate, i am actually surprised if it was the same Dominic in UFC229?

  • Gaurav Kapoor
    Gaurav Kapoor 5 months ago +1

    Dominic Cruz was soooooooooo accurate in his analysis. I am not sure what was wrong when the UFC229. So good to hear his accurate commentary. Wow Khabib donated $100,000.00 to Dustin Porier GOOD FIGHT FOUNDATION. Love him.

  • mmkr0000
    mmkr0000 5 months ago

    The only way you beat khabib is that you pray to God that he gives you a lucky shot. His grappling is so good that forget dominating him and win like a real fighter

  • I know you're right
    I know you're right 5 months ago

    Regarding conor: fighters have moved on, fans have moved on, but the fucking media still havent moved on. Always bringing and always asking about 🎈 boy

  • Jaffir Abdullah
    Jaffir Abdullah 5 months ago

    Ohh god tony vs khabib pleaseeeeeee

  • David Garduno
    David Garduno 5 months ago

    If Khabib loses, what would happen to the Khabib superfans/dickriders?

    • David Garduno
      David Garduno 5 months ago

      @Alen /A the fact that you responded makes you the dickrider

    • Alen /A
      Alen /A 5 months ago

      Nub Destroyer well the same that happen to you,ask yourself you know the answer you are that dickrider


    Dustin Poirier
    A worthy opponent
    “Vladimir putin”

  • Fugas Papa
    Fugas Papa 5 months ago

    What was Tyrone Woodley first martial arts? Wrestling! But we saw what Usman did because Tyrone had stopped using his wrestling. I like Tony however he will suffer the same fate. Khabib wasn’t that rocked though. I watched it again and he was just rolling with the shots

    POWER 5 months ago

    Bantamweight Dominic Cruz? Wow this guy sucks

  • Sam Carney
    Sam Carney 5 months ago

    conor had the right gameplan. but Khabib was too much for him

  • lazzam alshammari
    lazzam alshammari 5 months ago

    Great analysis. That exactly what khabib about that guillotine in the post press. He said it wasn’t that good, the second one and he kept there to make Dustin useing his all energy.

  • Brendan
    Brendan 5 months ago

    tony will beat khabib easy

  • primetime5000
    primetime5000 5 months ago

    gsp might be able to do it...rumor has it....looking at that fight

  • wresling_elephant since_a-kid

    Gaethje will tap like every1 else, his gasoline is not enough to beat khabib, he was exhausted when fighting poirier,yeah he have good wresling ,but still he is stand up fighter, amazing leg kicker, but not elite wresler like cormier,jonjones, colby ,gsp.
    ever cormier got beat up by khabib.. different level bro
    Maybe tony have a chance because unpredictable skills he has.

  • FW Baracuss
    FW Baracuss 5 months ago +1

    Tony is 12 roo

  • FW Baracuss
    FW Baracuss 5 months ago +1

    I just want to see Dom try and take out Bisping. 🤣

  • FW Baracuss
    FW Baracuss 5 months ago +1

    Dom is 💯 right. Tony is the answer to Khabib

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 5 months ago

    i love cruz as a comentator, such in depth analasys

  • IceTea55
    IceTea55 5 months ago

    I don't get it Dustin is a bjj black belt right. Why are they talking like he does not know what he's doing.

  • Roberto Magarzo
    Roberto Magarzo 5 months ago

    Khabib Vs Tony Ferguson must happen anything else is borderline criminal

  • Roberto Magarzo
    Roberto Magarzo 5 months ago

    Dominic Cruz is brilliant

  • Ivan Cannon
    Ivan Cannon 5 months ago

    Fucking pundits... BOTH Khabib and Tony have won 12 in a row in the UFC.

  • Ivan Cannon
    Ivan Cannon 5 months ago

    Cruz: No, I'm not concerned, but I'm concerned.

  • Ivan Cannon
    Ivan Cannon 5 months ago

    Khabib doesn't do well moving backwards. Tony will come after him and make Khabib uncomfortable... probably even try to take him down. Cucuy will either cut Khabib or gain top position and we'll have a real fight on our hands.

  • youssef Al fateh
    youssef Al fateh 5 months ago +1

    The list is growing thin, haters keep promoting guys just to see Khabib lose!! after khabib dismantling all his opponents, now it's tony turn. It will be grayling fight but khabib will take Tony to the next level and than they'll promote Godzilla to fight khabib 🤣🤣

    • Alen /A
      Alen /A 5 months ago +1

      youssef Al fateh yeah connor fans disguise as tony fans, fake fans

  • Moe Rocco
    Moe Rocco 5 months ago

    Thing is look what Khabib did to Dos Anjos. The Brazilian is a high level Ju Jitsu black belt but it made no difference. He might as well have been a striker for all the good it did him coping with Khabib's wrestling.

  • zohaib
    zohaib 5 months ago

    Khabib the Don took the belt bad man haters die crying !!!

  • Moe Rocco
    Moe Rocco 5 months ago

    Cruz is on point in this clip. Not always the case but when he's good, hes very good.

  • Almin Sahinovic
    Almin Sahinovic 5 months ago

    Dominick is smart dude

  • Hercules Vournelis
    Hercules Vournelis 5 months ago +1

    Khabib vs Tony is the next super fight we need to see.

  • azmtkdzv
    azmtkdzv 5 months ago

    First time I hear someone mention his speed of diving for a takedown and not using arms for a setup

  • Kahele Koki
    Kahele Koki 5 months ago

    Before porier retires he should do the honors of retiring Mcgregor I would buy that fight

  • Matthew Daniel
    Matthew Daniel 5 months ago

    Love GSP but he is totally irrelevant rn

  • Raden Sulaksana
    Raden Sulaksana 5 months ago


  • laraib anwar
    laraib anwar 5 months ago

    Gaethje will kill cerrone

  • Hot-blooded Martial Artist

    If Tony doesn't win, Gregor Gillespie will. If The Gift doesn't win, then GSP will.

    • Alen /A
      Alen /A 5 months ago

      Hot-blooded Martial Artist king kong and godzilla you forgot mate

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 5 months ago

    Dustin is great but I knew he was beat when he told his corner, "man I can't get him off me" At that point he accepted defeat.

  • DJ C
    DJ C 5 months ago

    He will never fight again

  • Parish Bananarific
    Parish Bananarific 5 months ago

    Al Iaquinta did amazing vs Khabib. His low stance and great grappling background gave him good chances, especially since he only had a few days notice!

  • Adam Etherton
    Adam Etherton 5 months ago

    Doesnt Dustin have a BJJ black belt?

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui 5 months ago

      Crushes them. Take all Khabibs fights... he ragdolled RDA 11 months before RDA became 155 Champ, 6!!! Years ago. You need the bear Khabib wrestled from childhood to

  • duc tri tran
    duc tri tran 5 months ago

    Dominic Cruz is a good analyst , I like to see him and Dany Hardy work together to breakdown all the main event fights .

  • Randy
    Randy 5 months ago

    GSP has the best chance of beating Khabib.

  • Captain Reset
    Captain Reset 5 months ago

    Khabib the most boring champion the UFC will ever see.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 5 months ago

    Tony the type of guy the analyze to analyst

  • Syed Fawaz
    Syed Fawaz 5 months ago

    Thank God Joe Rogan didn't commentate!

  • Gali G
    Gali G 5 months ago

    Kevin lee can beat khabib

  • juan twotree
    juan twotree 5 months ago

    Anyone else curious what he texted Joe Rogan during the fight companion?

  • Gallkeeper
    Gallkeeper 5 months ago

    Okamato stupid questions as usual

  • Andrew Burns
    Andrew Burns 5 months ago

    Khabib has the title interim title is a pussy belt

  • Alejandro Rubio
    Alejandro Rubio 5 months ago

    Can't wait to see Tony go! Conor rematch is interesting too Conor won the third round if he was the old Conor this would be a fight possible knock out Dustin proved this.
    Also no one has rematched khabib so we really don't know if he can do it again.